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hey /fa/

i'm 27 years old and live with my parents, my mom buys all my clothes because i'm a piece of shit heh

i have a lot of money though because of my frugal loser lifestyle

i want to blow some money on clothes but I have no idea where to start, where should i shop? what should i buy

send help

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not me in pic btw

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hi OP! Don't worry, I'm here to help!

You should spend your money in a clothes store, and you should buy clothes. You're going to want to at least get underwear, socks, pants, shirts and shoes.

Hope this helps

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go to ssense.com
sort by price high -> low
start buying

Thank me later ;^)

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I was in your position not too long ago bro...
23yo and my mother still bought all of my clothes, it took me a while to develop a proper fashion taste.

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Just buy simple plain t-shirts of colors you like, regular, slim or skinny jeans (it depends on your build and your taste) and any jacket. Get those at your local mall... then start lurking here until you find designers/brands you really like and buy their clothes.

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damn this is hard

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Get the fuck back to whatever shithhole you came from or fucking lurk more newfag

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go to a nice department store and ask them to help you pick out clothes. I did this a few weeks ago and have never looked better. Everything fits wonderful and looks great. I got about 15 outfits for less than 1000$.

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people remember there's a sticky right?
read the sticky

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cant scare me i know you're just a coathanger haha

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You should start off by buying a louis vuitton belt

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just start with a cool jacket. wear it for a while and build from there.

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If you follow these rules you will have a function wardrobe quickly, and without making any dumb purchases

>first rule is to start slow and build a simple, basic wardrobe. Start with 2, plain, well fitting Tshirts, and 2 shorts. If it's cold where you live, chinos. find out what fits and work into buying a "basic wardrobe" from there. Don't spend anything more than $50 on an item yet.

>Don't try to "make a costume" or a single outfit that you think looks really rad. It'll look silly.

>always by simple, less flashy clothing until you've developed a sense of fashion, which can take months

>Come to realize that sexuality isn't polar, it's closer to the Kinsey scale

>fantasize about kissing a guy, and touching him around the shoulder and thighs

>start slow at first but eventually move on to penetration fantasies

>dress in sexually flamboyant and provocative clothing

>invite a male friend along to help you buy a new outfit

>spend a lot of time alone with your friend and talk about your dreams and feelings

>get drunk with him one night and express your feelings to him

>have sex

boom, you're officially /fa/

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Depends on how much you have / want to not have. You sound like a jewish degenerate so id say start with h&m. Then if you got a taste then try something like supreme.

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Yep, it's like this

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How cucked are you? Get the fuck out of here such a loser

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How the fuck do you even expect me to read your post when you post that pic?
Jesus Christ hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng

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swimsuit succubus

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fa's sticky is the worst on the entirety of this forsaken website

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it's fool-proof, OP

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This is one of the rare occasions (well, kind of rare; actually not all too rare) where FULL RICK (buy some nice Rick Owens clothes, OP! Al whole outfit or two. You'll love it!) is the correct answer.

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Haha cuck cuck! You sure showed him!

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Epic edgy image

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Black slim pants + plain t-shirt (that fits you good) and a nice pair of sneakers. That's the most basic /fa/ shit.

Wear basic shit until you feel comfortable enough to buy more unique items.

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