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ITT /fa/ movies and shows

PS mad men is shit

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stranger things, twin peaks and baby driver

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Mad Men is literally the best written television show since the Sopranos you philistine.

But yeah if you try to copy their fashion you're gonna look like a dork.

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it's such a shit show watched by losers who go "I'm just like don draper xD!"

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Scarface - Gelled-up hair, aviators and hawaiians
Level: easy

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American gigolo - large-collared shirt and dress coat
Level: moderate hard

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Dressed to kill - Large-collared semi-hawaiian shirt, gold chains, golden rolex, brown leather jacket
Level: Hardcore

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Dang Manny, I forgot dja picture

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No it's not

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>losers who go "I'm just like don draper xD!"

If there are still people who think that then they've completely missed the point of the show. Those types probably dropped it after the 3rd season once they realized it's basically entirely about tearing down that image of Don. You clearly have no clue what you're talking about.

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>avatarfagging don draper
>not idolizing him tho

yea ok

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You're a fucking idiot. People who DONT watch the show idolize Don.

People who DO watch the show idolize Roger.

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idolizing anyone at all from that show is retarded

you're the fucking idiot

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I think this one was pretty /fa/ and I really enjoyed it

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enter the void

skelly protag, drugs, tokyo, all around aesthetic

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>generic white trash


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>Mad Men is shit
>Posts a disaster of a movie

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movie is too underrated

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Children of Men

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This, literally the least fa character in the show.

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this scene really made me well up

yeah 80s south korea is really effay

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Good show, good fashion

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taxi driver, a single man, american psycho

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Good choice, anon.

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Gossip Girl, Legally Blonde, Clueless and Scream Queens

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the place beyond the pines

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Canadian tuxedo core

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mde presents world peace

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Almost Famous

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Every Takeshi Kitano movie, but Sonatine in particular.

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I agree 100%. I love that film, it was great.

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I thought Brick was quite effay, in addition to being fun and enjoyable, and well written, too.

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Good Time

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wot movie is this?

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some gay euro shit it failed anyway thanks

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Don't understand this meme. Even though Don Draper is filled with flaws, (or Dick is), there's still a lot to idolize from Don, though I've only gotten up until the 2nd/3rd season I believe.

Just because someone's a shitty person doesn't mean you can't admire their good qualities.

>People who DO watch the show idolize Roger.

roger is so fucking cool brehs

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Someone has to say it, Withnail & I.

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hana-bi was amazing,one of my favourite films

brother has the best costume design though, done by none other than yohji yamamoto


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weightlifting fairy has pretty good stuff imo

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Beyond the pines. Plz no mean im new to /fa/

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Honestly, RG flat out pummels the fuck outta wannabe effay contenders in this role. His motor-cyckle, bank-robbin', shitty self-tattooed outsider character buries the rest. I think Ryan G. deserves eternal love based on this role anon.

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Forgot image

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I agree.

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Movies about loner characters tend to bring up interesting clothing styles. Often, these characters are represented as eccentrics, which is the prevailing stereotype of loners.

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midnight in paris

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Don draper irl would be autistic or seem very cold and rude to most ppl and most ppl wouldn't want to talk to him after a while because he'd seem boring since he never talks or talks about himself, it's always work, work, work, and either acting or just being aloof, which doesn't work well irl.

You can learn ALOT about how to converse, socialize, and tell a story from a character like Roger however..

Tbh I wish they had more episodes or a spin off of when Roger was young and his adventures and life, his wife talked about how he was trying to be a character in his own novel with the partying and boxing and writing and such, he seemed like a very interesting person

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this is just how europeans dress every day

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that's a strong look

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Plus Roger genuinely cared about people

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all correct. but step back and watch this

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Blade Runner.

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Not the new one!

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Harrison Ford looks like a confused old man who walked onto the shoot

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he costume designed for another couple of Takeshi's movie too

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4 u

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This. He's my favourite, also the yohji costumes in some of his films, Dolls in this case

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the fuck anon? where did you learn this? youve really opened my eyes

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you the living

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