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Didn't see one in the catalog.

Fuccboi questions here

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I'll start with a couple questions.

Is it ok to wear sneakers with trousers?

If not -- what are some nice, everyday, casual dress shoes?

Lastly, where do you all get your trousers from?

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does anyone have any patches on their backpack? i'm considering putting some on my north face jester, but i think people will think i'm some sort of person that thinks he is a special snowflake art school student desu

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what are the top 3 jean brands under 150$

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Are Uniqlo belts any good?

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wat brand do i wear to get a gf

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full rick

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Are plain leather bracelets ok to wear a a straight male?

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Yes, best ones usually are low-profile and simple. The one in the picture is pretty big.

>ok for straight male

I don't know, but it's kind of nu male to ask if something can be done as a straight male.

Same "rules" apply whether you're gay or straight or something between.

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its ok
h&m sometimes dickies

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What are some good (winter)jackets for a 19-year old student that doesn't want to look like a try-hard? (No trench coats, woolen coats and tight biker jackets)

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>Same "rules" apply whether you're gay or straight or something between

no, gay people have different sense of fashion

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depends on the style. those in your pic are definitely not "dress" trousers. i'd still wear boots.

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Or, stop being a pussy and wear something tasteful.

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some ugly down coat maybe. why not woolen coat, wool is the best

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Where to find replica gosha or heron Preston? Ali and taobao give me nothing

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Whatchu think about my new todds fuccbois?

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buy the real thing or don't, fucking streetwear faggot

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awful combo

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is it the color or the style of shoe that you dislike?

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jeans too skinny. go with a pair that's wider in the leg

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Does anyone know what this jacket might be?

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are there any decent sales on right now?

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Not real streetwear. Ur just mad you aren't as poor as me

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Don't, braceletes never!

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I have some white shoes to go with these pants but not sure on what top

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Not true at all. Orientation doesn't define your style. There's gay neckbeards and gay jocks and gay hipsters and all kinds of gay guys and girls.

If by "gay" you mean your typical 20-year old instagram puppy filter gay boi then yeah that could be a "gay style"

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slim cargo pants y or n?

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What kind of shoes do I wear with this kind pants?

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Derbies. Boots.

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Colour above all. Those jeans are hideous and that very dark brown suede is ugly. I'm neutral on chukka boots in general, but they usually look bad with jeans

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What kind of boots? I've been looking around but can't really find something that I like

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Try a light/heather gray long sleeve shirt/sweater

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yes but not too slim. just bought a pair from h&m recently to see how they are and I like them a lot.

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simple derby boots maybe. both rugged and clunky, and sleeker, dressier boots work imo. i definitely wouldn't recommend buying anything cheap

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w2c shirt?

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i just purchased some acronym nike downtowns, how fuck ass am I?

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What is the shirt and where can I buy it? Google says it's a J Crew overshirt, but they don't sell it anymore

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boutta cop some myself. depends on what you get. just don't get anything that would make you come off as a tryhard art student. or just buy shit you like and don't give a fuck about what people think

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w2c affordable high waisted jeans/pants?

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What kind of shirt is this? The material looks like velour, but I want to know what the style is called. I'm not even sure if it's short or long sleeve.

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Is this fuccboi core?

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this is 'i am sam' core igor it shows how autistic you really are

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Depends on how much muscle mass you have.

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It still shows upon the archive, asshole.

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I normally just wear pants and a shirt for school but whats something i can wear to switch it up while not overdressing such as effay longsleeves or something any ideas?(its still very warm here)

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Where do you guys buy your hair and/or face hygiene products. Do you buy them online and where? Any Frenchies here who can tell me where they buy their products?

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is it bad to hang t shirts? will they stretch out n shit or lose their shape?

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Anyone knows if you fuck up the really thin paper connected with tape will void your return??

they gave me the wrong raf stans with velcro desu

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go this as a gift, can it works with something ?

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what do i wear with these

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Does it look autistic to wear unmatched leathers?

