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Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted (Our hearts go out to you, frog.

>http://pastebin.com/raw/jvUjw16e (embed) (embed)

Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:
>http://pastebin.com/raw/93cLG9jj (embed) (embed)

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"

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Stay hydrated. Drink a glass now.

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Water in my town is out of order. Just kill me

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>hit goal weight
>still look ugly and still want to lose more but know it won't help
>probably bdd anyway
Going from deficit for a year to maintaining is REALLY hard /fa/. Such a mental hurdle to go over. Plus my stomach is shrunk enough that I can barely get to maintainence without junk food (which I want to avoid or at least keep very limited).

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What? How is that even possible?

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>love the aesthetics of having almost totally empty bowels
>nearly impossible to keep them that way
>It's like the only time I actually like my stomach even though I'm way underweight already

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How's the current situation in Flint?

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go to the gym

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>Plus my stomach is shrunk enough that I can barely get to maintainence without junk food
I'm the same. That's why I'm buying 1Kg of 100% natural peanut butter tomorrow.

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If facial asymmetry exists why wouldn't body? Imo
63kg at 172/173cm

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Maybe the water main exploded or something. It's not impossible.

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wtf man that sucks

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im a dude thats 183 cm and 58 kg. should i gain more weight?

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Wrong thread for that question probably. Around here you're probably close to an ideal weight.

Anyway, most people outside of this general would tell you yes. Most here will probably say you're good or to just gain a little muscle. I'm actually the same height as you but was 53.5 kg a little while ago. All I can say is, you're probably healthier looking than I was/am (now closer to 55).

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im just here because of a raging fetish for anorexic girls

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I prefer more muscular women, but here you go anyway

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If you want to do it really clean and lift so it comes in as muscle, not fat. >>/fit/ would be a better help for that question though.

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i remember when I was 10 years old my older sister and her hot tiny friends had a competition of who could suck their stomach in the most and I got to watch.

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I'm 1.85m and 57.3.
If you need the strengh, eat more. If you want the build, hit the gym. I say this by own experience. I went on the gas on sunday at work and after 1 day carrying 19kg bottles I was almost dying, and the following days I've been really tired.
Just be sure you eat healthy food, and if you struggle to surpass your daily dose, just eat 100% peanut/almond/cashew/other butter, since it has tons of calories from good fats.

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Just make sure the butter is literally only the nuts plus maybe some salt cause a lot of the stuff you get at the grocery is usually loaded with additives and sugar.

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That's what I'm doing. Squats and other butt work mainly. I commute by bike to work when the weather is nice too.

Honestly that's one of the reasons that eating at maintainence is so hard too. Like... How do I trust that 15 miles of bicycling at 15mph actually burns as much as mfp says it does? What if I end up gaining weight because mfp over estimated? How much do I burn lifting weights at the gym? I just can't tell for sure and it freaks me out

I might do something like that this weekend. Just to help get calories while I get used to my new eating requirements

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dachau blues, those poor jews

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mfp ALWAYS over estimates. ALWAYS.

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I guess. Only asymmetry I have is slightly deviated septum and one side of my jaw is slightly bigger for some reason.
Pretty fun sized. Your goal weight?

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because youre mentally ill and have body image issues. just like everybody else in this thread

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use the whole #beautyateverysize thing against them. if it's OK for people to be overweight, the same should apply to people that are underweight

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It's bull shit. I guess I'll just not count exercise and see what I weigh in a month. I can get an idea of how much it burns that way

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Yeah but I already knew that.

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for a thinspo diet could this work?

my TDEE is around ~2800 cals but i need to lose weight fast

I'm going to be doing IF with lifting 3x a week, cardio 3x a week and ab excercises everyday.

week 1:
2500 cals a day

week 2:
2000 cals a day

week 3:
1500 cals a day

week 4:
1000 cals a day

and then maintain 1000 cals a day until i reach my desired weight. Is this healthy/plausible?

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Depends on how strong willed you are. You're going to be miserably hungry all the time at 1000kcal a day given your TDEE. That's actually a really low number anyway especially if you're a guy - it's not super healthy but I doubt you care about that if you're posting here.

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Yeah I'd say a 2000 minimum per day until your tdee is 2200 or so, then drop to 1800. You really shouldn't be eating less than 3/4 your tdee. But it's up to you. If you drop to 1k like that, you'll get really weak, especially with all that exercise.

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I just don't want to go into what people call "starvation mode" where your body stops losing weight because it thinks your dying.

should I just stop at 1500 and maintain at that until I reach my desired weight?

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>where your body stops losing weight because it thinks your dying.


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Even at 1500 you'll feel starved until your body's tdee comes to around 2100, which will take a bit. Prepare to be growling and hollow all the damn time. You're gonna need a lot of willpower. But you do you.

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How do I know when my TDEE drops? I started excercising and dieting about a month ago and I used an online calculator to find my original TDEE to be around 2800 and a month later I used the same calculator and it still is 2800

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>Even at 1500 you'll feel starved
I've had 1347kcal today and I'm fine.

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45-50kg depending what I look like
My goal is this don't know what bmi that is or if I could ever achieve it

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>just calculated my TDEE using the losertown calculator
>wont be at 2100 cals until february 2019


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It's back now! Fuck living in a <1000 populated village...

