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Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"
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>tfw no matter how much weight you lose, you'll also have a wide torso

i'll never be a skinny guy :--(

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Has anyone ever tried the skinny girl diet? Has it worked for you? Thinking about giving it a try.

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Ate about even on the macros today, upped the fat. Everything eaten in the last hour and a half. At least I'll come in under.

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>do not count veggies and fruits
Seems like a trick, senpai

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>do not count veggies and fruits

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I agree. I'm definitely gonna count them so I'm ignoring that stupid shit. I just like following a plan I guess. I've been eating 1200 but I feel like I'm not losing fast enough.

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What's your diet like? What are you eating and when?

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How to stay fit without developing bulky thighs and calves?

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I eat around 12-1ish. I eat stuff like crackers and cheese, carrot sticks, and if I'm not in class I try to eat two boiled eggs. I then eat again around 6-8 pm. A small serving of rice and brocolli. Afterwards I may eat some yogurt. I've been doing this for about two weeks and only lost five lbs. I may be acting impatient though. I just really wanna be 110 by my graduation in May

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Five pounds is pretty good for two weeks. What are your stats? What's special about graduation, the photos that mum will be sharing forever?

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What's your current weight and height?

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What's a thinspo weight for a 5'7-5'8 girl?
Please help

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5'2 134. I have pretty based genetics so 110 look so fairly thin on me.

And as for graduation..honestly It's both because of photos and my own weird obsession with major periods in my life. I just wanna look good again :(

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Wow you're a little heffer. What about doing a fast? Would that be too hard with school or is your major easy? For me day two was the only hard day in my five day fast I did a bit back. Fucked up my sleep a bit too, the adrenaline gets going I think.

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Depends on your body, it varies from like 16-18 bmi generally. Where are you at now?

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You guys are a bunch of weak little faggots

If you want to look good, eat more protein and do Starting Strength

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Is it possible for you to make your eating window smaller? Instead of eating at 6-8pm, can you eat earlier like 5-6 or 4-5?

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150 but I was 125lbs last November but I wasn't happy

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I wanna fast so damn bad. I was gonna try a liquid fast this weekend but ended up eating eggs like a retard. I don't think a fast would be Too bad with my major. How much did you lose on your five day and what are your stats? Maybe I can try one then start on a modified skinny girl diet after?

Also yes..I am a little heffer UGH I'm the tiniest in my family of 6 ft giants fuck the world.

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How did you gain 25-lbs that fast?

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Depends on my class schedule unfortunately but I can certainly give it a try.

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By being a fat fuck
I was 160 in August and then lost 35
I have issues

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Well during the fast you lose a lot of water weight. I'd say legit I lost 3-4lbs of fat. I was 140-lbs at the time (6'), probably ended at 136-lbs. It looked like I lost more right after because of the water weight.

Before you do a longer fast, you need to try a 1 day, then try a 2 day, then a 3 day.. that's how I did it. I wouldn't recommend just jumping into a five day.

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..Oh and inbetween your fasts I'd do a few days of like 1300 calories and then go to 1000. Do it all IF 24 hour Warrior Diet timing. Eat once per day.

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What are the issues? You just fall off the wagon and go crazy? Not even trying to be rude, curious.

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I moved to the US, without my mom, living with my dad without my own room it's all excuses desu
I just have to not eat
Worst part is I'm more active now (at least 30 hours on my feet moving at work) which would lead to quicker fat loss
I just want to wear a qt dress for once

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This man walks up to you at a club and stabs a needle full of trenbolone up your ass

What do you do?

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I gained like 30 pounds in the year after my mom opened an ice cream shop. Tell me I'm disgusting.

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Ice cream is delicious. Only you can judge your own body/eating habits. You might be in the wrong thread though.

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How long until it goes broke?

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You'll get there. What's your diet?

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It's doing very well, it's in a great location. Walking distance from the beach and across from a medical center.

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Lower the calories and do OMAD. OMAD doubles your BMR so its a double whammy of weight loss. Good luck, anon.

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Im getting my first tat tonight lol
I think itll help me wanna stick to thinspo even more since itll be on my stomach

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Don't work out your thighs. Two things though, 1. No on likes a chicken legged freak. 2. And whether your a boy or a girl, but especially if you're a girl, no one has ever ACCIDENTALLY gotten too bulky. Building muscle takes time and dedication and diet and diligence. You don't luck or stumble into it.

Do cardio to get fit without building too much muscle. But since most cardio is usually running or swimming, expect a little muscle gain. If its too bulky for you, lose more weight.

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Inka Something

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>across from a medical center
bit ironic desu

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stupid cunt

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I would hate to be that thin and still have a fat face.

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She just has a man jaw.

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>just big bones, anon

Still tho.

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Yeah, it's gotta suck to be so slim but still have bulky parts because of bone structure.

I feel sympathy for girls with box torsos.

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I love Cara but you can't deny she has a box body

Chloe though

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Fasting and going sub 100 calories
I know it's bad but I know I can lose weight quickly this way and then I'll have to learn to eat normally

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I know, I know. Cara is such a qt though and I love her personality.

Is that Chloe photo real? A lot of hers are photoshopped to make her look worse I think.

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Fasting isn't bad if you are controlled about it and use it as part of a comprehensive nutritional plan where you ensure that your meeting your health needs. But your yo yo dieting can really fuck you up. There was another anon on here who gave herself kidney stones doing that.

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This one is real.

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just made this delicious dinner, 304 Calories!

5 cups romaine salad

1 cup mini tomatoes

1 cup shredded chicken breast

light sprinkle of mozzarella cheese.

Very filling and great texture!

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Yum :o)

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Poor little bugger.

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I don't mind dying
I'm not fit to live
I don't know how to make friends, to be comfortable with myself, to be normal I just say offensive dumb ass shit

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While she has a wide torso, she could def better it by losing maybe 15 pounds and exercise.

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You say that now, but, after you fuck up your body in your 20s you end up having to live in it the rest of your life. So, treat it nicely.

