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What is an /fa/ rule that can never be broken?

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there are no /fa/ rules that cannot be broken

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That img is good for plebs but it's not true. I've seen pics of people who look amazing with a perfect fit shit that rests above the belt loop, and people who master alternative streetwear with XXL shirts. The only catch is that they were all skinnyfit.

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tf is this image
go back to mfa

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ima manlet so i just rip off the bottom hems on all my tees

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ima manlet so i just rip off the bottom hem
literally all my tees have missing bottom hem

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stay tucced ad it wont matter

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ain't nobody tuck

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sun's out gun's out

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SHutup gay nIGAGGAGGa

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Rules are meant to be broken.
That image is pretty stupid to be fair.
I've got big baggy shirts that go down towards my knees, and fitted shirts that stop at the waistline, and I've received compliments when wearing both.

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This dude looks fucking terrible

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Stay at r/mfa and alpha m fag. there are no rules to good fashion. 3 colors only, t shirt and pants must be of certain length, I'd rather wrap myself with tissue paper.

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You have to be a seven-foot-tall Anglo-Saxton with facial skin like vacuum wrap and a twig-like physique. Since these are your only defining traits, you need to make fun of other people if they aren't like you. Your sexuality must be of questionable nature, since you're so desperate that you'd be willing to be fucked and be fucked by anyone at this point. In order to kill useless threads on /fa/ you must make an equally useless thread at least once a day.

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>there are no rules

That's horse shit. Do you know what a free man dresses like? He dresses like pic related: like shit.
Looking good is adhering to what looks good. What looks good is finite.
If you're breaking rules without even knowing them you are trying to run before you can walk.

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These two (same?) guys are UGLY AS FUCK.

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Does this rule apply to hoodies (pullover or zip-up) too?

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it especially applies to hoodies

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For some reason his shorts and legs look photoshopped

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Tuck shirts out only if it's flat bottomed. Wavy bottomed shirts are meant to be tucked in.

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does it look ripped?

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>Tuck shirts out
What did he mean by this

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vetements 2019

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you mean straight hem & curved hem?

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>Tuck shirts out only if it's flat bottomed. Wavy bottomed shirts are meant to be tucked in.
Not true

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this. This board is triggering t b h.

>thure re noh rulez /thread
Yes there is. You can break rules≠There is no rules. First you need to know what looks good, how should a piece fit. Then you can play around rules and go for baggy/unfit/whatever look u want.

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Retard. Curvy hem is there so you can acess to your trousers pockets when it's untucked.
Tailor it retarded subhuman slav.

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also manlet, pls post pics

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if you're a manlet, though, wouldn't wearing a too-long shirt make you look even shorter?

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no. try wearing curvy hem shirt with a regular fit pants, it will look sloppy. it only works (tucking out curvy hemmed shirt) when your pants is skinny, which is not how men should dress

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i prefer my shirts to stop at my belt line, is this bad?

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gave me a chuckle

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Probably doesn't look good when reaching up, or bending.

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I like it

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hope so

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shoes match the belt

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a free man just wears casual clothes, a social retard wears that.

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I ironically wanna something anime related, something like a ring of an Akatsuki member from Naruto

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>you have to be an *nglo
stopped reading there

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don't wear shirts that leave more than a tip of your penis out?

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there is literally nothing wrong with longline shirts that look like they could be a dress

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Socks before or after trousers, but never socks before pants, that's the rule. Makes a man look scary, like a chicken.

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i tucked your mom in bed after i fucked her

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why in the world would someone actually take their time to make this?....

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Wow you're just simply wrong. The shape of the hem is to allow for more mobility in the hips when the shirt is tucked

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>wearing something ironically
why not kill yourself ironically

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I know a guy who doesn't give one single solitary shit with regards to that rule.

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all this needs is a vape somewhere in there
>horde logo

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>Socks before or after trousers, but never socks before pants,

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seconding this question, what does it mean

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