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Flecktarn general?? I'm having some problems with dyeing, after 6 or 7 bottles of rit dye, the camo is still very visible which is fine but it makes the jacket look very brown? What am i doing wrong /fa/? Can provide pics if needed

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You should quit so you don't ruin my meme

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post pic (of feet)

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sorry OP, I can't help much. I just put mine with some dye and salt into the washing machine and received a pitch black parka.

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Damn dude that looks good. I havent been using salt, is that the problem. Also did you use rit or dylon?

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I used a (German) product called simplycol. It came with a little plastic bottle filled with dye AND a pack of fixating salt, which were both to be placed inside the washing machine.

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does anybody know how the dude in that pic got his velcro patches/ zipper to be brown? I dyed my parka to about the same color, but those parts didn't absorb any dye and stayed the same color.

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Same here man, I actually wanted some subtle camo and I got pitch. Not to bothered tho, I like the black.

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What did you do to yours?

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stop it already

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I already fell for the meme it's too late

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One package of dye and a half hour in the washing machine, then one more to get the remaining dye out of the cotton so it doesn't run onto other clothes 'n' shit. then in the dryer and..tah-dah.

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It would be great if you faggots were even a little creative, dying the parka a colour other than black or maybe using a different jacket.

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W2C that coat?

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Everytime I see this guy I keep asking myself, what the fuck is up with his leg?

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had the same issue with both dylon and rit

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Haha. yea, actually.

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I love these threads. There's a new one everyday and it's always the same conversation. No one learns anything, especially not how to use the archive.

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I got one with the intention of dying it, but it turned out I actually just really liked the pattern.

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Utmost incompetence

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Exact same thing happened to me lol

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I don't understand your fancy words

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this applies to most of the threads on /fa/


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you are either too short or too stocky to wear long hem tops

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how hot is the water you used and how long did you let it sit in the dye?

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Stop using cheap ass rit and use procion, you stupid fucking faggot. Jesus Christ you white people are fucking stupid.

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used two boxes of rits and it turned dark brown, probably going to dye it with two more boxes. It was only two dollars for a box at Walmart anyways

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what boots are those

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Tell me whats your height and what gr. Size you got? That fits really fucking good man

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>Wtf is up with ppl dyeing flecktarn black??

If you're gonna do that wtf is the point in buying a flecktarn jacket to begin with??

All you end up doing is ruining the remaining stock of flecktarn for the rest.
Why not just buy a plain OD jacket and dye that? Or get a plain black milsurp jacket?

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I also fell for the meme. It turned out lighter/less black than I expected. Used 2 packs of Simplicol dye on a 65% cotton/35% polyester parka.

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Forgot the picture.

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Mine turned out pitch black with the same amount of simplicol. But my parka was 80-20 cotton /poly

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Fuck, cool your jets Tyrone.

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Not said person, do you know any short-medium hem jackets for smol people?

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Is there any way to tell how much cotton/polyester is in these if you cant read the label?

Theres at least tens of thousands of these just sat in storage. Quit acting like they're some precious commodity.

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is the only real difference between a new and use one the price, with the intention of dying in mind?
New to this kind of stuff.

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price and degree of wear. But even a fairly worn one, like >>12198485 (it's a 1997 model) holds up just fine.

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thanks man. I like the worn look so I'll go with a used one then.

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And at least half of them were all bought up by UO and shittily dyed black cause no one wanted them at the time so they started shilling for them

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>cheap and readily available
>people like the style and cut but would rather have it in black

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idk why i keked hard

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if my height is ~185cm and chest is 100cm, should I be getting the gr13 or the 14?

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Bought a parka to find that it is slightly too small around the shoulders and back? Can i stretch it?

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What version is this? I want one with the patch velcro on the sleeve like this one, is it pre 1995?

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Posting mine in this meme thread. I wear original GATs with this fit.

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Do you need to remove the drawstrings before dying ? Will they turn black otherwise?

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they don't turn black cause they're not made of cotton.

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