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Who is the hottest person to ever post on /fa/?

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Taken right now

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Slater & Knochensack.

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I'm objectively the hottest person to ever post on /fa/, but I don't have to post a picture of myself because I have nothing to prove to any of you nappy headed hoes.

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slater is barely moderately attractive. he oozes confidence, though. i think he's kind of an ass, but he has great taste in (country) music

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Let's be honest here...

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The anon who has a guitar on the wall of his room

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probably slp-model anon

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I'm pretty sure this guy runs that patch & pin store Inner Decay

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so every fag that goes on /mu/?

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Anyway Huck is pretty good looking, he's also lowkey swole as fuck. And to have the confidence to dress like a 80s movie extra everyday he's probably pretty chill irl

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He look good but is he really the best we can do?

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probably one of the actual models that lurk this board and post occasionally

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seconding the huck

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lool x'D

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sulli or whatever

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does he still post? I have his jacket now and it's tiny as hell so it has to go

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ily case pls come back

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I think it was Mike too. He was great.

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lol this kid looks 10

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long hair huck is best huck

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Casemods, curlgurl, tripskank

God I could fap to tripsk right now

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Huck is good but i'm talking about this anon

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Fuck i forgot the photo

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that kid has unfair facial structure

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tfw his haircutting video fame got to him and he will never come back

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Who the fuck is curlgurl?

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Wait for real?

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Does he still post on here?

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I don't think so, sadly... :(

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His trip was named geese

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whatever happened to Slater

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you all have a really boring idea of what's attractive

>> No.12182264

so what is attractive then?

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attractiveness is biological mostly, sorry, but this isnt something you can impose your vastly superior taste on.

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ur UGLY!!!!!!!

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this is the hottest black guy on /fa

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the original pretty boy

>> No.12182519

No ur ugly and u once offered to sell your smelly socks to a guy from here u psycho

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File: 2.21 MB, 3208x5304, lukas6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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i want to lick his sweaty feet

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model tier

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man times are hard
have to pay my ass cancer chemo

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qt asian on left

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Hi liam

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I'm still hanging out with him, knochensack, Raymond & Quentin from time to time.

If you niggas are down we can hang out together again. Slater is streaming Yakuza 0 every day at night. Send me a mail if you're interested or subscribe to his youtube channel: acslaterlol

we can make a tiny chat room too later on like the old times

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Damn it

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Please do a tinychat again like old /fa/ times. Wonder what happened to Miranda and Eyebags

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you are so full of shit

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you are so full of semen

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mamma, knochensack and torley desu

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so fag it hurts

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That girl with the dark hair and eyes. Sometimes wears glasses.

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so cute

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wilugen a qt

too bad he's a cheater and a thief

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i want to clean his uncut, unwashed dick with my tongue

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Me, but I'm not posting a photo because I don't want to become a fucking meme.
>Been on national TV multiple times
>Reality TV

>> No.12183095

then dont post anything at all dickhead

im really attractive too but i wont post a pic because (dumb reason!!!)

(I really am tho)

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then fuck OFF!!!!!!!!!!

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has to be any phase knotch or mamma dod.

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ugly af

>> No.12183136

thanks mr skeltal

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He loses some of his cache when you realize his entire style is based on Dilton Doiley from Archie Comics

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lukas will always be the prettiest boy

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what'd he do

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He's an infrequent poster, but i think he's adorable and attractive. I love his smile, his sense of style, his wittiness (from his instagram captions). Yes, you, Henry.

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He's unfairly handsome.

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small asian teenager detected

>> No.12183193

hes not even that good looking though


>> No.12183209

If anything this makes him even better holy shit

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>> No.12183242

thank you for agreeing

>> No.12183252

i want to lick his hole

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let's all love lukas

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i want to sniff his smelly socks

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omfg! dont say that

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he steals clothes and cheats on his gf

>> No.12183295

disgusting shitskin

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>he steals clothes and cheats on his gf

The only thing that's about about that is that he has a gf

>> No.12183321

oh thats fucked up i see him on tinder all the time

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It's uncanny

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on that yeet

>> No.12183354

>hes not even that good looking though

he's not?

