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anybody else essentially come full circle?

>started as a chubby retard wearing unbuttoned flannel shirts with t-shirts and cutoffs
>got into fashion and went full mfa-tier
>started experimenting a bit - wore retarded fads like camo and floral
>wore some americana
>then all my clothes started getting dark
>before i knew it mostly everything i owned was black
>went full goof ninj
>now here i am, 28, about 7 years later wearing alden indys, chinos, gbv button downs and loafers
>basically the same shit i used to jerk off to 7 years ago
>yfw you come full circle
>yfw when life takes over and you have to dress like an adult
>yfw most of the shit you wore previously makes you cringe like crazy anyway

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kys my dude

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i've ascended now into concept fits

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This. I hardly ever wear physical garments anymore. All my clothes are abstract thought forms projected into the minds of the people around me.

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Me. I believe that's just called growing up

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nah, I got in to rick, ann d etc but for the most part I ever just bought really normie shit cause the more out there things never appealed to me personally
other than my wardrobe being mostly black I dress pretty normie, which works for me, I don't really wanna be noticed
thought just recently some girl told me I look like a fasion designer, don't know what to make of it really but I take it, most designers dress pretty down to earth and simple

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how old are you and how long have you been into fashion

>yfw you end up wearing aldens and chinos in 3 more years

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>aldens and chinos
the final form

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>i wear rick and ann d
>im a mature and productive member of society

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>tfw still only 20
>can't afford Alden boots nor pull them off casually when wearing them to class
>tfw taking graduate classes and everyone still dresses like shit cause it's engineering

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dont worry my dude. i couldnt afford them either when i was 20. you dont really need them anyway desu

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go fuck yourself nigger

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I'm kind of the same, started getting into fashion at 14 after never giving a shit now I'm 20 and stopped giving a shit and leave the house basically wearing the same thing everyday, very comfy

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kek. just wait.

in all seriousness tho i feel you my man, finding a 'uniform' makes life a lot eaiser

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> tfw you realise no one gives a shit what goff ninja or negroid cloud rapper "outfits" /fa/ autistically wear

> tfw you realise all people care about is how alpha you are

> tfw you realise all people care about and makes you look good is if you have a superior body and can beat the shit out of people

> tfw you wear plain t shirt and the nerds on /fa/ wear some kind of internet faggot shit
feels good man

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You had fun in your 20s. We all do. Eventually you'll start pushing the envelope with your work clothes and start getting into nicer shit. Just don't go full dandy please

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post yourself in your plain t
im sure you dont look like a skinny fat loser anon
im sure

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>aldens and gitman bros vintage arent already 'nicer shit'
my man pls. most people in offices are wearing van heusen and other sears-tier shit.

im honestly curious though what would you consider i upgrade to from here? yes, i could go full zegna and edward green, but within the realm of reality -do you have any suggestions?

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My next step when I turn 40 is moving to Italy and dressing like this

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I look like this guy but slightly smaller. id batter you to a pulp in front of your friends and girlfriend

I dont post my picture on the internet because thats only what internet autists with low self awareness do. Of course you would post your "outfit" on the internet like some sort of female, lmfao. did you ask your mother to take the picture too ?

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little 2 dandy 4 me
that being said, not too bad i guess
how far are you from 40?

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>this isnt me but i promise i look just like this guy
lmao k

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I'm 20 right now. My goal in life is to save up money while working from a laptop so I can buy a beach house in Sicily and sail around the Mediterranean. For a fucking villa with an amazing view, 8 bedrooms and a huge swimming pool on the balcony its the same cost as a shitty trailer park lot in the bah area where I'm from. I hate this place

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just know your place and that youre an autist k

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>being so fat you unironically post a picture of a fucking fat guy as some kind of 'proof' you look good

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> not knowing who that is


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wtf? where could you possibly live where that would be true? 8 bedroom italian villas with a view are expensive as fuck. even compared to nyc or socal prices that is not very achievable at all.
good luck though desu

>t. delusional tubby autismo
im sure you pull all the ladies with your sick fatceps

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my man you are embarrassing yourself a bit here. i dont think any normies would know who lenny mclean is. that is a pretty autistic thing to brag about honestly.
all that said, he wasnt even that great and you are so obviously a chubby guy larping as a strong man at the gym. seen it quite a few times and its cringeworthy.
grow up there little guy.

