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>make america thin again
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removed by mods :o(

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FUCK THE HOOOOLIDAYS.... and my lack of self control. DOn't look awful but definitely undid some of the progress I've made.

back to Soon™ on thinnin i guess

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I miss bonganon. I hope she's doing okay.

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Yeah, same. The good news is now /thinspo/ goes on easy mode since everyone else starts watching their diet again this time of year.

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anon we got this.

on the not so bright side I have been using myw eird ability to throw up on command (no fingers or anythign) when i told myself I wouldnt, ever. last night i ate a bunch of peppermint joe joes and then threw them up because im weak.Really just short sighted bullshit my people

its always water oo clock.

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Are mushrooms and melons good for weightloss? with moderation of course

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I love mushrooms! mushrooms + bell pepper + onions make.a great dip

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I've never tried eating any of that before,any good recommendations on low cal ways to prepare mushrooms?

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any fruits and vegis are good. Just know how to prep em. Melons are a decent amount of sugar, but I doubt you could binge eat them to a negative level without feeling gross with their water content.

As long as when you prep your veggies youre not using a ton of oil and/or sweetened sauces then youll be fine. Someone on ehre recc'd dry saute-ing msuhys a while back to em but I still haven't done it

Does anyone know how much I actually have to worry about sodium intake? I love salt and I know its keeping me full of water weight and looking bloated, but if I'm still on negative cals + losing is there a harm?

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I kind of wish I knew how to puke up food, but I know that would be a bad road to go down. I mean it would be nice to have desert and then just go throw up. I'm too old to be that mental though.

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hai thinspo, i work at a vegan restaurant. have any of you found that a vegan/veggie diet helps your weight loss?

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Try and eat the melons earlier in the day, maybe a bit before exercise or some activity. It's still sugar, even if it is a good source. Don't avoid it, just use it intelligently.

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thank you!

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>eat psilocin mushrooms
>dont want to eat for the next 6 hours

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Notice how a lot of bulimic people are often still chubby,you dont throw up every single calorie so its not worth the go 'cause it turns into a habit too quickly

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Yeah, not something I try to utilize and I'm definitely not proud of it. I just push and ti comes up... its weird

I'm vegan for myself. It seems really hit and miss. If you have good, fresh food around its easy but when you meet up with pals at a seafood place and the only thing they can muster up for ya is a potato, it sucks. I frequently carry a bag of roasted, slightly salted almonds around because they are healthy-ish and filling (especially with a glass or two of water)
veganaise seems like a no go, which is the basis of a lot of creamy sauces in vegan restraunts restaurants. Where do ya work? A lot of vegan trestaunts I've tried in my area make great food but its definitely very unhealthy because they just load it with fat in weird ways.
Try cooking stuff in advance. I made red bell pepper spread the other day and that seemed low cal. Def some olive oil in it but just dont go crazy when making and use sparingly.
Just now for lunch I made steamed kale for myself (sounds awful, but once you cook that stuff its not half bad!) just use some small amount of spray so it doesn't stick, throw in a boat load of kale, garlic, and then some water to steam it. I put nutritional yeast and sriracha like sauce on it

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Bulimics are chubby because they usually only throw up when they overeat and will eat normally outside of binge/purge hours. Furthermore a bulimic is defined as an eating disordered person of normal weight. If one was underweight they'd be a b/p anorexic.

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>tfw i've eaten over 3000 calories in chips alone over the past few days
just kill me
i hate the holidays

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i keep chipping away at my giant toblerone and i think each piece is like 230 cal

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Where do you get fish suitable for sushi/sashimi?

Lost 5-6 lbs since thanksgiving. Maybe gained a lb in the last 2 days I don't know and I don't want to check. But I was drunk so... Going back on the wagon hardcore today. Hoping to have a new all time low in a couple days.

I used to be permaskinny too until I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder. They put me on seroquel and without realizing it, I thought I was just eating normally, when I felt hungry, I ended up gaining 60 lbs in 3 months. I'm just here to get back to my normal self and maybe a bit skinnier.