I don't know how to make friends either, but I've gotten more comfortable with myself. A lot of your discomfort is coming from trying to be someone you aren't. Not going to tell you to bee urself but you do need to figure out who you are and make the best of it. Remember that desire is the cause of suffering. Acceptance is the key to happiness and peace.

So just work at being the best you. Diet, but quit putting these crazy constraints on yourself and make a plan for eating well for life. Being skinny for life, but in a sustainable and healthy way. Get there slow, there is no rush.

I'm rambling and going to bed. Anyways, good luck to you. Welcome to America.

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looks good :3 do you prefer lettuce over spinach?

>> No.12193297

I freaking love spinach, but I've been eating it so much lately that I've had a little spinach overdose.

And also, I really felt like Romaine filled me up much more than spinach (probably because Romaine has more water) So I'm gonna continue to use Romaine for salads and saute my spinach instead.

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Thanks man and good night

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Can't into IF and low carb/high fat?

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>tfw no boy will ever want to hold me because I'm bony and uncomfortable to hold
>tfw bruises all along my back/spine from sitting down on hard chairs
>tfw hands always shaky (mostly from medication)
>tfw I'm short and can't be a tall, willowy model

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>do not count veggies and fruits

I may be anorexic but I'm not retarded

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>tfw my butt hurts boys' laps.

>> No.12193515

Short and skinny is cute. On girls at least

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I still find it really hard to include water into my daily routine any tips?

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Carry around a gallon of water. I find it also helps to drink a little from every water fountain I see.

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If it was up to me I would send all fat people to the gas chambers desu, senpai

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Well we gotta give them a chance. Aka send them to work in concentration camps so they can reach thinspo tier

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>mfw I got banned from 3 different health and fitness groups for spreading pro-ana propaganda and fat shaming

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Yeah, I got banned from MyFitnessPal on two accounts for the same reason.

It was annoying because I wasn't even commenting any pro ana stuff, I think someone just reported my profile because of my intake and stats

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I've lost 6 kilos the past 5 weeks /thin/
I started a new job that basically eats up all my time, so on the drive to work I have a multivitamin, 2 service station pies, and water, then I work, go home, go to sleep. On my days off I make sure to have 2 full meals with a lot of vegetables and fruits and one smaller, snack meal for lunch. Usually just some rice and tuna.

Exactly how unhealthy is my diet right now?

>> No.12193797

I forgot to mention that my job is as a waiter in a fine dining restaurant, so I spend 8 - 10 hours basically powerwalking.

>> No.12193798

If your weight isn't constantly going up and down, it's pretty good diet

>> No.12193836

cut the pies and bring your lunch unless they cook you some dank good stuff

>> No.12193840

Yeah, make your lunch and get some more veg in there!
I'm jealous of your new job though!

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You're wise. Thank you

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do u just introduce urself here or

hi I'm short and trying to lose weight and wanna talk to people who don't think it's weird

I'm currently 107.0 and 4'10", aiming for 400-500 cals daily , a fast or two and then a more normal day when I have to eat with family or friends


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tfw you shit for the first time in days and you gain weight afterward. What the fuck, fampai?

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Yesterday when I came home from work my boyfriend asked me to sit down and have a talk with him.
He wanted to know what I weight now and how much more I'm planning to lose.
I hated to see him be so worried over nothing. I assured him that I wont go under 110 (I'm 118 now).
Do you guys think that 110 is thin enough for a 5'5 girl?

>> No.12194132

I mean it's underweight! I personally think it's thin enough. It depends on your body type (how you carry fat) and what you personally are happy with.
Once you get there you could work on body recomposition to lose fat while building muscle (so you look smaller while staying the same weight).
Basically just do you.

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welcome to 4chan

>> No.12194135

>tfw I fucking love short girls
5'4 is the perfect height tbqh

>> No.12194140

you're a medical and thermodynamic fucking marvel my friend. donate your body to science this instant.

>> No.12194142

>107 kg
are you an orb?

regardless, good luck friend. you're going to make it.

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>> No.12194173


107 LBS

dat 1

Thank u 2 anon friend <3

Idk why I am even still awake

>> No.12194177

I'm bad at 4chan

I meant to respond to >>12194133

>> No.12194191

Body fat distribution is so frustrating. My chest bones are clearly visible but my thighs are still fat? Ugh!

>> No.12194208

Same or even worse with bone-structure
>ultra thin but hip bones are wide
>people get scared by how much they are showing

>> No.12194217

how do i fix low blood sugar without eating a lot of carbs?

>> No.12194218

Yeah, having a wide bone structure sucks.
I feel like no matter how thin I get, I'll still look huge because I'm tall and have bones everywhere

>> No.12194223

fruits maybe? grapes, bananas etc
they have fructose and fiber

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How much should i lose to look thin? I'm 156cm and 59kg now, so I want to aim for 45-50, but I feel like my body is too wide even when you ignore the fat. Pic related (not me) is around about what I looked like at ~66kg.

>> No.12194229

I've been using metamucil with my meals for months now, and it really helps my blood sugar and helps me to feel full. I really recommend trying out, cause it helps out with digestion, eating less, and keeping your blood sugar stable.

One very important note though: Get the orange-flavored, SMOOTH, and with sugar variety.

The non-orange flavored tastes disgusting, the non-sugar has an artificial sweetener added (also disgusting), and the coarse variety will make you choke.

I can get a 3 pound bottle on Amazon for about $15 usually. Just have 2 spoonfuls in a glass with water with every meal you eat (it's about 100 calories).

>> No.12194248

work out
turn the fat into muscle, that way you won't look too wide

>> No.12194272

you should get to under 40 kg

>> No.12194286

how do i get myself to go to the gym :( im so lazy

>> No.12194290

>turn the fat into muscle

>> No.12194321

Just go even if you sit in the parking lot and make it a habit

>> No.12194322

Should i go thin if i'm 5'7/173cm?

Currently at 58 kg but i'm afraid i might look like a boy if i keep going (Although i want to) Also my legs are still quite big

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>> No.12194377

Anyone watch Kay's Good Cooking on YouTube? It's so disgusting it makes you not want to eat, and on top of that she is such a sweetheart I love her so it's an awesome combo


>> No.12194391

Welcome! You'll get there, anon.

