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About to hit the club and snag some 18 year old pussy. Rate me, plebs.

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Charcoal striped blazer: Tiger of Sweden, £895 at Selfridges
Blue striped dress shirt: Turnbull & Asher, £450
Tie: Missoni, €395
Distressed jeans: Naked and Famous, $275
Glasses: Oliver Peoples, $1,200
Boots: Balenciaga, £2,700 at Selfridges

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Can't miss, although a fedora would really pull that look together.

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And a cigarette in a holder
Preferably clove

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Jeans are a poor fit, tie is horrendous and the blazer belongs on an old man.

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I still can't believe the fucking look of those jeans & shoes

it doesn't even look real

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this is my favourite image

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you look like that cody kid whos getting abused on youtube when he will be grown up

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This kind of thing gonna snag you only 70 old boipussy.

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God I love this fit
The tie looks like a cg render

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dank stacks my dude, you gonna get so much pussy famalam

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How can so many things go wrong in one single picture?

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I already scored two hotties, check it out

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those folds on the knees are so symmetrical though, it has quite some charm actually

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That's really cool and all, but the shoes will never not be my favorite part about it

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for once on /fa/ a spot on observation
a well trained eye

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My dad is pretty into /carrell core/
He has that exact shirt, those exact shoes, and he does his hair that way.

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Autistic pedo-core

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