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Last thread: >>12797782

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hydrated


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

Ask all your thinspo and weight-related questions here.

Please be kind to people and don't just call them a fatass or something - help them change it. It doesn't make you look worse if they also look good.

Feel free to post:
>current stats: height, weight, gender, age
>highest weight
>goal weight
>preferred method of losing weight
>aesthetic you're going for

Also try post thinspo pics, recipes and tips etc. to help and encourage each other.

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>How did you do it?

diet and running everyday

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Where I'm at now

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Wtf is that body shape?

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>current stats
6'1 / 185cm, 127 lbs / 57.6kg, male, 24

>highest weight

>goal weight
125 lbs

being conscious of the calories of everything i eat and feeling guilty if i eat too much so as not to do it again. i also go out clubbing a lot which deffo helps lol

skinny lad

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Redpill me: is keto a meme?

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>current stats
6'3/ 192 cm, 191 lbs/ 87.08kg, male, 22

>highest weight
222 lbs

>goal weight
160(or just 10-12% BF)


eating less calories, intermittent fasting


while I plan to do a clean bulk, I would like to be a model so I need to see those cheekbones.

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No, it works. The science is sound. That said I think intermittent fasting is much more practical. You improve insulin resistance and promote burning from fat stores just like keto, but no need for a special diet. I think that is more sustainable. I suggest researching both and see which is best for you.

>I have the company card for food, though.
They must love your food bills versus the other employees! I hate those shitty hotels though, I made a deal with my employeer and I book my own rooms now and have a higher budget so I can stay in decent places.

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delusional plebs

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Thanks for making these OP, but remember to make a link to this thread in the old one also. I did it just now for us.

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congrats on the weight loss

I guess a wide rib cage?

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i want to caress her hands and legs

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How many of you actually have a BMI under 18?

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>eat normally, no meal skipping, no throwing up
>work out occasionally
>cardio occassionally
>5'11 (or 6' as I call it) 135 lb
Vegetarian diet with no processed foods good for thinspo?

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why are you puffing your chest out like that? hahahaha

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looks unhealthy and very sickening/unappealing. congrats?

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i want to feed her

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Anyone else on an anti-psychotic? How do you stay thin? How the fuck am I supposed to fight these cravings? I feel like I'm going lose everything I worked for.

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Supposedly I'm at like 20 bmi, but that doesn't seem right.

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>running everyday
Is it okay for your knees and shit to run every day? I'm doing couch to 5k and there are 3 runs per week so I'm running every other day. I was wondering what's the reason for that.

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ah my bad, I made the last three(inc. this ) but forgot to do so. I'll keep that in mind.
don't talk about my Sayo like that.

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>intermittent fasting
What exactly do you mean?

No eating during X-Y hours of the day? One meal? Reduced calories on A, B, C days of the week?

Intermittent fasting is vague and covers a lot of things, many are not particularly scientifically backed.

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I'm at around 16 right now

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I'm at 20.7 right now. But I respect this thread and only really lurk.
I'm confident I can actually achieve 18 one day.

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Couch to 5k is a way to get to 5k without much difficulty. It's fine to run more often right away, it's just designed to give you an easy workup to 5k

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I've felt my clothes becoming very loose over the past few weeks (especially in the waist and shoulders) but I just weighed myself and my weight hasn't changed at all. I want to die. I really hope I'm just constipated or retaining water or something.

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oh, ok thanks
I just got to running 20+ minutes without walking breaks so from now on I don't even need the app anymore right?

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I have opposite issue.
I'm dropping 1kg a week, I went from 75 to 64kg already but I barely look different.

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>current stats
6'0, 120 lbs, male, 20

>highest weight
120 lbs

>goal weight
140 slim but average.

eating as much as possible while running to stay lean.

I already sort of look like pic related, I just want to be slim, rather than auschwitz. I want to be more attractive to women and less attractive to gay men.

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you're doing what my boyfriend did and I found him more attractive at your current stats than at your goal stats /: good luck, though

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M or F?

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girl (female)

I'm at like 20.2 and I just realized my goal weight would put me around 16. Is that too much? At what bmi do girls start having reproductive issues?

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My gf's got 15.4 BMI and is still getting her period and feels good.

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>>12805242 here, my BMI is 16.3.

Well maybe I should stay where I'm at. It's just hard to find clothing that is long enough for my height and slim enough for my tiny twink frame. Constant teasing of being thin and weak etc. I think I might just need more confidence that I look attractive how I am rn.

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Accidentally ate 8 cookie dough poptarts so now I'm fasting for 10 days send luck

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This made me sad

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don't cry anon

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oh, sweet. I just googled it and it seems to be more about nutrition than bmi. does your girlfriend have a healthy diet?

I don't think you should worry about being attractive to women at your weight, a lot of girls I know think skinny guys are hot. eating well and running is probably going to make you look healthier overall though, and confidence is really important, so you're on the right track.

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Any medication or supplements to lose weight which aren't a scam?

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here you go
49.4kg. I don't think it's that krass honestly.
don't bully.

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yeah I'm female as well (originally the one who asked) but I don't feel the need to ring satan's doorbell for since july now. interesting that it's different for you.

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10 days seems like overkill desu

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rip broad shoulders but besides that you look pretty good
._. im jealous

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18 flat here.

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is this thread going to go full retard like the last one did at the end? i just want to complain about eating -.-

>6lbs away from my LW before graduating
>less than 900 calories all day for 2 weeks
>working 40h on my feet the whole time
im so fucking close i just want to get there

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I'll join you in complaining.
>increase calorie limit to 850 to stop getting yelled at for being "anorexic"
>weight plateaus at 116 for a week and a half
>bloated because of period
>feel like more of a landwhale than I did at 135

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posting my two questions again, since the old thread is gone.