Nice bait, man. Intentional or not.

>> No.12194393


>> No.12194406

Watch this video for additional motivation to exercise. I do it to hopefully get off zoloft and other mental health pharmaceuticals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsVzKCk066g

>> No.12194455

Good luck senpai, you can do it!

Don't undereat too much or you will feel bad and be discouraged, these things take time.

>> No.12194458

Will pickles break a fast? They have 0 calories

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>They have 0 calories
You might want to double check that, lass.

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File: 124 KB, 485x401, 1484042454989.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dont eat while fasting, its not that complicated

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File: 2.35 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12194484

Keep checking. Legally you can say something has zero calories if it's below a certain threshold. The label says zero calories per serving, and defines a "serving" as a very small quantity 28 grams. Pickles are, indeed, a super low calorie snack, but not completely calorie free. You might be surprised how much it actually has. If they define the serving size small enough to make carbs .49g, fat .49g, etc. then they can round to 0 legally - yet a medium sized pickle has about 10-15 calories depending where you look.

So, no, you can't eat that. No food. Just water.

>> No.12194488

Damn, these are the only pickles I buy so I've never checked other labels
thanks anon

>> No.12194498

All food is a trap when fasting. No problem.

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i want to ass rape inka so bad.

>> No.12194588

lewd desu

>> No.12194606

173 is 5'8" afaik
But I'd go to 55kg and see how you feel

>> No.12194692

Okay, let's bring back frof.

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>> No.12194740

he's still here posting his wifu

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ANYTHING that your liver has to process breaks the fast

Why can't people understand this?

>> No.12194938


All i see skinny bitches eating are a fuck load of carbs and empty calories.

They feel unhealthy and have no muscle mass like 90% of the time. Just loose skin

>> No.12194947
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Does IF help with lose skin? I heard that somewhere and now can't find the link

Pic unrelated.

>> No.12194951

cant think of a reason why it should

>> No.12194955

Shit so I can't fast if I take medicine?

>> No.12194956


The only help against lose skin is vitamin E, either that or surgery

>> No.12194969


Pretty much

You should intermittent fast if you're taking medication

>> No.12194972

I can't find it anymore, I think it was Dr. Fung who said the surgery is bullshit and that fasting helped. Something about autophagy.

I'll look into vitamin E. Mine isn't too bad, just a bit, so the surgery wouldn't be worthwhile. I can only notice it in certain positions.

>> No.12194975

I'd love to sit on that fat chick's belly.

>> No.12194976
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I'm hungry

>> No.12194994

It will pass. Hunger comes in waves.

>> No.12195053

Asuka post is wrong about the liver thing. Medicine, the capsules, have practically 0 calories. Maybe not strictly 0 but the blood spike is so subtle it doesn't break the fast.

>> No.12195055

Drink water

>> No.12195065
File: 314 KB, 500x375, 07d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>Asuka post is wrong about the liver thing
>but the blood spike is so subtle it doesn't break the fast

It does break it, that's why people doing long water fasts don't take medications or vitamins

>> No.12195069

>can't fast if I take medicine
I don't take any scripts but I take a multi. I guess I should suspend that my next fast. Didn't think of that...

>> No.12195094

the last time i saw the thinspo thread there was an imgur album about a model's food guide or something- where was that from?

>> No.12195104

It was removed because it had a lot of bad information in it.

Here is the link if you still want it: http://imgur.com/a/kdIyE

It was scanned by some model anon in the fall.

>> No.12195143

What is worse. Being a fatty or being a skinny fat ex fatty cover in stretch marks.

>> No.12195164

Even if it breaks the fast briefly medicine has so few calories it can't take long to reenter a fasted state.

>> No.12195177
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Hlelo plz habf wader.

>> No.12195182

Whichever you personally prefer but in short being a fatty is worse.

>> No.12195214
File: 3.72 MB, 3024x4032, TkL7Rir.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

68kg now (phone carries weight). 6 foot male.

only 3 more kg to go bros

>> No.12195220

fatty is way worse

>> No.12195241

But at least back then i fit my skin.

>> No.12195247

>phone carries weight


>> No.12195248
File: 1.06 MB, 919x720, 1364238369697.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>400-500 calorie days mon-thur
>"a-awesome ... maybe i'll finally lose weight this week"
>fri-sun 1400+ kcal

i've been 117 for months you guys. even when i dont binge on the weekend i've yet to see the scale fall below 115

>> No.12195255

You're better now. Also the lose skin will get a bit better over the next year.

You're eating more than you think.

>> No.12195270

i weigh everything with a food scale
i can't imagine im eating more than 100-150 calories more if im weighing everything

>> No.12195271

They might be just very sedentary and short

>> No.12195313

You'd have to be a literal midget to not lose weight eating 400-500 calories 5 days per week. But yeah, I guess that's possible.

>> No.12195316

are you counting all the cum you swallow?

>> No.12195323

At least if you are the skinny ex-fatty you can wear nice clothes, and still feel good about yourself 80% of the time.

Besides, loose skin shrinks, and you can get stretch marks covered up by tattoos. Plus there's always surgery if things are too bad.

But if you stay a fatty, you'll never take that first step to happiness and always regret it, and probably feel awful about yourself constantly.

Are you counting oil and literally everything you eat? Gum is 10 cals a piece, and even a tbsp of peanut butter or licking off the spoon while you're making something can easily be like 60-80 cals.

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File: 71 KB, 604x841, 1477532177550.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm eating at college dining halls so i'm going based on the number of calories they list for food. if they say its, idk 200 calories for 4oz of french fries or some shit, i'll measure out an acceptable amount, and then i usually round up

if i don't know how many calories are in something i usually google it and then take the highest calorie number i see listed

like, im sure im there's no way to get 100% accuracy, but i should be able to eat 800kcal a day and still lose 1lb a week, ending my day at 400 (even if this is an under estimate) should not be off by SO much that i'm at maintenance since October

>> No.12195367

Those calories are not accurate. Make sure to measure yourself.

My dining hall says 300 for fries but i know the nice lady piles them on high.

