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Sure, here too I guess
Filthy prebaker

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drop trip

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shoes took a chunk outta my pay check, but I think it was well worth for one of my main grails

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where did you tuck your dick at? not a bad fit desu but drop the purse
god damn you look short

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go back to streetwear

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what levis are these?

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I'm not that short, just a little under 5'11 I think

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levi's 510s that I tapered

thanks and my dick is fine

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fit makes your legs look really small in that case

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gook :^)

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you need to work on your proportions, you always look short and stumpy

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dam big $ for that top yea? hope it was worth it

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I am short and stumpy :(

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good fit nice phone sticker but drop the purse

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those fucking legs jesus christ

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Why are you posting KTT fits from months ago

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Hey check out my dope new fit guys!

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w2c shirt?

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Heres another angle so it's a bit clearer. What do you think, isn't it awesome?

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is that CWC?

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If you think that's what CWC looks like these days, you are in for a big surprise

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Bait presumably

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Did Avril Lavigne become a trans?

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I posted it there like a week ago

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keep doing you bro

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I know he's Christine now, but I thought maybe he's finally evolved past gender to reach his final form of Guy Fieri Junior

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On sale at ssense right now, wasnt too bad

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No good fits yet

Holding my breath

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Shit my bad. Dont know why I thought it was that much longer haha. Great fit man

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>hes not a twink

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pants are way too tapered you look hilarious

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white shoes would have worked better

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you look cute bb

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alri 650 for a longsleeve tee made in Portugal. to each his own lol

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what's up wit yo leg

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Wtc jacket/top

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lemaire v neck bomber
on farfetch rn

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yo yo legoo haha

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assuming this isn't bait, try less tight pantaloons

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How old are you?
You look like those nu-metal vocalists in their 40's trying to stay relevant.

Get rid of the earring, and orange is a shit color in fits if oversaturated (your case),

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One month since my first fit post. Have I made any progress?

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why don't you dress like real men?

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you look much better with the facial hair, drink more water

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Thanks I was self conscious about it at first but I like it now. What will drinking more water do?

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Well, I like them, and I like what you're wearing. Your outfit has a nice silhouette.

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The right pic is like ten times better, even if its pretty normie

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Not my thing really but it looks p nice, not at digging those shoes with this at all tho

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Not sure really, you have sort of a pudgy baby face (which is why facial hair suits you), but you also seem skinny, I thought drinking water might cut a little bit of face weight but it might just be how you are

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I agree, I think you're swimming in the pants and jacket, the palette is good, but you need to get a more tailored and tapered pant. You need to also work on not slouching and get coats that have more structure in the shoulder.

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Ahh I see. Yeah I am skinny. 130lbs at 5'8, maybe working out will give me better face structure. Drinking water is probably a good idea too tho

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No, your room is still a mess-
Jokes aside, yeah dude, I'm loving the fit and you look good with facial hair, keep it at that length.

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love the shirt! good fit.
atleast fit is better than your friend taking the picture.

simple, timeless. on point. a bit safe tho.

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What your opinion on the fuckboi sneakers?

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You look so much like my brother it's scary

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>1 491 €

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just bought this uc jacket and wanna get some footwear to style it, any thoughts? i was thinking boots but I'm not sure what kind

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100% Bavarian thighs reporting in

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Danner hiking boots might b cool

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can you stop posting your shitty fits

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what pants r those + what size?

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If fa doesn't like me it must mean I'm doing something right
Skinny trousers ruin the whole fit (assuming it was ever good in the first place). The skinny pants are pure faggotry on you- I'm sorry.
Richard spencer core + old neonazi doc martens
Weird combo but not a bad fit at all. Perhaps go for some more suitable shoes to improve
Shitty memecore but ok; needs more meme to be pulled off
Worst picture taking I've ever seen on waywt
They have to go back
Buttboy faggot core

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Levi's 510, 28x30

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middle manager/10
just boring really
p good top half, but jeans too tight imo
if you're already short your fit sure isn't helping
generic asiancore
idk why, but you look annoying af
ok i guess, hard to tell qt of pieces when it's all black and grainy photo
colour combination doesn't work at all
why ppl buy pants this tight is beyond me

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Burn those twink zionist pants

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you should switch to 30x30, way too tight faggot

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lol you're that 15 year old looking autistic kid right? you have no right to shit on others' fits. you genuinely look like your mom still buys your clothes for you. now please go back to r9k

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>generic asiancore


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>lol you're that 15 year old looking autistic kid right?

