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the stupid, clueless dickheads I'm acquainted with at my college are copying my style after they started complimenting me on the way I dress and asking about my items

what the fuck do i do

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nothing, but what do you think you should do

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start an instagram and become an influencer, might as well embrace it

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This situation actually seems to justify you acting like a snobby hipster. Just try to be funny about it.

>Hey, cool X. Where'd you get it?
>I'd tell you but then I'd have to kill you.

There's nothing wrong with keeping your specific choices private. If you don't want to hand them the keys to the kingdom, let them do the same work you did in finding the same shit as you if they want it so badly.

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Don't make that particular joke please.

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I don't mean to come off as an asshole but this really bothers me when I spend time building a personal style and collection only to have normies copy me

this isn't a bad shout
how can I get my posts out there?
I started doing that, but it's a bit late when they're mimicking everything I'm doing

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>how can I get my posts out there?
Dunno just tell them when they ask about your things, I don't have a popular insta account but you seem to be in a pretty good position to get a following.

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It's not meant to actually get laughs, it's just a non serious way to communicate that OP doesn't want to share everything about his choices.

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Implying OP is actually doing anything new. More than likely OP is wearing circa 2015 streetwear with longline tees and ripped jeans from Forever 21, but to the other troglodites at his no-name college he's a fashion god.

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this is a really bad way to respond to "you look like a snobby hipster"

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post fit pic and i'll tell you exactly what to do

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Getting your own squad with you as the leader

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honestly, if your style is a style that normies are capable of easily copying--which it sounds like if multiple people are doing it--you probably aren't putting a lot of effort into your style!

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no such thing on /fa/

op prob just lives in a flyover state and is getting triggered over nothing

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You spelled troglodyte wrong and sound overly shitty yourself.

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>not embracing the opportunity to start a squad modelled in your particular style

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Post one fit of yours you can censor every patch of skin if you feel like it I just wanna know how shitty it is for normies to be able to copy easily