I wear dark brown boots, but have a black leather watch.
Talking about non formal wear by the way

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no. it actually looks more autistic if you match them shade to shade

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How do you dress well if you're chunky?

>inb4 lose weight
I am. It's a slow process but I'm down 100lb and all my clothes are ugly and too big for me now

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If you don't know you shouldn't have purchased them

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Is it safe to wear my stans now that Vans Old Skools are the meme rn?

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Which one should I get? Would a chukka look good with black derby fits?

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Anybody got any ideas/tips for casinowear? A mate and I are heading to a casino in a week and we want to dress up. This casino also has a tonne of clubs and nice bars, but mostly we just want to go and not feel underdressed like last time, and make a night of it.

I'm pretty tall and slightly muscular (t...thanks /fit/) but I'm also chubby too. I'd love to make something like pic related work, but I'm a bit worried that it's more of a slender dude's game.

So thoughts on pic related; is it suitable for a casino? Also, is there a way to make it work for a beefy guy?

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I'm a tall dude with a lot of mass. Most of it fat. I'm reading about silhouette, and to balance the natural horizontal silhouette that my body is going to cast, should I consider leaning slightly towards a vertical silhouette in my clothing choices? Or am I totally misunderstanding it?

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say something about my fit.

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Are dark green chinos acceptable? I needed a semi-formal outfit and didn't want plain black trousers because they made me look like a schoolkid, but now I'm worried people will think I'm 'elfmode', whatever the fuck that means.

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What outerwear to match with pants fittling like this?

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a jacket. a pair of shoes.

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Obviously. I was concerned about a type of a jacket.

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Whats the best color to use on your eyebrows if you have bleached hair? My natural hair color looks really shitty in combination with the bleached hair

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best polo shirt brand?

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nah, just get the derbies, they look great and will work in 10x more fits than the chukkas

>> No.12892362

pants are a bit too slim for my taste, but looks good dude

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matching denim jacket obviously

>> No.12892369

Olive is more versatile but green can work

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shoes do not work with those clothes

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w2c pale jeans that are almost between light blue and gray, preferably with some prefading or distressing
I know I've seen some before but I can't find the photo anymore

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Can anyone identify these jeans for me? And what do you all think of 80s fashion?

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How long do y'all think before nike starts to sell red cortez again?

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what's a good price to cop these?

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I got man tits and am in the process of trying to lose weight and feel autistic when I try to dress decent. Should I chop them off so I can look better faster?

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300-400 new

You're probably looking for Levis 510s in Sung Blue, which is no longer produced.

A barn coat or chore coat in brown would work well. You could do a quilted parka as well. Just match the natural denim texture with a similar natural fabric as opposed to a synthetic shell. The cut on those is generous up top so you'll want a coat that balances that out and avoids making you look pear shaped.

You can either dress to the nines or just go dressy casual.
Last time I went to Vegas for the night I just wore high end jeans, a comfy long sleeve tee, and a slim blazer with some ankle boots. If all your friends are going real fancy though I'd just do a suit and tie slim fit but not tight and medium width lapels/tie. I don't think a tie without a jacket ever looks good.

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only advice for that feel is to wait until you lose more weight before you focus on clothes

wear slightly looser cuts to hid your gut/tits until then

>> No.12893317

listen to >>12893293 and save your money

eat less and watch what you eat. moobs were the first to go away in my experience. weight loss takes time so be patient. good luck

>> No.12893445

Check out /fit/ and their /fasting/ threads. You don't need to slowly kill yourself with calorie restriction. Burn the fuel your body already has. Stick around some people are jerks but others are really helpful. Good luck bro, you'll make it.

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Can't really decide on what jacket or coat I wan't to buy. Pic related is what I wear now in order to not be cold, I think it looks ok.


I wanted to try this one but I don't have access to this brand in my country and ordering would likely make it so that the purchase would cause huge importing fees.

Can someone recommend something decent for me to wear that internationally popular band stores stock?

I've tried zara and bershka but didn't like any of theirs, any recs?