1. what non-fruit or vegetable snack do you guys recommend? (preferably something that'll last for a long time in storage).
2. and where do you guys get your T-shirts? I find that a lot of brands are too baggy/boxy for me.

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Just had some celery sticks for the first time with some greek yogurt (didn't have anything else) and they tasted so weird... It was like eating big watery chunks of grass
At least they made me lost my appetite eh
Will I get used to the taste? I think I've chopped too many not expecting it to taste like this

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I was planning on fasting anyway

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Stop resisting

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>what non-fruit or vegetable snack do you guys recommend? (preferably something that'll last for a long time in storage).
Those little breadsticks with cheese sauce you get at dollar stores - 60 cal per little package, 5 packages for a dollar. Hard candy and lollipops - most candies are 15-20 calories each, lollipops go from 25 cal (mini) to 45 (regular size). Nuts are calorie bombs, but lots of people like them too.

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boiled eggs, canned tuna/sardines, rice cakes, popcorn, instant miso soup, freeze-dried or dried fruit

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Where to get test safely in the EU? Don't want to be v&.

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but monster is gross

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cucumbers are 100x better

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thank you anon
yeah they were same size with hips originally so that's ironic. But I don't miss it, I quite like the masculin look more.
aw don't be. I bet you're a looker. what's your BMI?
nice dubs

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what's your story?

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cucumbers and lettuce all day brehs

>> No.12805908

dried fruit are calorie bombs too

>> No.12805916

eh, not all of them. raisins/craisins, dried apples, and dried mango are kinda okay in moderation but the sugar is still pretty high

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>tfw love dried banana chips

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what's this?

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Clenbuterol works, ephedrine too

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am i thinspo? still kinda new here.

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I'd appreciate a response guys.

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here's your (you), and no, you need a lower bodyfatpercentage. can't see ribs/abs.

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no. you're thin but your physique isn't good.
try lifting weights to get some muscle tone and do some cardio to lower body fat%.

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s i p

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where to cop boy like you?

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Looking good my friend

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6’ 120lbs
Do I look okay? Been trying to gain weight.

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straight out a internment camp

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Pretty much. It’s hard to put on weight man

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I am so thankful for not having chest hair. Downside is that i have no beard either.

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120g protein a day, 3500 calories. You'll gain weight in no time. Start lifting also.

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i'd wreck your boipucci

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>no beard
no comprendo

>> No.12806961

what foods will give me god tier skin?

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The only "beard" i have is this fucking moustache and chin beard you get in puberty. I am fucking 20. Pic is the ideal for me.

>> No.12807071

lol my bf's beard is like that, shaving is his only option. But it suits him, he has a very soft and kind of feminine face so a beard would look kinda goofy

>> No.12807166

you look super cute, it's nice that you're thin without being too bony. I'd soften your haircut a bit, I know a guy with your build and that haircut always makes his thin face look horse-y. Your eyebrows are great

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>it's getting colder out

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im at 20 bmi right now and i only want to lose about 15 more lbs. my problem is is that i've lost 75 lbs so far so even though everyone tells me im "tiny looking" i still feel dumpy and gross cause of loose skin
this is a progress pic i have from last year. i'm about 10 lbs lighter now

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Shaving sucks and wrecks your skin. Be happy.

>> No.12807298

eliminate grease, cut out as much dairy as possible, only naturally occurring sugars
other than that, buy a liquid facial cleanser w/ witch hazel in it or tea tree oil

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as many layers on your top half as you want!
how 2 layer skinny legs without suffering all day?

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The progress is amazing!!!

>> No.12807310

If you live in a truly cold place you could wear long johns

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my goal body desu

>> No.12807380

>how 2 layer skinny legs without suffering all day?

silk or synth baselayer.
patagonia makes the best, imo.

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how to go to gym without feeling sick and almost dying while intermittent fasting? help

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How tall are you? You look great!

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You look amazing now desu
I'm smitten

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photography fye

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Just a Bipolar loser who has been hospitalized a few times and just wants to be successful in life. Just started experiencing auditory hallucinations before I started taking my meds again.

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>current stats:
6'0 m, ~203 lbs, 18
>highest weight
>goal weight
idk, like 175
>preferred method of losing weight
calorie counting
>aesthetic you're going for
I just want to be better at my sport and look better in clothes, also get a stronger core so good posture isn't as hard.

Are body weight fitness programs for pussies? Will I get the results I'm looking for (agility/strength, weight loss) or am I wasting my time jumping around my basement?

Anyways, thanks for the thinspo peeps, you guys look great.

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I'm on quetiapine and buspirone
I only eat once a day
I don't keep food in the house because much like booze I can't control myself when it's just there sitting around
I didn't make a major lifestyle change for this to happen though, it just panned out that way after college
I didn't really notice a big change in food cravings after going on anti-psychs though desu

>> No.12807624

I also regularly drink nicotine and occasionally snort caffeine but I'm not sure that really has any tangible effect on appetite

>> No.12807638

I'm sorry but you look terrible. I don't mean that to just be mean, I hope you do something about it for your own good.

>> No.12807646

Thanks. The cravings actually seem to be lessening. I haven't even been on zyprexa for a week yet so it's possible that some of the side effects will dissipate. I gained a shit ton of weight back when I was on Seroquel but I was younger then so that might be why. Anyway thanks again.

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please eat and lift, you have no excuse unless you're legitimately poor

>> No.12807664


Eat your vitamins boys and girls. If a guy fasted for over a year back in 73' so can you!

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Man I just have trouble eating very much. I feel sick and bloated after every meal and never seem to get very hungry. Not to mention I've been a runner all my life. Gaining weight is hard. I've been doing what I can though.