Obviously I gave u a bad rate but I wonder which one of these is you..

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didnt post a fit itt

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what up

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switch to a fred perry polo and its aces

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you dress like every other girl with 10k followers on instagram

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first post

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hopefully last

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Wtaps, cav empt, rick

yes my room is shit no I'm not cleaning it

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Thanks for that enlightened response

No u

That's pretty much it, isn't it?

>> No.12563564

clean ya damn room

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wooow the right looks so much better

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Fucking rat.

>> No.12563643

Did the feds raid your house right before you took this picture?

>> No.12563651

Looks like a crime scene.

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How can you just allow the sole of your shoe to touch your clothes like that...

>> No.12563695


i didnt notice until after i took the picture, ramones have really stiff soles so i didnt feel it under my foot

anyone going to comment about the outfit

>> No.12563710

Your room is a representation of yourself, fix that first

>> No.12563717

this is /fa/ not /room/

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get some less skinny pants damn
and mabye something more interesting than black
top looks cool

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What a gay post

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I need new pants, it's way too loose and a couple of inches too short

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decent fit, shame you never your house

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isnt that shitty shirt from primark?

>> No.12563986

Keeps on posting this pic of him at a store trying things on

>> No.12563987


Nah, that's some uniqlo x lemaire shirt from last year i guess

>> No.12564034

get looser pants and it's alright

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my favs in the thread all really solid

>> No.12564205

what are these pants called?

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always rockin highschool-core

also suggest socks pls

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windowpane cropped pants

I got mine from the women's section of uniqlo

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Why is it that every time I see a patterned shirt on this board, it's always thrifted, nobody ever says a brand name

>> No.12564277

Belt, shoes, and shirt don't work together. Looks bulky and awkward...

>> No.12564282

Looks fine, but the colour of the pants needs to be different. Also, wear socks.

>> No.12564283

Looks good.

>> No.12564293

w2c shirt?

>> No.12564309

at least post shit you own. fucking autist.

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I like this ya goof ball

And all these are my favs

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i would try a nice round tow black leather oxford. try to find a leather that isn't too shiny and a shape that isn't too chunky. truman boot co. does a good oxford for your style.

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Right direction but it all looks cheap, if the polo was fred perry or pretty green, the pants were anything not under $60, and the shoes were real tuks it wouldn't look half bad. see rose mcgowan in the doom generation for further inspo

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can't really see much. Looks like a regular job outfit. Incredibly average and not really worth posting

this is from reddit and I don't know how so many people missed this

solid. would be better if pants were less tapered and you dropped the purse but those are just slight nitpicks

like the others said it makes you look really stumpy. not a bad fit just work on proportions

nice. don't think I would ever spend $600 on a sweater though

ok I guess. can't really see things clearly cause of bad lighting
nothing matches. learn how to coordinate colors. we have a sticky just shit like this

cant see full outfit what do you want me to say?

you're getting ther. this is normie tier though keep lurking and browsing inspo threads

I literally can't see anything. Alot of you need better cameras.

r/streetwear . you probably took this from reddit too


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Hows this bean boys

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Like these

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Also you guy should consider giving feedback instead of just dropping your fit in the thread then leaving


please increase your wardrobe you keep posting the same thing in every thread
Solid. the jacket looks nice. Some docs(Either the boots or the 1461 mono blacks) would work here. Low top white sneakers too.

not even a full fit and pretty normal at that. why post/10

no. just no.

you look like a teenager who came from reddit. not really bad just stick to lurking

nice. please clean your room

ditch the jacket, buy less tighter jeans. dont roll them up like that. stick to lurking

get bigger white tee, ditch the pants for some black jeans

solid. please do something with your shoe string though its triggering my autism

buy better fitting jeans. get different shoes



>> No.12564422

Great fit, consider buzzing that thing of your head tho

>> No.12564458

the pants were $75, the tuks are real and the shirt was given to me but is worth around $300. what about it looks cheap exactly? (genuinely curious, i want to improve my fits)

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security guard?
he boot too big
shirt is ugly, fix your bowlegs
you kinda dress like my grandpa
, would look cool with a walking cane
>buying fake gosha
shitty pant pockets makes your hips looks thicc

another utterly disgusting thread

only good fit is >>12562582

trying to dress as tacky and poor as possible is not fashionable, its just insulting.