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This is cheaper than actual trailer parks in the Bay area

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fuck anon, wtf am I doing here

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that is a 3 bedroom shack, not an 8 bedroom villa and you can get a lot more than a trailer in a trailer park for ~500k usd in socal. no you wouldnt be living like a king, but be realistic.

that said, point taken. that is a very nice italian house that i would love to live in as well. good luck with your dream, anon.

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Thanks anon, this is just one of them, those 8 bedroom villas are about the same price as a 3 bedroom home in a decent area in the Bay. If you look for houses in cheaper areas in Spain and Croatia around the Adriatic it's even better prices

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How do you expect to get citizenship in Italy? Let alone buy that monstrosity in the middle of a forest, which probably blows in the winter and is full of shitty tourists in the spring and summer, mind you
Might be a decent air bnb, I guess

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yeah i used to dress autismcore because i had no taste but now i dress autismcore because it's fashionable

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Croatia around the Adriatic is full of Russian mobsters and soccer hooligans. That's why the prices are good. Don't get tempted to move somewhere because it looks cool on Instagram, man

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So... what should I wear these days?

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Thinking of a few options, either I move as an Elective Resident with my own income and assets so they are assured I'm not living off the government, marry for citizenship, or try to apply for a green card by my occupation im pursuing

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>those 8 bedroom villas are about the same price as a 3 bedroom home in a decent area in the Bay. If you look for houses in cheaper areas in Spain and Croatia around the Adriatic it's even better prices
that is probably very accurate. i just thought the trailer park/8 bed villa was a bit of an exaggeration, but i see your point regardless.
the area i live in is no where near as expensive as socal, so i am fortunate in that regard. that being said an italian villa is a lot more appealing lmao

this is good advice.
i went to school with a guy who went all in and bought a house basically sight unseen (visited the area for about 3 weeks) and ended up having to sell for several reasons - not knowing the language was more frustrating than he though, no proximity to shopping/grocery stores/the women were less appealing than initially perceived/crime rate was sky high/housing properties in the surrounding areas were tanking.

its easy to look at places and fantasize (im guilty of it too) but there is a lot of important shit that is easy to not take into consideration.

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I've been there and loved it, and I've always been obessed with southern European history since I was a wee lad. Sailing the Mediterranean would be like spiritual experience for me

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i think this post needs to be stickied.

which days?
how old are you?
what do you do?

>yfw the answer is almost unequivocally gitman bros vintage + alden

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This thread has turned into some pretty decent discussion. Thanks guys. /fa/ remains the most down to earth board (as far as 4chan goes at least)

cheers my wannabe italian villa bros

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this is good advice.
>I went to school with a guy who went all in and bought a house basically sight unseen (visited the area for about 3 weeks) and ended up having to sell for several reasons - not knowing the language was more frustrating than he though, no proximity to shopping/grocery stores/the women were less appealing than initially perceived/crime rate was sky high/housing properties in the surrounding areas were tanking.

This is good advice I know, but I have at least a decade to figure all of this out, I just know for sure that's what I want. I only go into things if its extremely well planned out

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sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders anon. good luck. i hope you actually end up achieving your dreams. that would at least make one of us on this board

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To be honest, I have a few backup locations I plan to move to if I burn bridges here
1) Reno. Cost of living is low, low humidity (that's important to me), ~3 hours from the bay, big forest close by for /out/ing
2) suburban Chicago, particularly Schaumburg+ Arlington Heights+ Elk Grove: know the area well, Chicago is fun, it's a nice area
3) either upper peninsula or Green Bay: /out/ shit and not too big

In a decade you'll have met a grill and will be living in America, somewhere in the burbs
Do you really wanna be halfway around the world if your parents get hospitalized? Think about it, man

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Thanks anon, really nice to discuss something with someone genuinely decent on this site

>In a decade you'll have met a grill and will be living in America, somewhere in the burbs

This has always been my nightmare, and will do anything I can to avoid this

>Do you really wanna be halfway around the world if your parents get hospitalized?

Point taken, but I know my mom always wanted to move to Italy too and there's nothing else I want than to have her come and stay with me and enjoy herself here. This is partly my goal so I can invite my family to come stay with me on vacations and take them around everywhere. For you anon I would move to Reno, really beautiful area that's near lake Tahoe too

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agree with this wholeheartedly.
family is important man. i get wanting your own oasis but you need to be within a reasonable distance of your own.
my wife and i just purchased some land in cape charles, chesapeake bay. its no italian villa but it has a quaint little historic district and some of the best fishing on the east coast. its heaven for me and im only a few hours from home.

life is good guys.

