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What style of jeans are they?

I always look terrible in jeans. Got quite muscular calves and the skinny jeans that are fashionable today are always to tight around them.

I want a good pair of jeans with a fit like this. Any help?

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Have you tried levi's 511? I think they're made for non-skinny people.

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almost 100% certain those are levis 505, possibly vintage

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If you want jeans that are skinny around your thicc calves you'll need to get slim straight (e.g. Levi's 511) or regular straight (e.g. Levi's 501) and then get them tailored. If you don't want them to be tight around the calves just buy regular straight. If you have a big butt/big thighs too or if regular straight is still too tight, relaxed (e.g. Levi's 505) will be substantially looser in the thighs and butt as well as slightly looser from the knee down.

They're probably tailored because it's television.

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i doubt they're tailored, i have multiple pairs of levis that fit almost exactly like that otr

also 505s are basically just 501s but with a zipper

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