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>> No.12807680

I can kick out greasy foods, I switched to dairy alternatives but unsure will give me a good amount of protein.

Any recommendations on good with hazel and or tea treat cleansers? I use crave and then a Thayers toner after but Thayer isn't a cleanser obviously.

>> No.12807681

thats how its supposed to be when you are trying to gain famalamadingdong

if you start lifting seriously you will have to listen to your body when you need energy to hit big lifts

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>I already sort of look like pic related, I just want to be slim, rather than auschwitz. I want to be more attractive to women and less attractive to gay men.

yeah, i have the same issue. i'm 6'4 and only 150 lbs. used to be a lot skinnier too. i'm trying to eat and work out a lot

>> No.12807692

anyone use chicken stock as a meal?
first time doing it holy shit this is great.
I added some water for more volume while keeping flavor and I added some tapatio hot sauce for flavor and supposedly spiciness reduces appetite

>> No.12807695


>> No.12807699

just chicken stock? you could add saltines on the side

>> No.12807709

If you´re going for dairy protein, honestly go for whey isolate. Buy it unflavoured and blend with oats. Sometimes my only meal for a day is oats, whey, cinnamon and bit of salt. It may seem boring as hell, but I actually really enjoy it. Combined with some omega-capsules and some vitamins you're actually eating "healthy" as well.

>> No.12807710

im trying not to take too many calories in because I had chick-fil-a for lunch.
This is just to cut cravings before I go to bed, buzzing off the fact that it feels like I had a small soup but only took in 10 calories.

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Yup, been forcing it. I'm trying to make myself eat more than 2000 calories a day and it's fucking hard but I'm doing the best I can

>> No.12807793

calorie dense foods (healthy oils, nuts) paired with nutritious food my man. When I had a job I would eat a big bowl of oats, nuts, seeds and some fruit (banana and or berries most of the time) and that was the biggest meal of the day, then I would ride my bycicle to work, quite fast because I was always late. I went up 4kg on muscle. I lost it all after becoming a hikkikomori again, but the feeling was nice. I'm kinda sad now remembering how active I was then, now I just do cardio for an hour and that's it.

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File: 1.31 MB, 4404x2552, skellington.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been a long distance runner since high school, I'm 20 now. I've always had a diet of <2000 calories, but lately I've just been getting high calorie food and slamming back as much as possible. Not sure how to bulk because I've always been a cardio guy but /fit/ helped a bit.

I also read that at my weight it's more important to just EAT rather than eat healthy. I've been eating cheeseburgers from In-N-Out, clif bars, protein shakes and baked beans for the past month, running only 5k every two days and doing pushups in the morning. No tangible results yet but I'm hoping to see some improvement in the near future.

Pic related, it's me after eating myself into oblivion and trying to sleep without vomiting.

>> No.12807809

>eating as much as possible while running to stay lean.
Big mistake. I used to do the same, except by swimming instead of running. What you're doing with all that cardio is training your hearth and lungs, and possibly getting thinner as well.

You need to lift. Join a gym and lift heavy weights. And while you're there ask your instructor for tips with dieting: I thought I was eating as much as possible, imagine my shock when the diet they gave me was such that for the first few weeks I couldn't even keep up with it.

>> No.12807821

Try bulletproof coffee. Good for the skin and T levels.

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>5'11'', 68kg, M, 18
>80kg a year ago
>IF, (didn't realise I have been breaking my fasts with coffee everymorning so stopped that)
>pic related left

>> No.12807849

thanks a lot anon.

>> No.12807896

>(didn't realise I have been breaking my fasts with coffee everymorning so stopped that)
I thought no cal/low cal drinks don't count?

>> No.12807904

I can't drink coffee without at least 2 sugars and milk and in hindsight I see that it broke my fast because I always got hungry an hour later

>> No.12807933

I did my research on IF and I've found that coffee doesn't break a fast, but a big quantity of caffeine does. I've also read that adding some cream won't hurt, that you can eat 50 calories but you still fasting.
My “THEORY" is that, of you eat 50 calories of high fat food, your fast might not break, but if you eat 50 calories of sugar, it will.
I don't know, my most certain theory is that I'm just stupid, anyways, can someone who know about this tell me drink I can have while fasting? and also, there's coffee with 4 calories for 100ml, if I have 250ml of it twice a day, will it hurt?

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Slowly getting somewhere...
I've already done 26 miles this week. Taking a break today so I can clean up to 30+ before interning tomorrow.

>> No.12808098

Uh yes and I don't think I've ever had cravings when it came to food at least. You might want to talk to your doctor about that to try something else if you're not happy with it.

>> No.12808101

You can get away with black coffee, and some say a hint of cream or butter or whatever the fuck people do now, but my attitude is just fucking fast. When I fast I have water. That's it.

>> No.12808104

How thin you want to go? Careful not to make your legs look like a guys with all that running. I can see your quads are getting thick.

>> No.12808118

if you feel any stronger, thats what counts

>> No.12808122

if you have a sally beauty supply near you just go in and ask for tea tree or hazel facial cleanser. the body shop is also very solid if you want to pay more than you need

>> No.12808127

I thought an intermittent fast was just eating under a certain threshold of calories for a specific amount of time. As long as you stay under it, I would assume you could eat anything you want.

>> No.12808132

intermittent fasting is eating within a window of time, yes. calorie counting is smart to do also if you want to lose weight with it, but not necessarily part of intermittent fasting (people do it for other reasons too).

people who are addicted to the caffeinated jew have added all kinds of exceptions so they can get their fix. coffee is basically no calories and adding some cream is mostly fat so it shouldn't spike insulin enough to knock you out of the fasted state, that's the idea.

