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Anyone have experience of fasting at a low BMI? 19.3, 4 days in, I've heard it's supposed to be easy by now but I'm dying.

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eat before you go to a hospital, do you think it's natural to feel like you're dying? eat a slight deficit, don't fall for the fasting meme

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I understand that I should eat because of how I feel. But I can't help but feel it's lack of willpower. I'm eating at 100 hours in regardless senpai. Just curious about the overall experience, I was told I'd feel great by now

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DON'T, unless you're already overweight bro.
I started at 200-210lbs on the 5th of this month, through fasting and 500calorie re-feeds every 4-7days I've gotten myself down to 170lbs.
if you don't have a shit load of body fat like I do, sadly you risk losing your life. but if you want to die, than that's up to you :3

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Asked this in other thread already but maybe also have an opinion:

Okie doke.
Since the dude already isn't wearing any underwear and exposing his pubes; how do you deal with belly hair?
It is definetly effay having that line of hair leading down from belly button into pants but what if it starts going out of control?
trim it?
Shave sides or just let it go?
>what if the trail ends prematurely?

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you will not feel great fasting unless you're actually a monk who meditates for 10 hours a day. your body will feel like shit and your mental health will deteriorate if you do not eat food. fasting is a slippery slope to anorexia, and considering your BMI is already very low, I wouldn't recommend it.

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uhhhhhhh id say it's up to what your SO or yourself prefers

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why even have /fa/
>just do what you prefer or your SO want....
useful help desu

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wrong, you just need to have enough fat to feel well while fasting. Your body after burning all of it's carbs and sugars will look to fat, if no fat is there you will be hungry as hell, and your body will eat it's muscle. your body stores fat for a reason, fasting is that reason.

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>going on /fa/ to find advice to get an SO

kek. only thing you'll get from /fa/ is to find advice to look good to other /fa/ggots

sure, but it's easier, healthier, and more attractive to just work out instead

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>going on /fa/ to find advice to get an SO
that was never asked.
No idea where you got that from.

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Naw not really, it's longer, harder, tedious, and shit loads of time + money, to be working out while you're 70-100lbs overweight, i'd take you like 6 months to a year to get to a reasonable weight, which is a fucking nightmare and leaves room for relapse and food addiction.

Or you could just man up, and fast + heavily restrict and drop that weight in 1 - 2 months.
which is easier and more efficient? I personally have lost 30 pounds fasting and heavily restricting this month alone and I'm on my way to reaching a healthy weight.

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Keep in mind fasting is the act of literally starving yourself, so it's impossible not to shred though fat and muscle.
it's the best way to lose weight period.

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Why do I feel like shit then at 127 5'8 ~17%BF? Genuinely curious

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17% bf at 127? I don't think that's very accurate personally.
You also need some fat around your vital organs etc. But I have no idea, it's been more than two days so hunger should be gone, do you just feel sluggish and tiered? that's normal. but if the hunger is still there and you have pains in your back etc I would break the fast and try restricting to 500cals a day or so if you want to be thinner personally.

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yeah you lose that weight more quickly but there's a shit ton of problems associated. first of all if you're fat as fuck and you fast then you'll have all sorts of loose skin. you'll also be skinnyfat as fuck if you don't work out at all during that time period.

not only that, heavy calorie restriction and fasting is a fast track to eating disorders, which is worse than "relapse and food addiction"

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Most people would rather just choose the practical and fast method of doing things to maximize their time, energy, and resources. Like myself many choose fasting and restriction, which is far easier since it takes literally no work at all, except psychological.
Loose skin doesn't really frighten me personally since I already have stretch marks and shit anyways, plus most people that workout to lose weight have loose skin aswell? also not possible to be skinny fat if you actually complete the entire fasting and restriction and go on to eat clean organic and a mainly vegan diet.

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also I'd rather have an under eating disorder than an overeating disorder personally.
some people are different.

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first of all my friend you do NOT want an eating disorder, speaking from experience. I used to feel literally the exact same way as you, and then I ended up in a hospital. It sounds easy now, and sure it's just fasting and it's easy, but you will get to that """Healthy weight""" and you will be convinced you need to be 10 pounds less. Then, 5 pounds less. And this goes on forever. You get addicted to the feeling of hunger, because hunger is a stronger feeling than the anxiety you feel when you look in the mirror. You get addicted to seeing your magical number on the scale and BMI spectrum go down. It's living hell, and unhealthy as shit. Now, this won't happen to everybody who fasts, but it will happen to some.

If you work out to lose weight you will have less loose skin, as you will have lost it way more slowly and the fat is replaced by muscle. If the point of fasting is to look better (i.e., have less body fat), then it only makes sense to work out because it will make you look even better than just fasting alone. Yes, it's more work, and yes, it's prone to failure. But it's far better than the alternative.

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do i have what it takes to be thinspo?

5'4'' 100 lbs

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That sticker seemingly not being able to be cleanly peeled off but tearing really makes me angry...

