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Daily reminder that if you do become "effay", this is the type of women you will attract.

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better than nothing

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This is the end game. We're all going to make it

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then we can live off her father's money

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are u sure?

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is that kiko lol

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absolutely i am very sure

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If I have to go full white beta artboy with asian fashion victim gf, can I at least have her? Please, thanks.

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or her?

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mbd is a fucking hack drink bleach

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best of the worst. I just don't want my fate to be nerdy asian girl who fashions. How do I escape it?

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>not wanting a nerdy Asian fashion girlfriend

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yellow fever is disgusting

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>having an Asian girlfriend means you have yellow fever

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This is a sick fit desu senpai

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Girlfriends are people and an Asian girlfriend isn’t just an Asian. People are more than their skin tone senpai
Sooner you realize this the sooner your life will pick up for you anon :^)

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nice dubs

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She has some baby fat on her face and she's making an ugly face on purpose, would totally gf, I don't give fuck, being alone is just fucking sad.

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my girlfriend's permanent ironic detachment prevents her from genuinely enjoying anything

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this is not a woman
pei is a fat tranny with its dick cut off lmao

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you clearly haven't given her a good enough dicking yet

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drop that bitch.....

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how about a source, faggot?

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Not him but you must be a newfag...

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