>> No.12808136


reddit s*****dsourcetalk

fuck off shill

chinese bathtub chemicals mixed with leftover oil from street restaurants

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So Test and Tren turn a lady into a guy?

>> No.12808157

>none in UK

I'll probably check body shop or something.


>> No.12808163

Quads have always been thick, since I've always been active. I wanna be ~100, which means 15 lb more to go.
I just want my thighs not to touch so I don't chafe, if I'm honest

>> No.12808169

Well good luck to you. What's your diet like? Where are you interning? Are you Mexican?

>> No.12808174

gonna start my journey today boys and grills, im 180cm and 70kg, i'll try to get to 60. any tips to make it easier to drink water? i really don't like the taste, and it feels different in my mouth than soda.

>> No.12808189
File: 20 KB, 657x527, hidhratted-helo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you quitting soda? I think that's a good move. Really it's easy to drink water when you are in a fasted state or just hungry, you feel empty so the water feels good.

>> No.12808279

i finally broke 170! i was stuck there and bouncing between that and 172 for 2 weeks because of my period. So i stopped weighing myself for a few weeks and kept eating right. Now, 168!

>> No.12808287

I think I'm going to do 47:1, since my binging is horrendous when I fast too long. We'll see how this goes long term.

>> No.12808304

try ice water or maybe those zero calorie sweetener things

>> No.12808338

how tall are you? age?

>> No.12808341


>> No.12808351

6'1" 146 lbs
73 in 66.2 kg

This is the lowest I've been since March. Please help me keep going. My diet is fruit and vegetables for about 3 days now and I've been too busy for dinners too. Probably a crash diet, but I was down to 140~/63~ a few years ago and I want to live there.

>> No.12808358

the sweeteners are trash. I tried mio. tastes like watered down gatorade and if you add more, it's literally just sour.

>> No.12808359


yeh physical attractiveness to gay men and women p. much the same....

>> No.12808377

5'4 and 23

>> No.12808409

Yeah start with the types of water with zero calorie sweeteners, then I would say move on to tea. I used to drink a lot of juice so I know how difficult moving on to only water can be. I found that doing a day of only water and then drinking that water with flavors in it the next day made the flavored water not as bad. You could also try diffusing things in water yourself for flavors that you like more.
Good luck!

>> No.12808418

congrats and keep going, you'll make it just don't get too crazy, eat in a sustainable way.

>> No.12808431

thanks, man, i generally have my head on right when it comes to eating/food. I just got frustrated with the number so i stepped away and took eating well day by day. I'm also vegan so it helps me feel satisfied.

>> No.12808442
File: 42 KB, 477x750, 1473729024186.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're talking about 47 hours of fasting and 1 hour of eating.

>> No.12808455

bruh, eating right works great.

>> No.12808492

163 manlet

>> No.12808497

dude you must be kidding, you look absolutely gorgeous. just outta interest how old are you?

>> No.12808638

okay.....here we go

I'm 176cm, 80~85kg (don't have a scale, based on my latest measurement back in August), M, 22

currently making an effort to break out of my horrible eating habits. so far I've dropped soda for diet coke and plain old water, replaced chips with a daily serving of popcorn (to keep my cravings for salt in check), and I'm trying to make it a point to mainly eat 200g of lean chicken for dinner. on top of that, I'm going to the gym (right across the street from where I live) 3 days a week but only keeping to cardio (burning roughly 250cal each run)

I've had a pretty bad case of body dysmorphia for the past 5 years, so it can be difficult for me to notice any progress. I have a bit of muscle as well as somewhat broad shoulders that can't really be helped (genetics for you), so I'm only really looking to get rid of my stomach fat and slim down my waist. my biggest issue right now, though, is the fact that I can't seem to stomach most fruits or vegetables...I tried eating a carrot last week and it actually made me retch. I have something of a fondness for citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons, but I haven't gone out of my way to buy any for a year now

I just want to be smaller and look better in the type of clothes I like. any tips?

>> No.12808652

I'm cold when restricting, even though I'm still overweight. My BMI is 27. This must be the placebo effect, right?

>> No.12808655

I forgot to add, my goal weight would be somewhere between 60~65kg, maybe less

>> No.12808666

Vegan, try to do under 700 on rest days, and under 1k on training days. Sometimes I'll do re-feed days on a Sunday if I think I missed out on protein that week (but I eat beans).
Not Mexican, but I am if you want me to be

>> No.12808754



>> No.12808899

im at 15.3

>> No.12808927

>devil trips

That's impressive being that active on such low calories, you have to be dropping pretty fast.

Just thought you might be Mexican because of your lips and hair, maybe it's just the photo. I'm white but would cuddle anyone kind desu, but I probably don't live by you. That's how it always goes.

>> No.12809079

I look like Auschwitz prisoners, not by choice just because I don't have any appetite due to depression

>> No.12809129

How do I set a goal weight?

>> No.12809191

Felt like shit cuz I thought I did all those days of low calorie eating and exercise for nothing but it seems like it took a while to set in, my stomach is tight as fuck and I had to punch a hole in my belt to keep my jeans up.


>> No.12809207

Intuition mostly, a good (healthy) guideline is the weight you'd need to be at whatever your height is for a 19 bmi

>> No.12809210

I had this problem too! I get cold exactly the same at 20 BMI as I did at ~17. Wonder if it has something to do with metabolism?

>> No.12809291

how much does lifting fuck up your bmi? I was at 140ish (5'9) and lifted for sports in high school until I reached about 170. Then in college stopped working out and deflated to 155-158 where I currently sit after a year or so. I don't want to skew my goal weight by not counting any muscle I still have. Should I just post a bod pic online or what do?

