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How do we make coveralls fashionable?

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become a ghostbuster

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Think of cool stains or fades to put on the coverall, then become a janitor

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could be a good idea desu. what about patches?

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Black coveralls + khaki Timberland boots

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I've always liked the unzipped + sleeves tied around the waist look

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This look is good for women

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I have thought of this before. I don't know how well it would work, but the zipper is the main thing I would alter. The line of zipper teeth would follow a path besides the standard up-down. For example, a zipper which spirals around the trunk/torso or perhaps spelling out a certain word *ahem*supreme*ahem*. Actually really glad you made this thread so I remembered this idea.

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>For example, a zipper which spirals around the trunk/torso or perhaps spelling out a certain word *ahem*supreme*ahem*.
I'm going to guess you're not an engineer

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Supreme F/W 2018

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yaranaika core

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I wanna kill my self more and more every day bcuz of how astoundingly inept I am

Just gotta wait for everyone who loves me to be disappointed enough to care less when it happens

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I'm still kicking myself for not copping these when I had the chance

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>it's a two piece suit
>it's a manlet

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>no rokicore
fucking peasants

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be a skinny girl or fuck off

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tfw im a serb

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bosnia serb or serbia serb?
...or beograńĎanin?

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with a mask of hockey and an axe...

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Watch Bottle Rocket (1996) and learn from Dignan.

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I had a teacher who pulled one off, he was a manlet tryhard hipster faggot but at least he was good looking and all the female teachers lusted for his cock legit

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Being half attractive and having the gall to wear one makes it fashionable, anon.

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invent gundams

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