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Any advice on how to reduce calf and thigh size?
I've gone from 105kg-85kg (6'3) recently and while other parts of my body have noticeably slimmed down, I haven't seen much change in my already large calves and thighs.
Is it likely for them reduce after I've lost another 15kg?
I understand that it's mostly genetics but I assume there's some way to lessen them. Lots of cardio? Slight muscle mass loss on a very low calorie diet?

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Girls like that are the best, if you do get there you will be very ascended.

You would kill for my metabolism.

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>make america thin again
Just eat low fat. Only fat converts to fat, sugar doesn't and protein is only needed for muscle maintenance (f/ag/s don't want that either)

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I've given up on being thinspo. Since I've been exercising all my "weight" loss has come to a halt. Some days I even end up gaining weight. I'll never reach thinspo. By the time all my fat is gone I will probably be ottermode.

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What do you think her bmi is?

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this is how the american pre-packaged food industry was ruined btw

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That's a good look too thb.

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Not a fucking clue truth to be told, obviously below what is considered mid range.

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It should change with every loss, I recalculate every 5lbs using the calc in /fit/s sticky

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Yeah but I've been lurking these threads for months and now I feel like a bit of a fraud coming here. Some thing to some extent on /fit/ since I don't lift just for some calisthenic-type cardio and yoga.

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I agree with lowering calories but also eat less of it from fat.

Protein is needed for things like muscle and joints

Sugar is needed for muscle and energy

Fat is only needed for fat, it also causes disease to eat too much. The fat you eat is literally what you become. It goes between organs and under the skin, ruining health, longevity and aesthetics.

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e.g. nobody got fat from eating too many potatoes until they started adding butter to it.

nobody gets fat from eating too much fruit or coca cola

It's because sugar DOESN'T become fat

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is this just a meme like that lossy audio pasta or are you guys actually serious?

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I'm serious, a permanent weight loss diet to stay skinny and healthy is just 2k cals a day and low fat. From sugar if your metabolism gets higher you just eat a little more

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You really need to kys asap

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pls cite kthnks

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>nobody gets fat from eating too much coca cola
>It's because sugar DOESN'T become fat
I can't believe I'm reading this

Can someone confirm I'm reading this in real life? Legitimately in need of help, there's no way someone could post this and think it is either good advice or even believable enough to be bait.

No one actually typed what you're reading, it's a glitch in the system relaying some sort of Markov chain generator, I'm 100% sure.

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>sugar doesn't become fat

are you a girl. this sounds like some retarded shit only a girl would say

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did the discord ever get remade after going nuclear or nah

i liked that place

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eat low fat, is that weird?

it will always be better to have a fast metabolism than to lower your calories, that's why sugar is a better energy source for long term.

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Sugar is carbohydrate it's not its own macro nutrient and yes it will turn you fat if you take in more calories than your body consumes

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Yes but other carbs like grains actually slow metabolism.

People fatten later in life without even eating more food because their metabolism is too low. It's not healthy to even be skinny fat

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>Is it likely for them reduce after I've lost another 15kg?
Of course

>> No.12299584

>eat low fat, is that weird?
yes it's fucking weird. you know how many actually respected, scientifically supported contemporary diets recommend low fat? Fucking zero. Fat is crucial for healthy skin(which is the same type of molecule as fat) and producing hormones, like testerone. IDK if that stuff is important to you though, maybe you're transitioning?

>it will always be better to have a fast metabolism than to lower your calories, that's why sugar is a better energy source for long term.
Sugars from fruit, sure. I'm a big proponent of a balanced diet.

Simple, high glycemic sugars speed up your metabolism for an hour then crash it for the next 6. They actually slow your metabolism in the long run, not too mention they don't sate your appetite at all. Absolutely 0 reason to eat anything with added sugar if you're trying to lose weight.

Do everyone a huge favor and never give advice again.

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Thanks for clarifying, I surely wouldn't have done it

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Something from a university, please.

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go back to the fucking 90s

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Holy shit this is so wrong. It's empty carbs aka sugar! that get stored as the bad fat that we don't like. Also eating fat helps you feel fuller faster. It's the carbs that hurt you. There was a guy that found that people could only eat about 800 call of fat before they felt stuffed and couldn't eat without vomiting, while they could eat over 7000 cals of carbs without stopping. Please don't spread this misinformed shit like the aids it is.

For the dude who found that just Google it. Why do you think the keto/Atkins popularity is going through the roof? Because it actually works. My dad lost over 30 pounds by cutting carbs, which includes sugar!

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why don´t get guys like these or the /fit/ faggots banned?
why can´t shitposters stick to /b/ and /pol/?

>> No.12299651

No, I will never give advice again. But just FYI, university says consciousness comes from the brain, you have no soul and every religion is wrong, do you believe that?

Ok, it's not misnifo though (not advice but:)
Potatoes are more satiating and have less calories than fat. Skin milk has enough fat, protein and carbs...


>> No.12299662

>university says consciousness comes from the brain, you have no soul and every religion is wrong, do you believe that?
yes, of course, because I'm not retarded.

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>> No.12299672

>university says consciousness comes from the brain, you have no soul and every religion is wrong
science can't speak in matters of religion of philosophy, a scientist telling you you have no soul is the equivalent of a theologist claiming you have no liver. he has the right to claim so, but it's just his personal opinion and nothing more

>> No.12299674

>But just FYI, university says consciousness comes from the brain, you have no soul and every religion is wrong, do you believe that?

Does anybody have the copypasta on hand about the gay liberal ACLU professor getting BTFO by Einstein because rocks don't evolve? Apparently Anon here was in that class

>> No.12299699

>Sugar doesn't make you fat
>Consciousness doesn't come from the brain
Confirmed troll.

