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I need answers fa. How did this word get coined?
When did you start seeing this shit online? Are there militants/vigilante groups that it draws from? I'm confused

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cnn get the fuck off my board

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it's a /k/ joke

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I can tell you the story behind it cause I coined the term on here in a shitpost thread. About two years ago (look it up in the archive if you feel like) there was a pretty huge thread about what's gonna be the next core/wave/whatever. I used to browse /k/ back then and just shat a few pictures into the thread and called it /terrorwave/. Theres nothing really behind it.

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I was there, it was after knoch left and we were trying to bring his style of shit back; someone thought the cheeki breeki look was nice and said “lmao dude T E R R O R W A V E” just for the meme, and it stuck

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yea I was in that thread, was a nice one, not into terror wave but it's pretty cool aesthetic, thanks anon

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Asking the wrong questions, you should be asking what the most /fa/ firearm is.

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I'll give you a hint, its in that picture

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Well the whole movie is terrorkino so of course it would have the most /fa/ firearms.

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it started with this fit, for having vibes with eastern euro neo nazis, then gosha blew up.
/fa/ was too cool for gosha and wanted to mix it with milsurp.

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>/fa/ was too cool for gosha and wanted to mix it with milsurp.
so thats where ira posting and yougo war circlejerking came from.

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W2c coat

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id on jeans?

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It's actually my only valuable contribution to society

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its obviously thrifted for dirt cheap

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/fa/ had ira threads way before it started
/k/ jumped on train later.
it went basically like this. /fa/ started to lovehate gosha when their inner snowflake awakened as they kept seeing rappers wear gosha, so uhh 90s yougo war

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It just looks cool. Whether or not you'd actually stroll around your residence like that is another question.

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I kind of invented it. I first started making the threads in 2014 and has since gathered a cult following.

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>check warosu
>the term's first use is in 2016
you're retarded and terrorwave doesn't even exist it's just a shitty variant of suburban mallcore

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I always found most of these "wears","cores", and "waves" that /fa/ just seems to spout out don't have much definition to so much what you wear, but how it looks in your environment. There isn't much distinction between military, and other styles that for me doesn't really validate this as an actual style.

Most of the inspiration would appear basic, and wouldn't even be considered terrowave if they weren't holding weapons or posing in a beat up environment.

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