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Is "being effay" the same of "being attractive"?

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Hell no.

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You can be a basic bitch and attractive so definitely no

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Soo, someone can be ugly and at the same time "effay"?

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Ugly in the face, but your body still needs to be either skinny or fit. No clothes look good or effay on a fatty.

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how do you even judge person's phisique in such baggy clothing?
I mean she could be fat, fit , skinny, normal, but nothing in the present picture indicates it

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Not true. Even in loose fitting clothing a person's physique is still able to be assessed as skinny, fat, whatever. It's always obvious.

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She's skinnyfat, she's not completely thin because her collarbone isn't prominent and her arms are more soft, rather than toned. If they don't have a head on picture like OP and have a fat girl angle shot instead they're trying to hide their fat. Pretty simple.

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am i skinnyfat, anon? 5'11" 145 lbs

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there are some exceptions but usually it's pretty easy to tell from someone's face what their body is like in terms of fat percentage atleast

some people do have unsually lucky/unlucky fat distribution though. i've seen some men who were quite fat in their body but their face was still decently chiseled and they didn't have even a hint of a double chin. that sort of thing is rare though. personally i know thanks to my weight fluctuations that i start packing fat in my face quite early on in weight gain, i need to be borderline underweight to have a good jawline. if i gain like 15 lbs there will be a noticeable difference in the sharpness of my jawline and how puffy my cheeks are

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effay is more about looking interesting than being attractive. if you look attractive while looking interesting you're effay. if you look boring while looking attractive then you're not effay. if you're an interesting looking kind of ugly then you're effay. it's like the concept of jolie laide.

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Welp this guy is supposedly the same height as you AND 25 whopping pounds lighter than you ALL WHILE being much more muscular than you. so what you think? are you skinnyfat?

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you cant be ugly but you can be 'unconventionally attractive' as many models are
very very rarely will there be a straight up ugly model, most will have attractive features that work in an unattractive way

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i mean the stereotypical high school movie jock is attractive but they're definitely not effay

same goes for the typical high school movie "hot cheerleader girl"

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I'm skinny and no clothes look good on skinny people either desu

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How many lbs should I lose so that I'm no longer skinnyfat, then

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Yes, it means being attractive to other effay people, not to normies

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Provide examples

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What's the difference between ugly and "unconventionally attractive" for you?, I think it's really subjective

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Not the person you're responding to but I think that unconventionally attractive is just attractive with some distinct features which some people may not like, while straight up attractive is generic good features which don't stand out too much. Obviously everything is subjective but at least that's how I use the terms.

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Yes. You can't be; fat, short, bald, etc, and be effay. You're just inadequate otherwise.

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no there are ugly people who are effay, mac demarco being an obvious example

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Like Cara Delevingne. but let's be sincere desu Molly Bair is fucking ugly and she's a model

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I'm gonna marry her someday

And no.

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>you can't be bald and effay

Shit plebs say

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t. Ugly bladlet

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Post one example of an effay bald guy. One.

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No. Unless they're unconventionally attractive. Which means they were never ugly in the first place and normies just have shit taste.

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No, but to be effay you must take care of yourself no matter if you're ugly

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No, being effay is about unique looks/persona. Not an autistic persona, more like an impression one gets of you based on visual cues such as how you hold yourself.
An effay face is either extremely attractive or conventionally unattractive, but with well defined unique features.

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Not really, more average. But average is skinnyfat, so yes maybe.

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well duh
asians are the most /fa/est race and theyre objectively ugly as hell
same with negroes

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Yes, but being more like:
being attractive + thin + flat chested + androgynous

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molly is the very definition of unconventionally attractive imo, alongside mackenzie hogan-lucuik

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It depends on height and frame. If youre a guy and wanna look less scrawny, try layering.