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Goin for the terror wave / crack whore look. Post inspo

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Does anyone legit here wear a ski mask on the regular? I don't think it's very smart to do, in say an area like Los Angeles

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More of this please

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I own a few i wear on the regular.
i also have one of those neck gaiter things i'll wear

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i know this was a /k/ meme but i unironically like how this shit looks

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thats chav-core

so is terrorwave the same as chav-core?

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more balaclavas

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So the core in terrorwave is to be a smoker and be armed with a knife... Sounds really cool to me...

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can't forget the glock.

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The Nokia is actually the most important aesthetic accessory there desu, not surprised you missed that.

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tryna sauce all the stuff in this photo

1st jacket: Patagonia Men's Triolet Jacket
5: OD british woolly pully

other than the generic jeans I couldn't sauce the others.

1. adidas
2. newbalance
3. samba
4. adidas
5. nike
6. not sure actually
7. fila

1. gorka
2. polartec fleec
3. USGI m65
4. not sure
5. not sure

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Now that's terrorcore if I ever saw it.

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Yes it is, Anon

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I never understood "terrorwave". All it seems to be is normcore with guns, and that's when the aesthetic is actually consistent.
How do you even capture this aesthetic without walking around in filthy clothes with an AK?

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prolly my favorite image here

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it's basically just dressing as if you're about to kill a bunch of people. you wear it if you want someone to be afraid of you or if you want someone to call the cops

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IRA is my favorite

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how the fuck would I wear a gorka with this shit.

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not thugs

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london terror attack
did someone see his sick outfit or no?

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I need some vidya that captures the /terrorwave/ aesthetic while I wait for EFT

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Bump. I'm going full terror wave

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join the two other people on the board that like it

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Raf Simons AW 2001

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>Card refused when i was trying to buy a Casio F-91
terror-core is not an option, its the only fashion i can afford

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I hope a civil war breaks out so i can dress like this without looking autistic

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i unironically think that a race war is coming.
unpure blood will be spilled, my friendo

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the Casio is most important. It's Bin Laden approved.

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Is there counter-terror core?

I don't think the vests work. Too mall ninja and/or too much risk someone actually calls the cops on you.
There's also the issue that yugoslav/serbian core just looks like cold-weather terrorcore or milslurp, so I don't think that's a good line of inspo either.

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I think terrorwave and counter-terror core would end up being the same thing. I mean the whole idea of terrorwave is to mix milsurp with casual/urban clothes.

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I have zero doubt of overlap. But there are still limits on the bounds of terrorcore that counter-terror core gets around.

Namely the purposely disorganized/improvised look of terrorcore.

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The other thing (and I'm very on the fence about this) is that I think rompers might actually catch on somewhere.

I'm not a fan of rompers. They feel like too much of a fad, and too reliant on shock value, rather than any serious attempt at much.

All the same, there is a uniformity that comes from a jumpsuit. Far left in pic does have some wehrmacht influence to it. Change the material to be more like the first pic (blue shirts) and I wonder if possibilities start opening up.

I'm doing down a niche inside a niche with the jumpsuits, mind. But I do wonder if something more uniform than the bounds of terrorcore allows is possible.

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you could wear it rolled up like beanie

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these guys count?

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That's just milslurp.

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milsurp isn't terrorwave?

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Terrorwave is an like an urbanized milspo/milsurp. Essentialy, it's just mixing milsurp pieces with normcore clothing.

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There is overlap.
But milsurp is going to push the Practicality angle, while terrorcore pushes the Subtlety angle.

They're using a lot of the same gear, but moving in near opposite directions. Not to say subtle can't be practical, but it's not the priority.

Just from what you've posted, the big difference is that terrorcore doesn't have external chest rigs. That's way too obvious. They can have it under a jacket, but not as the outermost layer.

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Blood stains on the bandana are from getting my nose bashed in at a concert

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perfect example of why inspo doesnt work in real life.

you are NOT terrifying

top kek my fucking m8

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I mean, I am sitting in my peach colored apartment. I could be all covered in blood wearing a cattle skull and still not look terrifying.

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Go get a job.

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truu my dude, but theres other stuff to consider. first off youre white and probably live a regular life. dont pretend youre not. you wont be terrifying. you can be mysteriously milsurp, wear dark clothing, and jerk off nightly tho.

I think a black bandanna would be better as well.

also, try for a slimmer jacket. I think its all about the silhouette and making it look natural. Its currently not looking natural for you

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>youre white and probably live a regular life. dont pretend youre not.
I am not, I thought the broken english gave it away. My life isn't a Columbine massacre documentary, though.

I put on the bandana for the picture, I am not autistic enough to walk around wearing bandana (also, don't want to get myself shot).

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>no middle easterners who are the main terrorists
>all white people

is this thread paid for by (((them)))?

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Please don't shitpost here. This is a board of peace.

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Haaah. Keep dreaming. No war will apear in a civilised country.

But... Yea if it did broke out U would gladly go terror wave

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I* not u

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w2c hoodie in op's pic

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I know that thumbnail.

Hide it behind a cute trap next time.

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>implying white folcc haven't committed their fair share of terror

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hi /fa/ i am from pakistan
can you guys tell me how to achieve terrorwave according to my environment or may be dump some inspo
thank u

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Just join the mujhadeen

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its not that easy anon, kinda impossible.
and i don't want to join them just want to dress like them ironically

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>how to achieve terrorwave
join the army

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Don't wear too much when it's hot.

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who the fuck tucks a steak knife in their pants

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Fucking hell mate. Those things are deadly.
Fastest way to win a fight against some lad with a sharpened spoon.

Bin it before you accidentally impale someone.

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>/fa/ falls for the terrorwave meme
>suddenly x popular city is filled with terrorist looking people
>terrorist are confused
>end up just leaving cause we already won

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kek, mfw /fa/ ends terrorism, or more likely makes it worse

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either everyone becomes a terrorist or the become to frequent anyone wearing clothing like one gets shot

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>the whole idea of terrorwave is to mix milsurp with casual/urban clothes.
But that's what normal people do anyway.

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Please bitch there's supremacists of every color on this board unpeacefully shit posting all the time.

You're no one's nanny.

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tfw only option for looking effay cause too poor to afford anything else

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tried to give it a go, thoughts? Also how would you layer this up?

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looks alright, need the casio watch though

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Holy fuck your neck is wide

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I got a Timex under my sleeve senpai, I guess it'll do

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>it'll do
too expensive
you need that casio

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What cargoes are those?

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f2 that I dyed black, beats paying over 150 euros for maharishi or nike acg cargos desu

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