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1st time posting :3

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Sick tee

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tambok pepe

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Your jeans are broken

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I like
I like except shirt

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N(n) no vis

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that haircut does not suit your face buddyboy

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the shirt is what makes the whole fit work

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still can't tell if boy or girl

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let's let this one die and start another, lads
honest mistake. no harm done

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underage mongol rape baby

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This, but here's another suggestion. Why dont we delete this one and not even make a new thread on this dead board

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so you deleted your post and reposted to remove the brands?

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Dltd cause horizontal.


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If this had a female body it would have been really nice

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COULD work, but the shoes and jacket doesnt go well together in terms of color. Shit-tier bag as well.

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Mki, underated, some black skinnies, svensson white lows

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idk about the whole fit but your hair is toasty.

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lol wtf

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what's wrong with it?

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van gogh meme socks are gross, fine otherwise

this thread makes your fit look amazing in comparison though

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What's that tan undershirt?

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from underated, it's on sale right now, what do you think of the fit?

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classic scandinavian cuckcore

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I like it without the camo jacket. Only wear one good chain at a time. Other than that breddy good.

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talk shit post fit

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Are your pronouns they / them

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kiek mokejai?

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Good fit, nice jacket, love the hair.
Also I see I'm not the only one who has to stand on the edge of the bathtub to take mirror pics

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Ignore the watch

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Nothing. It's nothing. Is there even a fit in that picture?

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I like
I love

W2C a nice backpack? It was drizzling this morning so I didn’t wear anything too nice.

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I’m American but I used google translate and the shirt was about $40

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V good. Belt is hot fuck that other guy

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you're browsing /fa/ how are you not a tryhard?

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what's tryhard about a shirt, top and jeans? Looks dope

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stupid branded black beanie

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so 1 branded item of clothing is tryhard now?

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id on pants?

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this pls

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Beautiful. I really don't like the sneakers though. AnnD lug derbies or Docs made in England bonail brush would look great here.

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I don't think I like what you're doing with the tops but the fit of the pants is nice, i have a suspicion that this outfit actually looks better with just the turtleneck and pants

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id on pants?

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Undercover fw10 wool cargoes
they fit a bit tight on me but I really like how the darts make them fit around the leg

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hi converse twin. a complete stranger told me I look like a young mic jäger today

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you both wear the same shit everyday

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i just looked at my instagram and not a single outfit from the last month looks like a single other one! You're brain damaged but congratulations for actually worrying me and making me check

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black cropped pants
loose neutral colored top
black or white sneakers/boots

am i getting close?

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I'm gonna guess this is the gook. he looks insecure enough for this to be true

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Cover of my autobiography entitled "Help! I Can't Stop Belting Things!"

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This is not even close to anything I wear, today's the first time I've worn cropped pants in months. I don't think ascribing black or white sneakers or boots to someone is that weird because that's at least four unique options with tons of different styling combinations. I've got too many shoes so it doesn't exactly apply anyway

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>This is not even close to anything I wear
what the fuck are you talking about straw i literally just described your entire outfit

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I'm not keeping most of that outfit guy

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this looks dope. I've been thinking about what makes asians in general so effortlessly effay. I think it's the straight, jet black hair
That shit goes well with the sort of clothes people seem to like here

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That's very nice of you to say, but I think a bigger part is wearing clothing suited for shorter peoples' proportions often has a better effect than skinny people wearing anything at all

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The balances struck between similarities in color, i.e. your pants matching your shoes while the laces compliment the sweater; to the fact that the cuffs and bottom of our top match the weave of your scarf just blow every other piece of trash on this thread out of the water.

I'm glad someone read the sticky.

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Top = Belt = Boots

Good shit, dude.

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Nice pajama pants, Chad.

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Cutie, cutie!

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shut the fuck up pinoy pleb

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bro your fits are great but I feel like you're wearing the same shit everyday because of the color.

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yeah that's totally fair especially given my last one was basically a carbon copy of this one with some tweaks to get the waist bag right, but I have to say the lighting in that area does make it seem a lot more washed out than it actually is

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Could be wrong but is your name josh?