>> No.12565031

time 2 boil lmao

>> No.12565033

I'd like to thank you /fa/ggots for referring me to J. Crew. All clothes I bought online fitted me perfectly on the first try. Also they're quite nice to the touch.

>> No.12565040

bullshit, jcrew fabric feels like cheap shit because it is cheap shit

>> No.12565046

best dept. store clothing I've felt is Brooks Brothers Black Fleece collection

>> No.12565054


>> No.12565060

any brand that has an outlet store is p much garbo

>> No.12565069

Neo fa please go

>> No.12565072

Would you prefer if no one rated at all or? People like him make these threads worthwhile.

>> No.12565098

yea generally true. the black fleece stuff was decent though, not sure if you would find it at their outlets

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>> No.12565198

Outfit's pretty good...hope you're dressing for somewhere chilly though.

At least take care of your guitars, man.

Hairdo looks like someone dumped feathers on you. The rest, ehh.

Details on fit? The jeans, especially.

I like what you're going for, anon. Shoes kinda clash with the aesthetic though.

I second >>12564407, could be improved more. Hair looks messy, comb it or something.

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Bump. Autists keep on posting in the older thread

>> No.12566149

Its not an either/or siutation you fucking faggot

>> No.12566157

why do you posts in these threads if you cant take critique then? people like him give you feedback and tell you what to improve on. Or would you rather it be the thread as it always is with faggots dropping their fits in the thread and never giving feedback to others while hoping they get a (You) from someone

>> No.12566161

What on earth are you talking about
People have always done the whole "im going to rate everyone in this thread"
Fa doesnt need some fag nagging people to rate others so he can collect (yous)

Like this is literally not an issue that requires any attention
If youre upset no one gives you feedback dress better you faggot

>> No.12566193

>People have always done the whole "im going to rate everyone in this thread"
exactly so whats the fucking issue

hes giving feedback you idiot

>> No.12566206

The issue isnt with his feedback its with his "lol remember guys give feedback!!!" which is cringy and makes him come across as a faggot

>> No.12566212

This word has lost all meaning. Regardless, look at the thread, the people posting fits arent even giving feedback to others. the whole thread is literally like this outside of some outliers. These threads literally become nothing but glorified places where people just show off their outfits; shitty or not without looking at other peoples outfits. Its dumb

>> No.12566214

Thats untrue
And thats how its always been
Always will be

Only way to get more (yous) is to post better fits

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File: 377 KB, 1031x1251, 2017-06-27 15.03.18 - Copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice, pants are a bold choice

I think it's because you can't even find nice patterned shirts outside of thrift shops these days - pic related

I like this

If you're trying to look sleazy, it's working but I don't like it; if not, see >>12564407

Sort of bland, needs something eye catching

Rude, also it looks like you're wearing a sleeping bag

He's right, just posting pic without rating is egocentric and kills the thread

>> No.12566336

Its not at all lmao you fucking retard
Also shit fit

>> No.12566346



>> No.12566350

love the angled mirror trick, although the hand looks homunculus like

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Skinny bitch with no shoulders

>> No.12566389


>> No.12566455

First fit from you I actually like, good job!

>> No.12566459

ID on shoes?

>> No.12566477
File: 609 KB, 1200x1600, _166.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oakley, tailored and waxed
5'11, 120
It's actually a closet
You can't expect two months of lifting to fix five years of being underweight, my man

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>> No.12566519

>>12566477 >>12564402
I am curious what your face looks like at such anorectic BMI. Post face, cover your eyes if you want.

>> No.12566527
File: 169 KB, 763x1511, 20170627_162405-763x1511.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I scat

>> No.12566558

none of these are good. please stick to lurking before you post another fit

>> No.12566574

LOL damn

>> No.12566641

>implying being praised on /fa/ when 90% of users are newfags is a good thing

>> No.12566694
File: 93 KB, 755x696, 1481585750279.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>white people dress like this

>> No.12566816

jacket ref?

>> No.12566821

fuck em all mayo you look fresh bruh

>> No.12566827

fucking lol, can't tell if it's trolling done right or fashion done wrong

>> No.12566829

does your buttplug match your belt tho

>> No.12566838

because nonthrifting normies suck

>> No.12567027
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what kind of arm pumping did you do immediately before the pic? hammer curls? reverse ez curls?