>> No.12195372

probably a mealcuck too, aren't you?

>> No.12195388

i do measure the exact amount. that's what ive been saying

i lost no more weight doing IF than i have eating 2 meals a day

>> No.12195408

If he ats a lot on weekends (1400+ might as well be something like 1500, 2000, 1900) it can easily average to 1100-200 which is reasonable for a 5'0 inactive perosin (at least I can maintant on 1200 a day if i don't leave the bed )

If I was anon I would focus on the weekend binges and moving more

>and you can get stretch marks covered up by tattoos
Depends on the size of stretch marks, sometimes you get great canoyons on your butt instead of the regular weird skin

But how tall are you

>> No.12195446

Fill up on vegetables and check out Walden Farms sugar-free syrup/coffee creamer

Also eggs and yogurt for protein-they cut hunger pangs and keep you satisfied

>> No.12195454

Currently at the lowest weight I've been since 7th/8th grade. Thank you, /thinspo/ <3 I hope everyone has a nice day :3

>> No.12195473

Where you really fat or are you a troll? If I went back to my grade 7 weight my BMI would be 13.5

>> No.12195494

100% This. It would break your fast for like a second.

Asuka-chan acting like a fast means your liver is dormant and if its doing anything you are out of the fasting state.

>> No.12195499

I weighed myself this morning and I was 151. I had an apple for breakfast and a pb&j for lunch and a ton of water (275 cal. so far) and when I got home this afternoon I weighed two or three pounds more. Now i'm discouraged to eat dinner at all. Why did I gain wight? is the meme of wanting to weigh yourself around the same time every day true?

>> No.12195501

Stop eating so much 1400. Skinny people eat like birds to stay skinny.

>> No.12195512
File: 31 KB, 480x360, 34cd7bbf6774531d6a1e627045e0f32a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you are not losing weight, eat. less. I know this is obvious but apparently you are not using your noodle to do the obvious thing. The calorie count says you should be losing weight? Are you?

>> No.12195514

water weight
eat light, drink more water
tomorrow morning, have some coffee and a glass of water and you'll shit your brain out

>> No.12195517

Fat is better at satiety than protein. Be sure to stay hydrated because thirst can feel like hunger.

>> No.12195523

Really fat. I used to wear xl/xxl shirts when I was in 7th/8th grade. I got even heavier after but I'm going down. Finally reached a healthy bmi too :3

>> No.12195524

Don't weigh yourself after a day, dude. Weight yourself in the morning after your moon pee/dook. Then try to only do it once a week. Tomorrow is my weigh day, anons. Pray for me for 3-4 lbs.

>> No.12195529

I did have two cups of coffee with my apple this morning and it helped a lot actually. are "uncrustable" sandwiches bad to be having as a lunch? I've been eating them because they seemed small enough and easy to keep in my locker

>> No.12195544

I have to wait until morning because breaking a fast during the night usually fucks up my sleeping schedule

Aren't most women done growing in 7th? Or maybe I don't get the american system, what age would it be, I though it's like 13-14

>> No.12195553

You didn't answer the question. 7th grade stats?

>> No.12195558

That's not me, I'm just curious why would someone find that post weird

>> No.12195567

Most women finish growing at 15 or 16, two years after they start menstruating. Many keep growing until quite late.
I only know two girls who were "fully developed" at 13 and they looked really bad wearing children's clothing on a female body, also looked like they were 17.
Growth in height slows down around age 15 but growth in "width" doesn't.

>> No.12195571

Oh I see, congratulations then! :)

>> No.12195576

I stopped growing around 10th grade. It slowed down a lot but I ended up gaining another two inches.
All you asked was if I was a troll. 7th grades stats were around 155 at 5'5/5'6
Currently 153 at 5'8.

>> No.12195578

Not the guy who asked. Also didn't see you previously replied.

>> No.12195579

thank you, anon!

>> No.12195586

oh sorry

>> No.12195616

hope you get to your goal man

>> No.12195620

Thanks anon. We're all gonna make it. :^)

>> No.12195635

I've already lost 32 pounds since lurking here. I know that's prob. not a huge difference but at least it's a start

>> No.12195667

>butter advocating anon
how long have u been following your diet and how much have you lost so far?

>> No.12195705

I feel so unmotivated, no matter how much weight I lose I still don't have skinny legs. I have shit genetics, working out makes them muscular and look bigger, I've lost too much weight everywhere else on my body but still hate my legs. Is it a lost cause? Should I keep losing weight?
5'5, 115 lbs btw

>> No.12195742

Work out more you dingus. Don't eat after 7pm

>> No.12195753

That's not really very low for your height so yeah keep losing. Down to maybe 108

>> No.12195759

I used to do keto but I gave it up. Then I discovered its more beneficil than I though across the board. I've only been doing it again for a week tomorrow. The reason I feel okay advocating it so frequently is 1. I know the benefits better now 2. Despite only doing it for a week lately, I have more than a week experience with it overall.

In the week I've been doing it, at the same 600 calories a day I've been doing for over about a month, its been very easy for me doing low carb/high fat than eat "whatever". I'll let you know how much I've lost specifically on it when I weigh myself tomorrow.

>> No.12195760

I realize I can go lower but like I said my torso and arms and face lost all the weight and just look off balance with my bigger legs (skinny pear I guess, mostly hate my thighs they still stick out) and I'm pretty much flatchested at this point. I think I'll go down to 110 see what happens.

>> No.12195761

>Don't eat after 7pm

Meal timing has no effect on metabolism

>> No.12195778

I'm 5'9.5" and 115lbs and if I go above 120lbs my legs become quite large, even more so if I work out. I've been walking 1h a day to and from work and this has been enough to make them slightly bulkier.
The only thing you can do is lose more weight and train your upper body (bulk it up) to try and make yourself look proportional.
Outfits also play a role, I either wear a baggy top and tight pants, or a skater skirt with a tight top so you can't tell that I'm two different sizes.