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>They put me on seroquel and without realizing it, I thought I was just eating normally, when I felt hungry, I ended up gaining 60 lbs in 3 months.
iktf m8
a couple months ago, i was put on abilify for a few weeks. gained 10+ pounds. trying to unfuck my meds + weight now

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I never put much stock in my mother saying that the meds made her gain weight. Then it happened to me. :^)

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What's the best weight for someone who's only 5'2"

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I managed to lose weight over the holidays. It's all easymode from here on out.

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kale has a endocrine supressing compound called sulfluorophane. Eating more than 5oz of it a day is a recipe for hypothyroidism.

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>during the holidays this thread was quiet, but 90% intermittent fasters, staying effortlessly on target yet still enjoying the holiday festivities
>now thread is full of mealcucks that gained weight over the holidays trickling in after the New Year to "get back on the wagon"
mealcucks will never learn

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upperleft on the bottom has a cute tummy

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Had a rough day yesterday ate 3 meals because we were celebrating my brothers birthday. To compensate I'm not going to be eating today. On Friday i'll be driving to Syracuse to spend the weekend with my girlfriend and her family, I'm nervous I'll eat to much between now and then and be bloated over the weekend. Stay hydrated and I love you guys.

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the fuck, both those sets of legs are perfectly fine

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no the lower row is gross

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wew are you lost

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hello im 5'9 and 115 lbs, i wear a 29x30 and i was wondering what site has the best fitting jeans for a slim/skinny fit

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Really beautiful, but she's young. Give her another couple years and she'll be just another thin model.

Sucks women go to shit so bad above 19.

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Hello /thinspo/! Are you getting back on track?

>Current Stats (Weight, Height, Age, Gender)
>Goal Weight and Timeline
> What's your method to get there (or get back on track after the holiday)

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Is this a meme?
Supposedly its 1 grapefruit and a tbls of honey....

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Who is bonganon?

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I'm turning 19 in a week..

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>170lbs ~20% bf, 5'6, 20, M
>170lbs ~10%bf, 6'2, 3 years
Win the 90M Euro Jackpot, get 3D printed bones in Russia and lift

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of course it doesn't

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>mfw I got banned from Whisper for giving anorexia tips and fat shaming

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Stop wearing make up except for doing brows and eyelashes, if your skin is shit do something about instead of using make up. Accutane, retin-a, vitamin c serum, derma roller, moisturize, sunscreen. Say no to drugs. Start working out with a friend and do fun stuff together like this

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Welp, you had a good run. If you are really lucky might be okay a bit older but it's really all downhill from 19.

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>Supposedly its 1 grapefruit and a tbls of honey....

Grapefruit is actually good for you, honey isn't

As for the calorie burning thing, they're just memeing you

>> No.12106372

>just rub the grapefruit up and down
>now, girls, remember, grapefruit is a fatburner, so you're actually losin weight while pleasin your man

>> No.12106374

>like this
so she can look like some tired old hag club girl?

>> No.12106380

I was trying to motivate her to workout. If you say tell a girl to start working out she will think of boring machines and stuff

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I fucking love this drug. it clears acne, and most of the side affects are a meme. dry face, lips, arms, and eyes are all I have after a few months, and that's nothing lotion, lip balm, and eye drops won't fix. the only downside is that I sometimes forget to take it during dinner, so I have to eat something else with it later, potentially fucking up my calorie count.

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>all those girls working out their butts

Why won't this meme die?

>> No.12106407

it is magic

also if don't use makeup to cover up dark circles under eye, just get tear through fat grafting

>> No.12106411

i know its plebbit but i was allways scared off from accutane cause of the sex drive problems associated

>> No.12106412

I've never worn make up in my 19 years of being alive, I've never had a sip of alchohol, I've never taken any drugs, I've never smoke or drank coffee, never had acne., I work out.. Am I good?

