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I'm looking to update my wardrobe and get a few different outfits within the terrorwave aesthetic. I like the look of sumer pants joggers in drabs and earth tones as part of the look for me but im having trouble finding versions with belt loops on top of just having a drawstring as i concealed carry and having the ability to wear a belt will that make that easier. any recommendations on brands or styles would be helpful.

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non of u cowards would actually commit to an act of terror
posers gtfo

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Its a look dumbass, it has nothing to do with wanting to get 72 virigns.

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>terrorism has to be Islamic fundamentalism
You'll never into terrorwave, loser

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Took me ages to find this

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model d on those fila shoes and the ones in the top left?

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Top left are beat up Stan smiths. Can't tell you the fila model tho

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Is this more IRAwave or slavwave?

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in between thats the appeal

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I've got a bit of IRA wave if anybody is interested

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fuck it might as well dump

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>dress like an iljin while holding a gun
>dress in hiking clothes while holding a gun
>call it "terrorwave"

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Irawave always seemed more partisancore then terrorwave. terrorwave is about taking the grey man concept and actually applying it to modern urban fashion choices rather than wearing a bunch of 5.11 gear and sticking out like some jackass.

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It comes from the clothing style of the IRA, Rebels, and other dissidents hence terrorist style aka Terrorwave because it definitely isn't average streetwear.

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so to sum some things up:
>bulky clothing that looks like you could hide a gun in
>low-tech watch/phone that look like u could use in a bomb
>european brands or obvious knockoffs
>trainers or athletics shoes
>neutral/dirty colours
>low body fat
>no smiling

so, mostly cheap utilitarian stuff?

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Stop being a mamaboy elitist. Robbing a bank is cool, it's not "filthy niggers".

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Fila T1

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Any links on that fur lined bomber jacket looking thing?

Wanting something like that for winter but they're always like £700+

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someone post that trained in knife hand to hand combat russian gopnik in bomber jacket

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Fucking SOURCE on those gray baggers, far right pants

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Fuck yeah, thanks anon.

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Am I sleep deprived or did Rogue One use partisan-core for it's fits

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i was born into terrorwave.
it chose me.

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that green anorak looks so nice, need to visit a milsurp place

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i only want one virgin.

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Pants are too skinny but good effort.

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you are the virgin

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horrible guide

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Too clean you look like a poser

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Those are some big fucking hands.

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Why do Russian insist on those retarded forehead bangs. Why is Russian haircut so atrocious?

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Nice nmds

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>tfw terrorwave without trying

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Think of it as of Russian mullet. Only Trump-voting rural retards would be getting this. The bad kind, you know.

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Yeah. Think of the outfit you might wear, put together from your already existing wardrobe, were you to suddenly take up arms in support of some political aim. That's terrorwave.

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Oh they absolutely did. Remember the scene where the evil stormtroopers rolled through the peaceful city in their big evil tanks, and were ambushed by the peaceful heroic mujahideen, erm, I mean pseudo-jedi zealots? The whole thing was an allegory for "muh american imperialism in Iraq/Afghanistan," from a left wing perspective.

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An older thread had a movie recommended called "Battle of Neretva" found these after Google image search

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Force 10 from navarone? Related images partisan-core

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That makes sense, it had so much desert paramilitary imagery.

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Found this terrorwave imgur album, some nice stuff, some crap

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All that slav squatting is to keep them on earth

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suede is to be copped second hand as a brokeboi. consignments shops and curated vintage shops. depop can also have some hidden gold.

t, brokeboi dressing like a columbian cartel boi

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step 1 : have a rifle

because without a gun terrorwave is just cringe

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Step 2: Get arrested by European police for illegaly owning a war weapon.


I'm all in for this aesthetic but theses Baskets looks likes you wouldn't fuck them up.

Also, are leather boots /terrorwave/ or /reichwave/ ?

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>European police

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nice bulge senpai

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Whatever the country, none of them will let you carry something more long and harmful than your thumb.

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Yeah, because the sign of a civilised country is people walking around with assault rifles to go shopping in walmart

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At least I'd like to hang out with my baseball bat for the banter. But it seems already too much barbarian.

Fun is dead.

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Is this guide less accurate than the long one?

