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What do you guys think about round glasses? Would you wear them? I would love to wear them but I don't know if they suit my round face. Thoughts?

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Takes a certain style to wear them.
I just usually wear round sunglasses that aren't perfectly round as that's easier.

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What kind of style would you recommend? Would simple dark clothes work?

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Do not wear round (especially not circular) glasses if you have a round face.

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But they look so good!
...on other people though

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Can I do something to make them look good with my face?

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Think minimalist but not necessarily monochrome with interesting silhouettes. Slightly avant garde

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interesting, thanks

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alternatively a folk/americana vibe could work as long as you don't make it super masc

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I wear them every day famalam. That bitch's lense are probably 55mm, mine are 49mm so it slightly more subtle, but I love em.

If you are gonna buy real ones and not cosplay ones on amazon, prepare to drop some $$$ though.

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have a face with sharp angles, the roundness of circular glasses is to an extent that really softens the natural sharpness of your face.

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it's not that black and white

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I need a new pair of glasses and has been thinking of round glasses lately. I know people will make fun of it but fuck it, I think I'm going to do it anyways.

I don't have a round face so I might be able to pull it.

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>round glasses

too hipster

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With frames youre right it isnt black and white, but face shape is one aspect where it is pretty much is.

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round is ok, but outright circular look shit nomatter who you are

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I have round glasses from brooks brothers and theyre great. Theyre thin and that plaus the shape of the lens frame compliment my face instead of hiding it. Also have a pretty strong jaw line and angular sharp nose just for some info.

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w2c 49 round glasses that have the legs attached to the exact middle of the frames

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not really

unless you take all those dumb gq infographs to heart

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Exact middle, im not sure... mine are slightly above center. Basically what pewdiepie used to wear. The brand is called Oliver People, maybe they make another model that suites what you want.

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Usually pretty shit, but possible

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>maybe they make another model that suites what you want.
they don't have any in stock for men right now besides Calidor which isn't circular enough

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ppl won't make fun of you, round classes are slowly becoming a trend. They've already invaded asia

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That look horrible in my opinion.

For guys something like in my pic works much better

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Why did round frames go out of style? It's the only style of glasses that doesn't look like shit to me, you have to be pretty good looking to pull off triangles and squares on your face, but circles, circles just make sense, no one looks bad with circle frames. Why did people decide circles were bad and disgusting ovals and rectangles were good?

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Lucky anon, you look good with circle lenses, but some people just look like shit with them. Me for example. I'd give everything to look good with them. So even if they're not in style wear them if they suit you.

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That look horrible in my opinion

For guys something like in my pic works much better >>12706673

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I don't think round frames are out of style desu. Why do you think that?
And does it even matter if they're out of style or not, if someone can pull them off good, that's enough.

Circle frames are pretty hard to pull off tho imo.
Circle frames with small radius tend to look very intellectual, which can seem pretentious if you don't have the right look or face.
The proportions of face to glasses for larger glasses look so frickin weird, and example is >>12704845.
Eyes are not in middle, lenses go outside face's silhouette, and lenses covers your face way too much.

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they're coming back, but for a while if you had circle frames you'd get shit on endlessly.
I remember 10 years ago, in middle school when i first got glasses i chose circle frames, (the only ones that looked good on me) The doctor claimed that circle frames were out of style and i would be made fun of, that was true people with circle frames were being made fun of, but now they're okay, even if your glasses don't complement your face, people wont make fun of you.

>Circle frames with small radius tend to look very intellectual, which can seem pretentious if you don't have the right look or face.
That's true i guess, but it's better to look pretentious than to look like a nerd, non circle frames that don't match your face make you look like a nerd, not the cute kind of nerd the disgusting kind.

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cop y/n

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reposting this comfy round glasses singer from another glasses thread http://www.bilibili.com/video/av12849329/

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can you post a face pic with your eyes and mouth removed if you care about privacy? i'd like to see 49mm. i have some 43 mm 19 mm bridge ones and am considering sizing up.

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Rayban 3447

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if you're going to wear small frames you need a perfect face structure like >>12706674

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bought these and they arrive in a week, thoughts?

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Sorry to make you self-conscious, but it is legit dahmercore or stripclub sleezbagcore

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Different styles suit different people for >>12706673 I would reccommend more of a clark kentish rectangular frame.

Dont go by whats in per se as much as what works best with your face and what you can do with it fashionwise.

Pic related. I think it makes this fucker look like a weird ass Richie Rich wannabe but it works

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those aren't circular

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>tfw I wanted round glasses but my head is big and I look like a retard in them

I could have maybe bought them but they really don't look good on me and I'm not keeping glasses that make me look stupid for the sake of a trend. I bought thickish framed squareish glasses instead as it's the only thing that makes me look good. Hopefully those get back into style soon.

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I looked like this man, literally all of the frames my optometrist had were too small. Moving soon so maybe I will check again idk.

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This girl at the library was trying to get my attention but had these stupid fucking things on so that was a definite no

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Definitely the preferred glasses of intelligent, creative, revolutionary minds.

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Woah anon, no need to post porn in here.

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If same would clean his fucking house up it would be as fa as him.

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...and? So what? Why would that be a bad thing?

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Thinking of getting a fetus skeleton x-ray like pic related on my tummy region (I'm a male) to symbolize and emphasize how men can't give birth to new life and how it's a gift that only women have. And it would be meaningful to both men and women who see it.

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Maybe looking like a sleazy homosexual cannibal murderer isn't a good thing.

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Maybe you're wrong

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that tiny ankle...

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As long as you truly dont care what other people think you are good.

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anyone happen to know when to find these or something similar?

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