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I've always found that setting clear boundaries regarding calorie consumption and using scales and calorie estimates to make sure that I'm eating within the clear boundaries that I've set for myself helps lose weight in a healthy manner.

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hows the sizing on wehustle.co.uk hoodies?
specifically this one: https://www.wehustle.co.uk/menswear/2079-kendrick-lamar-damn-hoodie

i am 5'7ish 165lbs for reference, i already ordered an M but i wanna be sure that i ordered the right size

also it says this on their website: WeHustle clothes are cut generously to accommodate an active urban lifestyle. In addition, we build plenty of “wearing ease” into all our garments to ensure you will enjoy them for many years. We field-test all of them on WeHustle associates, and we take into consideration how the clothing will be worn. That means you do not need to order a size up for a comfortable fit.

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>kendrick lačmar hoodie

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I've got a grad school interview in December, but the only suit I own is black and tailored to when I was 30 pounds heavier. I'd like to get a charcoal suit, but I'm also poor as shit. What is my best option here? I was just going to hit up the Jos A Bank clearance rack.

>> No.12893961

Hey buddy, I think you got the wrong door. The leather club's two blocks down.

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2017 but nt denim still kicking

>> No.12894166

Corduroy shirts, a little oversized over a t, yes or no?

Would be worn with black jeans and sneakers.

>> No.12894216

Need to see some inspo of what you’re going for.

>> No.12894236

Definitely, it can work in place of a flannel shirt for example

>> No.12894361

best airmax year/colour?

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>> No.12894719

airmax 97 silver bullet

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is this jacket effay? i really dig the look of it for whatever reason but i wanted to hear some other opinions.

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Should I buy a woman's cardigan? I'm looking for a long fit cardigan but there aren't any for men. Will it look weird?

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Wanted a vintage ivy collar roll and went for a Kamakura OCBD, is this collar overkill/too big?

>> No.12895669

I'm US 11 in Vans, should I go with US 11 for Doc 1460's or down to US 10?

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>> No.12895719

Size down to 10

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Why do women's crew necks have wider collars than men's crew necks?

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alright what kind of Dickies are effay and where do I get them? I prefer trying my pants on in person first. Also i'm a mechanic so i prefer something functional as well as stylish

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Other graphic-heavy brands like Cav Empt?

>> No.12895885

Can people with a light skintone wear olive green well?

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Are SF AF1's TTS? Foot's 27.5 cm.

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>but it's kind of nu male to ask if something can be done as a straight male.
no you're the nu male fucking gay apologist


>> No.12895968

you stand like a queer

>> No.12895969

>it's kind of nu male to ask if something can be done as a straight male.

That's actually the opposite of true. Being a masculine man doesn't mean you can walk around in a dress being auschwitz mode skinny because you're so secure in yourself.
Men care about hierarchy and the "hunting party." When we see a guy "being a fag" we have instinctive disgust for him because we see a man that refuses to pull his weight and is awarding himself the status of a woman without being able to have children. He is dishonorable and dangerous to have in our tribe.
>but we don't hunt and there's no tribe
Tell that to your ancient genes.

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>> No.12896040

Members Only Iconic Racer Jacket

is it /fa/?

>> No.12896241

more room to pull it down and pop a tiddie out, duh.

>> No.12896269

>tfw can't get out of Auschwitz mode
165 lbs at 6'1 isn't that bad, r-right? I don't have enough money to gain weight, I need like 3200 kcal a day

>> No.12896444

I have low top mono black converse and customised urban camo hi-tops. I take it there's no point in getting the CDG collabs?