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stop getting adidas and look for cheap and knockoff 2 stripes suit, dont tell me that shit doesnt scare you off than seeing a guy with adi on, where did he get that tracksuit? why only 2 stripes? is he poor? will he do something crazy any moment? am i high? leave people with doubts, thats what they fear the most, the unknown

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Does dressing like this increase my chances of being arrested?

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nah thats more partisan core with the cammo jacket. The whole look of terrorwave is urban/ civilian clothes that would do well as combat clothes. so you can blend in but oper8 as needed. pretty much the greyman concept but done right.

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only if you're brown

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Is there a chart of the differences between terrorwave/partisancore/reichwave/slavwave/etc.?

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these are all good examples of terrorwave


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im going for a more modern and contemporary terrorwave. also been considering getting a pair of Nike SFB for the longest time.

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still conscious of what other people think. lol
were not even on the same level or spectrum senpai.

i am transcendence.

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more female terrorwave pleaseandthankyou???

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are those french resistance members ?

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at least you admit you're on the spectrum

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Yes, Simone Segouin for the record.

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its true, i have a big dick. its actually width thats important. =)

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>League of Legends running on the computer
YOU are the virgin.

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big boy pants

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can manlets be terrorwave?

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what bomber is that

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I wanted to dress like that until I went to one of those german Frühlingsfest and three guys who dressed like OP's pic got detained by the police. They weren't white sure, but it's not like they had a strange look, they were laughing.

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Sasha Grey x Planned Parenthood shirt, very nice

I copped one as well

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This thread is basically just clothes and a rifle. Outfit ideas would be cool but anons are just posting literal terrorist/rebel pics.

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Technically wearing outift during a act of terror / war makes it /terrorwave/, isn't that right ?

It's all inspo from here.

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Is this /terrorwave/?

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Is this /terrorwave/?

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Where can I buy those?

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RAT boots are super comgy but havy as shit. if anyone is willing to drop actual cash on desert boots either get Bates Lights or get basic desert combat boots and rip the heel to make them lighter.

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this is littlefinger right?

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I love terrorwave, but can we see some female equivelants? Most of these clothes are unisex, but I'm worried that most men's windbreakers would be too baggy, and most women's windbreakers would be too form-fitting to really give off that "I'm going to destroy everything you love" look

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Women aren't involved in terror plots though. The best you're going to get is some white trash bitch that's smoked since age 2 and that wears dirty flannel.

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just wear normal clothes. terrorwave is hard because the gun is what makes most of the fits. and the fits that dont require a gun are the fits that make you look like you should have one. i only dress terrorwave when i conceal carry, but thats not to say i dress terrowave all the time!

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>Yeah, because the sign of a civilised country
that's right, open carry keeps most people civilized in the west. when you live in a shit hole muslim world, where muslims hate other muslims, and are taught to kill infidels, their societies and cultures will be fundamentally uncivil. it isn't because of firearms and whether or not you can open carry them

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I dunno I thought this was close, but maybe it's too milspo

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either you're being ironic or you're a fucking idiot i found this infograph with one google search

>> No.12747277

some other essential IRAwave?

>> No.12747308

no, he's CIA

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Baggy milsurp windbreaker/parka/anorak to hide a gun, leggings, vintage tennis shoes, sunglasses, or something like that. The milsurp windbreaker could be swapped for a bomber jacket with a hoodie worn under.

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jacket is too clean and colorful desu, just look like you go to college in a cold city not terrorwave

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Can anyone ID those Adidas? Would they match with pic related or would I need black leather boots?

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All good, but what would be some summer terrorwave stuff, all i see are winter/fall clothes, would be nice to get some summer/spring terrorwave clothes to wear

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>a war weapon
as opposed to a peace weapon?

>> No.12748582


More like as they're other categories.
Hunting, contact weapons, etc..

>> No.12748591

Some retarded European countries categorized guns as "war weapons" because they used "military calibers". In Italy 9x19mm was prohibited because it counted as military caliber, but 9x21mm, which is exactly the same but with a longer case, or .357 Magnum were ok. I think that France had a similarly retarded classification system.