>> No.12809563

You could measure your bodyfat to get a better idea of a good goal weight, lots of ways to do that with varying accuracy. You can also just change your goal weight depending on how you're looking.

>> No.12809621
File: 58 KB, 736x918, 1c1f7c68f5415385b9f9531c506ac029--playboy-bunny-cg-art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is taking laxatives once in a while a good way to maximize weight loss?

>> No.12809643

fuck no. you'll get super dehydrated and low on nutrients. shitting all day is not good for you

>> No.12809704

are you stupid

>> No.12809716

Laxatives don't make you shit out food before you absorb the calories, only before you absorb all the water.

>> No.12809747

>>current stats: height, weight, gender, age
182cm ish, 75 kg ish, male, 28
>>highest weight
no idea, maybe 2-3 more than now.
>>goal weight
around what i am now, with 2-3 kg allowance for gainz
>>preferred method of losing weight
never worried about it. I run, climb and fuck around for fun.
>>aesthetic you're going for
pretty much what i got, i train for function, not looks.

>> No.12809758

i take them after a bad binge because it makes me feel clean and fresh, but that's just me being fucked up psychologically. your weight might go down but it's not from fat just water and poop.

>> No.12809842

You look wonderful and your legs will not look like "a guys" from running. Keep staying healthy. This is coming from another chick btw to not sound creepy.

>> No.12809852

I do this too. That gross full+bloated feeling is awful. Being empty is best

>> No.12809888
File: 1.06 MB, 919x720, 1364238369697.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thx ._. i'll be 23 in march
>graduated college
>back working retail

>> No.12809891

only keep like apples and cuccumbers around for snacking, done

>> No.12809892
File: 9 KB, 701x369, 1328154327912.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

get in green range
see how u feel
keep losing

>> No.12809895
File: 53 KB, 197x190, 3344323434.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>trips tho

>> No.12809975

Do y'all have any suggestions for foods/meals that don't feel too heavy? I have classes all day and tend to emotionally binge eat in the evenings because I'm always stressed and don't know how to cope with feelings (like a moron). I'm sick of binging so much and would rather be able to focus on studying and actually caring for myself/my body...

I've been wanting to start exercising to help deal with depression but I feel embarrassed to go out because I'm already bony as hell. What coping mechanisms do you use?

>> No.12810294
File: 467 KB, 1564x1564, 8aQ9EU7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi guys, 26/M 5'11" 140lb

would like to hit 130lb but thats it

>> No.12810296
File: 48 KB, 491x607, rrrrr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12810298
File: 402 KB, 1564x1564, XDyULQV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12810300
File: 84 KB, 640x640, U5iuufa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12810302
File: 592 KB, 1080x1080, BT7F0VV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12810326

So damaged, so needy.

>> No.12810358

so jealous

>> No.12810364


>> No.12810517

w2c skirt?

>> No.12810527

I do the same thing. I usually eat steamed broccoli, cauliflower, peppers and carrots withsoy sauce, or a fresh mix of tomatoes and pickles, but I love all of those so I guess pick what veggies you like and whatever spices and sauces you want to shake things up so that you're not eating the same every single day. Also, with the exercise, do you live near a park or something? Cause if you do go in the morning when there's almost nobody there and the people that are don't give a fuck. If you're talking about a gym tho I have no idea cause I never go to those.

>> No.12810583

What's the ideal weight for a 5'2 guy? Is 110 lb too low?

>> No.12810636


>> No.12810660
File: 87 KB, 500x372, 13223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thats a mans body alright

>> No.12810666

Love it :3

>> No.12810671
File: 1.51 MB, 332x173, 1487462750178.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take your ugly hon-selfies back to /lgbt/, attention-starved tran

>> No.12810673
File: 19 KB, 500x637, cde08388713b84fb1549a5f565f99c08--too-skinny-skinny-love.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it gay to like skinny girls senpai?
Because in that case I'm a super faggot

>> No.12810849

Maybe it's just the angle but her arms look fucky.
104 is the lowest you can safely go, according to the establishment.

>> No.12810877 [DELETED] 

I don't get where this meme comes from. How can liking girls in any way make you gay? It just hurts my head. Either it's just typical imageboard banter of these people have serious brain damage.

>> No.12810883

Are you more susceptible to getting colds/ flu if you eat between 1,000-1,500 calories a day?

>> No.12810918

Gotta be be dumbest fucking argument ever lol idk why people think liking skinny girls that are as thin as the pic u posted is gay, I don’t like fat hoes lmao. Sorry!

>> No.12810929

People conflate skinny with androgynous.

>> No.12810977

Liking androgynous girls doesn't make you gay either.

>> No.12811004

if gay is a spectrum, that's certainly moving the needle toward gay

>> No.12811006

Club Soda with a little lemon

>> No.12811016

I like tonic water or seltzer. Both are fizzy and $0.69 for a 1L bottle.

>> No.12811051

I got a long distance boyfriend. I don't want to tell him about my ED but it's harder to hide it than I realized. When he asks what's bothering me I have to either lie or say it's too personal. I'm also jealous of his body, he's much skinnier than I am and to my knowledge it's natural and he's not disordered at all. I really want to meet up with him irl but not before I reach my goal weight.

I now know what people mean when they say eating disorders are isolating.

>> No.12811126

What's your ED and goal weight? Also, he might look skinny because he has a weird way of carrying fat. When my dad was in his teens he looked so skinny that people would tell him to go to the doctor, but going by weight he was almost overweight, he just had weirdass fat distribution that made him look skinny.

>> No.12811139
File: 37 KB, 348x342, 1502813186161.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how far long distance? What are your stats and goal stats?

>> No.12811154

Haven't been diagnosed but I fit the criteria for EDNOS. I'm scared if I go in to get diagnosed I will be prevented from losing more weight. My gw is 100 - 120 lb.