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WHAT PRODUCT does he use for left pic that's my goal

>> No.12183370

I'm more of a jughead fan. That guy cracks me up.

>> No.12183393

how do you have good taste in (country) music? I know there's good modern stuff out there somewhere in the mountains and deep forests but I can't find them. Can you drop me some names?

>> No.12183893

that nigga ugly aff, the only thing he got is a good profile

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>> No.12184788

Knoch. Obviously.

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nah he's p qt

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>> No.12185163

receded chin

>> No.12185184

Berry, where are you!?

>> No.12185197

w2c sweater?

>> No.12185496

nice try wilguen but ur still goofy looking

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Me circa 1994

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Theme song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cinJDxLUsNY

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>those guilty eyes
What are you feeling?

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The jeans need to be tight around the ankles. Only flaw.

>> No.12185757

it's because i am

>> No.12185779

Shave that "beard"

Cool hair though

>> No.12185787

Komme and Knoch
Best tripfags, i miss them

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Having wavy hair and tustling it up and back with your fingers

>> No.12186496

nice dubs and also thank you lol

>> No.12186865

Was that ever even confirmed

>> No.12186868

All I know is I want to lick Birthday's sweaty feet

>> No.12187141

Rob,dada,matt,mike,trunks,knoch, lukas, fellstalk, pigfuck,slater all in the running desu

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>ctrl + f
>0 results
You disgust me.

>> No.12187406

shes from r9k you bumbling retard

>> No.12187801

holy fuck shes gross

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Hmm. Join the /thinspo/ discord then PM me. I'm there are Lazule. I'll give you the link to the place where Slate hangs out now.

check out his youtube yakuza stream if you don't believe me. he anwers our questions about the game there (quentin's & mine).

>> No.12187860

i have his skype, who tf carres

>> No.12187862

1. her school girl cosplay is terrible cheap af quality.
2. she seems like a dumb trump supporter or a just racist dumb memer

Give me his tumblr. I want this guy's tumblr he was cool and I don't want to forget.
3. 4chan post 2012 is UTTER garbage
4. who the hell cares about who is her?

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I don't want to be a meme anymore

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thats what you get for wearing streetwear

>> No.12187938

my dude /fa/ only became good in 2012, when all the shit trips from tinychat left and /fa/ moved away from h&m dadcore to actual designer fashion

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>> No.12187961

So what happened to him?

>> No.12188037

I remember this he was being shit posted

>> No.12188047

Sounds like someone's salty. It's okay anon /Fa/ is known for people insecurities like you

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i don't think he still posts here but he still makes really cool art

>> No.12188055

thats breddy nice face desu. More hollow cheeks to have more defined cheek bones would help and even though big lips are good i think thats a little too big. Is he puffing them out too much maybe? Also brown eyes but you can get those changed now.

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>> No.12188190

knoch, mike, carebear and also me

>> No.12188205

hes ugly lmao

>> No.12188302


>> No.12188309

pudgy droopy boring

>> No.12188311

Calm down bro

>> No.12188323

Jesus, go back to /ic/ to learn how to foreshadow.

>> No.12188453

Have any more of this guy?

>> No.12188831

looks like a younger, uglier version of myself

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Dis guy

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Whatever happened to him btw?

>> No.12190093

lol no

>> No.12190412

He's not on tumblr anymore I think, his instagram is jwvg__

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File: 83 KB, 843x839, 16252216_1844515259096875_5376825797524696100_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12190601

>tfw matched with him on tinder but he didn't respond to my message
I'm a guy btw

>> No.12190617

She doesn't shave her legs and doesn't wear makeup. 0/10

>> No.12190842

who is the hottest person from /cgl/?
do we still ship /fa/ x /cgl/?

>> No.12190920

Why does he look like Dean from venture brothers

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Slater is on Kageshi.com

>> No.12191044

He hit puberty and became ugly
happens to the best of us

>> No.12191057

Any post puberty pictures?

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