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Low rise was a mistake

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my dick says otherwise

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Look at those love handles popping out

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You call that low?

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Is that lindserlohoin? I'd love to baste her rump like turkey.

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fucking this

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omg my dick

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>love handles
lol pleb have fun being a virgin till your 40's

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Low rise era was best era.

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I wish this would come back with the thong whale-tail combo.

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your dick is objectively wrong

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But muh dick likes both!

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No it ain't.

I can vouch for that.

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When you have it. You flaunt it, OP.

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gets me so hard when you can see small amount of panties in the back.

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Peak Lohan is the best era.

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Whenever i see Keira wearing extreme low rise like this. Something definitely is rising.

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Cheerleader effect

I love that era.

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You call that low, anon?

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Whale-tails were like beards today. Men wear the beard to conceal their lack of a jaw and women wore the whale-tail to conceal the lack of an arse.

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never thought i'd see a thread defending low rise on /fa/, this board has become trash

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Moslem fashion is that way --->

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You can't be more wrong

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posting low rise cringespo

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ISIS land is that way, anon --->

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not him, but

First, the outfit looks pretty trashy

second, with that outfit, i'd wager she's good for a fuck and not much else. If all you wanna do is fuck trash women, this is fine, encourage it even. If you want to date someone with more substance and wholesomeness, I guess you're isis. It's a moot point to dictate someone else's life, but I wish more women were conservative in dress and personality because they make trash partners otherwise. But hey, wanting more woman to be good partners and make good mother makes me a sharia law toeing hajii and I should get the bullet amirite?

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Oh shit i remember this

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I don't get 4chan. It's 50% people acreaming about degeneracy and 50% pervs, or it is just the same people who don't actually have any concrete opinions

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fucking YUMMY

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yeah you should be put down

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Anyone have good recs for mid or high-rise pants/jeans? I have a lot of low-rise and it's time for a change

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The option you left out is hypocrites. But hypocrites get a bad rap.
If a pack-a-day smoker tells you not to start smoking and someone that never smoked tells you not to start smoking - which one do you suppose has the more informed opinion?
The non-smoker is living his values but the smoker knows first-hand why you should not smoke.

Similarly on 4chan a lot of these perverts may also be the ones that speak against degeneracy because they know first-hand you should not go down the road they did.

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this has nothing to do with degeneracy, it's just aesthetically and practically wrong

none of these people look comfortable, and the torso to leg proportion is hideous/unnatural

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You are gonna like this one too, anon.

skinny jeans or normal fit?

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Low-rise on women was not a mistake.

Low-rise on men IS A FUCKING MISTAKE AND NEEDS TO FUCKING END, GODDAMNIT. Why is almost everything made for men low-rise? Stop it.

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If that the case, avert your eyes from this, anon. Because it is lewd!

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my dick is objectively versatile

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dick fuel ≠ fashion

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it's honestly not terrible
just lose weight the fem hips kill it
also belts are gay

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what do you think it is that's making his hips look so feminine

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This, high rise is for fat cows.

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Those are dad and mom jeans, anon.

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the fact that he's overweight and out of shape
what do you think it is? idiot.

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Low rise is to show you have healthy body, with nice stomach and natural butt.
Low rise is to hide the fact you have flabby tummy, or implant butt.

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could be the fact that his pants end right around the widest part of his midsection lmao

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>Low rise is to hide the fact you have flabby tummy, or implant butt.

You mean, high rise, anon?

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Rumor has it you can if you have enough money, although I guess you probably don't. Been claimed for a few years that she's a top expensive Hollywood whore these days.

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are you blind? look at the image again and look at his hips which bulge out almost a full inch beyond the limits of the end of his pants
get some corrective lenses

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Who even is Alexander McQueen?

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That's Mom jeans. The only time you are wearing this when you already a Mom.

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what's your native language?

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I have a pair of lowrise biker denim that I got for super cheap ($10) and it keeps falling off or sagging down my ass and I constantly have to keep pulling them up, and when I step into a car they always slide down and then i have to dig and yank them back up in the car or it's uncomfortable

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Low rise is here to stay, OP.

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id on shoes?

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have you got anything that isn't from the early 2000s/late 90s? lmao this shit is wack

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Sure am anon.

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Something for you anon.

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>the guy who thinks he's edgy for not liking low-rise jeans

you're a normie

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why do you like them/prefer wearing them over normal rise? just curious

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do you have any male inspo

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This one?

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asses typically look like shit in low rise jeans though, unless it's a real nice bubble butt.

high rise is where its at

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didn't say i preferred them

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>chad, vlad, and igor

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More male for you anon.

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both and/or either

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and then there are pedantic homos like you

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This is what you get when you try to talk about fashion with a bunch of horny middle schoolers

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>horny middle schoolers
peak humanity desu senpai

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she looks amazing here

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all these late 90s early 2000s kmart trash style revival shit needs to die. the only people who like this are instagram thots who were born after 9/11 and horny dudes in their late 20s who had their sexual awakening jacking it to nickelodeon and disney channel kidcoms from that era

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The chad high rise

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Truth. But I'm ok with it. America is too fat for low-rise now. If it does come back it will be in an elitist way, like Brandy Melville.

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wtf i hate low rise now

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rip lil peep

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lmao low rise is still the norm though?

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Not for women.

Men look better with a higher rise.

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wtf i missed the /fa/ meetup?

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this, low rise is a thot thang

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Where do you live?

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Low rise is literally designed for fat fucks. Stomach rolls nicely over over the waistband, rather than the waistband sitting on top of their gut

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uh southern eu duh

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Maybe for men, but the average man sags midrise skinny/slim fit, so he's beyond help.

Most girls I see are rocking mid to high rise because they can tuck their pooch into it.

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