1500 miles. See above, I'm currently 140 lb and 5'2 (male).

>> No.12811161
File: 22 KB, 804x743, 1459869856750.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I fit the criteria for EDNOS.
>I'm currently 140 lb and 5'2

>> No.12811169

You can be overweight and have EDNOS. I have disordered eating habits that are affecting my life, even if I'm still a fatass. At least I'm not claiming to be have anorexia nervosa even though I'm overweight.

>> No.12811190

you're 6 meters tall?

>> No.12811209

>disordered eating habits
Elaborate. Are you binging and purging, eating extremely irregularly, eating only junk food or what?

>> No.12811216

i restrict calories to between 700-1000 per day. i weigh all my food. i binge, haven't in a week surprisingly but i used to several times a week and when i log them they were up to 3k calories. i sometimes get suicidal after a binge but i dont want to die fat. i've gone to the store and compulsively bought junk food then came home and thrown it out. i feel awful after since it's wasting money.

>> No.12811240

have lost 38lbs since august is this safe or

>> No.12811254

First off, lose the (((psychology))) diagnoses. It's literally just more tricks.

Second, why not just do OMAD and have a big comfy dinner at 1400-1600 calories a day and not get all worked up?

>> No.12811265

I was eating 1500 a day and losing but for some reason my anxiety increased and I'm scared to eat that much, even though I know I will still lose weight on it since it's under my TDEE. I will try to eat a little more.

>> No.12811288

depends on how big you are I suppose

>> No.12811298

It's not super safe, but you won't die.

>> No.12811305

Damn, fucking lucky.

What are you doing?

>> No.12811321

at 6'0, was 210, i guess it's alright then. i was starting to look fucking morbid. went from around 25% bf to 16% i dont feel like stopping anymore lol

<20g carbs a day that come mostly from spinach and asparagus

>> No.12811339

Eat enough so that you don't binge.

>> No.12811342

Restricting calories at all or just lazy keto for 2 months straight?

>> No.12811347

I would take it a little slower now if I were you. You made a lot of progress but even so you should give your body a bit of a break after losing so much in so little time

>> No.12811374
File: 84 KB, 800x600, nc3679_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got this thing for my birthday. Any good cooking tips for rice cooker?

>> No.12811375

obviously, also its almost impossible to surpass your bmr while eating nothing but fats and protein, you feel like you've had too much even at 1500 cals

will slow down a bit! my goal is to reach 11% or so

>> No.12811413

Not really, I think those are stupid. Maybe try /ck/.

>> No.12811915

i've got so fat over the past few months. please someone give me motivation/strength to get back to where i was a few months ago. i love you all xxx

>> No.12811924

Jesus that's so thin m8. I'm 6'3" and I look freakish/dyel at anything under 150

>> No.12811925

Steam vegetables alongside your rice some rice cookers come with plates that hang above the rice, steamed veggies taste great

>> No.12812148

How do you guys study when you're hungry? I need to get some work done but I can't stop thinking about food and my stomach keeps growling.

>> No.12812200

You gotta believe in yourself, anon. Don't jump into extreme weight loss right away, because it'll fuck you up and make you give up. Pick your method (calorie counting, IF, keto, etc) and try to aim for losing 1-1.5 lbs a week, because it's more sustainable for the long term than a sub-500 diet. Slow but constant loss is better than yo-yoing. You can do it.
Eat something low calorie, or fill yourself up with drink. I usually eat celery and jalapeño slices with soy sauce, but you might want to try some less weird snack.

>> No.12812270

>current stats: height, weight, gender, age
6'2", 125, M, 22
>highest weight
~140 a couple years back
>goal weight
>preferred method of losing weight
have never purposefully lost weight
>aesthetic you're going for

>> No.12812410
File: 69 KB, 564x766, fdff4423f4b91a4934410b14477e8d60.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>current stats: height, weight, gender, age
5'8", 157lb, Female, 20
>highest weight
>goal weight
>preferred method of losing weight
Calorie counting, drinking water whenever I'm hungry to eat less, also yoga and jogging.
>aesthetic you're going for
Delicate. I just want to be a qt little house wife and be noticably smaller than most men.

>> No.12812434

Finally a woman with some sense. Too many females in these threads prefer some edgy tumblresque goth/emo look. You are a breath of fresh air.

>> No.12812488

hey, I do cucumbers and jalapeno with soy sauce. cool

>> No.12812490


>> No.12812508

>current stats: height, weight, gender, age
5'2", 95 lbs, F, 22
>highest weight
127 lbs (when I was 14)
>goal weight
>preferred method of losing weight
eating less calorie-dense foods, lots of cardio, replacing snacks with water and some body weight exercises for toning
>aesthetic you're going for
I want people to avoid touching me out of fear that I might break

but unfortunately i have a large frame and that won't happen

>> No.12812540

Not sure where else to ask but how do I gain weight? I went off my meds and was already underweight for a 5'9 guy at about 128 average and now I'm at about 116 despite no real change in diet. I really can't stand these visable veins anymore.

>> No.12812633

nice try bud

>> No.12812662

I'm so happy, fa. I have been doing some water fasting, IF, and eating under 1200 on days I eat. I actually lost 3 inches this month. I started out at 29 inches in my waist, and now I'm at 26.


I'm only 2-3 inches away from my goal. It feels nice. I'll definitely get there by December. :D

>> No.12812670

Has anyone successfully dealt with excess loose skin after losing a large amount of weight? Without surgery?

>> No.12812671

How much skin are we talking, anon? Show a pic

>> No.12812682

Girl on left shorter with darker hair

I'm calling fraud on this

>> No.12812688

Sit on my face

>> No.12812691

Not a great picture, but you can kind of see the problem. Needless to say it's quite a bit. I weighed 275 at my heaviest, currently 158.