>> No.12567034
File: 68 KB, 650x560, Poor-Posture-Standing-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

your posture looks faggy af

>> No.12567048
File: 3.03 MB, 2160x2880, 20170628_155218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Band t givenchy jil sander

>> No.12567108

Girl or boy

>> No.12567116

Boy. Bad angle

>> No.12567125

And faggy pose. But you have pretty feet for a guy though. Decent fit.

>> No.12567452

lol David get out of here

>> No.12567485

fashion victim retard with severe BDD

>> No.12567500
File: 558 KB, 463x588, wang.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

been trying different things which includes ugly shirts

cool jacket
cool shirt
cool jacket
cool jacket
cool hair
cool guitar
wear longer socks
cool shirt

>> No.12567545

None, just be lean if you want vascularity.

>> No.12567697
File: 569 KB, 587x594, feeling sexy today.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.12567734

That's sexy

>> No.12567759

Hey it's you. You were wearing a black and white jumper in another WAYWT thread that had some kanji on it I think. Looked dope. Can you tell me w2c?

>> No.12567782


>> No.12567836

grailed cop, its early wtaps

>> No.12567846

w2c that jacket, friendo?

>> No.12567931

somehow everything is really close to looking good and fitting but it just doesnt
your feet look kinda goofy and every piece of clothing looks borrowed from your dad or normie older brother

>> No.12567935
File: 809 KB, 2560x2560, IMG_3668.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Coтoчкy нa мecтo пoлoжи, мaдaм

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File: 781 KB, 2149x3139, hawaiifit1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

spent last week or so in hawaii, dressed in mostly just swimtrunks and tanks for most of it cept pic related

i like this very much, very cool look i'll never be able to afford
it's okay, shoes look like your feet got bulldozed though
angle is too bad for me to properly tell how it fits
dont like the shoes or the jeans but at least they fit well

>> No.12568050

Anakin Schoolshooter 2.0

>> No.12568053
File: 1.43 MB, 2712x3484, hawaiifit2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

also my parents got me this linen jacket from korea

>> No.12568065

WOW you managed to clean your place for once you mong.

>> No.12568067

Is this gaysian trying to be a bigger?

One degenerate trying to mimic another degenerate

What's with these Clinton voting cucks

>> No.12568073

pants are too tight. crop could be a little lower. otherwise not bad

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>> No.12568093

I can see him a English literature class

Threatening a bitch

Listen Courtney, either you get naked in the back of my mom's Cobalt or i die a virgin along with anyone in the school who is in my way tomorrow.

You know I stalk you because you're a 4/10 and attainable so be attainable or die

>> No.12568141

W2C pantssssssssssssssssssss

>> No.12568157
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>> No.12568159

lol is this pic really the tripfag? disgusting

>> No.12568235

beautiful aryan couple

>> No.12568264

at least pick your guitars off the fucking floor you slob

>> No.12568303


>> No.12569802


>> No.12569813

Only decent cloth ensemble in this thread

>> No.12569883
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>>12561674 really good besides dick keys
>>12561772 great as always
>>12561778 really good but a smidgeon too edgy
>>12561864 still fucking gay
>>12561874 trashy as fuck, slut
>>12562347 buy something new that actually fits
>>12562582 love it
>>12563831 IMO: get a scoop neck, bigger pants, higher socks
>>12564402 works w/ jacket on, but what's blurred out?
>>12566306 noice

>> No.12570717

Taк тaк, гдe и кoгдa я cпaлилacь?

>> No.12571238
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>> No.12571243

This image makes me progressively sadder the longer I look at it

>> No.12571712
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Guess ill post here too cuz the threads are split OwO

>> No.12571720
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>> No.12571723


>> No.12571735

How do you make a $600 sweater look like it's from Walmart?

>> No.12571756

How are the One Stars? I heard they fit big so I went out and they fit me fine when I tried them on. How do they fit you?

>> No.12571758

is that trunks
wearing somewhat normal clothing
with hair

>> No.12571775

awful proportions

stick to selling clothes friend

>> No.12572094

Only if ur gay

>> No.12572112

fit isn't that bad but stick to two rings max (one simple, one less simple), get rid of the earstuds and lose weight to slim your legs. if you work out a lot, stick to one leg day a week with only squats and deadlift.

>> No.12572133

basic shit