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You gonna post some or what op?

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Damn nigger I wish we had gunpla stores like that here in the states

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come on op

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more fem but whatever

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>andro fashion is degenerate
try harder

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W2C tank

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this makes me so sad cuz i started to lose my hair at 16-17, accelerated by a p serious illness at the time (lost 30 pounds in one month), otherwise im a perfect andro boy, i got mistaken for a girl ~50% of the time cuz of really really long curly hair before i shaved my head. i kind of miss it in that respect.

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anime reaction image.

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i think it's an adidas remake desu

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meant for you >>12656066

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idk if its surplus or not but just search Bundewehr Tank Top

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not that guy but before I started browsing this board i created a folder of different assorted anime reaction images so I wouldn't stand out, but then I noticed I was the only one doing it. Should I stop?

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w2c boyfriend

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gj anon

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This should be a banner ad.

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Someone walks up to you and says
>are you a boy or a girl?
What do?

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Walk away, what a rude question, maybe xall him/her an asshole

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I was with my gf at a coffee shop and a girl comes and tells us we are going to close ladies.
no words, gf still reminds me and brings it up when we are out with friends

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did you just assume that persons gender?

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For the love of God somebody tell me who this is

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Turbotomboy/dyke womanlet here, all shirts/tshirts from the men's section either cover my butt or are too wide or both, but I still wear them because women's clothes are icky, does this really look that bad?

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Do men's small sizes not fit well?

imo, women's clothes are way more comfy and better cut, but then, I'm a transchick, so I may be biased.

I want to say my men's shirts fit decently, but... I guess I had similar issues as you described (since I'm a lanky twig)

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Urgh. I didn't want to dump inspo pics, but I might post a few here and there, in addition to these screencaps from earlier.

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Ehh. Everyone knows who Andreja is, so I might avoid posting some of her pics for now.

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They fit terrible, I'm like 5'3 and my arms are pretty skinny, most women's clothes just aren't for me, they're tight, flimsy, sheer and overall just not my style, too femenine.
Pic related is how some shirts can fit me, it was a small ;-; (obviously I didn't get it, I just wanted to see how long it really was)

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Holy damn, senpai. Dare I suggest you check out youth clothes, then? Might be better cut for your frame.

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These are all just women with guy's haircuts

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But they're so uglyyyy >:^( I do have some t-shirts from the kid's section, but it's a little tricky to find stuff that's not too childish looking.
>tfw I wasn't born to be a qt white femenine girl

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AFAB's kinda have that to their advantage, imo. Not always, but more frequently than AMABs.

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...Find a tailor, or learn to DIY? :x

Are you trans, by chance? Not that that's particularly relevant here, nor would it make it any easier to find clothes that fit...

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Don't give me options, it'll make it seem like there's a solution to my problems and that there's no reason to complain. I'm afab and ok with it.
To contribute to the thread, Rhea is a cute, she dresses like shit most of the time but somehow pulls it off.

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A'ight. Transitioning is actually hella simple, tho, if it is something you were interested in. It seems like a huge, massive deal. (And it is.) But it isn't, really, in hindsight.

It's mostly a passive process, desu, with a few active hurdles to conquer.

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D-D-Don't pull me back in, a few years ago I was actually considering it but I got over it. Sometimes I do wish I could wear a binder though, but just for certain fits, I don't wanna be titless 24/7. Good luck with your transition, don't forget to take your titty skittles.

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Mmm. I don't want to argue you back in to it if it's legit not something you want.

At the same time, it's not worth suppressing your entire life. I have a few personal friends in their early/mid 30s, and have seen a few others of similar or older age struggle with such feelings, and eventually go through with it. Basically, the main common factor that we all have is that we wish we'd done it sooner.

You might consider a gender therapist in your area, or if you trust your GP, speak to them about it and ask if they'd consider prescribing you T injections. Give it a try for a few months, and if you decide it isn't for you, then at least you'll have tried and gained the knowledge. (Honestly, you'll probably figure out if it's for you within the first month. Takes a bit longer for HRT to kick in for transwomen, I think, but even before then, for me, the relief of jumping over those initial hurdles and finally being on titty skittles was p nice.)

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Nooooo, anon I'm 100% not trans, I was just confused about my wishes to look more masc and now I've achieved it and ironically pass as a (young, I assume) boy like 70% of them time when I don't even want that. I wouldn't be able to cope with the changes that T brings. I-I like being a gril, and grils like me like this too.

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Cool! Glad you're happy, then! Well, minus it being hard to find comfy clothes. Blurgh. I wish I had better suggestions for that. Sorry.

I'm gonna go pass the fuck out now, tho. Later.

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These two are awful.

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Had this happen to me multiple times because of long hair. Guys get confused at the bathroom easily as well if they just see long hair.

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Clearly i didnt

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get a good wig

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maybe clothes from asian brands fit better

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His eyebrows look stupid/10. >>12658414
Now these are great eyebrows

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i want to stick my dick in austin so badly

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Is it possible for me to dress like a boy if I've got wide hips and long hair? I've always preferred the way men's clothes look, but I got the booty and don't want to cut my hair. What do?

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Cut hair and losing eeight could help your butt and wear clothes that fit on your body

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Is that Timber?

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does anyone have any tips to help with controlling facial hair? pale skin + dark thick hair sucks ass

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there is nothing you can do, maybe electrolysis or taking Bicalutamide or finasteride can help.
I currently cycle between bicalmutamide to finasteride to prevent pattern hairloss.

Anyway it can kill your dick, but its not like I need it.

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how do I into make

how do I convert male sizes to women's?

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make up*

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anyone have the full pictures attached to the hair posts?

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@hyoxxi on instagram

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>genderless danshi
get off bitch

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awww thats so fucking qttt

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japs have it on easy mode, I swear

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Looks like a early 2000's regret. The chain just seals the deal.

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>i-D Meets: Tokyo's Genderless Youth

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loose weight fatty

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you can be thin and have a masculine face, moron

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probably my favorite model of all time desu

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anybody here with sensitive skin care to post their skin care routine? my face is boyish / feminine enough but my skin isn't nearly clear. Currently moisturize about 3x a day and use a cleanser in the shower. Main issue is blotchy spots of redness. Really don't want to have to use a tinted moisturizer, though I did that for a while

I would totally pay some professional $100 to tell me what I need to do but its not quite bad enough to see a derm

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>how do I convert male sizes to women's?
Just get measurements of garments first and then you'll start to know your size

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liberals are retarded

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