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Sum up /fa/ in one picture

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>the feel that kills you

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this image triggers me so badly i really almost passed out the first time i looekd at it. I looked at it a few times.

if i had bad face, my life would feel ruined. I would become spiritual and renounce the world, do lots of kriya yoga.

I have no love

if reincarnation is real... imagine Audrey Hepburn (pic related) in that body
>"crap hair"
>"crap face"
>"rubbish body"
yet her personality would be that good, despite the face/body being ugly unlike she was in her past life...

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Nobody irl likes to accept that one of the most important aspects of life is being attractive, it literally benefits you in every way; joba, relationships, sex, mental health. Most women nowadays wont even acknowledge the existence of sub 8+ males. i legit only get by because im 6ft and have blue eyes

If you are attractive every one assumes you are a good person, successful and trustworthy.

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I think it's more of a thing most people know on some level but few want to talk about, like homeless people or starving

Telling someone or even thinking something like "I want to treat people the same regardless of attractiveness" and putting effort into living that way will never really change your subconscious. This fact fucks with my head, even more when you consider that everyone else is like this and many aren't even aware when they want/vow to do one thing and end up doing the opposite a week later.

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with a good looking face and body you could have autism and people still would worship you socially - they'd think of your flaws as "cool" or "cute"

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alot of edgy teenagers browse /fa/ to become "effey"

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that fit actually looks sick desu famalam

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Learn to leave with it, improve yourself the best way you can. Life without hardship is not something you wish to have.

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>this is what is wrong with /fa/ right here
that fit is trash fucking get out

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no. fuck you

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>doesn't know how to greentext
>doesn't recognize the clothing /fa/ loved years ago
>thinks he's qualified to say what's wrong with this board

fuck off newfag

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it looks like shit, fits bad and looks like cheap HM shit

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