>> No.12106414

this is better link sorry https://rxisk.org/accutane-30-years-of-trading-our-sex-lives-for-clear-skin/

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no it just mean that you are a nerd lmao

>> No.12106419


Pretty much if you don't eat enough you'll have low sex drive too

While I was anorexic I didn't fap and lost interest in sex overall for like 4 months

>> No.12106424

I don't want to live a life of degeneracy.
>tfw still a kv because no husband

>> No.12106429

it is worth it, so is fina, most people that get problems are just placebo

hair > working penis

no it just means that you have too high standards

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Watched Clueless for the first time yesterday, it was really funny

>> No.12106442

>no it just means that you have too high standards
I don't think I do, I just want a virgin guy with a good job and similar political beliefs that wants to start a family.
I've also never been asked out by anyone because I give an autist vibe I guess..

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I'm here for you, bae

Do you live near LONDON

>> No.12106458

just get tinder, this is what the average tinder user look like in London

keep in mind that other less attractive guys don't use tinder because they don't get any success

>> No.12106474

Don't you get looked down upon if you wear skirts in londonistan?
Tinder is full of Chads that have fucked countless women, they are liberals and they don't want to start a family. The best place I could find someone like that is at the church

>> No.12106476

No. It's just an aging thing. You may be better off than most and delayed the downfall, assuming you are pretty.

You're probably just ugly. If you are above a 6 then you can literally just stand in a park and you'll get a date. You sound pretty cool though (isn't a degenerate, doesn't want to marry a degenerate).

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Tips on working at a place that serves food? Such a struggle not to get food at my work. They have quite a few healthy options but I always end up eating their savory fatty foods ugh

>> No.12106485


Drink coffee and look down on people that eat shitty food

That's what I used to do

>> No.12106486

bring your own food

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>tfw I meet the criteria

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I'm not ugly, but I'm not out going and don't have friends.
The women avoid me too.

One time in class, at the start of the year (in the amphitheatre) they were exchanging contacts with EVERYONE. They even asked the neckbeards. When they came near me they avoided me.

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My gf works at a restaurant and at first she really struggled but now she's kind of tired of the food and it isn't a problem.

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stop dressing like an autist

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Maybe you just give off a weird vibe. I mean you don't wear makeup... do you wear all black and look like an edgelord? I feel your pain about being not outgoing and not having friends. It actually wasn't that bad when I was 19, but now in mid adulthood it is getting pretty awful.

>> No.12106527

Have you ever considered smiling?

>> No.12106541

stop dressing like esther

>> No.12106546

I dress classy too, nothing revealing ..
I'm also 183 cms, either they think I'm out of their leagues or I'm too tall and a freak.
I don't, I dress pretty well.
When I was in elementary school I was bullied because my clothes were "too nice" "too rich, you look haughty"
Must be harder as you get older yes, it sucks. I hope you'll do well in the future
For nothing? You look like an idiot.
If I smile for no reason they'll think I'm crazy.

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>One time in class, at the start of the year (in the amphitheatre) they were exchanging contacts with EVERYONE.


What kind of cancerous school do you go to?

>> No.12106554

University in France, normie country

>> No.12106559

>I dress classy too, nothing revealing ..
>I'm also 183 cms, either they think I'm out of their leagues or I'm too tall and a freak.
anon, looks don't matter as much as we /fa/ggots would like to think. personality always trumps your appearance. even the ugliest motherfucker can have friends and bitches if he's confident. same applies to girls.

inb4 some r9k autist comes whining about how "women have it sooo ez, amirite?"

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I'd recommend you try to figure out what's wrong. Try to see why people avoid you. Usually people have some kind of idea, but you seem to be completely lost (not sure if they think you are a freak or out of their league, polar opposites).

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I'll try to be more confident and smile more I guess.
They're not wrong thought, women have it way easier than males, my case is an exception.
It's probable they think I'm an autist because I never smile or talk to anyone so I'll try to fix this.
Also your picture is pleasing.

>> No.12106586

holy fuck mirin humerus length

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Need calories for mammaries, nuff said.

>> No.12106616

your attitude is awful. certainly a contributing factor.