>> No.12195802

oki, gl tomorrow!
i'm 5fth day on 16/8 IF low GI but i haven't pooped since i started, feel so bloated and it kills me. trying to figure out what to do with it >:c
i've been losing 0.2 kg each day avg so far

>> No.12195810

Go down, then when you're at low body fat start eating more and work out like crazy. Your body will be better balanced then, especially since you can choose what body parts to train.

>> No.12195816

Also, eventually you will get to a point where weight loss in your upper body will slow down while you will keep loosing in your lower body.

>> No.12195873

its is going to be hard work, but it will guarantee results: do the Insanity workout program of 2 months and then do it again. This will transform your body and significantly increase your cardio fitness. It is also awesome and fun to do. You can take preworkout stuff (like L-carnitine) to make it easier and more efficient

>> No.12196130

>sick with sore throat
>eating hurts

this might be the first time i fasted an entire day

is it a bad idea to not eat when you're sick?

my throat hurts really bad and im not all that hungry been drinking tea to sooth it and gargling salt water

>> No.12196134

When does Lose It! tell you that you've reached your goal?
It's been telling me that my goal weight is roughly a month away for about two months now and it's pretty annoying. I don't even remember what my goal weight is because I don't have a scale here so I can only weigh myself rarely, and it doesn't seem to have it recorded anywhere obvious.

>> No.12196216

If I have to have breakfast, if I keep it low carb will it help with my insulin resistance similar to when I'm doing IF? like if I have eggs only or something.

I'd do keto but it's hard to have the right things so I've just been fasting lately, usually 18 hours or so, but done a few multi day fasts.

>> No.12196223

Yes. The less insulin your body has to secrete along with the less time is circulating in your blood stream both increases insulin sensitivity. So choosing a low carb breakfast over a regular/high-carb breakfast will have a positive effect on that.

>> No.12196229

Cheers. I'm the anon from the other day who was eating cheese again for the first time. Snacked on some today and I have to say the higher fat is making it easier to stay within my calories. Going to start to look for some other high fat snacks. Also watching my sugar and carbs of course.

>> No.12196234
File: 2.07 MB, 360x199, 01d.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12196243

I just watched one- aww she is a sweetie! It makes me sad how unhealthily she's eating though- she just sounds unhealthy and I hope she isn't feeling too bad physically :/
It's the same with Simply Sara- seems like such a nice person but so unhealthy- and the recipes put me off food for hours

>> No.12196251

Haha yep, fat helps me too. A while ago I ate an entire kilogram of peanut butter in a week... and still managed to lose a kg

>> No.12196261

Peanut butter is good for dieting again? Shit, time to bust out the half-jar I started back when I thought making PB&J in my dorm would be a good way to cut back.

I'm assuming here that you don't eat it on bread, to avoid carbs, so what do you eat it on? With a spoon or something? Would a wheat tortilla be too much carb, do you think?

>> No.12196267

I don't know if poly/mono-unsaturated fats or as filling or healthy as saturated fats.

>> No.12196269

Yeah Kay is awesome. She responds to comments too, she can handle the bantz. If you watch her videos when they come out the same people make comments and it can be pretty funny. Everyone is nice to her which makes it more interesting, even though most are half-trolling.

Looks like Simply Sara had to disable comments - can't imagine what people said. She does seem really nice.

Yeah it's kinda of sad. In the case of Kay her son already is pretty chubby. I guess a lot of people just don't care anymore?

>> No.12196271
File: 261 KB, 262x434, 13217.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

By peanut butter he means pic related. Ingredients: Peanuts, salt. Period. Not JIF sugar loaded bullshit.

Persnally, I have no proof of this atm but I would be weary of eating too much peanut butter an neglecting saturated fats like butter. Other than that, ya. Food volume being the beginning and end of satiety turned out to be a huge meme.

>> No.12196273

Anything is good for dieting if you eat less calories than you burn ;)
I pretty much ate it on a thin slice of rye bread with a bit of jam, or dumped huge amounts in a smoothie with a banana, cocoa, and almond milk.
I don't really avoid carbs myself- I just find PB really satiating.
Now I eat PB with chocolate soya puddings (Alpro brand).

I don't eat animal products so I don't get much saturated fat apart from in coconut products that I have every now and then :)

>> No.12196284

I think moderation is key with everything.

> Food volume being the beginning and end of satiety turned out to be a huge meme.
Sure did. For me that talk about salad and veggies filling me up was bullshit. I still try to eat my veggies but I can eat a fuckload of veggies and not feel the least bit full. Seems like a mixture of protein and fat is what does it.

>> No.12196287

Yep, I don't eat bullshit sugar filled half peanut butter crap. I think the PB I get is just hi-oleic peanuts, no salt (or anything) added- real peanut butter should require stirring before use ;)
I also get the crunchy variety because it's more of an experience to eat!

>> No.12196288

>Anything is good for dieting if you eat less calories than you burn ;)

This has been proven false. If you eat less carbs and more fat you will lose more weight and retain more lean muscle than someone eating the same amount of calories, protein and eating more carbs and less fat than you, all other things being equal. http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/83/6/1442.full

You missing out on some serious vitamin K (Activator X!) and other vitamins be skipping out on butter. Not all sources of saturated fats are equal. Just saying.

>> No.12196294

That's fine, I don't eat animal products for my own personal ethical reasons so health doesn't really factor into the decision for me :)

>> No.12196298
File: 44 KB, 540x540, contemplative-frog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why not just eat peanuts? Do you put the peanut butter on anything or just eat it off the spoon?

>> No.12196300

>Not JIF sugar loaded bullshit.
Looks like I've got JIF "natural." 3g sugar per serving. Fuck. I hate throwing out food.
My mom actually taught me a trick with this: use feta cheese as a topping. You'll use less dressing that way. I wasn't convinced that it was a good idea until I thought about it from the fats = goodstuff angle.

>> No.12196302

I would just eat it off a spoon. I only use bread (low carb tortillas) for hot dogs/sausage.

>> No.12196305

>If you eat less carbs and more fat you will lose more weight and retain more lean muscle than someone eating the same amount of calories, protein and eating more carbs and less fat than you, all other things being equal.
The second half of this sentence is a fucking mess. Could you rephrase it? I'm mostly interested in the bit about protein, but the way it's worded now it's incomprehensible.

