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Militarism, """fascism""", """nazism""" (no LARPing please), neo-militaristic techwear, Dylan Roof etc.

AKA how to scare your mom general.

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>tfw when you want to dress like a neo nazi with a buzzcut but you have a huge nose, receding hairline, small chin, and weak jaw line

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That's the issue with the style. Combining afa-tier combat clothing with milsurp, luxurious accessories and a dashing metrosexual grooming standard makes you look like what we've socially conditioned ourselves to translate into pure evil.

If you're at least fairly hot, you'll become very attractive, but if you're not, you'll become very unpleasant.

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cap ruins it

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How about some identifications???

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A while ago in some /fa/scism thread someone posted a fucking amazing photo of Kraftwerk (?) in a recording studio and I can't find that photo anywhere

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>How to scare your mom general
I like it
The jackets and pants from >>12723508 are produced by a German company called noble house, search for Kanaljacke/Kanalhose

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jacket by herrurst >>12723498

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funny thing, realized few days ago you can trace rick cargos directly back to luftwaffen uniform
the things you learn

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thred with potential, wish i had something to post

gonna need this

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can we get some school shooter insp

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How do I achieve panzercore?

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Hm yes, the milsurp, luxurious accessories and dashing metrosexual grooming standards are really what drags this guy's look down.

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I need to know what those pouches and shoulder straps are.

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>>12723540 is mostly Acronym I think
>>12723500 is full Devoa
>>12723498 is a custom made jacket by Knoch aka herr urst

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looking good until the boots
they ruin an otherwise nice fit

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I think his point was if you already look good this style makes you look better but if you're ugly it just makes you look worse

but that's true for most things

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they're just ammo pouches that he configured in a shoulder holster style

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Also keep posting these (if have more)

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jodphurs gay ass workwear boots and faggy acronym
no thanks

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Cap is p cool.

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just search google for panzer jacket

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This oval shape what his legs make get me trippin.

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jodhpur pants
it's how they're cut
the cargo pockets accentuate it

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it gives the illusion he takes leg day very seriously

along with core workout, the V shape in the upper body thanks to his pants in his pockets whole shrugging his shoulders shoving the jacket up

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No, they're custom made Y-straps made of recycled Bundeswehr and East German hardware. Here's the back.


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Nothing I said contradicts that. He attached ammo pouches to straps in a style that resembles a shoulder holster.

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Read that post again.. The pouches he made himself. The whole jacket he made himself. The only thing not made by him are the hooks and metal pieces

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He's just dressed like a skinhead, not a metrosexual fascist.

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jaket name?

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what exactly is wrong with the boots?
I get what you are saying but I can't pinpoint what's wrong with them.

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Anyone have the Italian mountain rucksack?

How does is look on someone IRL doing non doomsday prepper shit vs a mannequin?

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Off-colour soles?

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that weird chain system inside is a pain in the ass to use.

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this is some nazbol shit

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Are you fucking retarded? It's called genu varum and his knees are like that. Most of the time people with it look nice the worse one is genu valgum that looks horrible on anyone especially men

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So, should I just go for the bundeswehr mountain pack instead?

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I would love to have a blue/gray greatcoat like pic related, but I haven't found one yet.

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yeah i've got that and it's great

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Yeah, okay. He made everything himself. I knew that from the get go. What's your point? The pouches are in the style of ammo pouches and the holster evokes shoulder holsters.

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Yeah, it actually is the soles as well as the silhouette. The soles and stitching scream Doc Marten. It's basically like putting huge branding on the boot, which clashes with the minimal fit up top.

I'd like to see some SS11 Balmain Rangers because the silhouette is better and the larger toeboxes would balance out the wide upper without being clownish. Pic related (if a bit dated).

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Can you guys post your military pieces? Id like to see what you have.

Rare camos are a plus.

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Nice, I'm gonna look into that one and the Italian infantry pack.

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Does anyone know where i can get a hold of this one? I can only find it in grey


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Kraftwerk based their style on a satire of german industrialism and militarism so it makes sense I guess.

Yeah, he makes single pieces only though but I love his style for inspo.

Indeed. Which is why I was a bit sceptical to making this thread because tricky rick has appropriated almost all of the old timey hugo boss militarist wear.

Not relevant. This was pre-axis era. This guy tries to be a gentleman freikorps not an industrial militarist techninja dandy. The nazis deliberately went away from this style to emphasize some kind of idealized progressive industrial hyper-efficient future soldier. This was later picked up in Japan in the 90's. The japs based their 90's techninja fits on U.S. 90's 'fuck the system' attitudes. You were cool if you were prepared for the y2k apocalypse. The U.S. style in turn is based on U.S. 80's war fetishism sponsored by the govt. to promote militarism against the USSR. A great example of what could be regarded as a rebirth of axis militarist fashion is found in the original terminator movie.


Jodhpurs. Very homo-erotic.

No politics please.

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Pining so hard for the jacket on the policeman fourth from the left - is there any jacket similar to that you can cop?

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Pretty sure luftwaffe had a similar one. Hard to find a longer non bomber fit though.

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these would be so perfect without that fucking zipper

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Post you faggots.
Or do you just collect pictures?

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TFW You will never be a racecar driver in the third reich

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West german luftwaffe boots. Not sure if there's a version without zipper.

I got a west german luftwaffe bomber with bund markings in cyan, a full gorka in feldgrau-ish which I think is a knock off cause gorka don't ship in bluish grey, belgian and swiss camo parkas (real rare and weird looking camos but also extremely cheap if you're okay with having belgian man musk), an 'olles brorsa' cap, west german luftwaffe boots, jungle boots... Mostly use it for hiking and when I'm at my family country estates. No pics here though

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are bombers too 2015?

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They're still in.

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ah yes, very conservative clothing choices gentlemen. Very conservative. Wearing a mountain climbing suit and vague imitation military gear on the street is very wholesome, traditional, and conservative.

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if i were antifa i would dress like him

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I remember the dude that used to dress like this at school and he would just spend the whole lunch break standing next to the entrance of the cafeteria. We all tought he was retarded. Sorry to burst your bubble guys. You don't look cool you just look like you are waiting for the next release of call of duty.

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Why was he spending the whole lunchbreak there?

>> No.12729197


Is this where they got the inspo for the tf2 medic?

>> No.12729723

i have this one, super functional

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It's supposed to be edgy not trad

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is a custom made jacket by Knoch aka herr urst
His stance and jawline is instantly recognizable

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Assuming you're euro.

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post knoch i collect him

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sauce on the motorbike?

>> No.12732341

classic BMW lad

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That is a cool collection. How do you deal with the oversizing?

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thanks m8

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Original meet the medic

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Swiss and Belgian camo isn't rare

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