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Dadcore is in fashion. I saw on TV that dudes have been lining up outside of Ross every morning before open for the last few months or so.

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because it's comfy and effay, who cares about cucks like you think
>he dresses for women
kek, stay virgin faggot

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i want to be like the drive guy but am short pls help me

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cop drive jacket bitches will recognize your coolness immediately

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There was a great striped shirt like that for sale recently. Was tempted to buy it:


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someone post the A$AP Caroll one please

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You know what happens to a chick when you roll up in full Ross wearing a Citizen watch

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Because most people don't give a shit how they look.

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U get that qt... that QUALITY time

>> No.12441244

took the ANE bruh

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Im the same height as Ryan Gosling, have the same sort of pointy chin as him and a very similar shaped nose. And I'm thin.

Still, I can't look even half as good as he does

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Posting the original

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nice try

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steve would look like gaston irl if he was fit

>> No.12441638

Gets me every time

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totally turned me off forever

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>the most faded raws of all time
fucking kek

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steve looks like don draper in the face swap damn.

>> No.12442412

I love the fact that Steve Carell is worth like $200 million and still dresses like that.

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Wtf is wrong with Ross? They have Jordans for like 65 bux.

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Honestly, I'd rather be someone who looks like he doesn't try than be a menswear autist like ryan guzzlord

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because they are mongrel wannabe '''white''' with shit genetics

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are you dumb cuz?

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Shouldn't you be posting on /lgbt/ with this asexual shit? Because you obviously dont care about getting laid.

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