>(Activator X!)
What the fuck is Activator X? This had better not be some momscience bullshit.

>> No.12196306

Because I don't like whole peanuts, haha. I eat almonds though.
I eat peanut butter in smoothies for the main part.

>> No.12196308

Thanks, I'll try that.

>> No.12196311

What kind of smoothie? I'm always afraid to drink calories.

>> No.12196314

When I googled "Activator X" the results were websites such as ~bodyecology~, ~wholehealthsource~, and ~radiantlifecatalog~... seems pretty pseudoscientific to be honest.
One of the websites even described it as "mythical".

>> No.12196316

well they have a lot of sugar from what i've heard, you might be better off making your own pb&j's with like natural peanut butter instead of the kind with sugar and maybe on wheat bread or somethin healthier than white bread

>> No.12196320

Banana, almond milk, cacao powder, sometimes cinnamon/chia seeds.
I just feel really full after a thick peanut butter smoothie- I never drink calories in juice or soda etc because it seems pretty pointless

>> No.12196326

Sounds yummy

>> No.12196327
File: 12 KB, 300x200, white-spots-on-nails-leukonychia-300x200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has anyone else had problems with zinc deficiencies? A couple of my nails have white marks sort of like pic related. I've been bingeing a lot recently on cereal and stuff like that so I don't know if that'll help or anything. I've also started taking a multivitamin but it might not contain high enough amounts of things to compensate for heavy restriction days.

>> No.12196343

Have you gone to see a doctor to make sure you actually are deficient?
White marks on the nails are more often than not a result of mild trauma to the nail.
If you do check with the doctor, they will probably be able to prescribe you a supplement

>> No.12196350

>Fuck. I hate throwing out food.
Hold onto it an foist it on visitors in the form of a pb and j sandwich or something. I feed my mom all the stuff I don't eat anymore.

I looked it up and it's got 6 net carbs. A net carb is total carbs minus fiber. I'm sorry you got suckered into buying that.

Sorry. Okay. Take three people. Put them on a 1800 calorie diet and the same amount of protein. Person one will eat 100g of carbs, person two will eat 60g of carbs, and person three will eat 30g of carbs. They will get the rest of their 1800 calories from fat. Person three will lose the most weight and retain the most muscle. Person two will lose less weight than person three and muscle will comprise a higher percentage of his weight loss. Person one, the one with the highest carb amount, will lose the least weight and the percentage of the weight loss that was muscle will be the highest of the three people.

Don't google Activator X. I was being fecetious. That is what Weston Price called Vitamin K when he discovered the thing which allowed you to regrow teeth from cavities and other neato things like remove the specific kind of plaque that, perhaps, leads to alzheimers. And other stuff.

If you do google Activator X, add Weston Price to the query as well. I recommend reading his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

>> No.12196351

how often do you guys shit?
how much fibre do you consume

>> No.12196358

>Have you gone to see a doctor to make sure you actually are deficient?
This. Seems like best idea with supplements is to get a blood workup done to see what you need and don't need.

Zinc made my tummy upset when I tried to dose more of it for depression.

2-3 days :/ I try to get to 34 grams, but it can be a struggle.

>> No.12196359

Must be good living in a place with Nationalize health care where you can just visit the doctor for advice all willy-nilly. Or are you rich or something.

The struggle is real anon. Some of us have to do our own research and just make a best go of it.

If you get zinc, make sure it's chelated. Zolger brand is good.

>> No.12196362

Do you still have depression?

>> No.12196364

do you take a fiber sup like metamucil or just eat food with fibre

>> No.12196370

Chill, I actually also can't afford to go to the doctor even though there is subsidised health care in my country.
I was suggesting one option, anon doesn't have to take it if they don't want to. I just know that supplementing unnecessarily is both unhealthy and probably more expensive than the doctor's trip in the long run.

>> No.12196372

I'm chill, anon. Just saying.

>> No.12196426

>Person 1, person 2, person 3.
>Person 3, person 2, person 1.
Well, at least it was understandable this time. But you left out protein entirely, which is what I indicated I was most interested in. Unless my eyes deceive me, you did mention protein in some capacity in your original post.

>> No.12196432

>But you left out protein entirely,
No I didn't, kemosabe.
>Put them on a 1800 calorie diet and the same amount of protein.

I believe this webpage breaks down and cites the study I'm referencing. I only skimmed it but it seems legit. http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/83/6/1442.full

>> No.12196433

What's everyone's go to for eating out?
Apart from, ah, not eating out of course.

>> No.12196435

Oh. So the amount of protein was controlled for everybody, in our hypothetical study? Odd. I always figured that it would be good for feeling full, because of how it's supposed to be harder to digest or something, but it seems lately that there isn't anything behind that thought.


>> No.12196437

Fast for the rest of the day.

>> No.12196438

But anyway, you're asking about protein and I'm talking about fat. You've got the wrong anon for talks about where protein fits into all this.

>Apart from, ah, not eating out of course.

I almost replied anon... But, since I sometimes get dragged to eat out, steak, eggs, un-which (sub/sandwish with lettuce instead of bread.

On an unrelated note, I stopped masturbating and its got me loopy atm. I'm spacing out, misspelling words I know. It's got my low key fucked up but I know it's going to be worth it in a month when that dopamine upregulates itself.

The study isn't hypothetical. I linked to the study. It happened and is observed.

>> No.12196440

Anything low carb, basically meat, breadless sandwiches, eggs w/ cheese if I'm in a diner if I'm in a diner. Since I can't control for calories I usually fast the rest of the day and feel like a lowkey failure for a day after.

>> No.12196442

>But anyway, you're asking about protein and I'm talking about fat. You've got the wrong anon for talks about where protein fits into all this.
Yeah, I realize that now. Thanks anyway.
>The study isn't hypothetical. I linked to the study. It happened and is observed.
No, I was referring to your specific example of the three people. I'm assuming here that the study you explained with the analogy had a sample of more than three people.