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w2c nice cropped pants? Does anyone sell them for semi-cheap?

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thanks! so it's the scarf that ties it together . the sticky is very helpful. what kind of coat/jacket would u implement into this type of look?

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those jeans fit good, what the pointy object in your pocket

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Sparrow legs is back.

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lol fuck off newfag

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I like these

Nice, see you in the /thinspo/ thread

Meheheh funny, I hope you wore it proudly

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get back to 2ch

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Пpивeт, Глeб

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huh, wow

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ID on pants?

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all things being said about the basics - your proportions are off and the shape of your upper looks pretty stocky, which usually means your top isn't slim enough to accentuate the shoulders...
There's some good points in there anon, but it's far from having nailed all the basics. I did, however, learn from >>12792808 's post which is nice to see.

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cool, and also nice hair


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I'm sorry but they're brandless, I found them in a small shop in Italy...
These are similar:


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i only own one hoodie, so congratulations

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i never said i had any clue as to wtf i'm doing! this fit is bad i know that...my clothes aren't perfect.. but i'm getting better

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First time posting, plz no bully.

The light doesnt show too well, but the shirt is black and dark blue cheque, and the watch face is the same blue. Also managed to match the strap of the watch with the dark brown boots.

Did i do okay?

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> Also managed to match the strap of the watch with the dark brown boots.


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Yes anon :) basic but I like it

>> No.12793292

This isn't a fit. You going to work or something? It's inoffensive and featureless.

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Is this a joke?

>> No.12793329

the boots look black, how could those be brown

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A man who adheres to a basic color palette, with clothes that fit and go together. An understated watch to tie it all in.

Granted Its not the usual weebcore/techfit/clownshoe+hoody wearing brigade that infests this board with their poorly fitted clothes and lumpy bodies to accenuate their total lack of self awareness, but then sometimes simplicity is key.

I like it Anon.

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They are very dark brown Anon, the ligjt doesnt show too well.

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first time wearin' a skirt to work

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Big difference between simplicity and uniform. Nice reddit spacing tho

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im new

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the silhouette is ok, if i could switch one thing, it would be the blue pants, they should be a light grey. or even a pastel recessed color like . the solid saturated blue looks way too bold for the jacket

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Hey girl, want to do the sex thing?

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You dress like a middle aged dad.

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It’s finally cold but not too cold

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koke trim euru

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I made a bet and I normally wouldn't shill but I need you follow me on ig: ricardulis

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Say I'm cute

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Not those pants, anon. Looked awesome until those pants.

>> No.12793693

>I like
A lot better than I usually get, so thanks!

>> No.12793708

i like

besides the pants suggestion, maybe having cleaner sneakers would make this fit work better.

nice shearling

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Here’s today
It’s comfy because it’s cold outside and fuck Friday classes

>> No.12793781

probably either chapstick or a lighter, don't remember

>> No.12793783

is that the thing where you sip whiskey neat from a leather armchair and stare at each other silently? because if it's not, then no

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i like the contrast

>> No.12793813

I want to drop kick your knee and see how far it hyperextends (but I never would because I like your fit).

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amazing fit exept for shit am90

not bad, nice jacket


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digger nick

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I don't know about this fit, seems iffy to me
could use pointers

>> No.12794397

None of it fits very well proportions are off even if you.are going for a comfy oversized look.

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Liking these

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worn with boots

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U drink out my cup and it's dirty

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Lit af autism senpai

>> No.12794501

Why can't people compress their photos?

There are Australians here, be mindful

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rex oc core

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Been a minute since I've been on /fa/, back from a year at /biz/

Polo to the floor fuck that tom ford

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fuck off

>> No.12794819

shut up fag i'll fuckin suck ur dick

>> No.12794831

this is war huh wow

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>>Nike, let alone Roshes
>>In 2017

>> No.12794856

it's lunarepics

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looks like minimal tech wear . ok fit . not a fan of the shoes , would rather see pure white but I guess that isn't very "tech". or whatever

I only have two scarfs one is this and the other is navy blue with white stripes but I thought since this sweater is navy blue then that would be bad. I think a grey or cream Color scarf would be optimal or this or maybe faded green or light brown like lighter than the shoes

>> No.12794904

>being this retarded

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look techy, would rather see pure white shoes but that isn't techy u guess, fit is ok.