>> No.12896551

Yeah, but fuck you it's sold out everywhere

>> No.12896598

i'm going to be in korea later this month. anywhere i should hit up to find some nice pieces that aren't the usual korean hypebeast trash that is sold in most stores?

korean brand/store rec basically

>> No.12896605

They're pretty much all functional in that they're cheap sturdy pants. Dickies makes a lot of carpenter/cargo pants with extra pockets and jammer loops and all that. Search Google for workwear stores in your area, there will probably be one and they will definitely have at least some dickies. I don't think dickies has their own retail stores though

>> No.12896629

Hey lads, I'm not a rich guy but I'm considering buying a small Yohoji wardrobe since it doesn't seem to date as fast as most high end designers. Or is this a mistake and am I just throwing money at something that will seem like a joke in a year or two. Do I got for a minimalist quality wardrobe or just buy shit from Zara and Urban Outfitters every week or so?

>> No.12896728

You could always start with a couple of less out there Yohji pieces. He makes a decent amount stuff that's pretty wearable/timeless. Just get a subtle but nice jacket or something and if you really like it get some pants to go with it, no need to go drop 10k on a full closet of Yohji all at once.

>> No.12897292

can I get a full pic of that fit? I'm interested on how the cardigan looks
about the collar, it looks good with your face and neck shape

>> No.12897461

why do my pants crease up around my nuts

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What kind of product can be used for a style sort of like this? I just want something a little bit messy, but at the same time sort of tight and contained. Fairly loose hold, and not nasty to touch or run fingers through.

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hello /o/ here
im absolute diehard saab fanboy,i own carharrt wip madison jacket in blue, and wanna /diy/ saab scania patch on it.
patch i wanna buy is 3cmx3
i-is it cool idea or im too autist?
also i dont own saab, i drive e46

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where to cop jacket?

need the one with concentric padded circles on shoulders but can't find anywhere, searching by image gives 5000+ hits.

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>> No.12898130

p-p-pls respond
you guys once enjoyed my car pics in /fa/ car threads
help a br/o/ out

>> No.12898347

Is sucking dick (male on male) effay?

>> No.12898443


>> No.12898451

that's not fuccboi'ish make a thread

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Nothing there lads

This is the closest I can find from balmania

>> No.12898854

anyone have recommendations on brands to look at for bomber jackets?

>> No.12898904

is a turtleneck + cardigan okay to wear together

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File: 22 KB, 371x394, tumblr_lqlvpsZbqY1qi9m6l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is L /fa/?

>> No.12899703

most cardigans are butt ugly, post pic of cardigan - yes you can pull it off but has to be well fitting/nicely designed cardigan.

>> No.12899707

fa where can i get nice sweatpants that are not expensive and do not look too pajama-like?

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>that cut

>> No.12899716

Every guy looks shitty with bleached hair
Makes you look like a faggot
Just don't

>> No.12900177

Any recommendations on waterproof shoes? I walk around two to three miles each day in rain.

>> No.12900741

can I even wear brown leather boots with an anthracite wool coat? Quick answer appreciated

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File: 365 KB, 1000x2000, 13367410815114 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 570 KB, 2048x2048, ff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12901399

techwear stuff yes

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I don't fucking understand numerical jacket sizing. How big would a size 46 jacket be in terms of a US Small, Medium, Large, etc.?

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Are short-sleeve button down shirts /fa/ if you're ripped?

>> No.12902005

Depending on where you live, casinos aren't as dressy as you might expect.

Typical casino attire for me is a black tee/jeans with a charcoal blazer and suede desert boots - it's also ideal for the decent clubs after without looking try-hard

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File: 193 KB, 1200x1600, Men-s-Fanmail-SS-Sweat---Arrowwood-Yellow-20160928145516.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can pale anglo boys wear mustard/yellow coloured clothing?

>> No.12902025

need a technical midlayer under $200, suggestions? prefer a hoodie

>> No.12902250

What do I wear with burgundy denim pants?

>> No.12902252

return those

>> No.12902267

nah, definitely the nicest pants I've ever owned. The color looks good on me, one of my favorites.

>> No.12902275

tell your mom to return my cum instead

>> No.12902279

thanks for the backup anon

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File: 309 KB, 638x745, download (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i want to buy nice no-too-classic parka for eastern european winter, is this any good?

>> No.12902473


>> No.12902498

what would be?

