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This fashion choice should reject wasteful decadence and instead emphasize utilitarianism, egalitarianism, and frugality.

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Why does the worst ideology get all the cute girls

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she could look good in a coal sack.

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Communism = Female Principle (Subjectivity, Equality)
Monarchy = Male Principle
(Objectivity, Heirarchy)

All ideologies lie within these two extremes.

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I find that Communist can be more accurately contrasted from capitalism, as a communism and capitalism can both also be a monarchy

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>communist monarchy

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Why does this Viet cong woman dress like a Japanese schoolgirl ?

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Communism is the worst meme of all time

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t. capitalist whore

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>unironic barracks communism
i seriously hope

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This is the most /fa/ opera ever written. Prove me wrong.

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I'm not saying it has happened, but a monarchy with very socialist or communist ideals could in theory happen. It wouldn't be a true communist government, but there's never any true communisms anyway.

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communism is anti state you dummy
marx understood the state as a product of the social division of labor, which communism as a movement does away with

which is why all this memeing about "utilitarianism" and "frugality" as communism is pretty dumb

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libertarians are retarded

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>college prep
what a surprise

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Sihanouk lol

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>guys lets get rid of the state by making the state all powerful and then assuming it will "wither away"
how does anyone fall for this

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the reason the ussr fell is because an "all powerful state" literally cant exist, they could only bend the laws of the capitalist economy for so long and couldnt change them magically from the top down with the bureaucracy

it was bureaucratic capitalism! the commodity and value forms were still there

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>it's not communism's fault that communism failed because communism can't exist!

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bolshevism failed, communism is something we need more and more everyday

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the world would be better off if we could return to the days of out-and-out colonialism run by entities like the british east india company.
fuck commie pipe dream horseshit

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>pipe dreams are bad and unrealistic
>by the way, we should go back in time

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I mean, North Korea is basically that.

I mean, I suppose it depends on the particular communist and what exactly their version of a utopian society looks like. But if you're going hardcore vangaurd-of-the-proletariat, it's not impossible to claim that I suppose.

Shit, there's even been people who claim to be anarcho-monarchists. They're stupid as fuck though.

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>semi-recent historical precedence is as unrealistic as completely fabricated, impossible-to-implement or sustain fantasies

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> Communism is for us not astate of affairswhich is to be established, anidealto which reality [will] have to adjust itself. We call communism the realmovement which abolishes the present state of things. The conditions of this movement result from the premises now in existence.

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wow i fucked up the spacing

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When everyone is poor and starving girls work hard to look good so they can be the gf of one of the few wealthy men.

When they can just make a dating profile and get some jerk to feed them and put a roof over their heads in an hour: they don't care. They'll get fat and shave the sides of their head.

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do us all a favor and drink the kool-aid already

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Girls love egalitarianism because they're driven only by emotion, attention and virtue signalling. That's why all the ugly, beta males flock to Communism because they think it will get them pussy.

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>Beta commies

When will they learn...

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This thread reminded me why I hate white people so much

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holy shit imagine thinking this makes sense

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Well Communism is anti white, anti male

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