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what lol

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Clean your room you heathen... without discipline you wont have any fashion.

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i was literally doing laundry you autist

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Does that not seem accurate? Also I feel sluggish to the point of wanting to lie down and do nothing but I'm stuck at work. Also stomach still rumbling and definitely hungry

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ciara was pretty thinspo

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just wondering;
is it possible to wear out your gag reflex to the point of being unable to induce vomiting?

I'm not asking for psychiatric help, just an answer to this question

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i thought its more of a mental thing? like i can make myself gag just by thinking hard enough

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go to a gym, christ
seek help is the only answer to this question. good luck getting over your bulimia, it will be a long and stressful journey

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you can be desensitised to it, sure
but like anything, it just needs time to heal

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>tfw no long and slender legs

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trim and shape. Sometimes it's better to just have it removed entirely depending on how you look. Personally I barely grow any body hair so I just wax what little grows and trim my armpits and nethers so its tidy.

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saw a girl like this today in supermarket.
Im 6'3 and her legs seemingly went up to my belly button height. But with her small torso she was only an inch or so taller than me.
Was really freaky looking but I bet those legs also makes for a really freaky experience too.

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Anyone have the link to that other calculator (not the one in pastebin)?

I wanna know how much to take on average to reach my goal weight.

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here you go. does anyone known if you choose an active option if it deducts from the calories you plan to eat every day or assumed you eat over it to meet it?


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hnnng goal legs

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this whole 1500 kcal a day thing is a lot harder than i thought it was gonna be, i can't stop myself from snacking and when i do its really hard
idk how the fuck some of you do 800kcal and under a day, you guys have some really insane self control

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How do I become taller? I'm 5"9 but I want to be at least 6 feet

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It gets easier after time. You'll eventually get it.

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Today I ate nothing but a small slice of cheesecake and some cold zaru soba noodles.

t. dyel skellington

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You do it by consuming black or low calorie coffee (that suppresses appetite) and you eat your fill with large amounts of vegetables (get them when they're cheap and/or frozen) and fruit, with one heavy meal filled with protein and good shit.
Sugar makes you crave more sugar, so ween yourself off of it and that will help immensely.
I quit drinking soda three years ago by taking one month to eat anything I wanted, but drank nothing but water. I drank tea until I got to the point of drinking black tea, then jumped to coffee. I cut out chocolate in January, and stopped eating most grains back in oct-nov.

You also got to mentally think of it as something you want to do, I wanted to be someone who drank black coffee and ate little and healthily. So when I got rid of the shit junk food I was eating, I mentally made the effort to see it not as something I was being forced to get rid of, but something I wanted to stop cause it wasn't in line with who I wanted to be.

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>was really thin for a bit while hardcore hating life
>life gets better, I get on meds(Paxil cuz I'm sad and also hormones cuzi I wish I were a gurl), get a girlfriend
>shits pretty gucci
>time flies and suddenly I realize I'm 40 pounds heavier
>before I know it I'm 100 pounds heavier and over-weight
>can never stick to counting calories, always give up after a few days, worried I'm gonna gain more weight

How do I do it? I have a calorie counting app on my phone, I always start off the day counting calories, but somehow by the end of the day I've thrown out counting calories for the day and have way over-eaten. How do I get into the mindset to really lose weight?

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If you were thin before you can get back to being thin. All it takes is discipline and how much you want it

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i consume 600 a day not even flinching

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I'm 155lbs after dropping 160lbs and I'm starting to feel it slip again
I do this every time, just throw in the towel and go back to old habits

I don't know why I'm so self destructive. Every good thing to happen to me, I feel like I don't deserve it so I try to ruin it.

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Will taking small doses of ipecac before I eat to make myself nauseous help me lose weight?

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almost certainly not

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I still have a hefty supply of DNP, and the weather is cooling down a bit
I only have 15lbs left to lose, this could shave a few weeks off. If only it wasn't for the massive lethargy.

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I ate today. I fucking hate myself

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Anon please, you're talking out of your ass right now, I reccomend everyone read
Jason Fung the obesity code. Lowering insulin and fasting is the only true way to get rid of fat. The book explain's it all, even the lose skin while fasting myth. Stop giving shitty advice anon.

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Jason Fung the obesity code. Check online for free pdf, read it, follow it. Its really that simple

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my beautiful thinspo italian baby boy

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lmfao didn't expect 2 see elias here

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is it possible to have a thinspo diet while having good academic performance?

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yes, just add a healthy dose of stims to your diet

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oh my god you're so small and cute with 16.9 bmi I hate you

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cool top and p!atd posters, and ya

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Yes. My boyfriend made himself vomit once and since then he is unable to. Natures way of telling you bulimia isn't the way to go ;^)

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15lbs from 18.4 bmi
I set that as a benchmark but getting there is harder than I thought.