>> No.12902901

i have no idea what an "eastern european" winter entails, but you should look into 3 in 1 jackets.

really warm and really flexible (you can take out the inner lining if you're too hot, so that you just wear the waterproof shell)

a lot of people on the internet (mostly on outdoorsy/hiking forums) recommend against them, suggesting that they're "not worth it" and that you can get better quality goods for the same price. I got my shit from REI and it's from the brand Columbia, it's really warm and comfy too. it does what i need and i can't be any happier with it.

>> No.12902988

generally speaking, would it be better to go for a variation of an item from somewhere like uniqlo, or to spend maybe 3x as much for an 8/10 condition YSL-tier grailed item in your opinion? i understand that 'it depends', but just insofar as the questions at all answerable

>> No.12903857

how do I lace my boots evenly? left boot is always tighter for some reason

>> No.12904191

I like them on skinny or ripped guys, just don't be fat or you look like an American tourist.

>> No.12904231

what's the best looking starter stuff for casual/non autistic milsurp wear

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File: 283 KB, 1600x2370, 1510508621322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

saw these browsing /v/, is this a joke?

>> No.12904762

My outterwear consists of only hoodies, a few oversized sweaters, an oversized mustard M65 and a windbreaker.

Should I get a jean jacket or a peacoat?

>> No.12904765

>browsing /v/

You’re the joke

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is it ok to wear a long sleeve button up shirt over a mock neck? should it be tucked or untucked? buttoned or unbuttoned?

>> No.12904961

how would i go about repairing basically a hanes t shirt that is ripped the shoulder seam through the collar? would any tailor be able to mend something like this? its a gucci mane supreme tee that was damaged.

>> No.12904968

need some $20-30 sneakers ASAP need recs

don't give me the "save up for cp's" bullshit

>> No.12904990

the collar does look big but I think it all looks great so it's not in a bad way

>> No.12905590
File: 67 KB, 1080x724, BossUP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know how well the shape of Jordan 2 decons would hold up after a few light wears with them?

pic unrelated

>> No.12905859

What are some /fa/ winter pants?

I have some thrifted wool hunting/casual/idk pants that are much comfier than jeans when it's cold out. I'm looking for something that would go with combat boots and look more punk than military, because my wool pants are pretty loose and when I tuck them in to 10 inch boots I look like a soldier but when I leave them untucked they're drafty.

Does anyone have any suggestions or should I just get some long underwear to wear with jeans?

>> No.12905877
File: 250 KB, 1279x959, 13873549292677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are some nice men's chelsea boots that come in black and fit a $350 or less budget?

>> No.12906053
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Do nike air force 1s go with black jeans? What are some good shoes that go with black jeans

>> No.12906058

80s fashion is goat imo

>> No.12906375
File: 5 KB, 222x227, betterhat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How the fuck is a leather baseball cap like pic related cringe or ewww? It looks pretty good to me.

>> No.12906429

Basecaps always look nigger or cringe

>> No.12906456
File: 311 KB, 1462x708, 3390445_collage_2.0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh come on, but honestly in casual clothes it works so much better than a beanie. Beanies make your head puff up, baseball caps keep a sleek silhouette.

>> No.12906540

Beanie looks better
No hat would still be superior

>> No.12906592


>> No.12906600

Virgin stand?


Just buy a coat.

>> No.12906872
File: 171 KB, 1080x1166, 1510457300252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Question about Grailed etiquette.

I bought 3 things from 3 different sellers on Saturday. One has been very prompt with telling me he would 'ship on monday' then went ahead and sent me the tracking information this morning. Great. The other two sellers I have not heard at all from since I bought their stuff. My question is should I be worried or do not all sellers bother with tracking information for their customers?

>> No.12907324

Yes, I wear my mids with black jeans; Air Force 1's

>> No.12907616

Most people in my experience will give you a tracking number although i've only bought expensive items on grailed so its easy to make the request for it
If they haven't even confirmed that they dropped them off at all I would have some concerns

>> No.12907622

Anyone know when the sense sale usually starts for the winter season?

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