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I'm going to a 80s theme party in my college dorm. I want to look era authentic but also cool because there'll be hot girls there. Any tips on a possible outfit?

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Jeans, white shirt, leather jacket, sunglasses

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just dress like a character from stranger things

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That guy is an anorectic manlet Jason Bateman wannabe

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ditto the other damaged one

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Just wear sunglasses at night

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you will get mad pussy

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80s business man
Bound to get the girls wild

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in fact dress like a character from stranger things all the time

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>mfw dressing like this at a party got me free coke

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Turtleneck tucked into jeans under a windbreaker, a belt, baggy jeans and shoes with flat soles

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your forgetting the fact that billy has a good face and physique

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Go full WHAM!

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bright pink and blue windbreaker

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Just copy this 80s Harrison Ford fit, the shades are essential

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Dont. People wont get it.

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Yeah, it would just look like normal business casual

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nice thread
are this 80s girls going to the party? because if yes im in then

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is this from the movie where they go to see KISS?

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that is a screenshot from stranger things season 2 chapter 01 or 02 wich time related and all fashion costumes of characters are close to 1984 i think

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give us details and +1's my guy

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Nope, all male.

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so ill send them a big fuck you i thought they were

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There is only one option.

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s h i t d r u g

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Stranger Things kids pretty much dress like fashionable kids today do. Just admit you have no 80's point of reference other than a recent series on Netflix you big plebs.

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go as freddie mercury if you didn't shave

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what are some good 80s shoes? preferably trainers

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You typed George Michael wrong.

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Nike Internationalist

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Dress like this guy

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Massive Levis product placement, also.

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This is a shit picture but go as based Richie

Only truly recognizable yet fashionable choice, past wearing just sweater and jeans or normal 80s fashion. If you really want to overdo it do >>12937984 or >>12938247

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It's from stranger things bud

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damn that black guy actually looks good

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Not going as patrick bateman from american psycho

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fuck off mongrel Amerimutt you people will never be effay

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spoken like someone whos never railed a fat line of white lightning out of a mixed girls asscrack

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Go as Patrick Bateman.

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Members Only jacket, and some high tops. Acid Wash jeans, fitted, if you really wanna kill it.

>I lived through the 80's

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All dem pastel colors

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80's preppie core

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80s themed parties is the whitest shit ever

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>those jeans

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>low rises
>straight, volumeless hair
>slim fit

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Wear two bright colored polos with some slacks and white sneakers. It may get a little hot, but the layered polos is a good conversation starter.

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just dress like john bender and you'll get mad pussy

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god dammit i want his hair

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do this

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have fun op. get sum fuk

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Everybody would think you are a greaser from the 50s

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Richie is just Superbad-core.

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