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How do I vomit better? not as in more volume, but to produce better quality vomit. Thank you in advance

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Drink lots of water beforehand.
Just chug all you can, makes you eat less and helps it up easier
Peak time is immediately after eating up to 30 minutes

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google it

stop eating shit like burgers and pizza it don't go out well

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Who's this?

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Am i /thinspo

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Post end of day calories
I may have ate a few more/less cals in total but its definitely below 900.

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What should I drop to if I'm 5'11 and 150, to be this thin?

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>slicked back hair
Stop this meme

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ive been eating less than 600 calories for a few weeks now and i feel like imma drop dead any moment. what do?

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Drink more water
Eat more nutritious food
If all else fails, eat more.

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more than that

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Are you greek?

>> No.12563484

Eat more vegetables

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r8 my daily food

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I prefer microwave popcorn.

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No? Why?

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This is gonna sound gay but your neck, lips and belly button look exactly like a greek faggot I knew.

>I don't know why I seemingly recognized it though

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It's okay.
Let me hug the anger from your soul.

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That's pretty cute, and I'm not even into guys.

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salty and high in carbs.

>> No.12563796

You guys take care of yourselves.
Don't be afraid to eat a bit and get some exercise.
Drink water and don't be too hard on yourselves.

Have a nice day.

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I see you need a little more than just a hug.

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dat levi

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Start hating life/yourself again

>> No.12565019

anyone here ever use ephedrine? I've been thinking of trying an EC stack to help me lose weight

>> No.12565077

all i had today was sour cream cheddar chips :/

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I use bronkaid/caffeine
Works well

>> No.12565106

For the caffeine what do you use? I see a lot of people taking no doze

>> No.12565234

nope, j. higgs

>> No.12566284

Consider fixing your sleep hygiene. Try this link: digitalnoesis.org/sleep

As far as coffee, I'm not really sure. It certainly isn't good for your sleep patterns!

>> No.12566290

ur hotspo

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What stats u need to achieve to get a body like this?

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why do people keep falling for this
i didn't think summer effected this board????

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thank you for the advice man, i really appreciate it <3
problem is i absolutely hate fruit and veg, just the texture is really gross to me, gives me a gag reflex. it's probably my worst characteristic and is the reason i'm so unhealthy and anemic. any other foods i can "fill" with or do i just have to face them?
also the main thing i've been drinking to suppress appetite is monster ultra, as well as shittons of water, is this ok? they're "zero" calorie (11kcal per can lol), and no sugar, so i'm guessing they're as good as black/low cal coffee in terms of losing weight, or am i missing something
thanks again man

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I'm 188/70 and my body looks exactly like this, I think it's more genes and body constitution than bmi number

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I see the Monster(TM) viral marketing team has made it to /fa/ now also.

4chan has always been shit, but this thread has gone so far downhill the last one and a half to two years it is mind boggling.

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>tfw I have to eat more and gain weight if I wanna be able to cut down to my ideal weight and gain muscle.


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mealcucks seem to have made a resurgence also. when will they learn?

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You do know that most people ITT have an eating disorder of some sort, right? Man, go to MPA with this condescending shit, we're all here for a reason and thats losing weight. If some of us choose the unhealthy path, that's our business. Stop being such a bitch, "hurr durr I had an ED its awful" yeah, we get it, congrats for getting better. Not all of us are that lucky

>> No.12566491

It has never happened to me. There were two times when I was unable to purge, and both of them were probably because I ate too much/it was still too solid/didn't drink enough water. Of course, you can get throat infections or inflamation, and if you do, you should wait for it to heal

>> No.12566493

Do you guys go to the gym? Whats the better exercise? I ride the bike everyday and lose 1000 calories per day

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>not Erin X Armin
Step it up nigga

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The pic isn't me, unfortunately.

>It is definetly effay having that line of hair leading down from belly button into pants

>but what if it starts going out of control? trim it?

>what if the trail ends prematurely?
If it looks good, keep it. If not, wax/epilate it.

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not part of any marketing teams, i drink red bull (tm) sugar free also
i just came to the conclusion by myself that no sugar caffeine energy drinks are good for losing weight because they curb hunger for me and have low calories and no sugar, but i realised i should probably ask as i might be being retarded as noone ever mentions them here, only black coffee

>> No.12566613

they are meymeying from /ck/

I do IF and have a monster zero in the morning sometimes. I don't think it's enough to cause any issues, or doesn't seem to (it doesn't make me hungry, which is what happens if I have something in the morning that isn't right). Black coffee, or even coffee with some cream (a little bit) seems to be preferred. There is some talk about artificial sweeteners causing problems.

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pretty much 100lbs even.
so like... am i good? am i done? ignore snowflake cuts i was blackout on xans new years and hate em so much

>> No.12566898

Looks great to me. Some better lighting might help, but I think you're good where you're at. What's your height by the way, just out of curiosity? Not sure at what point I wanna stop at, but I might shoot for around where you're at.

>> No.12566910

How often can I safely use laxatives without fucking up my GI system and stuff? Used some a few weeks/a month ago and was thinking of taking some tonight.