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I got this coat, the purpose of it is to be a "layer" coat , I am wearing the blue sweater in my other pic underneath it. the sweater is thick so it might look bulky with jacket on but that's why.

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looks ok but shirt is too long, sleeves are too long. shoes look old and beat up . if you want to have the old beat up oversized sweater then wear new clean shoes, to create contrast. or don't

>> No.12795280

how are your thighs so slim
my legs look like yours below the knee but my thighs are still thicc even though i have a low bmi

>> No.12795505

sorry for coming over like such - didn't mean to. I appreciate your desire for improvement and think you took critique very well! Sorry if I had put you on the spot with my message, that wasn't my goal :c

>> No.12795506

liking u

>> No.12795513

huge improvement over your usual fits, seems like you are starting to get lot better hang of silhouette which is pretty important if you are gonna do this whole hueg, drapey and loose thing
the shoes work surprisingly well here, would not have expected it

>> No.12795575

Low quality image but the fit seems nice

>> No.12795594

need that jacket desu, nammeee?

>> No.12795771 [DELETED] 
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>> No.12795787


>> No.12795788

You should try white hat/red dress

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File: 52 KB, 1000x563, FA46AFBD-87EC-4520-B603-625EA6746896-1653-0000025DD422FC43.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Something like that

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How do I improve my look boys

>> No.12795806

Looking sharp dude. Maybe ease it on the retard faces and grow a beard.

>> No.12795809

More baggy shirt brah

>> No.12795823

Kek. Face wise?

>> No.12795826

dont like the blue jeans, not with the bright red. bright red, and bright blue, there is no contrast. the eye needs to move from bottom to top and back down. light grey pants or white jeans. or faded olive.

>> No.12795829

Open one more button down your chest.
Gold chain.
Gold watch.
Bruised knuckles.

>> No.12795831

Too much of a 3rd country poorfag, not degenerate enough for cigs, and too nice to get into fights :)

>> No.12795849

really nice fit
u have very nice legs too

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Trying out these trousers, took them to a tailor last week. I need them to be hemmed too but now it's too late.

>> No.12795901

They look good. They would look ever better without the cuff.

>> No.12796016

Don't like the logo with your sweater, works good with the T-shirt

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File: 2.07 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1083.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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nip game on point

oh bae
& yeah this phone is on its last legs
that's a great jacket, dude

>> No.12796519

Why tailor them, they look fine
Though loose the rolls

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File: 1.17 MB, 1797x3209, IMG_20170930_205556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12796598

I'd on boot?


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Frio mi hijos

>> No.12797230

fuckin hell why do I look like this ugly actress

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>> No.12797310

1/10 at least you aren't naked

>> No.12797574

Find a mirror
You tried

>> No.12797609

She isn't ugly

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Going for that "just attacked by a dog" aesthetic.
One shoe off and some distressed FoG denim.

>> No.12797649


>> No.12797654

Absolute trash

>> No.12797678


Looks good!

>> No.12797681


>> No.12797684


You look beautiful, love your shoes!

>> No.12797687

post feet
or pusy

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R8 pls, no bullies ty

>> No.12797712


Talk shit, post fit.

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>> No.12797717


-Size up on jacket.
-Pants fit awkward.
-Burn those shoes.


>> No.12797718

not even the guys you replied to but because you brought your fit to my attention, wow that's a trash fit
watered down streetwear from hm is truly becoming the new pajeet uniform

>> No.12797726

None of it is poverty H&M.

-TNF bomber
-Banana Republic Flannel Shirt
-FoG denim
-CDG x Converse

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Kiton square (not visible, took it out), Carmina jumpers, Spier and Mackay shirt, Samuelsohn Zegna Donegal jacket, dyer and jenkins denim and uniqlo socks. Tudor also not visible.