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How many calories should I eat if I don't exercise?

>> No.12299711

Use an online TDEE calculator.

>> No.12299733

>skin milk has enough fat
>skin milk
wtf kinda diet u on

>> No.12299738

the best kinda diet ;))))

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Should I move my calories from 1500 to 1800. I'm losing weight pretty good but I feel pretty empty unless my diet is perfect

Like for example if I go out for coffee the lack of macros wasted on coffee can throw me off for and make me feel empty and weak for the rest of the day

I used to eat 1800 a few years ago and it worked pretty well

>> No.12299784

Just drink black coffee . Problem fixed

>> No.12299788

Instant coffee is disgusting

>> No.12299795

invest in a french press if optaining cheap tasty coffee is your problem

>> No.12299796

Not instant. Fresh brewed black coffee from flash ground beans in a French press or pour over. Don't know how you got that from instant. Or just get espresso straight or with water as an americano. Not of those have calories.

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My tdee is 2015 but I consume about 3000 calories a day and my high metabolism rate covers the rest for me , it feels good being a skinny tall person with a high metabolism rate

>> No.12299820

you'll live to 90+

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>Not knowing what skin milk is
I hope that you are trolling because nobody is that autist

>> No.12299830

How did you come up with that conclusion?

>> No.12299832

>tdee is 2015 but I consume about 3000 calories a day and my high metabolism rate covers the rest for me
that doesn't make any sense

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lol what is physics

>> No.12299849

I know it doesn't
Nature works in mysterious ways plus im 182 cm 60 kg and i never get fatter even though i eat 3 proper meals without really exercising much (I do walk alot on college campus)

>> No.12299854

Lol what is being skinny and tall with a high metabolism rate

>> No.12299867

Let me explain this the right way.
I have an above average metabolism rate, the tdee is calculated through my bmr which is the basal metabolism rate aka thw minimum metabolism rate calculated through the information I have put in.
My tdee calculated based on bmr is 2015 ehile infact it should be alot more aince the bmr isnt accurate and it is only the minimum.

I also walk about 50 mins a day just cruising around in my college campus.

>> No.12299876

Calculators are inaccurate if you are eating 3k cals consistently and not gaining or losing weight 3k is your tdee

>> No.12299880

post body, guessing you are skinny fat

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Brm doesn't equal tdee. Brm is if you did nothing but breathe. Tdee is usually way higher , as evidenced. Your tdee is probably 2.9 or 3k.

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stae hydraat

>> No.12300053

6'5" 150 lbs here.
Feels great

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Whoa- found my new goal body. I know she's not super skinny but I love that strong feminine shape

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i'm close to my goal, and...I've never felt happier. I look so fucking good now, but my family and friends are sort of worried. Oh well.

guys, you can do it ! the hardest part is the beginning, but the more you go, the easier it gets.

now all I got to do is make a latex face prosthesis to change my features. (I'd say I'm average looking, but I want change my face without paying for an expensive surgery that might fail or kill me.)

don't forget, drink a lot of water.

>> No.12300312

whenever I take a nap i'm noticeably more attractive when I wake up does anyone else experience this?

I don't work or do anything is its not like i'm sleep deprived so what's the science behind this, also I sleep a lot.

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File: 98 KB, 697x696, Free-Shipping-Women-Mens-Fashion-Rubber-Rain-Boots-Knee-High-Buckle-Lovers-Tall-Rainboots-Stripe-Water.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Am I the only here who is severely depressed? Helps me stay skinny, ngl.

>> No.12300379

Should I break my fast early, cementing a step in the direction of eating disorder recovery?
Or should I continue on as I planned, potentially sinking further into my eating disorder and maybe losing weight?


>> No.12300382

>more attractive

In what way? Do you mean a cool unkempt sort of look? Or do you mean to say that you look thinner after napping?

>> No.12300387

fasting is useless. I lost 125 lbs just by eating 1000 calories a day.

>> No.12300390

It obviously isn't useless as you aren't taking in any calories and therefore lose weight. This is how physics works.

>> No.12300396

Oh yeah, so then why are you asking us if you should break your fast to help your eating disorder? This isn't how logic works. If fasting is as helpful as you think it is, then enjoy your ED.

>> No.12300413

...losing weight eating 1000 calories also wouldn't help me recover from my eating disorder?
And yes, obviously fasting is helpful in maintaining my eating disorder. That's the point.

It was a rhetorical question I posted to help myself decide which path I was going to go down today- recovery or ED.Not asking for weight loss tips.

But I guess thanks anyway?

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ok anon

>> No.12300423

Nope, but I constantly want to eat instead since it's one of the last things that consistently brings me joy.

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Starvation mode isn't real.

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Bipolar type II so basically depressed.

I eat more when I'm low so I have to stave off the crazy as best as I can, so I keep my sleep schedule long and consistent and exercise a lot. It helps but I have my low times.

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Break fast but with veggies. They're super healthy and your body will feel better and they're low enough calorie that you (hopefully) won't hate yourself.

>> No.12300829

if this is the stranger things grill she's legit disgusting

don't ever let yourself get this thin

>> No.12300856

Tips for weaning off alcohol? I really just like getting numb and feeling good, alcohol just kind of solves my problems but it's completely inhibiting my ability to lose weight. I often smoke marijuana too which encourages both drinking and over eating. Both of these drugs also keep me awake until early in the morning, which keeps me from sticking to a good sleep schedule. I have a whole lot of details about how alcohol and marijuana affect my diet/sleep schedule but I'm pretty drunk right now. Any tips for developing self discipline?

