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What's up you /fa/nny grabbers - need some help on IDing these particular jeans, been looking to upgrade on my 511s for a little while.

Also wanted to get some info on higher rise trousers/jeans in general... Is there a particular body type that does/does not suit them? And what brands specialise/offer higher rises - havent really seen any nudie jeans, acne, APC in such a style.

I am 5ft 11 and have longer legs (cyclist) with a slim build, are high rises generally reserved for 6'2 + or not? My proportions are almost identical to pic rel but scale that to 5'11

thanks 4 ur help xox

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those are slp my dude. i dont know if they're very high rise tho, it may be the models sick legs giving the ilussion.

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nice one buddy. thought it might be some phototrickery involved, do you have any other high rise recommendations?

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those are DEFINITELY not high waisted, not even close

if you're looking for a truly high rise you want something closer to pic related

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thanks 4 reply my man!

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in that case then - is there a general rule that high rise trousers work well with longer legs? or are they more to give an illusion/balance proportions for people who have shorter legs?

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