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Teach me the way of the Hawaiian shirt.

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heres the basic gestalt

>be attractive and thin, or alternatively:
>be really obese
>don't fall for /fa/ memes and wear them with wool pleated pants with a 25 inch inseam and dangling chains
>go for a conservative casual look
>that means keep the shirt buttoned up (not the very top button) unless you're on a beach
>keep the shirt tucked in at all times unless you're chilling at the tiki
>wear a deep v neck gray undershirt to catch the sweat (this goes for ALL button downs)
>you can wear them casually any time of the year as long as you have good jackets
>never wear with a blazer unless you want to LARP as sleazy

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and most importantly...

>keep it casual
>keep it cool
>avoid ball caps, show off that slick hair

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way overdone

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What sort of shoes should I wear?

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slip on loafers and cap toe shoes are damn fine choices. boat shoes are fine too but it can be hard to pull off a pant break with boat shoes. but genreally don't be afraid to leave a little slack for your pants to drape over your shoes, not everything needs to be cuffed. try to keep the pants dressy and roomy.

a cap toe leather shoe would be pretty cool. a nice dark brown with a matching belt. the formality of the belt is what really defines the whole fit, in my opinion. separate the pants and shoes with a colorful sock if you feel the need to wear one.

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also, i should point out that the pic is a very safe "hawaiian" look. yes, the shirt doesn't have floral or tribal patterns but it doesn't have to for it to qualify. focus on color, and pant combination. the fit is important, it's supposed to be for hot days so wear something nice and airy and loose.

there are some real classic hawaiian shirt designs out there. look for washed out colors of any kind; avoid vibrancy for the most part. you don't want to contrast too much lest you look like a vacationer that stands out with no sense of style.

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bottom one

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here's some cooler patterns that fit the bill more. leave untucked if you dare to be a rebel

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these shirts are wicked

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look at this one

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it's just so classic, it's just classic

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there's tons of different shirts that qualify for the "hawaiian" label... aloha shirts, tribal shirts, some camp shirts, take your pick. there's designs that look more hawaiian than others. if you focus exclusively on aloha shirts you're missing out on a lot.

but whatever you do don't buy the made in china ahola shirts

>pic related

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hah me and my mates went and bought alot of hawaiian shirts and wore them all summer when we went to the "cool" clubs. Have to find a way to incorporate them at the office tho. Now its getting cold as fuck.

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In my opinion, Hawaiian shirts tend to look best on really big and heavyset party animal types.

Pic related pulled it off exceptionally well

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Thoughts on pic on the right?

Can turtlenecks look good under "Hawaiian" shirts ?

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Stop fucking making shit up. You literally dont know what youre talking about

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This >>12728416

m8 you haven't a fucking clue, keep out of it

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I really want to pull off the hawaii shirt look but I have literally no idea how

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What jackets to wear with blue jeans and a tucked Hawaiian shirt (dark or neutral colored)

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Right. So, wear them with Khaki pants or Black jeans, if your shirt is red you could wear Navy pants.

Try not to wear blue jeans, wear white or black shoes depending on the pants you choose.
And obviously there are exceptions to these, like what colors clash, what colors match, just try and use your head. If it doesn't look good don't wear it

That's basically it, and while you're in your Hawaiian shirt try to look like you own it, y'know fake it 'till you make kinda shit.

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This is where I found it. It's listed as a womens shirt though.

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Paradise Found is good if you're going for the classic Hawaii 5-0 type look

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lmao you can get the same shit in aliexpress for 10% of the price

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It's not the same quality.

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i doubt the quality warrants 10x the shirts

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wear with lightwash jeans, white sneakers, a necklace and a watch, preferebly casio

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nice arguments peanut brains. angry your mom didn't let you buy the latest rick?

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... wtf

Im not hating on the shirts. Im hating on the fact that youre acting like you know what youre talking about when you obvously dont.

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The louder the better

Pair with casual, breeze, solid coloured shorts/pants/khakis

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also this>>12728985

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What kind of shorts are those? I don't know what style of short goes with Hawaiian shirts

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All these go with Hawaiian shirts. Converse, Vans (Authentic and Old Skool)White, Black, Cream, Red), Leather shoes

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literally shorts or any non-denim pant and non autistic shoes and you'll look great.

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I have a wide variety for all occasions, and I honestly just go for whatever catches my eye as a neat pattern/feels good to wear. Then I match it with some pants that work with the color, and sometimes a light surplus jacket if it's that kind of weather. I never tuck mine in, but I have nothing against people doing so.

pic related, one of my favorites of late.

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Non autistic shoes such as?

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Pls stop calling it a Hawaiian shirt. It is called an aloha shirt.

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>keep the shirt tucked in at all times

Worst piece of advice in that post.

Hawaiin shirts are not meant to be tucked in.

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When are ascots gonna come back, I have a few and want to wear them

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Goddamn what would you call the Top right?

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No that looks silly, even in black and white.

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But how do I do got Goth Hawaiian though?

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cop or not?

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bump to revive dis bread

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Shirts with a flat hem at the bottom are literally designed not to be tucked in. WHy would a shirt meant for air flow be tucked in therefor cut off air flow?

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How much of a meme am I? Pic related

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Give the shirt to someone less boring, because that's the most bland bottom I've ever seen

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I feel like these shoes ruin every fit they're in on the basis that they're the most boring and basic shoe thereby making the rest of the fit uninteresting

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>Long torso
>Short legs
Don't tuck into low waist again, okay?

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You're full of shit but nice use of the word gestalt

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>people hating on this
Looks pretty good desu

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>Wore black pants and purple/pink hawaiian shirt with a off white blazer to the casino in FL
>People thought I worked there.

I love looking like a 1980's drug dealer

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pic barely fucking related but it was the first thing that came to mind lol. Basically I'd say stick with dark (mostly black and white) colored shirts with black jeans, and as for shoes I think creepers might actually look good with it desu, as long as you aren't afraid of "looking gay" or whatever. All of it together might look totally goofy or just really boring, just throwing out ideas. The proposition of "goth hawaiian" interested me lol.

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go for it

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The only shirt I wear

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need more Hawaiian goth inspo STAT
also w2c slim waisted Hawaiian shirts

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I second this

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it's so hard to find pics that match what i have in my head but i'm bouta embrace this style so hard, no joke

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first you have to be hawaianese

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untuck that shirt you nincompoop

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>be fat
>wear hawaiian shirt
>fit in (barely)
Now that wasn't so hard.

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File: 137 KB, 750x750, 2015-New-summer-style-men-print-shirts-short-sleeve-casual-shirt-men-slim-design-formal-shirt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

maybe this? not easily googleable

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w2c under $50? Most black floral shirts Ive found so far usually arent too appealing.

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needs to be fitted

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i just found the same image on google
it's like literally the only "goth"/dark hawaiian shirt that looks good.
anyone know w2c?

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>it gonna be vans, innit?
>yeah it's fucking vans

I know it's classic, yadda-yadda, but why in the world you would wear it with fucking hawaiian? WHY.
Shirt is pretty good, yeah.

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