>> No.12812694
File: 198 KB, 1280x720, 1007170332a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And I forgot the fucking picture.

>> No.12812721

How old are you? If you're under 30, there's a chance your skin will shrink back down. You can use vitamin c serum to help your skin produce collagen if you want. The Ordinary sells good stuff.

>> No.12812724

You really met X? Details anon, details

>> No.12812739

I'm 33. I've cut back on cardio some and started lifting more as I get close to my goal weight, I'm hoping that will help the problem some in my arms and legs. But most of the problem is my stomach, and I don't see lifting helping that too much.

I'll check into Vitamin C serum. I've also heard taking gelatin and fish oil supplements can help, but I'm not sure how much science there is to back any of that up.

>> No.12812746

I study skincare constantly because I actually model. You might have success with a derma roller and some vitamin c (research this first). Derma rollers are basically like little pins, and it's not pleasant. If you decide not to use a derma roller, you can use vitamin c and perhaps some retinoid topically. If those options don't help, you'll have to get surgery.

>> No.12812750

I'll definitely research these things, thanks.

Surgery probably isn't an option, at least not any time soon. Insurance won't cover it and I don't have the money to pay for it myself.

>> No.12812752

Definitely look into derma rolling for this. The before and after results are pretty impressive. I'm sure you can handle a little bit of pain. Be very careful! Make sure you get one which doesn't have any bent pins. Do not cheap out. I think it might work, but it will take some time. You'll definitely need to do this several times.

>> No.12812800

Are you on a second gen one like risperidone, olanzapine or quetiapine. How hungry do they make you feel? I'm a pharmacy student and never actually tried it desu

>> No.12812871
File: 24 KB, 661x578, 1507333731962.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's so weird how there's usually that initial bump of hungryness/nausea some time after not eating, and then my body just gives up with those nauseous feelings
like it's not even trying anymore

>> No.12812926

male, 14,5 here

>> No.12813011

hello r€ddit

>> No.12813033


still rek ur boipucci

>> No.12813040

Air popped popcorn is a lot lower calorie but i can't get the seasoning to stick to it. solution that's not high cal plz.

>> No.12813041

i swear i got with op's post in a club once. jade budda?

>> No.12813044


your body is using it's stored resources to get the energy it needs. you're no longer hungry/nauseous because you don't need to be anymore

>> No.12813116

i was in a similar situation but what it lead to was that due to malnutrition i lost all feelings for the long distance partner and broke up and was left with anorexia :)
Lesson learned: you can't be happy in a relationship while having an eating disorder so switch to a healthy diet and treat yourself the way your partner would want you to.They already like you the way you are.

>> No.12813184

I'm currently on vacation and therefore walking very much. As I'm only consuming about 1200 calories and not much protein. shouldn't my body start breaking down my muscles to survive? But at the same time im walking over 20km a day. So what will happen to my legs if I keep this going for a few weeks?

>> No.12813271



I like some androgynous women but androgynous men do nothing for me. I'd say the needle is hardly moving in that case.

>> No.12813360

it will break it down for energy eventually
you should feel free to eat more since youre walking it off

>> No.12813363

I'm male 6'2.5 215 lbs athletic, green eyes

How do I lose muscle to look better in clothes? I have a large frame so I don't think I'll ever look good

>> No.12813374 [DELETED] 

Do women have a harder time staying thin than men since their BMR is lower? Or does a lower BMR also lower your appetite?

>> No.12813378
File: 21 KB, 500x500, 1497565514047.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do women have a harder time staying thin than men since their BMR is lower? Or does a lower BMR also lower your appetite?

>> No.12813401

im an ftm tranny and testosterone made me way hungrier. ive heard from mtfs that estrogen reduced their appetite. so i think what sex hormones you have affect your appetite.

inb4 /lgbt/ i only brought it to because it was relevant

>> No.12813435
File: 3.03 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20171007_181733.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cooked myself some cauliflower rice because my roomate got worried about me not eating
I don't think I did it right but it tastes pretty good

>> No.12813451
File: 1.40 MB, 2896x2896, 1507394493185.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Height: 5'3.5
Highest weight: 220
Current weight: 145 (began losing in February this year, so I think I may reach my goal before end of next year)
Goal weight: 105-115
Age/sex: 21 F
Method: decreased kcalories, increased activity, taking human nutrition right now as well at my college which is helping me reach my EER, EAR, AI (didn't realize my deficiencies which my body struggled to get through more unhealthy foods), and AMDR.

Aesthetic: ever since I first stepped on a scale I was obese, and people have treated me like an object or less than human, even assuming I have disabilities like retardation because of my horrible aesthetic I learned from my old and obese parents and grandparents.. I would like to be thinspo or fit, something that will make me appear like a more respectable human being rather than a barely recognizable female mass. At my current weight I'm already being included in things A LOT more at work. People are interested in talking to me and listening to me and looking at me when they would rather I be alone in the corner of the store before.

It's obvious that for females, aesthetics have power. I've been laughed out of job interviews because of my weight specifically, so I had to do something about it. Plus the high blood pressure and falling and hurting my knees severely was the final straw, because no one wanted to be around me as a fat depressed person to help me recover or take care of me.

>> No.12813456

which size should the needles be?
I've heard that fasting helps too

>> No.12813457

why are you wearing your sisters clothes anon.?

>> No.12813477

sorry to hear that damn. hope you can reach your aim. we have about same height and ugw.

>> No.12813490


Women seem to carry fat in different and maybe more ways than men. I can gorge myself on food, work from home hardly moving and not gain weight.

