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The 3 styles kinda blend or am I wrong? Is there a better name for it all?
Post what you think the cores/core should include or inspo

lets get a regular thread for this shit going.

(this isn't a fucking political thread, its about clothes)

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it's called "im incapable of thinking outside of made up microtrends" -core

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or maybe its called "i like these clothes and want to see pics of ppl in these clothes" - core

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dylan had absolutely no idea he was dressing fashionably

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His style looks authentic af, which is the reason it is so effay. Same goes for artists, writers etc. - they never care what they wear but the way they are wearing those things combined with their lifestyle, interests and a general idea of which aesthetic they want to achieve make those fits next-level effay.

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it's pretty clear he cared how he looks, but unlike elliott rodger in an idgaf way

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He's confident and that makes the whole difference. We could all try to copy his looks but it would probably turn out shit, bc most of us care to much about what others thinks of our outfits.

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I prefer Randy Stair / Alex Blaze and Ember's Ghost Squad.

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Bunch of faggots

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so it's important for you that other people on hop on some retarded microtrends?
why is that, sounds like some hypebeast shit to me

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>lots of posed photography
>had absolutely no idea he was dressing fashionably

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Didn't this guy get raped?
now he's on death row?
not the best of luck

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Doesnt mean he knew he was ironically fashionably

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Is that the autism stare?

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This isn't new or even cutting edge. Just dress like all of /fa/ circa 2014.
>casual clothes in dark colors
>bowl cut or Hitler Youth
Why do you need an inspo thread for something like this? Were you born yesterday?

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autistic steel

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Good riddance

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>Full name: Claire Elise Boucher
>Born: 17 March 1988 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
>Origin: Québécois, Ukrainian, Russian and Italian descent
>Instruments: vocals, synthesizer, sampler, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, violin, ukulele

- singer
- songwriter
- producer
- sound engineer
- lyricist
- live performer
- visual artist
- music video director
- dancer
- model
- writer

>Main interests:
Music, visual arts, dancing, books, films, modeling, video games, internet, and others

>Music taste:

- Grimes does everything in her music, from singing and songwriting to artwork and production
- nice personality, beautiful look, cares about environment issues and saving animals
- took her name from grime music after discovering the existence of the genre on Myspace
- studied ballet for 11 years
- was a goth outcast in high school
- studied neuroscience, philosophy, and Russian literature and McGill University before being dropped out for missing classes
- started making music when she was around the age of 19
- big Lord of the Rings, Dune, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Abbess Hildegard von Bingen and Russian literature fan
- her best friends are James Brooks, Hana, Bloodpop, Duffy, Born Gold

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Wtf is that shitty caption?

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Milspo, neo nazi and school shooter core are the best styles.

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He unironically pulls of this Raf fit.

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Could you substitute a puffer vest for the bullet proof vest and still pull off this look?

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If I didn't know he was a school shooter I'd think he looked not as bad as he could for a trihard teenager but not good. I'm not sure anybody can pull off a trench with those gloves

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i have been told i look like a school shooter multiple times, is this good?

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post fit and we'll see

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looks like some OC donut steel you found on some obscure sanic forum, not sure if this is a bad or good thing tho

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how do bowl cuts work?
do you need a good hairline for that?

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How to achieve this look?

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And not a pound of muscle was found on these manlets

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W2C Emmanuel Samson core?

I'm having a hard time finding any inspo pics from this guy because the fucking corrupt media covered up this mass church shooting because it's a black person. Guarantee you all forgot/never even heard about this guy who walked into a church, shot up the congregation (but could only kill two). It's fucking impossible to find a news story on him, and if you do find one, his name and face isn't mentioned.

Whereas there's 10 billion Dylan Roof stories and everyone in the country knows his name, because he is white.

Emmanuel Samson. Remember the name, no one else will.

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Google search is coming up with barely anything, why the fuck are they hiding this?

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Anon literally said why

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googled his name and the first result was a story about his "emotional turmoil"

he wuz a good boi he had emotion problemz n shiet

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learn to save a pic you shitstain

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>implying anyone considers this fashionable besides 16 year olds on 4chan

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fuck off to /pol/ faggots, this is non-political

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Holy shit, how old is this?

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What in the fuck? A black dylan roof and literally silence from the media
A few months, happened in summer 2017

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I mean, there's also the fact that he was put down by a concealed carrier before he could rack up that high of a body count.

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So two reasons to hide it

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Dude, what in the fuck

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who is this guy?

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might not be wearable in public though

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Goddamn I hate our media

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Kys you fucking loser just cause its a black person your gonna ignore it like the typical reddit niggerlovers who come on fa and cry about """no racism faggot""" i hope your family gets caught in the next mass shooting just to make you aware of how hypocritical your being

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It's to help identify the specific style you fucking retard

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thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5r98OxY19c

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Somehow looks Slavcore

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he had a great eye for aesthetic places to take his pics in

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this is actually alright, i thought it was gonna be some gay vaporwave music

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Dylan only shot up the church so he could release a clothing line that will revolutionize fashion when he gets out.