>> No.12196446

I might just buy veggie donburi and leave the rice for my friend to eat

>> No.12196452

>lettuce instead of bread
I feel so stupid for not thinking of that until now. I had previously been thinking about using slices of cheese instead but I think I like your idea better: lettuce just seems a bit less gross.

>> No.12196458

You can also use lettuce instead of taco shells or as a wrap! Lettuce is pretty great honestly.

>> No.12196464

It's not the best solution imo. It's just okay. I prefer low-carb tortillas. Nice bread flavor, not too overboard on carbs, and it's not fucking lettuce. But Jimmy Johns makes them and sometimes I really need jimmy john's meat in my mouth. Know what I'm saying.


Where yo fat? You gonna get fat if you don't eat fat, anon.

>> No.12196474

It's just one dinner. Also I was the anon who ate a kg of peanut butter in a week so you don't have to worry about my fat intake ;)

>> No.12196479
File: 252 KB, 867x1300, 10027257-sewing-grandmother-Stock-Photo-grandmother-old-asian.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay. I worry about you, anon.

>> No.12196638

Today my parents made such a good meal. I ate a lot of it. Probably way over calories.

Yesterday they made a shit meal and i ate practically nothing. I'm at the whims of my parents home cooking.

>> No.12196664
File: 96 KB, 604x585, IMG_0062.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi I'm the 4'10" person who is new to here

today was ok. I did fuck to though - 660 cals total but my set goal was 500, but I'm glad I didn't get any higher.

I'm gonna have a less filling breakfast tomorrow - maybe just an egg and toast!

Also this is my new thinspo, enjoy those long long legs, I am so jealous.

>> No.12196668


>> No.12196679

Doing a master cleanse detox thing. First time on such a restrictive diet in years. Any tips on getting away hunger pangs? I'm prescribed adderall so I have that during the day, but they set in at night.

>> No.12196817
File: 114 KB, 1280x720, IMG_0422.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hello jude. Allow me to give you some advice that will serve you well during your stay here.

Do you see that box that says 'name' above the post box? It's important that that field stays blank.

Happy browsing!

>> No.12196837

just imagine the pain as either your stomach shrinking or your belly burning fat. associating the idea that i'm actually helping myself with the pain makes it much more bearable and a little addictive. also if you're eating properly you shouldn't have to be cleansing

>> No.12197003

>a little addictive

this is my problem desu, i feel guilty feeling full now lol
even if all i've had is a tiny little healthy snack

>> No.12197052

How much time do you usually fast in the morning? I stopped eating around 8pm yesterday, so 13 hours have gone by, but my job requires physical strengh, so I get hungry pretty quickly.
Of course if I stay home I can hold on until lunch, since I'm entertained playing games.

>> No.12197053

>>12196316 ill start doing that. thanks for the info.

>> No.12197055

this is not an adult

>> No.12197056

girls in this thread what is your bra size? I am currently 34B but want to have a thinner rib size and bigger cup size. how can I do this?

>> No.12197060

Ohhh I didn't know


You can't really minimize your rib cage much unless you're already chunky - in which case, just lose weight and hope it comes off there. As for breast size, you either got it or you don't and losing weight isn't gonna help.

Mine is officially 29B but it's a dumb size so I get 30 or 32

>> No.12197064

Almost forgot! Corsets can help with rib cage size but results are temporary - give it a few hours out and you'll be back to normal.

>> No.12197066

I'm 30F.
Thinning out your back size while increasing your cup size is going to basically impossible without surgery as you can't spot reduce. Your boobs are gonna lose weight as you lose weight around your back- and there will be a point where you will stop losing around your ribs (as you hit the skeleton), but your breasts will continue to shrink.

Some people swear by building up their pecs to give a boost to their cup size- but the results are minimal at best.

I personally hate my boobs and wish they weren't so big

>> No.12197091

im a 34b and always have been since like 8th grade lol :/

that's when i was my thinnest too

>> No.12197216

Yes, but between better nutrition, exercise, losing weight, yoga and stretching, and quitting my psych meds I'm doing better. I don't expect to ever be a really jolly person, but, I'm working on getting by. I haven't had much luck with any supplementation in particular, although I do take a multi-vitamin for general purposes. I need to do a blood test soon and see where I'm at.

I just eat food with fiber.

>> No.12197219

24 hour fast if possible, then salad for a starter and fish for the main if available. I don't go nuts though, I mean if I'm at an italian place I do my best and just make up for it the rest of the week.

>> No.12197221

This post made me smile :o)

>> No.12197222
File: 32 KB, 246x232, 1386112946146.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12197231

One is an A another is a C and the nipples are all sorts of fucked
Thankfully I'm too ugly to even undress for anyone

>> No.12197244

always good to look on the bright side. I have a bunch of moles on my body, probably going to die of cancer after living a life of /foreveralone/

>> No.12197288

Low carb tortilla is the best 'bread' you can use, btw. Bread these days has like no nutritional value and its all carbs because since the late 1950 they've been artificially removing the oils, and thus the oil soluble vitamins A,E, K, D, to make it last weeks instead of a few days like real bread does make from real flour used to.

>> No.12197295

Good for you anon. I was gonna suggest exercise. I'm doing daily cardio to hopefully get off zoloft and another med. How much cardio do you do a day?

>> No.12197298

Are you low carb/high fat? Also, this may be prying, but do you masturbate to porn?

>> No.12197315

Depends on my schedule but on average about a half hour.

I'm not proper LC/HF, I eat about even fat/carbs/protein. I've been raising the amount of fat I eat based on recent material I read. I do IF and I'm careful about added sugar.

I masturbate about once per week, no porn (not because of any problem I was having with it, I just find a lot of it kind of cringey which turns me off).

>> No.12197318

>half an hour
Everyday, right?

>> No.12197320

Oh, just realized I already asked that. Good.

>> No.12197323

Wtf no I'm 5ft 5 and started losing weight at 110, people act all worried for no reason. Just don't go anorexic and it'll be fine

>> No.12197326

im pretty sure that this girl is a camwhore, if anyone knows her name id appreciate it

>> No.12197327

Yeah I try to get some form of exercise every day. There are days I miss, but I'm pretty diligent. It's not a drag for me to workout, I don't mind it, so that makes it easy.

