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I reckon you're just some ugly nigger

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Cute mom! does she make good tamales?
My mom can make some bomb ass tamales from scratch.

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>Sieg calling ANYONE ugly

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who is this?

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not actually a /fa/ poster, just a poster that has been reposted to /fa/

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she posted here >>12551003

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none of the pictures are new. it's LARP

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a tranny

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I repeat, a tranny

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TFW she's probably a drug addict by now or pretty haggard.

she was fucking hot in her early 20's though

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Me, Rate?

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:P :P :P

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Look, a retard...

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your boy

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how many dicks u suck a month

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last time i counted 7 :)

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Mike was pretty effay

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Loser slowdive listener

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You mean "redundancy", or "pleonasm", not "tautology"...

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jimmy jewtron

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you're all jealous becuase i fucked tons of bitches

58 fat chicks

28 tons of bitch

remember how you haven't even broken 500 pounds

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You're a jawlet, have poor beard growth, your eyes & nose aren't proportionate to the rest of your face, and your eyes are the same color as shit.

The jeans are also shit. Now do us all a favor and stop posting yourself all over our board and go focus on yourself.

I would grow the top length of your hair out and style it into something like a modern quiff.

The fit from the waist down is A1, but the hat and jacket fuck it up.

Do something with your hair and get someone else to take a picture that's not in your house.

You should already know that your beard needs to go. If you want to keep some growth in the beard area, then just buy a trimmer and use no guard to give a shadow. Your hair also needs to be shorter on the sides--unless you're going for some long ass hair style.

Lose a couple of pounds, and unless you're 6'1 or greater in height, then get some stubble on your face so you don't look like a five year old.

Go see a dermatologist to take care of that oily face, smash those fucking glasses to pieces, and go burn them.

Get a pair of glasses that fits your face. Just because you figured out that round glasses are the best fit for your face, doesn't mean that's the only metric to use. You need to make sure that the frames don't protrude out further than your face on the sides, the eye wires are too big for your face (if you do a complete smile and your cheeks push up your glasses AT ALL, then the frames are too big for your face.. they're way too round), and it looks like the bridge doesn't fit either. Your frames were meant for someone with a much bigger face than you.

Get some that are not as round & has more structure. If you want to still have some pretty round glasses, then get some wire frames that actually fit your face. Regardless, I suggest something like Warby Parker Maynard glasses in tort shell.

Also trim your eyebrows.

Bretty gud.

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I can only see 5% of your face. Fix that, take better care of your hair, and trim the fucking mustache so you don't look like a walking meme.

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What glasses should I get?

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i'm keeping my stuble and you can't stop me

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"i'm 16 and only have this beard because i want people to know i'm a grown up!!"

also u look amish

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Who is this?

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nigga we could land a plane on your forehead

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is ur name sam knowles?

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Goat /fa/ poster desu

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Try this on for size.

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I kill for pleasure. Pls rate

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main character of proyect X/10

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Found the kike

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