>> No.12566912

Work out a bit

>> No.12566916

Why would you ever be skinnier than that? You would look healthier if you started working some muscles. Just as
>>12566912 suggested. Even just some jogging, or riding stationary exercise bike.

>> No.12566942

using laxatives at all is pretty stupid

>> No.12566945

6'1'' female and hover around 135-145 (I don't have an accurate scale and my weight fluctuates quite a bit)

am i thin enuf

>> No.12566983


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was paul banks /thinspo/?

>> No.12567139

>newfags taking hannah serious
this broad is absolutely nuts. she just posts here and then never responds to anyone, or if she does respond its only to the negative ones. so if you want to give her feedback, call her a fat jew.

>> No.12567144

135-145 is a big range. If I was you I'd want to be closer to 135, but probably not below. Get yourself a decent scale, they are so cheap.

>> No.12567157

mhm i'm thinking about toning now. i walk a lot but it isn't doing much for my abs.
i'm 5'5" also thx

>> No.12567164

god I've been seeing you post since when i first got here and it took me around two months to do more progress than you've ended up with

>> No.12567170

yeah, being bound by treatment contracts n systems will do that to me
ah well i'm finally only 6lbs above my low weight !

>> No.12567182

If I'm a 5'5"-5'6" female, what should be my goal weight?
I've been aiming for 105 for a while not but I seem to have plateaued at around 110.

>> No.12567268

treatment contracts?

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File: 64 KB, 690x780, body-mass-index-chart.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You shouldn't dip below 110.

>> No.12567363

Stay at 110 or 115. Too skinny and you can get organ failure.

>> No.12567375

don't listen to >>12567274 or >>12567363

100-105 is ideal at that height if you want a thinspo body. You can be under weight and healthy.

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i keep noticing my thighs pool out every time i sit and there's noticeable chub forming around my face so I feel like I'm getting fat but my s/o says I look fine

are they just saying that just because we're dating or because it's taboo to want to diet if you're not obese because of the body positivity trend?

I know I'm not way overweight or anything, but i want to look thin again because I think I was treated better and I feel like my thighs and hips are the main reasons why I'm not there anymore

just want actual honest answers, am I getting chubby?

>> No.12567379

It depends on the muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, some person could be 100 lbs and healthy because they have more muscle than a skinny-fat 100lb person.

>> No.12567383

You are in no way chubby at all, you are very thin. Stay at your current weight. Of course your thighs "pool" when you sit, that's human anatomy.

>> No.12567394

well, i mean I know that thighs are supposed to to some extent, but it seems excessive when I compare it to people I'm sitting next to and it makes me kind of insecure

>> No.12567400

You are just thinking too much about it. Best thing to do would be start working the muscle with squats, or even cardio like jogging or stationary exercise bike.

>> No.12567403

Oh and also it's likely because the people you are comparing yourself to have a lot more fat packed into their thighs so they don't settle the same way.

>> No.12567434

charls is that you

>> No.12567435

liz is that you

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goin to bed on 800 ketogenic calories

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>> No.12567505

>still has tits
never gonna make it

>> No.12567509

youre hot thinanon

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>> No.12567532


>> No.12567533

average ass desu

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5'1 and i fluctuate anywhere from 97-103lb
currently 98lb

>> No.12567552

Looking good. But 800 is probably waayy to low. It's bad for your hair and skin.

>> No.12567554

i'm starting a 7 day water fast. advice besides staying hydrated? i want to make food no longer be a source of comfort because that's the downward spiral fatties fall prey to.

>> No.12567556

nvm 800 is fine

>> No.12567564
File: 130 KB, 1280x720, 1452832607742-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You can be under weight and healthy.
Yes, but it's much harder to stay healthy. Being clinically underweight can lead to medical problems like osteoporosis and hormone imbalances.

I know that probably the health effects are often exaggerated because society is super jelly of skinny people, but I personally wouldn't go below a BMI of 18 just in case.

>> No.12567566

great thinspo ass desu damn

>> No.12567570
File: 208 KB, 1033x602, prog4ed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12567578

thanks boo
yeah i make it my mission to hit all my macros and micronutrients. i have a big ass salad every day full of potassium, trace minerals, root vegetables. i get omega 3's from avocados and eggs and eat grass fed butter every day. my hair, skin and nails are actually the best they've ever been in my life. i eat high fat so i'm just satiated and often have to force myself to go over 1000 cal

>> No.12567579

>20 minutes ago
please bros, i dont want to become a skinnyfat cuck

>> No.12567587

Take a multivitamin every day. Your first few days will be the worst. Start lifting after the fast.

>> No.12567595
File: 45 KB, 264x326, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thank you. all i needed was a little redirection from someone else.