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What's wrong with her attitude? Legit question (I'm an actual autist and don't really follow the inbetween the lines stuff)

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i fap daily

>> No.12106664

air of prententiousness
nobody likes that

>> No.12106665

get out of here with you fucking jap shit

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>> No.12106669

It wasn't intentional if this is how you read it, sorry. english not being my first language probably played its role..

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Is Milo our guy?


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stfu u fuck

>> No.12106689

this isn't your fetish thread you fucking weirdo

>> No.12106698

all thins are allowed in /thinspo/. stop being a fucking racist.

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File: 398 KB, 893x1008, tumblr_nsicqyzzPt1tbzwx3o2_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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I have no problem as long as they're skinny Jap women tbqh

>> No.12106711


>> No.12106712

it isn't their race it is the picture itself

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>> No.12106752

Please keep posting asian shit anon I find their figures more relatable thanxks

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You have something against his weeb tastes?

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I did it thinspo, after 6 months I have gone from obese to "normal" BMI, I still have quite a ways to go though still. I thank this board for not being content at this weight :)

>> No.12106865


Good job

I used to be slightly underweight and now I'm normal BMI because of recovery and I fucking hate it

>> No.12106882

what do you mean. Like sergery

>> No.12106883

you most definitely smell like shit you autist.

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Anorexia, m8

I liked being anorexic

>> No.12106926

eh, my anorexic sister has nearly died several times. I would say you're better off not being close to an uneccessary death. ik what you mean though, i'm probably at 15% bf @ 6' 153 rn and i hate it as well.

>> No.12106934

>15% bf
Get out

>> No.12106943


>> No.12106947

I feel you m8. The worst part is if I lose a gram of weight then everybody I know starts planning an intervention.

>> No.12106953


>my anorexic sister has nearly died several times

You can be a functional anorexic.

I could still go to work and do my everyday activities. The problems came when my parents and friends found out about it

Your sister probably overdid it


Yeah it's the worst when your family knows your tricks

I'm secretly going back to it though. All this recovery/Holiday weight will be off me in a month

>> No.12107008

what can they really do anyway. How does recovery work, do they just forcefeed you?

>> No.12107012

Have any of you tried keto? I know it's not effay but I lost a load of weight last time I did it
It also helped not to purge

>> No.12107032

yeah it's been effective for me but very inflexible when it comes to eating socially

>> No.12107036


>How does recovery work, do they just forcefeed you?

I was lucky enough that they didn't send me to a eating disorder clinic. I just went to a psychiatrist every Monday then I talked to him about my "problems" and he prescribe me some drugs and antidepressants. My family made sure I ate properly everyday and that I wouldn't restrict. I would restrict whenever I had a chance but somehow I gained 15 pounds.

After I got to "normal" weight they just stopped bothering me and now I'm back to restricting again.

>> No.12107042

if you were skinnyfat when you were most underweight and could have shown your family and psychiatrist somewhat fatty pecs, and backfat, they would have never bothered you in the first place

>> No.12107054

that sucks. it seems like it would drive people to belimia

>> No.12107061

ilu frof

I missed u

>> No.12107069


Intermittent fasting worked best for me.



I've seen other videos where they eat more than that in one day.

Competitive eaters are just professional binge eaters

This guy got exposed for taking laxatives


>> No.12107077

fuckin epic


>> No.12107079

How many calories did you consume? How much did you lose? I tried IF before but I didn't see big results

>> No.12107085


I consumed 1000cals everyday for 4 months and lost 80lbs

Since you're eating on a deficit you just keep losing weight without even exercising

>> No.12107091

Thank you! I may try that on february or march. My goal for this year is finally reaching my GW

>> No.12107101


Is not for everyone though

I only ate one meal every 24 hours

The first month of doing it is gonna be a bitch but your body will get used to it.

Only if you're dedicated you'll reach your goal weight.

