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Where do I get a blazer like this? And how much will it cost?

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Maybe Topman would put out a color like that.

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Just fire spongebob and tell him get lost

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Jesus is that thing painted onto that guy? It's amazing he can even move

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fucking kek

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A lot of model tricks going on here.

The way he's holding his arms back and out lifts and pulls the jacket back and gives it a more slimming look. One hand in the pocket blocking the side from draping is another trick. His other hand is slightly pulling the lower lapel forward which also slims it and his body is turned.

OP, it's just a green blazer. There's nothing special about it. You think it looks special because of the model smoke and mirrors.

What do you need with a green blazer anyway? For most instances you'd need one just go with grey or navy.

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probably cheap stretch fabrics from topman or some shitty mall brand

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If you want to go cheap UniqloU has had green blazers and probably will again.

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win the masters. they'll give you one for free

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so basically painted. looks disgusting also

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I kek'd

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good post. don't get a green jacket like this OP, if you really want to match this look or whatever find a navy one instead, it'd go with infinitely more things.

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Lol, I've never seen so much envy. Are you jealous that you don't have the physique to pull off slim fitting clothes like this model? Rather than getting upset and calling the fit disgusting, how about you lose some fucking weight so you can wear clothes the way they are meant to be worn, slim fit.

Or, you can continue wearing the baggy boot cut jeans that mommy buys you from Walmart and call anything form fitting "disgusting" and "painted on."

I fucking hate overweight idiot virgin shit pigs like you.

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$60 from Uniqlo

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looks like one of those 10$ alibaba blazers from the cut
your comment looks like something from 4-5 years ago you fucking laggard, your bogeyman doesnt even exist anymore

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Utter ignorance.

The criticism was about the fit of the blazer, not the quality of the garment itself. Say what you want about the material, but the only reason anyone would complain about the fit is because they are too miserably obese to pull it off themselves.

>your bogeyman doesnt even exist anymore
What the fuck does this even mean?

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that's how all alibaba clothing is cut you moron
no eye for aesthetics, of course u still dress like a vacuum sealed ham

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>Are you jealous that you don't have the physique to pull off slim fitting clothes like this model?

The top half is fine. His pants are beyond "slim fit" they look like yoga pants, it looks pretty goofy. It would look doubly goofy if we just standing normally and not meticulously posed.

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No. This looks like an outfit of someone who is too preened. Some people think that tailoring so that clothes clings is good.

Look at David Gandy for example. He is obviously a bigger guy, but even when he wasn't, he wasn't wearing fairy shit like in the OP. I believe, being more casual and not too perfect in your clothing shows more confidence in yourself as a person.

There is a good fit, and then there is too tight to be functional, abd that is what is posted.

Something about not being too polished is more attractive.

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Absolute filth. This is what 16 year old trashy girls think of as 'class'. Don't fucking do it, you won't be able to pull it off anyway.

Also don't wear blazers casually faggot. We are truly in the casual era and a nice jacket or even zip up sweater is much cooler.

Pic related: a more egregious example of this trashy style

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damn that looks amazing, god bless america
secondly, are his feet 6 inches long and 8 wide?

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that is a terrible blazer/fit. you should be ashamed of yourself for thinking it looks good

dumping better, more traditional fits.

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File: 2.73 MB, 2487x1938, p22-hornyak-ametora-a-20151206.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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children section of any department store

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>One hand in the pocket blocking the side from draping is another trick
am i gay if I do this with jackets in real life

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This. Everybody sometime cop something out of deceit. If you want one buy a grey or a blue one. But for God's sake don't go out dressed as new rich playboy 2010's.

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It's got nothing to do with the physique. Just warning OP what everybody in /fa/ knows. You'll look like a clown aiming to look this good. I mean let's be honest : if OP were that gorgeous he would have no need to ask where to buy a green blazer which probably is some Chinese shit tier piexe of clothing.

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Kek'd intensely

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>literally making excuses for not being able to dress well due to obesity

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This was posted in another blazer thread.
>Casual looking young man with a relaxed look.
>Not trying to emulate something he's not.

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Every time I see this guy I always get the feeling he would be a handsome motherfucker if he just wasnt so damn fat. Its a shame, glad I lost weight and started working out.

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I don't understand what you're trying to say here. A slim fit is objectively better. The only people who disagree are morbidly obese or lack the confidence to wear something form fitting.

Take Conor McGregor here, for example. His fits are tight and accentuate his phenomenal shape. If his fits were more relaxed, he'd look like every other skinnyfat beta male who don't have the confidence to wear clothes that expose their physical shape.

Wearing relaxed fit clothes is like swimming in the pool with your shirt on because you don't want anyone to see how miserably out of shape you are.

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Did you use Conor McGregor as an example of someone who understands fashion? The man has his own name tattooed on his stomach, propably because he'd forget it otherwise. He's doing the standard instagram rich kid where you are so culturally and stilistically devoid that you wear stuff like in your picture. They look ridicolous, and imitating the literally dumbest people available doesn't make you alpha.
He has an excellent physique, but the whole argument is that supertight fits looks ridiculous, which only makes it looks even more ridiculous.

>watch size larger than the wrist

>> No.12685303

>brings up tattoos, intelligence, instagram, culture, and watch size in an argument about how clothes should fit

Just leave. Better yet, post one of your fits. I'd love to see how much better you dress than Conor McGregor.

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this is me outside your house

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win at augusta

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I have nothing to prove to someone who thinks Conor McGregor is someone to imitate stylistically.
The fit looks ridiculous, as are all the other things that I listed. Would you take fashion ques from someone that has all the things I mentioned in the last post?

Just leave. Better yet, post a legitimate reason for having those fits that aren't "alpha male top predator beta cuck".

I'm a slim person, have been so my entire life, and I am relatively fit. I do not wear slimfits because they make you look like you are way over your head for deciding to not let your mother dress you that morning.

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These fit's are indeed better than OP's, but I think the real problem with OP's pic related (and perhaps the only problem) is that the trousers are way to too tight. Slim-fit or even skinny is fine, but skin-tight is too much. That being said, the color scheme in OP's pic is pretty nice.

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bruh, I got a similar one at J.c penny.
100$ racks tho.

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win the Master's. it'll be free.

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This. It's got less to do with the skinny fit (
Which looks ridiculously smooth in OPs picture, i dare day shooped) than with the 'look at me, I'm drinking champagne in a yacht although I'm not' look. If OP wants to wear it that's ok, but is he going to chill at his mansion or at his yacht? Or does he want it for work or casually lay around?

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>zip up sweater cooler than a blazer

alright then

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hey man
who hurt you
howd you get baited so hard so easily

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why dont i understand this?

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It's from a spongebob episode called Spongebob Vs The Patty Gadget

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Win the Master's OP.

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The fucking trashcan

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