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since there are already two thread about /fa/azn and /fa/ black women thread so i decided to make thread solely dedicated to /fa/ white women thread because why not?

Post only /fa/ white female inspo and discuss

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if her face was not aesthetic then the outfit would not be aesthetic either.

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I'd love it if my gf decided to dress like this...

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If you're a white female kill yourself. You're what's wrong with society.

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whAT HE Ffuck

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i sincerely hope for your sake that this is not your actual opinion

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What ethnicity? French?

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thats kate moss

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i doubt that

no clue, she does look french because of the hat and cigarette haha

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>i doubt that
google young kate moss smoking

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I actually have, but the girl I posted's chin is a bit more triangular than kate moss. Anyway both of them are gorgeous.

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Can we end this race war already and only post in the Girl General? We're one gender: the female gender.

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i don't like black girls or asian girls
sorry for my tastes

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>sorry for my tastes
Oh, it's a male who's just waifuposting and not an actual girl looking for fashion inspo. I get it. I'll leave you to your autism.

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white women are always self obsessed and size queen cheaters

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>Chicken Kebob

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If only more white girls learns from asian girls and stop being so obnoxious and promiscuous. both literally and figuratively(fashion sense etc)

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>le asian girls can't be whores meme

leave your bedroom for once

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Unless you're a filipino, thai and all the other southeast asian and chinese subhumans, most japanese and korean girls are very reserved and loyal.

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What city has the best female /fa/ ?

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That literally is Kate Moss though, it's not like it's their opinion.

It is literally a photo of Kate Moss.

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Obvs Tokyo like that isn't even a question.

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this bitch staring into my soul wtf

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But Tokyo is filled with asians? It doesnt add up

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Who the fuck asked you faggot?

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tfw none of those girls would wanna fuck you anyways

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I'm 6 foot 4 and have a jawline and visible 6 pack, the memes are true, you can basically do whatever you want to a grill in this state and they'll still come back.

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Post pic with timestamp. Oh wait, you won't.

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>cumskin subhuman whore

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hairy sideways shitskin roastie detected

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lmao triggered cumskin detected

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but you are mongrel subhuman anyway so it wont matter

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daily reminder that white women are dominantly pro open border and pro-islam. cumskins are fucked in the head

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this is the worst

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Deutschland ├╝ber alles

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you're right, I won't. I'm not retarded enough to post myself on 4chan

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what the fuck is wrong with people

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That woman looks mixed.

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The ones over the age of 30 lmao. If anything it's way easier to get into a nip or gookette's pants. They're shallow as fuck.

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JUST.This is the state of present cumskin lmao

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At least they won't leave you for tyrone and mahmoud. cumskin women are degenerates.

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>so she goes to sleep every night thinking about the turks


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White women power

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I would destroy Imogen.

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Image search shows it is Kate Moss, so English

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are cumskin even trying?

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so you would and would not fuck Kate Moss?

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Damn, whats the backstory on this? Got whole vid?

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not defending these nigs but white hoes always want to act like a man and prove that they are equal or some shit. when two baboons are wailing at each other, you do not try to join in thinking they won't hit you. stay in your fucking lane hoe.

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I live in Tokyo and most girls affluent enough to not be ghetto are really superficial, Disney-loving airheads. Most Japanese girls are absolutely ruined by superficial, easy to follow interests like idols, Disney, and anime.

I say this as a graduate student in law at an elite private university.

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i agree desu

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niggers is the story

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which is not pretty bad than being degenerate whore

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how to dress fa without looking like a liberal

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if you're that insecure you're not getting any kind of ass my man.

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bump for #1 race

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lot of salty people itt

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Why does every thread on 4chan seem to derail into a shitpost spree of niggers beating people up for no reason?

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Would smash... With a hammer

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Its lea seydoux

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Woman clothes are strange for the most...

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Would enthusiastically sodomize, afterward jizzing 22 - 34 oz. of warm semen on her face.

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she look so much better here

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who is she

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Read the filename.

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Yea and keep telling us how genetically superior you are to us but yet too scared to post a picture of your non existent features

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cumskin is eternally doomed

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Daily reminder we mediterranean people are not white...They are subhuman while we are master race

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underrated post

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How about, how to dress fa without the need to show off your political affiliation that no one gives a shit about?

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Haha nordcucks are this delusional

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Not the same people

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