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How does one dress like Ryan Gosling? I need links, please.

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>be handsome
>don't not be handsome

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Ok, what if you are handsome, then what do you wear?

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to be real
be tall and have some muscles
his casual fits include shit like henleys,white ts,field jackets, jeans, leather boots

this fit is just business casual with different colours. get a good fit on the shirt and u basically dress like gosling. combine that with pants that fit and leather shoes

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>wants to dress like Ryan Gosling
>probably looks like the guy behind him

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Anyone have the picture of Ryan and Steve's heads switched?

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Not gonna post cause I don't really care.

But I wore a dress shirt, like that, same color belt, similar matching shoes, but a more gray dress pants.

I'm muscular and square in shape ( Stalky? ) I think is what I mean. 6'1" 220.

I had a few people comment, talk to me when I was out looking like this. I was going on a date with a girl, ( Who was boring as shit. )

They kept telling me, "You look sharp... Damn bro you work out? ( I mean really? )" - Honestly less than three people said anything.

The girl I dated said I looked like Ryan Gosling... I didn't know who he was at first, ( I'm not much of a TV / Movie watcher. ) ... I imagine it was that guy from the first spiderman movies back in 2003 or whatever.

I got kind of pissed desu. I thought they where making fun of me, cause he is a tiny soft pudgy small man.

I googled this shit and saw this and was like. Oh.

I guess I see some resemblance, except I'm more muscular, but honestly being square shaped makes me look like a walking brick wall.

All well.



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is this that new pasta ive been hearing about?

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No wonder you look like a brick wall you're fat as fuck

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Basically this:

Beyond that; don't forget to be tall.

I'm handsome buuuttt not really tall enough to pull off that look. 5`11 for life.

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tfw he can still rock it

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>any leather boot
>any well fitting pants
>any leather belt
>any well fitting shirt

Wasn't that hard was it?

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>be tall
he's not that tall tho
It's about being handsme af

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Don't get me wrong, Gosling is a lot more handsome than I am, but he's not the most handsome celebrity. He has such a god-like reputation because he wears incredibly well fitting smart-casual clothing effortlessly, exhibits inviting/appealing body language and carries himself responsibly and calmly. I would say 70% of his success is knowing how to wear the basics and carrying himself properly.

The fact that nobody has mentioned his hairline in this thread exemplifies that (well founded) confidence can override a lot of shortcomings in appearance.

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anyone has the version with a review of each outfit?

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its actually this lmao

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this one?

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this kinda

really just have muscles and you can wear whatever, i mean some styles you cant if you're too big and all but he has muscles and can almost anything, but his simple fits look amazing on him because he has more muscle and shit

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There's also one with the heads of ryan and steve swapped and steve's fit still looks pretty good. The body plays a huge role in this sort of look.

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no he can't you fucking idiot

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>in this sort of look

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right, because that's definitely what the average r/mfa poster looks like. what a delusional fucking image

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assuming obviously that you're not going to wear driving gloves
what do you wear in their stead to tie this fit together?

brown shoes?

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It's a step up from t-shirt and jeans. Really not a proper fit, unless we're considering it as simply every-day wear.

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Those new balances are hot fire

Sneak game on point with that new balance boost son

How we do

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He's only 6', so he's not really tall. He's certainly good looking, famous and wealthy though.

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>what is a joke

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Be like Ryan Gosling, don't be like the dude on the left

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>that contrast between gosling and the fat guy in the background

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>shirt, pants, boots
>not a proper fit
what the fuck do you think fit means? this is like when /r/streetwear was arguing about whether a plain t shirt could be referred to as a "piece." like yes it is a piece of clothing, so it is, in fact, a "piece."

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why would you want to look like this much of a chad?

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you mean like a regular grown man?

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Christ looking at goose makes me want to start drinking my model juice again and lose my mind, its just water with ground up meth in it and i wont eat or sleep for days but look like a beautifully chiseled god. fuck excercise.

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>its just water with ground up meth in it

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