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Anyone else still wear their suit like this?

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yo papa

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That's a look I rarely do, but it's what I prefer to see VS. the normal tieless look with the shirt buttoned up before the top button. Alternatively, I would also button up the top, at times while tieless, but I prefer to wear a tie with a suit or sports jacket 95% of the time. Historically, this style in the picture goes back to the early 20th century, not just the late 1960s and 1970s, when it was really popular for a while. It was a popular look in old time Hollywood, and was often how men dealt with the tieless look, VS. all-buttoned up.

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It looks shit.

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How so?

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He's probably fixated on the bad memories of the trend during the 1970s leisure suit era. It's a shame, because while the look was often attempted with polyester '70s suits, it was done well before that time, with nicer suits of wool, linen, cotton, and silk, although some early synthetic suits, such as of dacron or rayon, were used from the 1940s, onwards.

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Tony you cockaroach maricon

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Spike speigel still wears his suits like that.

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trash cheap looking.

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sleazecore for the win.

also the agnelli clan (italian kennedy/vanderbilt/rockefeller tier patrician family) wears their shirts like this when they wear no ties. this is no joke.

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nah your wrong still looks fine

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Looks good, man.

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Sleazecore/yakuzacore. My favourite.

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I think it looks great, I like an open suit.

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It's coming back, it was one of the newest trends to hit Pitti Uomo.

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I love that look as long as it some 70s disco cosplay

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>*as long as it isn't...

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>falling for the menswear meme

suits are uncomfortable and stuffy. nobody wears them willingly

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Depends on the suit. Also you can't just wear a t shirt, jeans and sneakers everywhere

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Nick fucking Cave

but that doesn't mean you can pull it off.

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It looks shit because it's affected - like someone putting on an accent.

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>I've never worn a good suit: the opinion

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>Nobody wears them willingly

Aww the poor kid wants to play in the big kid thread. Maybe Macy's is more your speed, bub.

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Prefer to wear my suit like this

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those are not suits idiot.

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Looks great if you dont do it on purpose.
Pro tip: Don't try it if you are not a popular rock icon

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They are suits, but they are structured as military suits, with all of those buttons, pockets, and the epaulets.

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No, they are tunics,not suit jackets.

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>your wrong still looks fine
You are in agreement, then.

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