>> No.12300886

I just don't count exercise because I'm scared of eating maintenance

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Starvation mode isn't real

>> No.12300895

You just have to get used to feeling like shit, the hunger feeling somewhats goes away if you keep drinking water

>> No.12300928

did you mean bmr

>> No.12300946

Sleeping and waking up during the day is comfy and being comfy is magnetic.

>> No.12300971

:/ i think im in the same boat desu senpai..

>> No.12301070

Is there a way to find out the ideal waist size for your height/build for optimum thinspo aesthetics?
Female asking.

>> No.12301101

Muh Lolita.

>> No.12301106

honestly, to focus on an area like that, you would need to work the muscle group, which would include squats, and other leg muscle-building exercises. losing wieght will definitely help your figure, but working out the muscles is the only way to focus on an area like that being more prominent. maybe start by doing squats at your house to help "tone up" your glutes, and work your way to heavier weight. Buy a cheap dumbell kit at walmart or just lift two evenly-heavy objects in each hand if they can provide a burning sensation for what you're trying to focus on. it is honestly all about muscle building, and making the muscle more prominent than fat / bone&skin.

>> No.12301109

I just realized I misread the point of your post, but my reply still applies. there really isn't a way to make a certain spot on your body more prominent than building some muscle in that area. I went from skinny-fat to defined 6 pack in maybe 2 months by focusing on working my core.

>> No.12301113

That's fantastic. Keep that recollecting on that memory for your own well-being.

>> No.12301117

Thank you for the punctual reply!
I'm not really looking for ways to shrink my waist relative to the rest of my body though (I'm already doing a lot of ab work and naturally have a smaller waist etc), I'm looking for a calculation with which I can find the optimum thinspo waist size I can reach at my height and build without getting scary thin in other areas.
I really appreciate your reply though- I think what I'm looking for is probably a bit complex and niche for anyone to have actually figured out!

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File: 1.90 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20170309_103959.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry the shitty pic, stopped going to the gym in a while cuz got too bulky. Already lost 3kg again

>> No.12301320
File: 164 KB, 695x900, IMG_5640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I won't, given that I'm a dude. Pic is an accurate representation of my goal

Thanks for the precaution

>> No.12301344
File: 81 KB, 747x754, IMG_3412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>was doing so good
>now I can't stop binging

>> No.12301367


>> No.12301388

If you drink every single day it might be worth getting professional help, withdrawal is a bitch

>> No.12301391

I used to be the same, you can get better. Quit alcohol first, then the weed. Tapering is generally best for alcohol if you drink a whole lot, but at four strong beers a night I just cold turkey.

For sleep another anon sent me here and found it useful: digitalnoesis.org/sleep

>> No.12301528

Ive been eating under 1000 cals for 3 weeks, of course its doable. What matters is who does it, are you willed enough to do it? will you give up as soon as temptation arrives?
Why do you need to lose weight fast anyway?

>> No.12301536
File: 1.61 MB, 3024x4032, 1013F54C-040D-4DA5-93FD-D45133D7DED2-1685-000001E4CE287E70_tmp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

because I'm fat as fuck and want to be able to see my abs before summer arrives. I've only got until the first week of may to reach my goal.

pic is me

>> No.12301580

You are not fat but you certainly need to have developed ab muscles before you can cut down and see your abs. With a big deficit you will have no way of growing your muscles.
What you have to do:
>Step 1: workout (for a long time) to get muscle while eating on a surplus
>Step 2: cut down the fat still maintaining a workout routine and a proper diet to not lose the muscle
>Step 3 abs
What you will do
>Step 1: do nothing all year
>Step 2: workout for a month and starve yourself
>Step 3: lose as little muscle as you have with a severe deficit and cardio.
>Step 3: have no abs nor energy to go to the beach

Take it easy and think properly. Go to fit if you want abs, we can only teach you to skelly here. Take your time and plan next summer better.
Good luck!

>> No.12301602

thinspo, anyone else struggles with baby face? if I get skinnier would I look my age or older? I get ridiculously mad when someone tells me I look nothing like a 19 yo

>> No.12301609

I've actually been working out/eating at a 800 cal deficit for the past two months already. I haven't really seen any improvement in my muscles and according to my scales I haven't lost any weight either. I'm guessing that I'm currently losing fat/gaining muscle which explains the no weight loss.

So what you're saying is I have no chance of achieving my goal before this summer? Would I be better off keeping my cut until I'm super low bodyfat% and then start bulking again?

thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.

>> No.12301628

Its impossible to not lose weight on a 800 cal deficit. If you dont use a food scale get one, track your calories properly, dont add calories from exercise in myfitnesspal (its very inaccurate), be careful on your cheat days (ive seen people eat their weekly deficit in a sunday).
You can hardly gain muscle at a 800 cals deficit either and certainly not enough to compensate the fat you should be losing at this deficit. I doubt very much you are gaining much muscle.
You have no chance of getting visible abs if you have no developed ab muscles and you cant develop ab muscles in a month.
You dont need to cut more, go on /fit/ read the sticky and start a slow bulk (id recomend after the summer so you dont feel gross in the beach)
You are welcome qt

>> No.12301658


>> No.12301660

potato face?

