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>no Terrorcore inspo

Let's change that.

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>C R I M E W A V E

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w2c those shoes on the left

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Rate our fits.

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pretty good, who's that wizard in the front?

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hahahahahaha I hope this isn't genuine

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Looks like a /k/ meetup

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Darth D'Herstal?

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Their virginity is right behind the banner and if you think youre gonna take, you are so WRONG

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prolly a nuggestfest so either way concentrated autism

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Nuggetfest has a lot more people.

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What style was the stuff worn by peeps in the Yugoslav wars most similar to?

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that's the coolest shit i've ever seen


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the edgy skull mufflers were a good choice, they draw attn away from all the other godawful choices you guys made

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To be fair they aren't there for looking good, they're there to fuck around in the woods and shoot guns where nobody else is going to see them.

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point taken.
on an unrelated note, I ordered pic related, did i do good /fa/riends?

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this underneath the jacket

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Just noticed this mofo got himself a clean fucking headshot

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At least they can pull off a successful meetup- something that /fa/ has yet to do, mind you...

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How to pull of terrorwave in central Texas climate?

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Light cotton man-dresses and shemaughs.

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buy 1 get 7 free!

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oh boy do i love terrorcore

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can anybody ID the kind of jacket in the milsurp section with the matching pants?

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thank you friend

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How do you accidentally pull off so much aesthetic? Guy on the right is killing it.

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>Guy on the right
It's a fucking mannequin

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I think they screwed up the balaclavas because it was the guy on the left who got headshotted.


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Is this Gorka effay?

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How do you CrimeWave or TerrorCore during the summer?

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yes, but watch this

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Dress like a sicario

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if you want to emulate rl criminals: wifebeater, fanny pack, speed dealer sunglasses, and flip flops. you might be thinking: you can't do crime in flip flops, but you can. In my town, every time someone robs a bank during the summer, he's wearing flipflops and concealing his face with sunglasses and a baseball cap.

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>when one of the witnesses is a footfag

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>serbian flag

watch out for croatian peasants turned militia and don't send tanks without infantry support you dumb fucking retards

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I fuck with the Sam Hyde jihad flannel vibe

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It's the clothing worn by the North Hollywood shootout robbers.

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How do you feel about white balaclavas?

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they remind me of a movie of serbian origin

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>even effay acknowledges that Serbia got curbstomped by our plebs with guns

my day just got a bit brighter. thanks anon-kun

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there's a dude in my class that (i think) unironically wears terrorcore.

>> No.12795076

its basically normcore (what seinfeld wears) x terrorcore

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>skull face masks

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>not recognizing obvious irony/laziness for censoring photos.

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the only one i like in this picture is the guy in the cloak, and even then his pants look like shit.

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guess what, not everyone lives in Brazil

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