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Trying to find a model that had dark hair, eyes and looked a bit like rat.

Or at least had a rat-ish face features.

Anybody knows the name?

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This one?

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>a bit

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fuck off


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great joke buddy

was an actual legit runway model for known brand, but thanks

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Could you be more specific?

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Well basically a girl model that is being posted a lot in model threads.

She has eyes pretty far from each other, small nose and extended jaw a little bit.

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Bumping. Want to know who's the rat girl

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can someone tell me who this is?

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looks like a bitch

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Molly Bair?

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image search is all 4chan threads....great.

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my best guess too

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what's the name of that asian but not asian looking chick? i wanna say her name is like uma or something

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You mean Yumi Lambert?

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from the picture I would guess it's a zara shoot

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jesus, what an ugly piece of shit

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Please /fa/ help me to find the name of this angel

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i think i recognise him actually his name is sinclair bransby williams, i was on a shoot with him

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yeah her lol

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Thank you man, i was searching for so long...
What a luck

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yeah no worries pal hes got a sharp face dont he

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Indeed, i love it

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this site is a curse

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bump for great sauce

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go on youtube and look up cherry glazerr- told you I'd be with the guys her name is Clementine Creevy shes a rat faced goddess