>> No.12301667


>> No.12301674

thanks man will do

>> No.12301676

I've lost 6lb in ten days thinspo
I feel alive

>> No.12301687

So I fasted on Monday, Tuesday, 2500 cal fish and chips meal on Wednesday, and now I'm about to sleep while having fasted Thursday

So I lost 1kg in 4 days, feelsgoodman

Normally it would have taken 2 weeks

Hope u are all doing well with ur fat loss goals

>> No.12301871
File: 301 KB, 1280x1808, IMG_5479.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I exercise daily, incorporating aerobics and calisthenics. My regimen has no established resting periods.

Truly how necessary are rest days, and how many should be incorporated?

Additional information that may help:
I do IF and consume on average about 1650 calories daily. Fat has the largest conspumtion, followed by protein though I don't restrict heavily on carbohydrates.

>> No.12301875

Also, how the fuck do I deal with bad breath? I hydrate appropriately. I'm hesitant to use chewing gum or breath strips because of intermittent fasting.

>> No.12301903

rest is necessary to build muscle in a process called hypertrophy.

Try brushing your tongue. You may be having bad breath from not eating enough

>> No.12301906

Thanks. :)

>> No.12301907

I had a baby face and got slimmer and now I look like a kid huge cheeckbones

>> No.12301908

same here brother, same here

>> No.12301916

rest days are as big of a myth as starvation mode

and protein

>> No.12301930

Rest: www.bodyrecomposition.com/training/the-importance-of-rest.html

Breath: Try therabreath mouthwash.

>> No.12301932

I'm on the third day of a water fast and biked about 10 miles this morning, was so exhausting but I feel great now.

>> No.12301953

does biking make your legs look muscular and chunky? I know how stupid that sounds, I just have to get this question off my chest before I get a bike

>> No.12301987

not if you're fasting like that guy was

>> No.12302052

no. I bike and run a lot and have normal legs.

>> No.12302230

>got too bulky

Yeah, I don't think you are anywhere near bulky. Don't skip the gym, friendo.

>> No.12302238

Holy fuck are you me? This has been my life for the past two months since I turned 21, it's very depressing to say the least.

>> No.12302246

holy shit fucking land-whale over here.

>> No.12302254

People say that women getting too bulky from heavy lifting is a myth...
and yet all the pictures they post to prove it are of bulky women

>> No.12302273
File: 51 KB, 736x1104, thin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In the process of losing final kgs of weight. Would like some male inspo with height and weight so I know approximately what looks like what and how much I need a week to lose in the coming three months.

>pic related, ignore crappy pose and not very attractive male

>> No.12302419
File: 306 KB, 600x599, b0sXPeu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.12302438

I think you may be autistic

>> No.12302446

what do i do when i want to eat but should not?

>> No.12302461

There's literally no one they didn't mean their BMR

>> No.12302466


>> No.12302470

Thinspo is about thinspo not getting swole go back to /fit/

>> No.12302473
File: 112 KB, 1640x1093, cara.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.12302478

being fat makes you look older but it also makes you look down syndrome

A lot of /thinspo/ look young because of how skinny they are. You can try to get fitter and see if it makes you look older

>> No.12302484

Nice man keep it up

>> No.12302501

Normal or extra strength?

>> No.12302504

I started losing weight in august. Started at 273 pounds, currently 204. I hit a rough patch and I've been stuck at 204 for about a month. :(

Does anyone have some tips for getting back into it?

>> No.12302507

Depends if you live in a hilly area or not. If you live in illinois it wont make your legs look huge but if you live in a super hilly area your legs will looked jacked if you eat decently

>> No.12302509
File: 105 KB, 540x588, 1480833526518.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>not very attractive male

>> No.12302510

This dude is super attractive desu

>> No.12302516

Drink water

Fasting for 36ish hours helped me get back into dieting because after you fast you realize that eating even healthy shit is better than going through fasting again

>> No.12302523
File: 72 KB, 1080x1080, 1487976125731.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Don't eat.

Alternatively distract yourself, drink water. I used to play vidya for the majority of the day and that kept my mind off food.

>> No.12302525

You just have to shake it off. I had a bad three months, and to get out of it I had to eventually just say, okay we're back on starting right now. Not tomorrow or next monday or whatever, right now. Go through your life and clear out anything that's dragging you down, and go forward as best as you can.

>> No.12302526
File: 49 KB, 655x527, iwCNj9j.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i have gotten used to black coffee and don't miss starbucks garbage anymore

but someone just explained to me what a leafblower latte is and i'm ready to risk it all

>> No.12302567

I use normal. I've only been using it briefly but its already starting to work on my breath when 2 other mouth washes used for a month each really didn't do much besides mask it. So start with normal and know that extra is out there just in case.

>> No.12302571

Pickles. No calories

>> No.12302578

i'm 174cm and 65kg, and i still look skinny af. feel great tho, i used to weight 55kg 6 months ago

>> No.12302587

well, then theres no point in asking "why" if you already know

>> No.12302609
File: 178 KB, 760x1243, DSC_0301.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

inpatient sucks
who wants to guess how much weight i'll have gained by weigh in tomorrow :^))

>> No.12302629

I've been more and more active but I'm starting to look more fit than thin, what do?

>> No.12302652

kek'd unironically

>> No.12302657

I started not to long ago and only lost a few kg. But now my right thigh is around 4 cm thinner then my left one. Anyone an idea why and what to do? Most of it should be muscles because I don't have that much fat

>> No.12302681

HOW are you doing?