>> No.12567598
File: 169 KB, 1944x2592, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how much more should I lose

>> No.12567600

take a picture with decent lighting

>> No.12567652 [DELETED] 

i am 5' 11" and 130lbs
it doesn't matter what i eat i gain no weight, i have fucking fast metabolism
as a 20 year old guy i look like shit, everybody make fun of me and even my friends
i feel like shit all the time because of them
please help

>> No.12567655

i am 5' 11" and 126lbs
it doesn't matter what i eat i gain no weight, i have fucking fast metabolism
as a 20 year old guy i look like shit, everybody make fun of me and even my friends
i feel like shit all the time because of them
please help

>> No.12567664
File: 40 KB, 509x429, yee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

your torso looks like that fucking yee dino

>> No.12567666

buy a food scale and count your calories.
guarantee you don't eat even close to how much you think you do.
also try lifting fag

>> No.12567671

holy shit im dying

>> No.12567803

Hot as fuck desu. Great looking ass too.

>> No.12567810

im 5'4 and 99 pounds so i win
im a boy btw

>> No.12567821

hello /thinspo/, checking in for the first time in a long while

>120 lbs

I have super skinny arms and disproportionately large calves (which are all muscle but still too big). What would be the best way to flip this?

I don't as much care about arm size but skinny legs are a necessity. Should I try to go down to 110 and then work my way back up, whilst doing upper body exercises so the mass goes there? Is this a retarded plan?

I'm pretty happy with my weight, and actually would be fine weighing 10 pounds more, but the distribution is off.

>> No.12567834

I'm 188/70 too but I am far from that

>> No.12567854


>> No.12567861

hmm I just measured my calves and they come to 13.5 inches. Anybody know what SLP tier legs come to?

>> No.12567878

Im 6'1" and 300lbs. Started binge eating a few months ago. Smallest I've been in years is 235, and that was after prison. Im starting a liquid diet today. 2 protein shakes and a fuck ton of water. I've fasted before. I think I can do it.
Shame me so I'm more motivated to be thin ;_;

>> No.12567920

Hey dude. You ever fuck germanon?

>> No.12567929

You have so much potential considering you're not a midget like 90% of /fa/. You can do it <3

>> No.12567933

don't do it. i used to be hooked on lax just to get myself to lose a little bit of weight. you'll become reliant on them & it's not worth it. are you looking to lose more or just have more frequent bms? if the latter, f i b e r.

>> No.12567934

Do laxatives make people go right away? And is it a loose stool or just regular poop?

>> No.12567937
File: 51 KB, 657x527, hidhratted.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Going on a vacation tomorrow /thinspo/, any tips for not fucking up my diet?

There is going to be good food, booze, and maybe even breakfast (I do IF) since everyone else will be. I'm okay with just maintaining, but, I don't want to go overboard.

>> No.12567968

what did you go to prison for?

>> No.12567986

What stats u need to achieve to get a qt like this?

>> No.12567990

fondled a loli

>> No.12568037


>> No.12568052

Hard to do special diets when travelling. I'll just have to really watch myself. I'm probably over thinking this but haven't travelled for pleasure since I lost weight, always for business

>> No.12568054

paleo's pretty easy
just think like lots of veggies and some avocado and meat

>> No.12568066

Hit the gym.

>> No.12568071

Don't overeat.

>> No.12568079

Yeah, I'm going to keep using MFP. I wish I didn't feel so guilty just having a week and not worrying about diet so much. I mean I can't go too far backwards in a week. But, I just get so guilty it is hard to enjoy it.

>> No.12568094

You have to get that guilt out of your mindset. It's called a vacation for a reason, if you screw up a little bit just reel it in next week. I would say #1 thing would be to not drink many calories.

>> No.12568107

I know that's what I need to get to, in order to /thinspo4lyfe/ have to be able to manage regular life and not get too obsessed. Okay, I'll watch the beer.

>> No.12568267


>> No.12568277

did she like it?

>> No.12568281


>> No.12568305


>> No.12568325

Going on an 8 mile run now.
What are you doing to get rid off that unwanted layer of stomach fat?

>> No.12568330

how big are they?

>> No.12568349

Can a male here with skinny calves please measure themselves, I'd really like a frame of reference thanks.

>> No.12568364

..is my body that bad? I know I need work obviously thats why I asked but no one even answered the question

>> No.12568370
File: 177 KB, 1080x720, prog52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no i haven't talked to her in a while
i dont live in germany

>> No.12568373

About 50km of cycling per day.

>> No.12568387

she was run out of here by some shitposters. she was kind of a cunt but I liked her thinspo posts.

>> No.12568389

oh i figured she had stopped posting by the time we were dming

this place seems to be shit now and mostly male-anons and orbiters anyway

>> No.12568395

i still weigh the same despite a month of drastically cutting cals and walking 5 miles everyday. i can always lose weight on my placebo week of birth control, but then it comes back and stays the same when i take the pill itself

could the pill be hindering my ability to lose weight?

should i get off of it?

i just started hydroxycut today i don't know if that'll work but i'm trying

>> No.12568406

Cycling is better for your knees anyway.
/bookshelf thread/

>> No.12568435

500 calories breakfast. 500 calories dinner.
gum and coffe in beetween.

1,79 cm 59kg
we are getting there guyz

>> No.12568438

yeah it has gone to shit. for a while the thread had a nice flow of regulars, quality shitposters, and people providing actual information. I don't really know why it has gone so soft, maybe it will get better again.

>> No.12568439


>> No.12568440

male or female?

>> No.12568443

well that was a year ago things change

>> No.12568444

has it really been a year? shiiit i remember the first thread as if it were yesterday

>> No.12568459
File: 10 KB, 420x420, eastertime.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's not what they are saying. It's been a thread since like 2009-10 that I can remember. On and off at times, but, /thinspo/ has been around in some form for a very long time.

They are talking about '14,'15,'16 where a neckbeard revived them with modernized autism because he liked to fap to thin girls. Basically this OP copypasta is his, modified slightly with changes people had made thereafter, but he wrote most of that. It was modelled after >>>/g/ptg 's Private Tracker General. Someone has screencaps of these discussions, I lost them. Now obviously it was mostly used by legit people trying to lose weight, but, that was the last revival. And it worked out quite well for both parties.

Now '16, '17 it's kind of died off, and is especially bad now.

>> No.12568477

yeah i meant the thread as it currently is

>> No.12568494

Upon looking in archives, there was still quality late '16. Seems start of '17 is where it really went bad.

I think one contributing factor is >>>/fit/fat actually, which I believe is fairly new - last year or so. I'd have to ask (and will) to be sure. /thinspo/ was a gem for people just doing general weight loss, but having a less extreme place to go (not that this place is very extreme now) with more activity and less promotion of sticc probably drew most of those people.

>> No.12568582
File: 79 KB, 640x917, 1494534763374.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wtc sticc gf?

>> No.12568593

I'm saying working out would be more beneficial for you than losing more weight. Or if you wanted to lose weight still, do it while lifting so you keep more muscle.

>> No.12568610

That is a bit extreme...

>> No.12568613

>Get normal weighted gf with nice face
>ration her food until sticc

>> No.12568615

Went from about 40% body fat to 35% at about a 25 lb weight loss. Currently sitting at 6'1 280 lbs with a LBM of 180. Shooting for 200 even unless my LBM rises.

I'll start taking progress pics now that I'm making progress. Wish I did better record keeping so I could visualize my progress because it's easy to get lost in the mounds of fat and get discouraged.

I want to be fashionable but I've realized nothing looks good on fat people.

>> No.12568620

you have a body like I have right now, and I gained ''a lot'' of weight lately. I'm not saying that you are fat, but you're not underweight either. You could get your legs in shape more, I love your tits and waist

>> No.12568624

yeah i was trying to get rid of clothes which was a nightmare because after losing some weight literally everything i owned looked great on me

>> No.12568639

yeah some serious potential there if she drops a bit more. I can't tell the tits other than they are better than mine.

>> No.12568655

what happened?
my tits got ruined when I went full underweight tho. They used to be normal and round C cups, but then they turned into B cups with a different shape, first I lost my small titties and then I lost my belly fat and ass

>> No.12568677


>> No.12568684

What do you guys think about fasting one day, and then IF the next, and alternate like that?

So like this ABABABA

a=water fasting
b=IF with one meal of like 1500kcal or something

>> No.12568688

Same thing. They were normal and now they are just extremely flat and more ellipsoidal than round.

>> No.12568690

You would need to do AAABAAAB unless you keep a very strict keto diet. If you keep a strict keto diet then fasting is not really needed.

>> No.12568696

they get filled up during pregnancy again so I wouldn't be worried

>> No.12568699

>implying I'll ever have a child

>> No.12568701

Do you have scurvy yet?

>> No.12568703

Mind explaining why this is better? I'm not doubting you, just wanna know the science

>> No.12568705

Jesus don't you know that a lean well built body is infinitely better than a skeleton one? Especially if your face is ugly.

>> No.12568710

call me when you're over 30

>> No.12568722

>implying what your tits look like matters after 30
when women turn 30 they should just jump off a bridge you all look fucking horrible

>> No.12568725

You body doesn't fully go into ketosis until about +/-72 hours. So you don't get any real effect of fasting on an ABAB schedule other than whatever mental fortitude it builds. You'd be better off doing BBBB at 750 kcal/day I suppose.

I think it's a much better idea to go on a sustainable keto diet that you can comfortably keep up for a long time. It will be much easier to regulate your macronutrients and vitamins and you'll avoid unwanted side effects like hormone swings or simply giving up because fasting isn't for everyone.

>> No.12568729

kill yourself, homo. it will be easier now than later when your ass is so lose that you shit yourself in public and can't even stand up from your feces because you're too weak from the HIV

>> No.12568734

>You body doesn't fully go into ketosis until about +/-72 hours.

This isn't strictly true, it depends how much glycogen you have stored in your liver. If you regularly fast and don't eat many carbs it wont take that long.

>> No.12568745
File: 180 KB, 379x551, 1447886382026.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

u seem upset

>> No.12568746

Andy's not paying him well enough for all the bjs

>> No.12568757

you look slightly unhealthy

>> No.12568762

Hannah is the pinnacle of health, you take that back.

>> No.12568782


>> No.12568784

I turn 30 in two months. :( don't think I'll have a kid by then.

>> No.12568822
File: 148 KB, 1080x1080, 13703103_930076003787120_270397095_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thinspo done right

>> No.12568826

Wait, does IF only work if you do LC/HF?

>> No.12568857

Jelly much...?

>> No.12568871
File: 20 KB, 388x388, 1496676248369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>finally decide to do something about your skinnyfatness and want to get thin
>start balding

>> No.12568908

Fug. What have you been doing?

>> No.12568951

i am going to paris in 2 days actually

>> No.12568965


>> No.12568976

that girl is so disgusting i cant believe women dont shave/wax their bodyhair, especially happytrails, thats just gross

>> No.12568987
File: 33 KB, 500x375, 1451492450004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.12569001

here to save your ass anon, saw plametto + pumpkin seed oil min 1g of each daily + 2% ketoconazole shampoo most days. Combination is enough to completely halt and in many cases regrow lost hair.

>> No.12569078

Who's that?

>> No.12569085

>one meal of like 1500kcal
That can trigger a binging disorder

>> No.12569097

Why not as lunch. You'll be in ketosis longer if u eat lunch instead of breakfast

>> No.12569211


>> No.12569225
File: 9 KB, 311x334, 1484802488047.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


My barber suggested, without me asking about baldness, that I try Rogain. Maybe I'll try this first.

>> No.12569229

No, IF works regardless, but LC/HF is very useful to combine with it. For one thing, if you have a LC/HF dinner you aren't as hungry the next day.

>> No.12569236

Am I the only female who ended up looking basically like a boy after losing weight and losing the little bit of ass I had?

I did not even lose that much weight yet (+ gained a couple of kilos again lately), nor am I underweight at this point. It improved slightly now, but at my lowest weight I looked like some creature who got stuck during their development at some point.

>> No.12569248

>tfw 16 BMI
>havent seen a doc in years
>going next month
>tfw hoping I havent fucked up too bad
wish me luck niggers

>> No.12569260

oi does anyone dance here?
I want to learn how to groove and was wondering if anyone had any recs
Im open to anything, I just want to be able to bust a move lol
pls no bully

>> No.12569262

without asking ouch. While the 2% keto shampoo should start working within a few weeks, the saw palmetto and pso take a couple months. The difference can be quite profound after a few months though. There are trials underway (and quite a few papers published already if you care to read them) about using these supplements as replacements for much harsher drugs like finstride and rogain.

>> No.12569264
File: 44 KB, 133x240, weee.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I lurk these threads constantly for inspiration, and end up reading the whole thing. Anonettes often complain about losing their boobs and/or butt in the process of getting thinspo.

This is a bit of a change from previous years, where the women wanted to be flat chested so that clothing "hung" off them.

>> No.12569265

dancing makes me envy cripples

>> No.12569268

This one is pretty good

>> No.12569270

Thank you. I'll try it. I sometimes struggle to remember to take supplements, but I've been meaning to get more dedicated to taking my multi so maybe I'll just make a better effort.

>> No.12569314
File: 2 KB, 125x125, 1472257698937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12569320
File: 310 KB, 503x888, 02719273.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I do not mind being rather flat-chested, large breasts are inconvenient anyway. I think it is mostly the lower half of my body looking a bit off somehow. This is how I look at this point, though it is not the lowest I have been (gained about five kg). Maybe it is just me thinking my body has a weird shape, not sure.

>> No.12569323

sorry dude i'm only there for like 3 days and it's wif my parents

>> No.12569330
File: 284 KB, 200x150, duck.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>year 2007+10
my fucking sides

>> No.12569333

Looks good to me. Legs look great!

>> No.12569334

Stupid swiss, missed your chance for a thinspo gf.

>> No.12569338

that or bf. :^)

>> No.12569346

>being an aids catcher
Not a waste desu.

>> No.12569492

this is leg goals for me, also nice club c's.

what are your stats?

>> No.12569525

anyone have some manlet thinspo? I'm only 5'9" and I have no clue how much weight I have to drop to be a sticc. I looked online but could only find pictures of women.

>> No.12569625

what motivates you guys to be thinspo?

for me it's my bf is already thinspo and i want to be his qt thinspo gf

>> No.12569686

i want my legs to looks good in skinny jeans

>> No.12569717

I enjoy being thin, simple as that really. I do it for myself, most girls aren't into sticc anyways but I like the look

>> No.12569728

>What stats u need to achieve to get a body like this?

>> No.12569732


I enjoy feeling lean, it's when I look my best desu. I can pull off more clothing than I could if I were chubbier and it gives me confidence. I go to a lot of bands and shows in the city and it's way easier to pull those indie band girls being thinspo plus it's just generally funner.

>> No.12569735

I'm just ribbing you. Some serious advice, like the other guy said, you could do with some muscle. It could just be lighting and angle, but it looks like you've got the skinnyfat thing going on.

Doesn't matter how skinny you are, if you're getting there just by starving yourself and still generally living an unhealthy life you'll look bad, keep fat around your gut (see many holocaust survivors), and your skin/hair/etc will be unhealthy.
Start lifting, you want some shape in your shoulders and some definition in your chest and arms regardless of the memery on fa. Once you're working out and eating properly you'll lose the gut it looks like you have in your picture.

>> No.12569775

i cant get rid of my tits even after losing weight. how does one get rid of them

>> No.12569896
File: 82 KB, 540x720, 1480888777260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.12569957

Just depends how much fat you have in them versus actual breast tissue. You can't burn off breast tissue.

>> No.12569959

You talk like a fattie. Kill yourself completely you nasty corpse.

>> No.12570055
File: 72 KB, 1000x1000, 68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f665474585361462e6a7067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bmi 16.6
>flat ass
>thick legs
>high bf on forearms
>stomach buldge

>> No.12570059

e x e r c i s e

>> No.12570061

wish i could have

>> No.12570062

Literally can't.

>> No.12570076

is being this thin the only way of being /fa/? I get pretty bad social anxiety ( go figure ) plus I've been having to deal with staying thin so I have eating disorders to deal with plus being socially invisible. Kind of too much to deal with... 127 5"10

>> No.12570080

elaborate or you're jsut making excuses

>> No.12570100
File: 172 KB, 400x259, 1441901234770409.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wtf i love short tight girls now

below 18 is just fucking annoying, i struggle to believe anyone actually looks their best being below 18
t. used to be ~17

tits are good, dumbass

>> No.12570114
File: 154 KB, 407x800, 719199708.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tits are good, dumbass
Tissue ofc.
Excessive fat; no

>> No.12570122

no, actual tits are good, including the fat making them bigger- girls look the most effay if their clothes contour to their body and for that to happen they need to have some tits and some hips and some ass
and keira looks like shit there

>> No.12570126

I want to get in a kiddie pool full of baby oil with her and rub ourselves all over each other like a couple of sexy fuckin' eels.

>> No.12570149

I started of at 71 kg and 177 cm.
Before i went on a diet i lifted at the gym. But still was unhappy about my body because i was very chubby at the time.

Started doing IF and eating at a def. Lost some weight because i was walking 10k a day and did HIIT once a week.

Mom got scared that i lost so much in such a "short" time (living with parents). So she cut my gym card and literally forced me not to walk or do any type of exerice until i was eating "normal" again.

Now im 52 kg and can't exercise. I look like a fucking pig and have seriously been considering suicide at this point.

>> No.12570156

do you mean 152 kg?
also kill your mother

>> No.12570157

>Now im 52 kg and can't exercise.
You are in a bmi chart "underweight". How could you possible look liek a pig?

>> No.12570161

No muscle and loads of fat

>> No.12570162

can't understand why some people would like thin chicks.....

>> No.12570164

you said you excercised....

>> No.12570172

Maybe i underate a little and lost muscle. Other then that i havent runned for like month or so now.

>> No.12570176

there's a difference between thin and looking good and being too thin and ugly, it's pretty simple

>> No.12570180
File: 823 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0547.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here is a pic

>> No.12570247

you look like the long cricket aliens from Men in black

>> No.12570328

yea thats the only thing, noone really knows enough about aspartame to know if it's worse than sugar or not

>> No.12570332

i <3 this thread

>> No.12570345

>keira looks like shit there
not as a thinspo

>> No.12570382

>loads of fat

>> No.12570407

fuck off

>> No.12570437

You are jsut too awkwardly long.
No idea how your
>im a pig
describes you at all though.

>> No.12570501

>loads of fat
You mean loads of mental illness? You look like an Auschwitz inmate

>> No.12570713

Heh, I was a fattie before I got an ED. Now I'm average, proving once again that this works

>> No.12570827

depends on how fat you look. if you are thin than shave if not keep it however you feel is fair length

>> No.12571020

Thanks. Currently my weight is the highest it has been in two years or so though, want to lose another 5 kg again.

173 cm, 57 kg.

>> No.12571048

holy shit

>> No.12571199

what the fuck im only an inch shorter and 2 pounds lighter and my legs don't look anything like that.

everything goes to my ass and top of my thighs
fuck my life

>> No.12571235

I am sorry. :(

I am female but I think my body is shaped oddly. If they were to put a different head on me I think I would pass as a guy. My hips are not the widest and when I lose more weight there seems to be a lot of fat that gets removed from my ass, thighs and stomach area. When I weighed less I constantly got called "too skinny" even though I was just borderline underweight BMI-wise.

Only one or two kilos at this weight point seem to make an incredible difference though. Perhaps you are almost there.