That said, exercise isn't a magic bullet. It's just one more thing in the toolbox. I think a disservice is done when people say "exercise will make you feel so much better" because when people find out it doesn't they'll stop exercising. The honest truth is that it's just one more tool to use within a comprehensive healthy lifestyle.

>> No.12197331

It does make you feel better though. Have you seen this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsVzKCk066g The a study of exercise vs zoloft found that exercise was effective as zoloft. You must have really bad depression.

Try upping your fat and not masturbating anymore. The more you enjoy any single thing, the more your brain will downregulate dopamine for other things.

>> No.12197335

I think his point was that exercise DOES make you feel better, but if you're abjectly fucking miserable, eating like shit, and doing literally nothing else remotely healthy outside of it, chances are you're still going to feel pretty awful..

>> No.12197345

Just weighed myself. Last Tuesday I was 180.2. Today I'm 174.6. I'll weight another week before saying I lost 5.6 lbs in a week of actual fat. Stats might be modified by water weight even though I drink 64oz a day. But that's what the scale says :)

>> No.12197352

a-at least you aren't ugly

>> No.12197354

Anti-depressants aren't very effective so that's not very impressive. They are only marginally more effective than placebo in long term studies.

Actually Dr. Rhonda Patrick was talking about those studies on Joe Rogan recently.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxM_CLsvieE She starts talking about it about 58-59 minutes in.

Not masturbating I think is pretty ridiculous. There are health benefits to masturbation, especially in someone who is not sexually active like me. Once a week is pretty moderate.

Yeah. And I get a bit concerned when people say exercise is a cure all. Yes, it's a good thing to do and everyone should do it, but I think it gets oversold and then when people try it and don't get amazing changes they get turned off of it. Versus if they start with realistic expectations they are more likely to stick with it.

>> No.12197355

oh no i'm really ugly too. tits are okay but game stops at my ugly face

>> No.12197363

Very interesting. Thanks anon.

>> No.12197366

>tfw pretty but have gyno
It's an abstract kinda feel.

>> No.12197369

your hair is pretty cool tho

>> No.12197370
File: 50 KB, 433x469, thnk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>exercise works better than something that doesn't work

>> No.12197372

I've found zoloft efficacious, personally. So pls no bully.

>> No.12197380

Cymbalta worked for me in the beginning. I felt better for a short while, maybe a year or so. Then they had to increase the dose and it really pooped out. Spent time on all different ones after that, none of them really working, some making me worse, a lot making me numb and having side effects, until I quit after about five years.

Problem I found is, like anything, you get a tolerance to them and then when you eventually have to go off there is withdrawal and your brain downregulated all your natural dopamine and seratonin actions since there was so much artificial and you're left with worse depression than when you started.

>> No.12197385

That's a valid criticism. Not to mention that the availability is uneliable and depends on your job, ability to pay insurance, government programs etc. Much better to find something more reliable from a survivalist perspective.

>> No.12197449

Finally back to my December 1st weight. Holidays were a killer.

>> No.12197451
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Ever since I moved out of my parents place and got skinnier (wasn't really fat before, just average) drinking hot liquids such as tea coffee or hot chocolate made my body feel much warmer, it's like a feeling of warmth all throughout my body and it feels nice

Anyone experience something similar?

Am I onto something or a retard?

>> No.12197507

Your body burns fat to stay warm.

>> No.12197572

So do you think lowering the heating 2 or 3 degrees could help lose fat while doing nothing?
I mean, it's not much, but it's something!

>> No.12197608

You have to manually enter your current weight, otherwise Lose It! assumes that you are maintaining your last logged weight was you dufus. You can see your set goal weight in the "edit goal" setting.

>> No.12197617
File: 30 KB, 351x351, c233c2ec503959e3689edcec9435a88.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kind of related, I'm like 5'5 - 5'6 and 126 lb, bra size is 32DD
I know it's probably different for everyone, but what's a rough estimate on how much smaller my boobs will get if my goal weight is 116 lb? I wouldn't mind having slightly smaller boobs, it's just I might have to buy a bunch of new bras

>> No.12197658
File: 102 KB, 483x704, tumblr_ok3isfhfEv1w1b1gao6_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Genetics factor into how much fat is lost from certain areas.

When I was fat I was a 38C, now I'm around a 34B but I might need to be remeasured because I think I might be smaller now too.

>> No.12197660
File: 107 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ok3isfhfEv1w1b1gao5_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Beach thinspo best thinspo.

>> No.12197661
File: 179 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ntceltBnuC1rti241o1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.12197662

If they sag I'm going to kill myself desu baka senpai.

>> No.12197667
File: 116 KB, 500x500, tumblr_oi36kwQsP51vhvyloo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.12197668
File: 118 KB, 500x550, tumblr_ok3isfhfEv1w1b1gao3_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mine got perkier but I also do weight lifting. They're too small to sag now lol.

>> No.12197671
File: 59 KB, 500x500, tumblr_o3rfzyovzz1to31yzo2_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.12197673

I think mine are right on the verge where it could go either way. If they get smaller I'll be okay, if they stay the same size they might drop a bit.

>> No.12197675

I just want to go lay in the sun and get warm but always afraid of le skin cancer

>> No.12197697

wow, this brings back memories. anyone remember those ones like "russian ballerina diet," where it was just 400-600 cal/day except for fast days you were supposed to eat a single apple or tea with milk or something

if you're serious anon, a difference of 50-100 calories a day isn't at all significant. just shoot for under 1000

>> No.12197700

What's her bmi?

>> No.12197728
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Did somebody say beachspo?

>> No.12197730

Will post more in the next thread.

>> No.12197734


>> No.12197772

New thread:

Bump limit reached.

>> No.12198141

damn. dubs doesn't lie

>> No.12198250

Why would you want a bigger bust, do you enjoy not being able to /fa and look like a slut in everything

>> No.12198658

I know that feel. I drink green tea with honey. The warmth of the liquid as it coats the insides on your stomach and throat is amazing.

>> No.12198954

She has the shoulder-span of a Dark Souls character.