>> No.12303021
File: 21 KB, 276x368, 20161114004043812_276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you guys go with exercise and IF?

>> No.12303065


I eat my daily meal after exercise.

>> No.12303093

excercise first thing in the morning on an empty stomach at around 7

don't usually eat until around noon-ish

>> No.12303125
File: 16 KB, 248x248, confused buccellati.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got a question, why do you guys eat so little? My nutritionist and a lot of websites say that when you don't eat you generate more body fat, and that instead of not eating, you should be eating a bit of food every 2-4 hours that so you keep your metabolism working.

I don't understand.

>> No.12303127 [DELETED] 

I wish I was this skinny with only 5 extra pounds of fat

>> No.12303161

i want a body exactly like this. im 6ft, and ~130ish pounds. what do.

>> No.12303233

OMAD for breakfast, cardio 3-5 hours later for 10-15 minutes (still new and endurance is fantastic but its climbing) and yoga for 30 minutes in the evening. I tried exercising before eating and the quality of the exercise was just terrible and low energy. Sad!

Also I do non-directed meditation in the morning. Get 30 minutes of sun when its not cloudy and Earth for at least 20 minutes temperature permitting.

>> No.12303236

>I got a question, why do you guys eat so little?
I want to be skinny. I WANT it. Get it?

>My nutritionist and a lot of websites say that when you don't eat you generate more body fat

>and that instead of not eating, you should be eating a bit of food every 2-4 hours that so you keep your metabolism working.
Dangerous bollocks. The less often you eat the better. Here's a video sort of on that. One crusty anon says it isn't concise enough but its what turned me on to OMAD which i've been doing for about a 4-6 weeks no problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKfR6bAXr-c

>> No.12303304

Nah m8, I just calculated my tdee wrong. The tdee I put in was an inaccurate tdee

>> No.12303361


>> No.12303456

Do you mouth breathe ever?

>> No.12303534

Am I too thin for my height? I look a little lanky but if I wear form fitting clothes I don't look too bad.

>> No.12303567

Do you smoke? Dry mouth smells bad.

>> No.12303615

>you should be eating a bit of food every 2-4 hours that so you keep your metabolism working

You probably look fine

>> No.12303630

what is a good exercise to lose weight i can do at home?

>> No.12303646

jumping jack, running on the spot, dancing

>> No.12303658
File: 137 KB, 1024x698, Planning-Training-around-your-Menstrual-Cycle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

squats, planks, ab vacuums and pilates. Anything that uses a lot of muscles and HIIT. Pic related if your female


>> No.12303670

im male but thanks

>> No.12303694
File: 75 KB, 640x960, 1480352340110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone knows who is this?
I think I saw her in a thinspo thread but I don't remember

>> No.12303711
File: 253 KB, 500x495, tumblr_ok78pdO96m1vl51kmo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

okay thanks. found out i've lost 0.3kg since ive been here so thats a bit conflicting :^) it's mostly been a struggle though
how are you kindanon?

>> No.12303734

2600 calories a day is fucking killing me. Just end my suffering now.

>> No.12303761

I'm the one who posted her and I also don't remember
Google says it's Hannah Quinlivan tho

>> No.12303886

>My regimen has no established resting periods.
Gonna have to elaborate on this, you mean resting between exercises/sets or you 'train' every day?

>Also, how the fuck do I deal with bad breath
>Fat has the largest conspumtion, followed by protein

Answers itself, not an attack bro its just high fat+protein diet will give you brett.

>I'm hesitant to use chewing gum or breath strips because of intermittent fasting.
Wut? Chew gum man!!! Or mouthwash.

>> No.12303945

Muh cock, this is beautiful

How to achieve? Specially OP pic's bod

>> No.12303953

it's ok anon i go down that path most days desu. sometimes i just come to this thread because it helps get things in perspective

>> No.12303978


>> No.12303982

probably a fatty

>> No.12303987

thats literally the amount of calories you'd expect a bodybuilder that's in the bulking phase to eat

>> No.12303999

Or a real tall person who's doing nothing

>> No.12304008

Only when I exercise.

Haven't breathed through my mouth since January when I started Mewing, which, I should mention, is no joke whatsoever.

Have never and hope to never smoke.

I referred to entire est days. Otherwise thanks for all the advice, it's good. I'll start using mouthwash for sure.

>> No.12304009

I think that might be the IP anon

>> No.12304015

who is IP anon

>> No.12304020


>> No.12304032

I would guess the same. I had to eat a similar amount in recovery to gain and it really did suck.

>> No.12304043

not me nop, on 2000ish atm

>> No.12304048

why are you eating that much food?

>> No.12304068

Is that a boy or a girl

>> No.12304069

why would a boy wear a dress in public
they're not anime

>> No.12304073

Rest days are super important. In fact, take a week off completely. The 'shock' when you go back will work wonders.

Resting lets your body actually develop, it also stops it becoming used to the activity. Atm your are essentially gaining nothing and just about maintaining.

I kinda think you need to re work your entire 'system'

>> No.12304075
File: 23 KB, 249x214, 1482113258813.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>they're not anime
for you

>> No.12304079

Great. I'll take the weekend off and see how I feel. Thanks for being helpful.

>> No.12304080

it's definitely not a boy. the bones and everything are way too frail.

>> No.12304086

It could just as well be an anorexic boy. Go look at some of the trannies at /lgbt/. When the body shuts down production of testosterone because of low weight or chemical interference, male and female bodies look very similar. The biggest difference is potential height, but anorexia kills height gains sooo...