I noticed that my mom and gf hardly eat but still gain weight. Mom is not obese but seems to be going in that direction. GF is still thin, she eats like a bird but still suffered from freshman 15, it's mostly around her stomach, thighs, and hips.

Anecdotal and not scientific, but it seems to be a consistent occurrence for me. I've always been thin though my current physique is at a light swimmers body and i'm trying to put on a few more pounds of muscle.

>> No.12813504

are they mealcucks?

>> No.12813513


Nice work. Your parent's and family will probably say you're too thin but disregard those comments. 5'3 and 105 seems like a good weight for a fit girl.

>> No.12813515


alright what does mealcuck mean?

>> No.12813530
File: 67 KB, 409x409, 1495803592747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Eating from breakfast till dinner, spiking their insulin levels making themselves feel famished all while preventing their body from accessing their fat stores for energy.

>mealcucks have to give up something as basic as bread just to lose weight
>crying every time they have something to eat
>meanwhile, I use intermittent fasting and literally breeze through my weightloss and have big AMAZING dinners whenever I want
>mfw eating like a KING while mealcucks suffer

>> No.12813531

I'm seeing the same but I think most secretly binge on food + birth control isn't helpful either. Once my period stopped by restricting calories and going almost vegan I can binge on 1kg pasta every now and then and still end up looking model skinny.

>> No.12813536

post pic

>> No.12813537

it'd be even better swapping dinner for lunch or breakfast though

>> No.12813546

Yes but the key to be /thinspo4lyfe/ is to be able to live a normal life. Most social gathering are in the evening, so skipping dinner is not as sustainable unless you were just doing it for a short period while getting thin.

I think OMAD (using dinner) during weight loss with IF 14:8 for maintaining is a good place to start.

>> No.12813565

I never take selfies so maybe later

>> No.12813608

holy fuck I pigged out .

I feel bad

>> No.12813647


Hmm well I know for a fact that my mom will eat once or twice a day. If I cook dinner it's usually a decently healthy meal. Still she's gaining weight, it could be due to age, but she's always gone up and down.

GF never finishes a plate of food, she'll take a few bites and save the rest for her next meal. She was 100 before school and is now over 110. It could be that she's snacking more and drinking also. But she still moves around way more than I do. The extra pounds made her jeans snug and has given her that stomach pouch girls get, a tiny fupa.

When GF was on birth control she didn't gain weight but her breast got bigger and she complained about it causing acne, but she probably is snacking more which helped with the weight gain.

>> No.12813660

see it as a treat and stay on track until your next treat. if you need to break the circle eating bland raw veggies without anything added like carrots helps

>> No.12813667

Probably closet snackers. Age does slow you a bit, but, you can look up TDEE over age and you'll see it only varies like 100 calories

>> No.12813684
File: 63 KB, 521x610, 1483152774405.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12813749

thanks anon and planning to do so. I've been starting 18:6 IF but my work breaks are always before 12 or so so I don't get to eat till i get home.

Just gonna survive on tea all day tomorrow and munch in veggies after

>> No.12813852


>> No.12813861
File: 10 KB, 666x293, Screenshot-2017-10-7 bmi calculator - Google Search.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I do. 16.6 BMI.

>> No.12813863

I did as well. Good thing I'm doing OMAD. I feel like I'm going to explode.

>> No.12813878


>> No.12813885

Tell your roommate to fuck off.

>> No.12813896
File: 647 KB, 772x478, old.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oyy found some "before"s to >>12805370 where I'm at my highest weight (62kg)
forgive the attentionwhoring

>> No.12813897

Not really trying to go skele mode like most people here but I'm at 159 pounds (5'9) and want to lose ~10-15 more (what's left of my belly should be gone by then), but I feel like for the past few months ive just been maintaining the same weight no matter what i do.
Any tips?

>> No.12813903

how much and what do you eat now? and at what times?

>> No.12813915

I mostly eat once or twice a day, something small in the afternoon to keep me satiated and something at night. Generally I don't get picky with the foods i eat. Been at this routine for the better part of a year and ive dropped from ~215 to 159

>> No.12813916
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When you guys fast, do you only drink water or other lowcal drinks too? I've been thinking of doing a 4 day fast with a daily allowance of 20 cal, so that I'll be able to drink a few cups of tea. Is it a bad idea?

>> No.12813925

tea is always permitable when I fast.

>> No.12813963
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You've made a huge difference in yourself. Before-Afters and current status photos are always welcome here, that's hardly attention whoring in a thinspo thread. Thanks for the inspiration.

>> No.12813965

Congrats on the weight loss. Not that anon but I'm similar height and started a similar place and I feel you on how much harder it is to lose weight once you get thinner.

Are you counting your calories?

>> No.12813978

Thanks anon, yeah Ive been counting my calories, making sure to not eat more than 1500 calories a day (hovering around 1,200 most days) and exercising nearly every day before/after class. Just looking to get rid of my man-tits and what's left of my gut now. Guess I gotta work harder at it.

>> No.12813989

You'll keep dropping eating that amount, you're probably just holding a bit of water. If you don't start losing soon then check your calories.

>> No.12814206

Where can I find a thinspo outfit depository for men?

>> No.12814240

I mainly drink water and tea. Sometimes if I am really craving something sweet I'll drink one of those zero cal drinks.

>> No.12814244
File: 1.05 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_9824.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this too thin? I plan on gaining a little weight, maybe becoming more fit too.

>> No.12814458

It's good.

>> No.12814470 [DELETED] 
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The zyprexa cravings are back.

>> No.12814504

New thread when?

>> No.12814566

when you make it

>> No.12814593

i'm 5'3 in both, and yea i died and cut my hair
i don't have any other progress pics tho that arent unclothed

>> No.12814775
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>> No.12814919

New Thread: