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Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"

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Old one almost 3 hundred. Any anons that started out fat and ended up thinspo with stories? I'm about 190 at 6'3 right now but really want to get down to 150 or so.

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Why is there so much thin-shaming?

The media might make you believe that fat people are being shamed and that unrealistic and harmful body standards are being forced on us yet I rarely see chubby out of shape people being insulted when everyone thinks it's perfectly fine to shit on thin people and people who are attracted to thin people.

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why do these fucks show pubes in every picture?

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because they're most likely gay

Gays love showing off their man hair

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how do you guys lose weight without becoming skinnyfat? is light lifting a good idea?

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healthy diet and cardio

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jokes on you i'm already skinnyfat

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>up since three hours
>already at the second beer
Fuck this I ain't eating today

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By going to /fit/ and not here you dumb cunt of a twat

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that sounds like a healthy decision

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I gotta get down to 140 Ibs and I'm at 153 right now. Had a third one so far, might get another one in an hour.

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Maybe don't drink calories? If you want to lose weight at least don't half ass it lol.

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>Any anons that started out fat and ended up thinspo with stories? I'm about 190 at 6'3 right now but really want to get down to 150 or so.
I started at 216-lbs 5' 10" and now 145-lbs. I went slow so it took me about a year and half. I've kept it off for a year now.

I'm considering getting thinner but I'm actually at the limit in Burgerland for a lot of sizes.

My suggestion to you would be to be diligent about using MyFitnessPal, and consider at least 16:8 intermittent fasting, if not OMAD. But find a lifestyle that works for you, because this is not a diet it's a new way of thinking about food and eating. Also, enjoy the journey of getting thinner, the milestones and so forth. It's very rewarding. Don't just think of the end result, think of 180, 170, etc. Think of how you are getting healthier and learn to enjoy new healthier foods.

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I'm no longer overweight!

started walking, eating balanced, square meals with nuts and fruit as a snack throughout the day
went from being an alcoholic slob to active, happier and with a better job and enough cash to buy the things I want


gonna start mountain biking soon


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what the fuck are you wearing?

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talk shit post fit faggot

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Mountain biking is really great, especially for your legs, great job anon

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>gold chains
>office tshirt
>pink flamingo button up shirt
I didn't have to talk any shit, it spoke for itself.

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thank you!
the key to staying fit for me was finding something I always wanted to go out and do, I spent ages trying to go to a gym without the motivation and stayed fat

stay assmad cuck

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>has no argument so replies with tired memes
>lolcuck amirite xDD
you need to be 18 to surf 4chan. and for the love of god get your mum to help dress you, you look ridiculous even for a 13 year old.

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>being this mad

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>thank you!
>stay assmad cuck
This made me smile. Good job and keep up the good work anon!

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yo, have faith and be confident. I'm 5"4 at 170lbs, not skinny at all but when I started heavy restricting I was 200-210lbs. right now i'm day 4 into a water only fast. the trick is to just not eat anything, and when you do break your fasts only eat no sugar no carbs foods, like seaweed etc.

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because they're sluts

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ive been eating like 10 pieces of fruit and a can of lentils every day for the past week as well as bodyweight exercise and running

is there a chance my body will shut down?

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It's just a dumb diet to have.

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Thinspo is trash if you have a young looking face. I think I'm just going to get jacked I'm tired of getting asked if I'm 15

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go ottermode imo

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>fell for the anorexic cigarettes/water diet a few years ago on /fa/

>get to 6'1 135 but have crippling anxiety revolving around my weight, have diagnosed body dismorphia

>over the course of the last few years started eating again, going to the gym, stopped being a teenager

>crippling anxiety still present but not as crippling and I feel at least more confident

boyos (and girls) don't fall for the thinspo meme. You will regret in the long run. Just go to the gym, it looks better 10/10 times to be in good shape rather being a sickly skeleton. You will also help your mental health in the mean time.

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Okie doke.
Since the dude already isn't wearing any underwear and exposing his pubes; how do you deal with belly hair?
It is definetly effay having that line of hair leading down from belly button into pants but what if it starts going out of control?
trim it?
Shave sides or jsut let it go?

>female stomach hair

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I think the opposite. If you have a young face, thinspo looks good. Once you get older, you just look like a sick old man.

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fuck off fatass

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I keep my "treasure trail". Some people go completely bald, I like a bit of hair on me but really cleanly trimmed.

>female stomach hair
Not recommended unless it is blonde.

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I think ottermode is a better look for men anyways. For women not so much.

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he's right, you're just gonna blow out from metabolic in like 5-10 years when you realise you can't maintain the ridiculous calorie restriction long-term

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he's right, you're just gonna blow out from metabolic damage in like 5-10 years when you realise you can't maintain the ridiculous calorie restriction long-term

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not really, there's plenty of people who live long lives on little to no calories, in-fact there's tons of research stating that restriction leads to a longer life. http://news.wisc.edu/monkey-caloric-restriction-study-shows-big-benefit-contradicts-earlier-study/
you'd have to be a retard to eat 5000-1000 calories a day and workout, while stating calorie restriction and proper diet is wrong.

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bitch i be dropping pounds

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I'm a 5' 9" 120-lbs moderately to low active female, I eat about 1850 calories per day. You can be very thin and eat enough. I ate like 1500-1600 to get here, but even that isn't terribly low.

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Fuck off whale

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what race are you?

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>you'd have to be a retard to eat 5000-1000 calories a day and workout, while stating calorie restriction and proper diet is wrong.
but I don't eat 500-1000 calories a day? I eat like 3000-4000 on average and burn about 3000-4000 on average from the shit ton of cycling and running I do to get fitter. You kinda need the baseline BMR + resting calories as intake just to not feel dead, let alone do anything that requires any physical effort.

Why would you assume that I do extreme calorie restriction when my entire point was about how I think it's dumb and unsustainable lol

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rip.meant 5,000-10,000 calories with heavy cardio and weight training. but yeah, enjoy destroying yourself.

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as I hope everyone here is.
>asian females will be tolerated if petite or buxom

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what the fuck are you talking about? I'm not the one restricting my calories into oblivion. I honestly can't see the point you're trying to make here...

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Sometimes I wish I was a latina desu because of their gorgeous skin and bodies, but they age really bad so overall being a white chick isn't so bad as long as I keep out of the sun.

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topkek btfo

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and they are small af. Too small really...... and all have black hair (unless euro immigrant background)

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Anyone can get super thin short term, I'm not arguing that you dumb fuck. I said LONG TERM you'll blow-out

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i'm not the roastie you mongaloid, and she's eating her tdee with some exercise at 1850 calories a day how is that going to cause her to blow out?

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naw, not possible. after years of restriction I doubt you'd ever change, and to gain weight you'd have to eat a shit load of calories anyways. little mistakes here and there or big nights out won't do shit in the end.

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I'm eating nearly what the standard 2,000 calorie per day diet is and have a bmi of 17.7. Granted that's not as thin as lots of girls want to get in this thread, but to go thinner I wouldn't have to eat much less. The problem isn't that im thin and going to "blow out", it's that you are around so many fat people you forgot what normal is. I'm on the lower side, but not much.

Now I agree people eating 200 calories a day isn't smart and they'll probably end up in some rehab, but you don't need to eat 200 calories to be thin. You get there slower, but it doesn't have to be a starvation diet.

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that's literally underweight according to BMI. any girl that desires to be under that is anorexic by definition.

If you don't like that, then use BF% as a way to gauge your body instead of BMI

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your body was designed to survive long periods of time without eating. it's the only way humans have survived for so long, you don't have to be consuming something everyday. starvation is a meme. but if you're at such low bf than you probably don't want to fuck around with fasting since you might die, I'm only referring to people with normal or overweight bf %'s

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It's a bit underweight (0.3 points), I'm not denying that. But it's closer to normal than what the average westerner is. I just had a physical and my doctor complemented me on my weight and my blood work came back fantastic.

Also being underweight is not anorexia. I'm not anorexic. If I was anorexic I'd be trying to get lower and constantly suffering form body image issues.

I do 16:8 IF, but that's more a preference in habit than anything else. I don't do 24 hour fasts or anything. For me that's not necessary. If I wanted to drop a bit more weight I'd just eat 250 calories less for a while and drop 2lbs per month.

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obviously. women look better with a bit of fat, men with least to no fat.

>> No.12561587

Young men look best ottermode, middle aged men look best strong but a bit thicker - but not a musclehead.

Young women look best small and petite, middle aged women still look best small and petite. The female equivalent of ottermode is pretty gross looking imo.

>> No.12561599

> it's that you are around so many fat people you forgot what normal is
Yeah, you do make a good point, I find the same even living outside the US (though it's pretty much just as bad here in UK). I remember coming back for christmas at 140Ibs 5'11 and my family wouldn't stop telling me how skinny I'd gotten in a bad way. I'm up at like 150-155 now and I'm starting to feel a little too flubby again. I wasn't even THAT skelly at 140 since I had/have basically no muscle other than in my legs. It just put things into perspective really; everyone is so fucking fat

>> No.12561620

you've repeated what i said - men least or no fat.

for women some fat but on thin side when younger, but when older they look better thicc.

>> No.12561644

Oh I thought you were implying that THICC is better than STICC. My mistake.

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Yes, family can really hinder progress. Some well meaning, some out of jealously, proceed to apprise what they think is healthy, even if has little to do with reality. Everyone is a dilettante of health. There is just so much junk information out there.

Are you in London? I'm going to be there Friday for a week for work, have a few free days. If so, any suggested things to do/see? I haven't been in like ten years.

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wtc shorts??

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Does anything feel better than drowning 3 cups of black coffee one after another on an empty stomach in the morning

>> No.12561859

yes. Eating food, keeping it down and digesting it, skelly.

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Is there anything more satisfying than when butthurt fatties visit this thread to """""insult""""" some sticcs?

>> No.12561893

Nope. That's one of my favorite parts of the day. Actually, it all goes downhill once I stop drinking coffee.

>> No.12561930

BMI is a meme and only applies on a population basis. For individuals things like body fat %, blood work, etc are far more important

>> No.12561943

Is it "in" now to let your pubes stick out or something?

>> No.12561976

don't think so, but i saw a pic the other day of a qt that had just a bit of pubes above her panties and wew did that make my dick go diamonds. never been much for pubes but hey times are changing.

>> No.12562097

When "sticcs" pretend it doesn't phase them even though they're clearly only pretending to be smug.

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>One week break before summer classes
>Family keeps buying and cooking lots of food
>Mostly play vidya and eat all day
>Gained 8 lbs

That's it, I'm going on a complete fast starting today. From what I've heard, the hunger peaks at around the second and third days, and then pretty much disappears completely for another week or so. Is this true? Anyone got some advice?

>> No.12562318

W2C that body?

>> No.12562756

>tfw 635 calories in a day feels like a lot : (
god damn it how was i so happy losing on 1200 a few months ago

>> No.12562761

lmfao this guy is PISSED

>> No.12562767

Try intermittent fasting instead. That way you lose fat and not muscle

>> No.12562780

I know this feel. It's really strange how eating one small meal a day can make me feel gross

>> No.12563088

how is any of this thinspo? I'm better off going thru my feed on IG

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>be me
>get fat in grade 5 and stay that way
>grade 8 I'm barely 5' tall and over 180lbs
>have gym every day, always the last kid picked every time
>high school is hardly better.
>finish growing a year after grade 12, am 6' but 190
>enter uni and balloon to 215lbs
>said Fuck it last summer. Went to the gym every day and ran every day.
>Fuck me my eating habits aren't fixed and I got lazy again in school so no more running or gym
>down to 180
>be me now
>got diagnosed and medication foot adhd, big aspect is compulsive eating and medication fixes that
>I run 10km every day, an hour of yoga before along with 25 minutes of weights and a half hour wind down of yoga after
>6' and 160lbs. I bottomed out at 155 but I'm fairly broad shouldered and lifting has been adding muscle weight.
I'm finally getting comfortable with my body, get to wear nice clothes and went from the fattest kid in my friend group to one of the more fit of them all.

My brother is the same way, from 250 to 150 in a year. Couple inches shorter. He did BJJ every odd day, worked out every other day and cardio. Dropped smoking a pack a day for 8 years in one go and went from eating hella shit awful to great. He's finally happy too.

Now I just need to get to my other brother , cause he's still a fatty

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>tfw I know I'm gonna have loose skin and every time I think about it my motivation to keep going evaporates.

>> No.12563119

Depends on the weight change and the speed you lost it at

>> No.12563125

A few years ago I was really overweight due to drinking. I went from 104kg down to about 75kg over the course of 2013. At one point in (I think) 2014 I was somewhere around 68kg but still looked a little skinnyfat and I'm back up at around 75kg now. I have some mild stretchmarks and if I bend over my stomach skin just looks loose, which is what makes me think I'll have loose skin when I get to where I want to be. That said the skin could just look loose now because there's still fat under it, I dunno. I'm just staying hydrated and hoping for the best.

>> No.12563388

I have some loose skin on my tummy, but I only notice it if I get on all fours. Standing and sitting my stomach looks normal.

Either way, laving loose skin is still better than being fat.

>> No.12563415

What's the usual thinspo breakfast?

I ate an egg and had 2 glasses of water this morning

>> No.12563436

>on antidepressants
>balloon to ~195 lbs
>move away from family cuz muddy preshunz
>can't into cooking so live off of instant noodles
>literally malnourished
>fast forward to date and I'm down to 155 lbs
>being lazy made me lose weight

>> No.12563443

Nothing. IF, OMAD is the way to go.

>> No.12563503

this desu senpai. At least do 16:8 IF.

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There are still mealcucks here? I thought we eradicated that problem.

>> No.12563626

I'm having a glass of Kefir today.

If I'm eating higher cal I usually skip breakfast, otherwise I feel too sick if I don't eat.

>> No.12563698

>I feel too sick if I don't eat.

>> No.12563718

Any of you guys smoke to lose appetite?

>> No.12563727

what is wrong with you anorexic fucks?

>> No.12563739

Long term fasting will lead to less overall muscle loss than intermittent fasting.

>> No.12563740

Im just trying to lose weight

The other ways didnt work for me

>> No.12563741

This is generally more of an information board for questions and answers than straight up thinspo.

>> No.12563742

just drink water :^)

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>> No.12563751

fruit = cancer

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Usually nothing but a multi. Sometimes a protein shake too.

>> No.12563875

How can we discuss /thinspo/ without talk about food?

>> No.12563876

Is that a dude in girls pants?

>> No.12563883

i'll gib u 1 reason :)

(it's hot)

>> No.12563886

You know we call it "faggot trail" in Russia

>> No.12563890

no it's freaky especially with those incredibly thin legs causing a typical girls thigh gap.
Guys whouldn't have that.

>> No.12563894

Maybe they're trans, maybe you should stop judging them?

>> No.12563899

How new are you to 4chan?

>> No.12563900

That's not good.

>> No.12563904

Any ottermode inspo to see how far I am of having a model body ?

>> No.12563906


>> No.12563937

Nah it's reasonably cute, guys can be girls too

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What bmi does a guy have to be to have a thigh gap?

>> No.12563943

below average for sure. Way below.

>> No.12563948

Like 20, depends on genetics and the kinds of exercise you do though

>> No.12563950

>it's freaky
I think it's pretty cute. He has nice skin too, so it's even better.
>tfw jelly of such clear looking skin

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I'm not gay, trap or anything but womens comfy clothing is so much better than mens. All I have are mesh shorts and those are not nearly as comfy as girls sweat shorts.

>> No.12563961

I would love to prance around twirling and jumping in fields in a light summer dress and only some tight undies on underneath but that is never gonna happen either.
Girls have in some senses comfier clothes but having loosing clothes hagning of your shoulders is also nice sometimes.

>> No.12563964

Well while we're on the topic of things that'll never happen, I'd love to just straight up be a girl but yknow. Oh well I guess.

>> No.12563965

W2C those pants and glasses hes wearing

>> No.12563966

I'm 20 now, still very thick thighs. Maybe it's because I'm tall. I'm shooting for 17 with my weight loss.

>> No.12563969

be a girl but with a dick that'd be the best...
you know what I mean.

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I'm trying to make it happen.
I'm trying.

>> No.12563977

Me too m8. Too bad I ran out of money to support my drug habit. Pro tip, don't run out of money for the pills. It's awful.

>> No.12563991

It's my #1 priority always.

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>> No.12564017

You ran out of money to pay for your estrogen or whatever traps take, or just a general drug habit?

>> No.12564028

im starting to take antidepressives and im scared of gaining a lot of weight help

>> No.12564035

Transexuality is gross, people need to assess other things before they fall for a trendy self-diagnosis.

I remember when I was your age everyone was Borderline Personality Disorder or Bipolar.

Now it's gender dysphoria

Little advice, don't nuke your hormones.

>> No.12564038


I thought i was gay and wanted to be a girl for a little while when i was in my late teens but then i realized i was just a pussy with no self confidence and grew out of it pretty quickly

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I'd like to make my arms and pecs a little bigger and get my body fat down, but I have little to no motivation to do it.

>> No.12564045

Really BPD and gender dysphoria are the same thing, attention seeking behavior

>> No.12564048

and work on your traps.
colar bones are freaky

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I wanna get my bf% down, lose a few kilos but. Then my legs become anorexic tier sticks. What do?

I've been doing 2 leg days/week for the past year and they just won't get proportional to my torso. They get harder, slightly more defined, but don't grow bigger. Will they eventually start growing bigger if I just relax and keep at it?

>> No.12564054

>he thinks leg day means jogging


>> No.12564055

Depends on your body. I get thick legs and upper back really easily, it's just where I put on muscle. Your legs might just be a tough spot for you. For sure continue working on your legs, lower rep, higher weight. Be careful of your back squatting though, don't go for huge numbers. I'd rather see you do some more sets.

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Yeah I ran outta money for my tranny pills.

>> No.12564069

Doesn't health insurance cover that? It's classified as a mental illness, so, I'd think your insurance would pay it. Assuming you have it, but I thought Obama hooked you guys up.

>> No.12564071

Holy fuck you're adorable


>> No.12564074

This 1000x

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File: 8 KB, 251x242, notimpressed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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I dunno. It should. I was too ashamed and scared to see a therapist at first, and then I was just lazy. I'll probably get that taken care of soon though.

M8 if that was me I wouldn't hate myself nearly as much as I do. I'm just posting thinspo images because the actual discussion is so off topic. She's qt as fuck though for sure.

>> No.12564078

Nothing I can do about that collar bone. I broke it 3 times in the same spot, and on the third break healed the bone at like a 45 degree angle.

>> No.12564082
File: 801 KB, 250x195, 1495054762755.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>at like a 45 degree angle.

>> No.12564083

Psychiatrists are dumbasses. You'll get your pills if you want them. Just play into their retarded song and dance.

>> No.12564086

post your best thinspo QT

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Yeah I know. I wasn't afraid of not getting a script or anything like that. I'd 100% get one where I live super easily. It's just super scary telling someone other than anons on 4chan that I'm a six foot tall, 22 year old dude with facial hair and shit who wishes he was a girl. Like, honestly, it's a huge source of shame for me.

How's this? This one used to get posted basically every thread, but I haven't seen it in a while.

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only like 10 actual thinspo images but 145 replies. wtf is this thread why is there so little thinspo

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It's been like that a lot lately.

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its annoying me. i dont have many thinspo images but i will dump what i do have

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File: 65 KB, 646x731, thin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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I'll help ya out a bit, though I don't have a huge variety of stuff saved.

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File: 150 KB, 1080x1088, tumblr_os6ta7Cnif1vw9h2ko4_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12564134
File: 54 KB, 500x719, tumblr_o8ok8ahq9x1v1mz9xo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Drink water!

>> No.12564137

I'm part of the problem. I used to be NEET and post a bunch of thinspo, but now I'm a wageslave and so I don't have my thinspo on my work computer.

There also used to be a few regulars that posted a ton of thinspo, they daily collected it.

>> No.12564138
File: 1.53 MB, 332x332, tatsandthighgap.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12564140
File: 107 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nz29ncmCMl1rzs2lno1_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And tea!

>> No.12564144
File: 44 KB, 960x639, 1456341778987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.12564146
File: 256 KB, 1108x960, nastynailsdesu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sucks. i was hoping to gather up some pics since i dont have many. almost done posting all of my (small) collection

>> No.12564147
File: 29 KB, 480x480, 1473442994374.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And coffee!

Me too. I usually just leave the thread up all day and check in to read some stuff/look at images every now and then, but I rarely contribute.

>> No.12564149
File: 24 KB, 395x546, 1451880259791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12564150
File: 697 KB, 539x687, 1473894005261.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tight jeans + baggy sweatshirts is maximum comfort. I miss the cold :(

>> No.12564151
File: 29 KB, 500x333, thinspoballet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

surprisingly bit boobs? how does she do ittt

>> No.12564154
File: 617 KB, 1280x1707, 1483312061578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12564157
File: 82 KB, 540x720, 1469818514107.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pure luck most likely. Wish my genes were like that.

>> No.12564158
File: 53 KB, 500x495, whitemockturtleneck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12564159
File: 58 KB, 334x1024, 27ff0b59b849743666a2c82c7889b726.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my thinspo

>> No.12564162
File: 161 KB, 425x585, legsTHATlong.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

first place i lose weight is my thighs but then my boobs suffer :c

>> No.12564163
File: 61 KB, 500x379, 1473997658826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12564166
File: 104 KB, 500x750, 1474681038197.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My problem is that my stomach doesn't get as small as I'd like it until I get down to, like, 16 bmi, and when I get that low I've got absolutely no ass to speak of.

>> No.12564168
File: 51 KB, 453x604, badmakeupnicebody.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

last one. glad more ppl are posting photos now

>> No.12564170

this is the only problem I have with most thinspos.
The posture is so fucked up most of the time.

>> No.12564173

I get what you mean. as soon as my fat in my stomach is gone my (already small) boobs get even smaller. Might as well have no boobs at this point

>> No.12564174
File: 41 KB, 500x708, tumblr_mhgk44l7z71qc648bo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dem collarbones, hnnnng. Collarbones are so fucking sexy.

Yeah her posture is super shit. I mean, it's not surprising though 'cause a lot of thinspo comes with having next to no muscle as well, so there's probably not a lot of core strength to help support them.

>> No.12564177
File: 143 KB, 750x1125, furcoat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they try to make themselves look even tinner by slouching their backs so their stomach goes in
found another general inspo pic w/ a really thin model

>> No.12564178
File: 25 KB, 500x673, 1474935394537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah dude, I feel ya. Shit's rough. At this point I'm trying to find a compromise, weight wise, where I have some sort of ass and my stomach has a little bit of fat but not too much.

>> No.12564181
File: 105 KB, 468x640, 3fZLRHU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>they try to make themselves look even tinner by slouching their backs so their stomach goes in
doesn't make sense. Stretching your body makes your belly slimmer.
slouching makes it buldge.

>> No.12564182
File: 1.87 MB, 332x332, niiceee.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm trying to get toned rn rather than just lose weight. I've seen a good amount of move toned girls who still maintain their boobs so. Hopefully that will be my solution
the legs... cant tell if its just the jeans but. too thicc for me

>> No.12564186

>Not a Sips

>> No.12564187
File: 290 KB, 800x615, 0lbnSOt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the legs.
yeah ... I know.

>> No.12564188
File: 301 KB, 719x945, noboobs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

idk. i can usually make my self look thinner by pushing my stomach back and just stretching out of neck. makes my spine look fucked up tho

>> No.12564192
File: 64 KB, 500x750, tumblr_o9gq2531ZF1vngf5bo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Toned always looks nice. I'm way too lazy and can't be assed to do any sort of workout routine though.

They all taste gross.

>> No.12564193

her face is honestly perfect though. especially the nose

>> No.12564195
File: 158 KB, 640x640, 1479085638243.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I make my legs thinner? My thighs are still thick as hell despite my bmi being 20. I know that's still high but they don't feel any thinner than when I was at a bmi of 25.

I've still got a lot of pounds I want to shed, what should I start doing to make my legs thinner?

I don't run, just been eating at a deficit to lose weight. I want to start running though, would that help?

>> No.12564197

Ew take off that necklace
I bet you have a septum piercing

>> No.12564200

it's not me nigga

>> No.12564204
File: 84 KB, 1037x1500, 1472119546353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

doesn't even notice the JAWline

>> No.12564208

It's perfect. A strong jawline on an otherwise feminine face is hot as fuck. Jawlines only become a problem when they aren't the only masculine feature on a woman's face.

>> No.12564209

mmm maybe when you are beyond having any belly fat at all your technique really does work

>> No.12564215
File: 236 KB, 500x668, hair.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

any kind of exercise will help weight loss. Just doing some measly laps probably won't give you the legs more of these girls have though
What A Jawline

>> No.12564219

I have the same problem at bmi 19 now, my thighs have always been the fattest place in my body and I'm losing weight but legs stay THICC. It's probably just genetics but I hate this.

Maybe it would help to gain some muscle in your thighs to reduce the fat : muscle ratio but I myself hate exercise. Good luck to you.

>> No.12564220
File: 72 KB, 498x750, greydress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i disagree. an androgynous face is nice or a chick or a dude

>> No.12564224
File: 27 KB, 500x730, spinemale.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

some male thinspo cuz I just noticed this thread is lacking

>> No.12564229
File: 93 KB, 720x790, kyoot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate how much this pic looks like my body cuz I know its a trans boy purposely trying to get rid of their tits :')

>> No.12564232

can I be thin just from a diet? (my BMI is 23.5)

>> No.12564233
File: 303 KB, 272x400, 1498588025971.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>boobs suffer
but then then ther are women who are able to pull it off like this....

>> No.12564235

Yes. It'll arguably take longer because you're not burning extra calories but as long as you consume fewer calories than you burn throughout the day, you'll lose weight. Look up a TDEE calculator or two.

>> No.12564237
File: 146 KB, 480x352, tumblr_ojq6uwhaHN1r2g7mto1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lie to me and say those tits are fake

>> No.12564242
File: 3.00 MB, 920x516, model.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagine if the bottom where better.
>that ass woulda been near perfect.

>> No.12564244
File: 1.12 MB, 500x500, calvinkleinsofcourse.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12564247
File: 103 KB, 500x741, tumblr_m3rm0mo8pO1r7ra8r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no more anon. please......

>> No.12564248

bessttt girlll

>> No.12564251
File: 220 KB, 960x1280, ughcalvinkleinsagain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12564260

my chest looks like a guys now. I debate if the sticc legs are worth it when the cost is my boobs.

>> No.12564269
File: 177 KB, 1270x857, IMAG5850.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That skinnyfat feel man.

How much bf% am I? Still easily fit in jean size 32.

I was trying to do the bulkin, but don't have the patience for the fat feel. No more visible abs, ass blows up, puffy nipples. And the legs remain sticks.

>> No.12564270
File: 3.94 MB, 362x271, 1495579626952.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

from what I see iin google that is near to impossible, but ill believe you

>> No.12564276

maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but, I sure don't look like a swimwear model

>> No.12564280

>BMR is 1.300
This is suffering

>> No.12564287

Also, when I get down to 22 BMI - my face looks really horrible, sunken in cheeks, emaciated look. What gives?

>> No.12564292
File: 5 KB, 205x246, Christian XXX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12564294
File: 142 KB, 761x764, 1496702158398.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw too tall to be thinspo

>> No.12564299

Y'all are legit anorexic

>> No.12564300

what's the height limit?

>> No.12564302

>implying long skinny legs arent the holy grail of thinspo

>> No.12564303

no idea, but 6'3 is above it

>> No.12564316


>> No.12564343

Go off TDEE not BMR

>> No.12564362

>tfw all back and no legs
I'm like a fucking centipede

>> No.12564540


>Other people's feelings are silly and all the feelings I have are logical and right. I know how people feel about their bodies better than they do because I am smart and they are silly.

>> No.12564590

Can you post female nipples on blue threads? I think they shouldn't be censored.

>> No.12564603


>> No.12564676

it's actually a "slut trail", dolboeb

>> No.12564690

so is it a sign for being a guy who fucks alot (if you mean slut as in simply fucks around alot) or like a faggot who acts like a female slut??

>> No.12564704

>I thought i was gay and wanted to be a girl for a little while

strangely enough same

i wonder why this is

>> No.12564713

[citation needed]

>> No.12564746
File: 27 KB, 465x700, 1476158834250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>female stomach hair
Don't mind it, desu. Shaved armpits and well-trimmed pubes are what's important.

Is that a 12-year-old ayylmao

I'd rather look slightly more chubby than have a posture that screams I have the self-confidence of a 14-year-old suburban white girl.

>> No.12564766
File: 199 KB, 720x960, me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Trying to get definition on my body

>> No.12564777

Be honest, how many packs of raw hotdogs did you fit into your Calvins?

>> No.12564787

Thats my dick : (
Calvins make it look bigger tho

>> No.12564790

Do you pump iron even?

>> No.12564791

Not sure, I think it might be my blood pressure dropping? Although if I eat more salt & take potassium supplements I still feel sick.

If you meant how do I get sick, I get nauseous, dizzy, fatigued feel freezing cold (sweaters don't fix it and it happens in the summer as well), have to be careful getting up and the brain fog is pretty bad.

>> No.12564796
File: 31 KB, 640x640, 932872.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>stuck on 52kg
fuck me

>> No.12564797

I skate everyday about 3 hours, but never lifted

>> No.12564798
File: 148 KB, 485x894, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>potassium supplements

Are you a retard?

Just buy a fucking broc and there you got all the potassiums.

Put it in water and microwave 5 minutes (aka steamed). Then poor 2 spoons of olive oil and garlic salt. YUMMY

>> No.12564806


>> No.12564812

>Calvins make it look bigger tho
"Bigger?" Boyo it looks like you have two softballs strapped to a 20 oz bratwurst in there

>> No.12564829
File: 49 KB, 640x640, IMG_3762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

at 52kg I'm still pretty fat I want to get down to 47/48 but my body doesn't cooperate

>> No.12564832

Same here, but due to some muscle ,ass I won´t go all that low.
My goal are 50kg.

>> No.12564834

It's normal for weight loss to plateau sometimes. Just keep at it and it'll pass.

>> No.12564863

you are hot

>> No.12564868
File: 163 KB, 1080x1080, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any water faster's? I'm on day five of a 28 day fast. I've been using an EC stack with Bronaid. From what I've read as your digestive system slows down hunger pains go away. Should I cycle off the stack or continue with it since it gives me energy

>> No.12564877
File: 45 KB, 497x662, 7fb72b256d13229389ccc4206cffc7ddd4b8a07c1b9087977e53241689a62fb6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12564886


>> No.12564891
File: 91 KB, 500x500, 6154DIkvA+L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

these are good & only 35 cal each

>> No.12564892

Was 6 foot, 370lbs in 2015. I'm now 165lbs and loving myself again. Literally just diet, light exercise, and sticking with it.

>> No.12564899

Thin, not sure about thinspo though. I like your tile. That's an older building? Pics?

>> No.12564906

70's house in Denmark. Big influx of wacky hippie houses. Looks like the house in Garfield.

>> No.12564917

That's neat. The radiator throws me off: There is no forced air heating? Or is just for the bathroom as a supplement or something?

>> No.12564925

How does IF works? Or, how do you guys do it? I spend 19-20 hours without eating but I'm not good at doing long fasts so I end up having small binges before going to bed because of my mother, so I'm wondering if IF would be easier

>> No.12564927

Forced air heating is pretty rare in Europe I think.

sage for off topic

>> No.12564936
File: 121 KB, 634x804, inspo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's the end game of becoming anorexic?

Why do you wanna become skinnier than some other bitch?

Why you don't try to become thicker?

>> No.12564938

You are already doing IF if not eating for 20 hours. That's basically OMAD if it is just one meal. Keep it under your calorie limit and you're good. Generally after a few weeks it is easier.

Thanks. Sorry was just curios.

>> No.12564941

So I look better in clothing? Anything looks good on thin people.

>> No.12564946

>double denim
>navy 993s
>True Religion

Damn. Mel was next level and everyone slept.

>> No.12564948
File: 264 KB, 1040x1080, 1490272950308.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.12564953

I posted True Religion nigger bus pics last summer.
No one got it.

>> No.12564955
File: 87 KB, 736x919, 1491645453290.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are able to recognize that he is wearing True Religion by that picture? Damn..

I'm still lost. I only visit /thinspo/ so don't know the /fa/ memes.

>> No.12564957


Did I start this thing?

>> No.12565011

It's not a supplement like a multivitamin. I take it as an electrolyte supplement with salt instead of pedialyte or gatorade if I'm feeling sick and I need it to absorb quickly. Sometimes I also add some table salt to my water or green tea. I drink a fuckton of water so everything flushes through me way too fast if I don't eat enough.

Also broccoli is 2$ and a potassium pill is 15c and zero calories.

>> No.12565020

2014. damn.

>> No.12565023
File: 940 KB, 651x1123, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

next level for real

>> No.12565043

How do I cope with medication-related weight gain? Not so much the cravings but the fat build-up, hormone changes and slowed-down metabolism seem to be possible culprits as my eating and exercising habits are still exactly the same.

Should I just try eating very little and healthier or would the progress still be negligible? I have little other options left when it comes to medication, so it is either this or quitting them altogether.

>> No.12565068

Which meds?

I think it's just an excuse to be fat. Me i'm on methadone, which lowers testosterone and made me fat for 15 years... Until I said enough and changed my eating habits. It becomes a discipline kinda like brushing and flossing your teeth.

Btw am still on that there methadone.

>> No.12565070

>Stopped being a teenager
>Still talk about """cripling""" anxiety

>> No.12565090

Day 7 of 21.

>> No.12565104

Can someone go from fat to thinspo? If so, pics? Obese parents and lack of general knowledge and general laziness/excuses left me fucked up but I wanna make it.

>> No.12565169

>I've never met a bpd before

>> No.12565171

are you fucking retarded?

>> No.12565176

Black coffee and a cigarette. I don't usually really eat until lunch.

>> No.12565188

i lost two pounds this week. still a fatass (BMI 21) but glad to see some progress

>> No.12565192

Are you? Looks bad

>> No.12565210

that's a stock photo you retard

>> No.12565215

you probably have naturally thick thighs. i have the same problem--my hips, butt and thighs are always the last to lose the weight.

you'll like have to get down to near underweight before seeing any difference. i'm fatter than you atm (bmi 21) so i can't say for certain at what weight you'll start noticing a difference.

>> No.12565217

i should mention i have noticed i have a thigh gap since i started swimming (despite still being a fatty) so some sort of cardio will probably help

>> No.12565227

Day 4 of 15, just drinking coffee and using adderall here and there, nothing fancy. Playing allot of basketball to burn calories too. Hopefully gonna have sick abs by the end of it

>> No.12565230

congrats, im in a similar situation went from 129 to 123 in a couple of weeks but still at bmi of 20
feels good to see numbers go down though :)

>> No.12565263

>cutting hard as hell
>fat fucker at work always begs me to go eat with him
>even says he will pay
>finally cave the fuck in
>both order all you can eat ribs
>pig the fuck out

the guilt is killing me. how do i cope?

>> No.12565269

don't beat your self up to bad, i am sure many people ITT has been in the exact situation. All you can do now is try harder tomorrow. Maybe exercise a bit more to make your self feel better and make up for what you did today. Hang in there.

>> No.12565270

don't go, or if you don't want to seem rude, order small

If I know I'm going to go out to eat with people it will usually be the only thing I eat that day, so I don't eat before then.

>> No.12565273

oh, sorry, i didn't know if you were looking for immediate advice or something for next time.

>> No.12565316

>I ate an egg and had 2 glasses of water
Wow you sound fat. You got to eat WAY less

>> No.12565329

>mfw short leggins
>mfw male
>mfw ass
>mfw shaved legs

>> No.12565440

8oz of soylent, a multi, and black coffee.

>> No.12565535

Anyone else here have /shittysleepingpatterns/?

>> No.12565556
File: 34 KB, 400x300, 1489783828710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

comfy goals

>> No.12565560
File: 336 KB, 808x767, 1492341757674.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

leg and skin goals

>> No.12565573

her feet suck

>> No.12565579
File: 18 KB, 300x250, 1474435136748.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw can't do anything about it because full time shift work with 24/7 availability

>> No.12565583

I have a really bad problem with food and food guilt but all i do is starve myself or binge on candy, im 5'6" still weight 50kg (110lbs) but want to loose around 5kgs more. How can i curb the cravings and loose the extra weight ?

>> No.12565584

>15 years on methadone
What a weak willed person

>> No.12565658

whats her /u/ again?

>> No.12565676
File: 87 KB, 499x509, 1476924934752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's wrong with your sleeping patterns?


>> No.12565720

Smoking destroys your collagen and makes you look older / really bad for your skin in the long run

>> No.12565730

>tfw lost 15 kg just by quitting soda and sweets and excercising more
is 53 kg / 176 cm thinspo already? I think I could still lose a kilo or two, though what I really want is more muscles

>> No.12565735

How to get over the nausea after not having eaten for a while?

>> No.12565769

>is 53 kg / 176 cm thinspo already?
That's Auschwitz mode. I am 58 kg at the same height and skinny as fuck.

>> No.12565791

You dress like shit, nigga. Button your shirt, do not wear a printed shirt over a graphic t-shirt. In fact, cease wearing graphic t-shirts.

>> No.12565825

stop using word "goals" pls
autistic af

>> No.12565830

I overate by 2600 calories today. Should I do a 48hs fast to recover?
(Im in exam period but fuck it.)

>> No.12565857


>> No.12565860

Roasters can use 'goals' because it's impossible to be female and have autism or not find a bf. they literally just stand outside and get a bf.

>> No.12565861


>> No.12565865


>> No.12565872

Nice argument. Women can't have the tism. You might not like them saying 'goals' but it's not autistic for them to do so.

>> No.12565873

I like to watch mukbangs when I get cravings. When I binge I get so full that I feel sick and watching mukbangs gives me flash backs to that feelings and I get disgusted. I like watching people that consume large portions of food.

>> No.12565875

That Agatha that used to get posted here is a disgrace to mukbangs. Her idea of a mukbang is like 400 calories.

>> No.12565877

you probably just have more muscle. I've started working out but I'm still a fucking twig
it's not like I starve myself too like some people in this thread. big breakfast, big dinner, small supper, no snacks
I might post a pic later

>> No.12566069

Does coffee affect fat burning? Sorry for dumb questions
I posted that at 4 am, that should tell you something
I sleep in the evening, then stay up very late

>> No.12566096
File: 61 KB, 400x583, 1470519680292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12566101


>> No.12566151

your scrotum looks massive

>> No.12566158

How do i stop drinking coke zero? I drink like 6 liters a week and i can't stop.

>> No.12566168

i can't

>> No.12566271

(Not so?) New thread:

This one is at the bump limit so I guess we should move to the other.

>> No.12566274

I'd date you. :o/

>> No.12566286


>> No.12566532

divine munchies on youtube eats massive amounts of food. Im pretty sure she has an eating disorder.

>> No.12566554


>> No.12566746

okay but where does a boy who's a 29 in the waist and 34 in length find good quality jeans

>> No.12566870

When you find out, let me know.