>> No.12304090

the size of the bones is what gives it away. even at very low bodyweight there's a noticeable difference in how male and female bodies look and there's no real indication of male features on her other than the andro hair.

>> No.12304098

Godspeed anon

>> No.12304102

There's no indicators of male nor female on that thing, and no there's not necessarily a difference in skeleton between genders. Ethnicity and height makes bigger difference.

>> No.12304115
File: 146 KB, 588x557, human-skeleton-male-and-female-human-bones-male-vs-female-humananatomy-co.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

there absolutely is a difference in skeleton between genders. men have larger skulls, wider shoulders, and narrower hips in proportion to their bodies. now it could be that this is a very feminine, low t, young male that has meticulously hidden every aspect of maleness and never used there muscles, but I'm leaning closer to it being a female that is in to her body image and has andro hair just because it's what's most likely.

>> No.12304121

put a narrow framed mexican man beside an average scandinavian woman, starve them both until their hormone systems shut down and all their muscles atrophy, and they will look the same.
The ideals of both genders are what you've described, but it isn't necessarily the norm.
>and never used there muscles
muscles atrophy when a body is starved, and a lot of the wideness in men are due to the extra muscle mass that testosterone gives. Without proper hormones that will dissappear.

>> No.12304127

The fuck do you think causes height???

>> No.12304130

I'm not saying it's definitely not a male, just that it's more likely that it's a female.
there's google images of anorexic men and trannies if you want to do the comparison, that's not even my argument.

would that anon come back and tell us whether or not she's a boy please?? lul

>> No.12304131

The fuck do you think causes growth

>> No.12304133

You leave my femboy alone

>> No.12304137

you're arguing with a wannabe femboy ;^)

>> No.12304139

as in a wannabe femboy with vagina or a wannabe femboy with benis?

>> No.12304142

wannabe femboy with a femine benis

>> No.12304144


>> No.12304146

im bonganon and i am a grill

>> No.12304149


>> No.12304153

What should i do senpai? i broke up with my boyfriend who i was losing weight for. I like my body but he always liked skinny girls better. Is it even worth losing more weigh? I am in the healthy bmi range and I workout.
But there is something about severe calorie restriction that makes me happy and fulfilled.

>> No.12304168

hello you

Do it for you not for benis or benis-attachments.

>> No.12304187
File: 118 KB, 795x975, thhinsppp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is this truth?

>> No.12304194

I know, I really enjoy restricting though, thats the problem: its the first thing ever that has given me control over my life, i dont even care about my body being skinny.

>> No.12304195

I recommend talking to a therapist and have he/she help you transfer the feeling of control over to other things too. That way you can take control of your life, feel more at ease with yourself, and avoid eating disorder.

If you keep leaning on it as comfort you end up as fucked up as some of the people in this thread. Remember it's about wellbeing in the end, about being happy with yourself and your health.

>> No.12304210

I understand, i know its not normal but i am not underweight so i dont think any therapist would really worry too much desu. And where i live therapists are really expensive.

>> No.12304225

mmm i bet you suck a mean dick

>> No.12304235

Fair enough, but know that it's not about the weight it's about control. At least you are aware of it, so you should try to avoid making food a comfort control mechanism when things are hard in life.

>> No.12304269


>> No.12304297

Thank you, ill try to fix this somehow

>> No.12304357

Attention whores need to leave

>> No.12304401
File: 11 KB, 408x408, frog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How's the feeding tube?

>> No.12304413
File: 75 KB, 598x687, 1470769073704.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been so bad these last two weeks. I need to do some 23:1 hour fasts. Starting today.

I'm so tired though, I hope I make it.

>> No.12304506

what are your goals?

>> No.12304551

had 400 calories today, is there a possibility that i pass out ?

>> No.12304558

There's always a possibilty but if you only ate that little once It's probably pretty low

>> No.12304559

I'm 145-lbs now, I'd like to be 140-lbs. (5' 10"). So nothing amazing, but just been having a hard time maintaining easily. I got down to 143-lbs and then had some rough times at work and ended up 145-lbs (averaged over 7 days).

>> No.12304563
File: 519 KB, 1235x1280, ad40d795-43d4-4034-82af-7262b9206d96.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been off it a week now! It was awful though. Tried to turn the feed off when I went to the bathroom but it started bleeping really loud n they turned it back on. :^(
How are you?

>> No.12304564

If I don't eat for a day, the second day I have some risk of feeling faint.

>> No.12304585

How much did you gain from the feeding tube? I missed your photo earlier until I backtracked the conversation you were having, but to be honest you don't look any heavier.

I'm doing alright, tired from too much work. The wageslave life.

>> No.12304592
File: 130 KB, 736x982, 435a8dd55cf4d1e6758cbab88a5d701b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nothing. The tube was just refeeding (went from 200-1800 calories over a week with daily increases). Still not on a full meal plan in IP yet but I'm up about 1lb since prior to hospitalisation which is desu probably all food.

>> No.12304597

glad you're doing okay though! Hope you get to rest up over the weekend :^)

>> No.12304610

Probably not

>> No.12304614

Ah okay so that was to get your stomach ready for food. What weight would you like to end up at?

Thank you, bong, I will.

>> No.12304653

that's what I typically eat on a daily basis but I'm 5'3 so

>> No.12304655

I jinxed myself by posting this. The weight loss has definitely slowed down now.