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"alone we are weak, but together we form the mighty faggot"

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This was imho, his best fit.

The age old question nobody knows...w2c his jacket.

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>i don't understand economy -the post

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school shooter makes great music i wish he'd stop telling me to kill myself on twitter though

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Be Mashkov

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oh yeah dude we are totally creating threads about this style because we care about your projected feelings about fitting in with fashion and not just because we like how it looks

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>there's a fucking nigger in the shot
come on Dylan

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Nowadays, killing 1 or 2 people, even in a church, doesn't make the news headlines. You have to do way more than that.

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literally any buucher meinhof or beatnik stuff looks good and fits into the aesthetic

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pair neutral vaguely military clothing (clothing that someone can be mobile and carry a lot of things in or have utility) with underclothing or secondary clothing that is basic but considerably fashionable.

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w2c whole fit

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literally a movie for 8 year old boys

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>murdered for being a communist revolutionary because "dangerous ideas"

Remind me who the world elected to rule Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and which South African communist is celebrated by every world government? Mugabe and Mandela

Marxism isn't edgy and dangerous, it's taught in every university.

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all of these things are applicable to every western country, plus we have free speech so retards like you can propagate these shitty ideologies

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w2c that guys jacket on the left

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>"his attempt to play a trick on Muammar Gadhafi — though not Sankara's finest moment — would be remembered fondly by every head of state in Africa"
>"he asked Gadhafi to borrow a Boeing 727 for the final leg to Ouagadougou. Gadhafi accepted, assuming the Soviets would turn around and go back to Moscow. Instead, two planes landed in the capital of Burkina Faso, each three-quarters empty. The Soviets returned to Moscow the next day, but Sankara grounded the Libyans in Ouagadougou, and put them up at the city’s only four-star hotel."
>"Frantic appeals from Gadhafi to get his plane back received radio silence"

Lol this nigroe stole a fucking Boeing 747.

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>school shooter
Are you retarded?

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>NIGGERS in Metal Gear Solid font

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He's not getting out.

>> No.12933365

Trump will pardon him after he serves enough time so normies dont get butthurt

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What about death sentence?

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Serious question /fa/, would any designer be edgy enough to bring school shooter core in mainstream fashion? I'm serious

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it'll be delayed just watch

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go bowling

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who is this

>> No.12934255

Join an Armenian mob

>> No.12934270

>Armenian mob
What did he mean by this?

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>brown belt
>black shoes

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trump will personally break him out of prison and they will both escape on eagleback gotdamn whtie people

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what did he mean by this

>> No.12935383

everything worn by Ben Kadow in this:


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wtf i love communism now

>> No.12936464

It's jsut a plain black harrington with Rhodesia and Apertheid South Africa patches.

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explain the current state of ethiopia

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>there's a fucking nigger in the shot
Fun fact: there was a nigger in all of his shots

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Emmanuel whomst'd've?

>> No.12938277

jesus CHRIST that GET and its a FUCKING WASTE

>> No.12938293

what kind of jacket is that?

>> No.12938345

add combat boots and it's a typical skinhead.

>> No.12939186

p sure thats a mexican bud

>> No.12939397

Shit goy how'd you even hear about that?

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bones is great schoolshootercore

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c h e c k e d

>> No.12941748

Fact check by Snopes.com: FALSE

>> No.12942663

I heard it on the Daily Shoah

>> No.12942665

He wuz a goo boy he wuz goin to college

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>being anywhere near being a reliable source

>> No.12942766

Wud de fug :DDD

>> No.12942895

bones literally just dress in metalhead "fashion" reinterpreted through the eyes of 2010s memerap

>> No.12944299

wtf is this? i upload a pic here and it disappears from the website. did some fag report it?

>> No.12944956

Very interesting theory.

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what is it with trap artists and labels appropriating metal culture, are they just doing it for the edge?

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did the guy on the right's face slide down or something wtf.

>> No.12945463

>all of these things are applicable to every western country
You must be fucking joking. What western state is wholly self sufficient?

>> No.12945566

Weird proportions

>> No.12945581


>> No.12945727

bones actually likes black metal tho, idk about other rappers doing it bc bones is the only rap i listen to on my own. he samples crystal castles, slowdive, he has good music taste

>> No.12945758

Thank god. National media needs to stop glorifying shooters and terrorists.

>> No.12945939

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

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W2c please

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>hypebeast shit
t. instagram soyboy

>> No.12946982

No idea, was a thrift find.

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If you haven't watched this documentary on the South African special task force, you should. Prime inspo

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>reporting on mass shootings will stop them
you're a dumb faggot

>> No.12947149

careful, I think you posted illegal information by posting something the jews don't want you to know

>> No.12947209

best you're gonna get. that shirt disappeared from the store after i posted the image

>> No.12947214

nevermind I found it :^)
I swear it wasn tthere when i looked earlier

>> No.12947286

nice one

>> No.12947367

>Dude with .50

>> No.12947644

sauce on the sweater

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the IRA really have the terror fashion game on lock, Gerry even makes effort to keep up looks in his post career

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>this isn't a fucking political thread, its about clothes
you are a soy boy poser

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