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What is it about baseball caps that make men 90% less attractive and why wont men stop wearing them?

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Some more examples. I would probably find these guys decent if they weren't wearing baseball caps. Do white men take pride in being ugly or something? Cuz it seems like they don't give a fuck.

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Some people look good in them and others don't, depends on face shape.

Is that from your buds facebook or something?

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That style of cap sucks, wear fitteds and bend your bill.

they don't give a fuck.

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All caps look retarded and the men who wear them are always douchbags. (which is the vast majority)
White guys take pride is being ugly because giving a shit about the way you look is "effeminate". They're completely oblivious to how ugly they are and consider themselves "average".

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I can't think of any white man other than Sufjan Stevens who pulls them off

If someone brings up Mac DeMarco I'll floss their teeth with a tire iron

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Probably because it covers up the top of your head and frames your forehead with an upside down u

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Baseball caps look good on no one and make you look like a douchbag, which is why white men love them so much. Baseball caps embody the tasteless, cultureless soul of the white man. Same goes for cargo shorts/pants, white men are the only ones brave enough to wear them. (And to tuck their polo or printed T-shirt into them.)

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Whitey here it's true

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Angry nigger alert

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it's been a korean trend too
expect it to stay

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I'm a white woman who's dealt with white men my whole life and am tired of their bullshit. Give me Tyrone and let me cuck every last white faggot on earth.

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black man here

I like your style

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No such thing as black men. Only black monkey animals

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nice thread you made pal lmao


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They're not trying to attract cuckboys like you so why would they care what you think

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Actually not me, no (you)s. That guy is an imposter

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Don't insult the traditional attire of muh people

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