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How does your ideal girl dress ?

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Like a woman instead of like a butch dyke trying to pass as a man.

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Nailed it, tbqh /fa/m.

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this. no lie these girls have the sexiest bodies in the world that's why they hide it.

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>ideal girl
>no sky

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Who cares? As long as she's at least not below Urban Outfitters/ASOS level, she's cool.

She can dress in jeans and a tee ffs. As long as she knows her colors and has a nice big ass and a fit body and firm titties.

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>some drug addled bitch that you expect us to know

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Dont talk like this about her

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She's invisible and gives me head when I need it

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this, tired of the degeneracy today.

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Love this one.

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got u senpai

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fat ass with the louie/gucci bag
forever my weakness dont care how much of a basic whore she is

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>tfw no cute comfycore gf

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like a dude

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saw this while shopping yesterday.
It would work.
Female Sandro models are always fire

what do ya think

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Lemaire has great model choice

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Wrong board

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Looks like a swimsuit with shorts

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a girl who doesn't care about dressing
so i can dress them

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However I tell her to dress.

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I think it like ccp or bbs or something like that

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Like she was rich the 80s desu

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no clothes

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preppy girls make my heart soft

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Patrician taste.

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Like this or...

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...like this.

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however she wants rly. Ideally like an elementary school teacher tho

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So you like girls who dress like dudes?

I have some bad news for you anon...

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Terrible taste. The type of girl that makes you listen to the new Vampire Weekend in 2017
100% chance they loved Juno

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freja hella qt

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A man can dream: can he not?

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it don't matter how she dresses, if she is content how she looks and has some sense of style I'm fine
if he has her own thing going on, that's a bonus

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I don't care as long as she's cute, thin, tall, and young.

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I will take any girl that is cute AND has a nice personality. Sadly the latter does not exist so I am stuck with you faggots here.

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