>> No.12797729

Brown and blue. Very daring.

>> No.12797737


In a hospital or low-end office park, but definitely not a doctor or lawyer because money but no taste.


>> No.12797745


>> No.12797754

fog may as well be hm, same derivative clothes for streetwear hypebeasts, only difference is you were dumb enough to pay the upcharge on it haha

>> No.12797763


*or maybe car salesman.

>> No.12797766

>''''''Dog attack''''' aesthetic when ripped jeans are a thing
>Fucking edgy one shoe when mixed shoes ain't even a thing

>> No.12797778
File: 89 KB, 768x1024, WhatsApp Image 2017-09-30 at 5.32.14 PM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SLP, SLP, SLP, OffWhite

>> No.12797781
File: 19 KB, 403x395, 1503499465836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12797788

You could pull this off if you had a ton of tattoos or piercings on your face to balance out the purposefully vanilla look, otherwise you look like you just got done at bible study as the oldest guy in the youth group

>> No.12797792
File: 173 KB, 449x337, 1505433554304.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12797793

Never seen Off White mixed with SLP like that.
Pretty cool desu.

>> No.12797795


decent attempt at 90's
pants should be phat ones and the boots need to be studded

>> No.12797812

'real estate' core

>> No.12797821

Trying way too hard for menswear - core

>> No.12797835
File: 212 KB, 712x1073, 4vSC9IX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12798060

>21st century after the death and ressurection of Our Lord; the conquest of Germania by Tiberius

>Wearing shorts

Did not know these were still allowed

>> No.12798320

what do you mean by this?

>> No.12798372

arrr sailor, all hands on deck!

>> No.12798375

++ for lil ugly mane
if you're gonna wear a loud shirt like that don't go for loud pants. stick to earth tones or black for pants with this shirt. also get rid of the vans and get some reeboks or converse or something. don't pinroll your pants, it looks stupid

>> No.12798381

i don't think tips on this particular outfit will do you much good to be quite frank. what you need is to lurk more before you spend another dime on clothes. figure out what you like and dislike and go from there. in any case, the big floral print is ugly and those dark jeans make you look like you never left 2008. don't wear dark jeans unless theyre black

>> No.12798407

I did, its the one in the picture

>> No.12798685


>> No.12799193

bland but okay
the sweats need to go
p good
don't like the sneakers
this would be really good with some black derbies tho
what's the belt?

>> No.12799254
File: 1.96 MB, 3024x4032, 58ADC7A4-3EB7-4F30-BDEF-8D557CAB1362.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12799279

Love u straw

>> No.12799470

w2c top

>> No.12800184

Can't see for shit, but what I do see it's shit

>> No.12800191

you seem insufferable

>> No.12800779

This fit confuses me. You're wearing a jacket over a hoodie, which would make me think it's cold wherever you are but then you're wearing shorts.

>> No.12800787

Nice and simple, you won't be getting any second glances

>> No.12800861

fucking shave holy shit you have a 13 year olds facial hair my god

>> No.12800867

w2c pants

>> No.12800888

looks fine from first glance. shit shoes and shit pants ruin it 4 me. pant color is ok tho

>> No.12800889

bad jacket and pants desu

>> No.12800936

Thanks luv. I guess I was trying to figure out if it was a chiffon or organza. Was curious about the construction and wanted to see it at other angles. I'm a dude though, so couldn't see myself wearing that.

>> No.12800940

This fit sucks BUT I like that you had a story to explain the shittiness. Let's get conceptual.

>> No.12800941

>I never wear suits but I'm going on a late night talk show to promote my movie...core

>> No.12801000

it's self made

>> No.12801009
File: 256 KB, 361x595, hate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/fa/ is normie chads now... da fuq???

soviet era telnyshka shirt
shitty body bag
horrible vintage burberry slacks
rothco suspenders
kidill motorcycle boots
attachment by kazuyuki kumagai waist bag

>> No.12801376

Hey dude, do you speak spanish?

>> No.12801422

Remove that bag, can't see anything.

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