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I love you guys =(

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>Thanks anon, really nice to discuss something with someone genuinely decent on this site
x2 my man.

im this guy >>12727187 btw.

every once and a while theres someone else on here who shows himself and he has clear goals.
im probably older than you so ive made some compromises and am very happy. i hope you get exactly what you want, but you might have to make some compromises on the way - and who knows, those compromises may be just exactly what you needed.

was for me anyway.

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happy for you anon, seems like you are enjoying life and actively perusing what you want. Living in a quite New England fishing town sounds awesome

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I'm guessing you're in your early 20s and haven't started working yet. Your opinions on important bullet points for a city will change once you get settled into your work. Like for me, I don't give a fuck about the public schools cuz any kids I have are going to yuppie private schools, not letting the fruits of my loins skip school and shoot meth with fucking native American trailer trash. They can smoke expensive ganja with their white or (woke) black friends

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thanks man.
its actually va not new england, but it really is amazing. just did a google search for pics and there really arent any as its a very small town.
its quite unique though - many of the founding americans used to vacation there and it has a very interesting and odd ecosystem, the chesapeake bay is fascinating imo.

sorry to blabber i am just very excited. if you ever find yourself on the other coast it is an incredible place to see.

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Agreed. Save up for that opportunity. I still wanna take my mom and sisters back to south France once all the isis shit dies down cuz I was a little bitch during our last trip to Europe 15 years ago

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Do it, I went to Europe young too and only realized when I came back how much I missed and how many opportunities I passed up Next trip will be awesome

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Never been the New England, it really feels like the only place in the US that has observable and interesting history along with the beautiful scenery surrounding it. Hope you enjoy your years there

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Yeah I'm stoked. Gunning for either spring break or next winter
Also wanna go to Japan before settling down but only if I can learn a little bit of the language. And maybe for the Tokyo marathon, my cousin did it and had a blast

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As a city wanderer(consists of most of my vacations and downtime), Tokyo sound insane. It goes on forever in every direction and is perfectly walkable and safe. I want to go visit too many places but have very little time...

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i like cities too but i could never live in one full time
dont you ever yearn for the utter euphoria that is dead silence in a beautiful natural area with not a single sole around?
that to me is the true appeal of 'time away'

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F.am, I moved to a small town two hours away from the closest metro area in bumfuck Midwest for that same reason
When it floods, nobody is around to help get my family (who live in a very /fa/ house in the woods) out of trouble. Their one lane road doesn't get plowed, if you get in an accident you're all by yourself cuz the neighbors are half a mile apart. But fuck, it's nice to see the stars at night and do whatever you want without cop or people bothering you

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Oh yea no doubt, but I grew up in rural Norcal and is an very familiar with its almost psychic effects. Now that I'm living in SF the city offers a whole different type of experience. I agree with you though, I cant live here for long. I know I'm gonna retreat back in the wilderness in the next 5 years. Do you go wild camping?

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cool. i hear you though. my place isnt 2 hours off, more like 30 min off but same sort of idea lol.
cities arent for me my man.

>Do you go wild camping?
i do my man. definite passion for me at this age. i work really hard and spend a lot of time around people i dont necessarily like so its a huge escape for me. bought an old land cruiser (pic related) and i venture into the woods with my wife as often as time allows

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thanks man.
been a long road getting it to where i want it to be (still not all the way there yet)
but ive enjoyed learning how to wrench and getting outside

heres a pic from when we drove to moab from va

wish i had time to do that more often

ps take a fly fishing casting lesson if you havent. nothing more theraputic than that imo.

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Ice fishing is a big deal up here. I started canoeing this year and hope to spend all winter playing hockey tbqh

>> No.12727338

sounds amazing, have never ice fished before.

are you in canada or something?

>> No.12727346

Northern Minnesota. Thunder bay is about 100 miles away

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sounds awesome man. enjoy the cold weather

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Ely and international falls are two cities I wanna check out this winter. And also go over to c bay to see the ice caves, without the meme big tire bikes, of course

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woah that is absolutely crazy
didnt know that existed

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whoa, I would be so nervous walking under that, but it looks so beautiful

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Yah I regret not going before. This is gonna be a good winter

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basically my whole life, never really wore chinos in the first place and dressing more conservative is not a huge issue seeing I don't dress particularly crazy in the first place
>im a mature and productive member of society
never implied that m8