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This london specops guy looks incredible.

Is there any way to get a similar style without all the guns and shit, or are they an integral part of his fit?

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techwear desu

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It's just a northface jacket and cargo pants.
The only reason he looks "incredible" is because he has good face and fancy hair styling + he is spec ops.
Things just look cooler when they're worn by spec ops.

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Yah he has an aesthetic face.

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Saw a guy with that anachronistic 80s moustache last night, it looked amazing.

I pointed him out to a friend, and apparently it was a female to male transsexual. Apparently the 80s 'tache is very popular amongst them.

Hmph. Interestint.

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Can we please stop saying aesthetic as if it means "good looking" what the FUCK

Every face is aesthetic.

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As someone who has dedicated a couple of years of his life to tactical-techwear I feel that yeah the guns are really what makes it, so while I sure feel cool when at the range or shooting in the woods, when I'm walking around town I just look like a hiker with MOLLE on his backpack.

Also it's a real shame that tactical bags pretty much only go with this kind of fit because I REALLY want to cop pic related but I know I could only wear it with a certain kind of clothes.

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