>> No.12304681

>never tried diet
>decide to try it
>lost 4kg fast than a month
>thought it was easy
>loosing more fat is know hard as fuck
>loosing 2kg know seems hard as fuck

have any of you had a similar case , that lost a lot of weight fast but then its taking forever to lower it

>> No.12304684

Water weight

>> No.12304685
File: 158 KB, 867x960, 1478423804897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

when you overeat but get so hyperactive you still loose anyway

Yeah it's how it usually goes

>> No.12304690
File: 1.06 MB, 1759x2512, 1471844941937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I never done a diet before so this is kinda new to me

>> No.12304694

Probably was a lot of water weight at first. But also, EAT LESS. Fat is biologically active so when you lose it your TDEE goes down. Most people eat too much when losing weight so they find it "hard." It's easy unless you are a little piggy. If you're not eating 1000 calories you're not even trying imo.

>> No.12304696

1000 calories or less*

>> No.12304699
File: 1.19 MB, 2166x3038, 1480336937636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh I see
But I can still drink water constantly right?

>> No.12304702

If you're drinking water constantly and going to the bathroom frequently, it's because you need more salt. Salt makes you retain water so you will neither have to drink it "constantly" or urinate frequently because the water you're drinking is going right through you.

>> No.12304708

So I just add more salt on my diet
Can mineral water do the trick?

>> No.12304709

How to cop a body like this?

>> No.12304715

I'm skinny everywhere but my belly which is quite fat. How do I remove belly fat yet gain a bit of muscle in my arms and legs?

>> No.12304718

What trick? To stop needing water constantly? No. Just eat something salty or add a little salt to some water, like 1/8 a tsp. Warm salty water > cold, because cold salty water tastes weird but for me warm is fine. Play it by ear and keep track of your face because too much will make you retain too much water and look fat.

>> No.12304724
File: 1.80 MB, 1599x2400, 1473183456616.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks anon

>> No.12304737


Thanks. Good info.

>> No.12304796
File: 39 KB, 550x535, maybe-a-mealcuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you a mealcuck?

>> No.12304843

not anon but whats a "mealcuck" ? i see this word thrown around a lot but i don't really get it...

>> No.12304848

Bump for answers

>> No.12304858

lmao "mealcuck"

>> No.12304881
File: 53 KB, 600x800, sehun-belly-button.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where's the model tips from that chick? Thnx in advance

I'm my GW rn but I'm skinnyfat bc I didn't work out baka

I'm gonna do 1000 cals and start running once I'm free of the cold I have.
My new roommate is my exact height and weight and is pretty fit, he said we can go to the gym together which is good bc I'm competitive.

>> No.12304949

I think it means "someone that eat multiple meals throughout the day" implying fasting or intermittent fasting is the best way to lose weight.

>> No.12304956

doesn't intermittent fasting crash metabolism and make you gain weight?

>> No.12304976
File: 229 KB, 720x1280, 1480454205343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Will i still lose weight if i eat in a pattern of having a very small breakfast and lunch but then eating twice as much after dinner (while still staying at my BMR or lower)

>> No.12304985
File: 6 KB, 222x216, cool.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mealcucks eat all throughout the day spiking their insulin levels and preventing fat from being burned. Meanwhile, I use intermitted fasting and literally BREEZE through my weightloss and can have BIG dinners WHENEVER I want

You'd have to be a huge cuck not to do IF, I can't believe mealcucks are so stupid. You can literally eat more when using intermittent fasting because your insulin levels are dramatically better (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15640462))

Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIuj-oMN-Fk

>> No.12304988

No, what the fuck

>> No.12304993
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>mfw picturing this anon eating half an egg, a slice of an apple precisely measured, and two almonds

>> No.12304997

>Haven't breathed through my mouth since January when I started Mewing, which, I should mention, is no joke whatsoever.

I've also been doing that, keeping the tongue against the back roof the mouth since sometime last year... I think I look the same but it is noticeably easier to breathe which is amazing.

>> No.12305001

>keeping the tongue against the back roof the mouth since sometime last year
Where else would you put it?

>> No.12305025

Yeah that's pretty much it,it really is embarassing

>> No.12305038

Do intermittent fasting instead. Watch the Youtube video I posted at the end of this post >>12304985

You burn more fat, won't be hungry after you get used to it, and when you do eat you'll feel satisfied.

>> No.12305040

I was doing it,i have no fat left to burn now but thanks for the suggestion

>> No.12305052

Glad it worked so well for you. IF doesn't have to be only for losing weight though. If you are trying to maintain it works also, just up your calories or if you were doing 23:1 or something switch to 16:8. Just group your calories more.

>> No.12305096

>Where else would you put it?

When I say back, I mean where it would go when you swallow a sip of water, but holding it there forever.

>> No.12305121


>> No.12305173

bmi 16.5ish is my current goal, with some muscle too when i get discharged. its voluntarily and they cant really section me if im managing so whether they agree with this goal or not thats the plan :^) and i'm glad, no problem!

>> No.12305221


Glad to hear that.

I had proportionate facial features beforehand, which allowed me to nose-breath on the get-go, without hitches. However I have noticed significant changes in the masseter muscle, perhaps because I tend to be forceful with the closure of the mouth.

A small helping of fat loss also accentuated the features of the face; the cheekbones, jaw and chin.

>> No.12305295
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>make a latex face prosthesis to change facial features

HEY...that's quite an interesting idea, actually.

>> No.12305516

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