>> No.12748611

i think its something prison related, i saw this docu about a juvenile detention center in russia and all the kids in there had to get the haircut

>> No.12748637

It's current season Nigel Cabourn.

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The overall reminds of that outfit,
Even if it's clearly milsurp, barely terrorwave.

To the exception of stronk eastern women rebels. And Colombian forces.

Bingo l'ami.

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ID on those all black New Balance?

>> No.12748706


New Balance MRL996KP I guess.

>> No.12748715


W2c that Gucci sweater?

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Rhodesian soldiers for summer.

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how the fuck is that terorwave? thats just fuckboi core

>> No.12749038

fail army

>> No.12749316

Nah this is legit. Adidas is worth at least something, shows you've got some shit together or it's something you care about. Generic knockoff tracksuit shows you got nowt to lose

>> No.12749389

Does this look aesthetic IRL, or does it look like you wore sneakers with a camo jacket?

>> No.12749481

Like it's the difference between "that's a half decent tracksuit" and natural suspicion

>> No.12749566

factually speaking, fail politicians

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>> No.12749589

Is Dylan roof terrorwave?

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low poly terrorwave coming through

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niko bellic is the embodiment of terrorwave. he's directly inspired by the guy in OP's pic

>> No.12749715

Yeah. They even tried ti get the actor who played Sasha from Behind Enemy Lines, The guy in the pic, to do the voice acting for Niko.

>> No.12749996

woo Danger 5 (:

>> No.12750014

Saul's rebels were portrayed as assholes though? It wasn't as lefty as you think

>> No.12750204

Looks awesome just wear a milsurp jacket over your tracksuit, with your ak and your juice box.
I get pussy wet from 4 blocks away.

>> No.12750251

Great picture regardless.

>> No.12750257

The clothes never matter. Take a look at what most of these people are wearing. It's just whatever clothing is available to them. To think that there is some kind of consistency within the clothing of these conscript-tier poverty individuals and to try to emulate that somehow buy purchasing specific articles of clothing is pathetic.

What makes these people look cool isn't what they're wearing; It's what they're doing.

Trying to look like them when your current context doesn't match at all will only make you look like a wierdo at best and an unstable wierdo at worst

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File: 2.90 MB, 1920x1080, młody dron.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12750974

I've been told my face looks like that of a yugoslavian war criminal, would this be a good style for me?

>> No.12750994

you tell me

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Cracking open a cold one with the boys

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Is this the starter kit

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Any suggestions for /terrorwave/ summer looks?

Because it seems like a look exclusive to cold weather areas with the fleece pullovers and parkas

I tried to google it and all I got was shiacore

>> No.12752981

they defeated like 5000 guerrilla soldiers with a small group of 80 while wearing that

>> No.12752986

This thread is pointless because it's about the attitude mostly.

>> No.12752987


w2c that top

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Am I /terrorwave/, or is the jacket to clean?
Considered swapping it with a checz m95 field jacket.

>> No.12753164

That's the perfect kit for operator LARPing.
That's a fucking duty belt, faggot. It's supposed to be worn over a normal belt and is hold by beltkeepers. Good luck passing it through your jeans beltloops. The gorka jacket should be swapped for something western (M-65 milsurp jacket, British smock with DPM pattern, vintage Timberland anorak...). The gay Seiko watch should be replace by a Casio F-91W terrorwave watch.

Jacket should be milsurp or vintage sport stuff, not some modern soft-shell stuff.

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File: 1.20 MB, 400x240, download (11).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why do you waste creativity, you'll neverlook like them. they express themselves through violent acts and you're sweet and shy.

go back to cosplaying

>> No.12753231

Is this just Adidas + Stonewash Jeans + Camo?

>> No.12753236

saved desu

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Are these idiotwhogoesfishingcore or imtotallynotccing wave?

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This guy -core

>> No.12753446

This is ETA soldiers

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File: 480 KB, 1024x688, members-in-december-1970-in-the-basque-country-in-spain-picture-id129890853[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12753455

Chechnya. They've allways been big with fakes.

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very cool fit


>> No.12753989

what a absolute lad

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>> No.12754351

What is the American version for sambas? Nike Air Force?

>> No.12754354

It's what poor people in low gdp countries have available to them so it's not really a look.

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