>> No.12107120

Yeah, that's alright, I think I can make it. I fasted for a while but I always fucked everything up at the 3rd day, so eating every 24 hours sounds better

>> No.12107133


>ate 1000 calories every day for 4 months

1. That is not intermittent fasting
2. You're lying or you're very small boy or girl. 1000 calories a day is like what Africans live on

>> No.12107143


one time all I ate was a tomato + 90gr chicken breast + 1 apple or a banana, it was my only meal of the day and between each meal there was 24 hours. did it for a month
I don't see how 1000 calories is hard to believe

>> No.12107153

>tfw basically a skeleton but still have noticeable face fat

do i just kill myself or what

>> No.12107155


>1. That is not intermittent fasting

It is. I did the 24 hour method or as is currently known as the "OMAD" diet.

>2. You're lying or you're very small boy or girl. 1000 calories a day is like what Africans live on

Africans don't even consume that many calories daily. Maybe the lucky ones.

>> No.12107171

I hope you're the next guy banned.

>> No.12107193

What are you, Mormon?

>> No.12107235

>2. You're lying or you're very small boy or girl. 1000 calories a day is like what Africans live on

Boy. I eat 600 calories a day plus r minus about 30 calories. 1000 is plenty for weight loss, especially if you don't really move all day.

>> No.12107239

>but still have noticeable face fat
>do i just kill myself or what

Might be a good idea, tbchwymd

>> No.12107253


What do you mean if you don't move all day? Are you Stephen Hawking?

>> No.12107254

As crazy as it might sound, the average is 2000. And you mother fuckers should know that. Its on the god damned label that we obsess over. "Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet." Thus that is the most common TDEE. 1k calories is still a deficit, Rattleburgh, though it seems like a fuck load, but well, most of the world doesn't want to be skelemode

>> No.12107279

holy shit somedays i didn't eat at all and you're saying 1000 cals is not enough?
are you bulimic? do you purge often? if you do, that may be the problem. i had swollen cheeks for about a year

>> No.12107281

I'm a NEET.

>> No.12107296

>are you bulimic? do you purge often? if you do, that may be the problem. i had swollen cheeks for about a year
oh god is that really why ;_;

>> No.12107307

do skinny guys even look good
all that's posted is girls and I'm pretty sure it's what the guys want to look like too

>> No.12107312

>tfw u have a nasty ulcers on your tongue
>eating anything is a painful challenge

>> No.12107314

You weren't in the last thread, clearly

>> No.12107316

this except i'm literally skeletom

>> No.12107319


>> No.12107332
File: 55 KB, 564x564, f877b8f35d9e60141cad86387088b745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

had good ~300-500 deficit days this week with at least 30min of biking per day for the past two weeks

let's get serious!

>> No.12107337

This thread is weird. Don't hurt yourselves.

>> No.12107350

can u give us some of those tips

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these are easily the worst threads to have ever appeared on this entire board

this isn't fashion related this is some bulimic 15 year old teenage girl shit

>> No.12107379

I'm currently imtermittent fasting after giving up 3 days into any veggie or calorie counting diet. It's been going well. The only thing that's set me back a bit was new year's eve where I consumed an entire bottle of vodka.

But the first week has been going fine. I can feel my body adapting. Smoking feels more like actual smoke in my throat, a disgusting taste. Sugar feels more intensive when I do eat it, although I cut out all the junk throughout my day.

I eat every 23 hours in a 2 hour window. Never more than 1000 - 1200 calories a day. I lost only half a pound but I hope the process speeds up in the second week. Looking to lose 20 pounds by the end of march.

Is the low weight loss in the first week water weight? Or am I doing something wrong.

>> No.12107382

There were a bunch of guys posting in the last thread. They were cute as shit.

>> No.12107387

Is being fat, /effay/? No. Then being skinny is /fa/ thus belongs here.

>> No.12107388

my bad then

>> No.12107391
File: 23 KB, 502x502, 1472990015861.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

being a stick thin calorie counting boipussy isnt fash either

>> No.12107396

These threads used to be on /cgl/ and, well, they're not anymore. To be fair, they fit better here than there. And now we get cute thinspo boys too

>> No.12107419

Speak for yourself. Fashion isn't unipolar.

>> No.12107423

I hate frog posters

>> No.12107483

the same parents that shamed me one year ago (on Christmas) - "you're such a fatty, why don't you get a gf?" - are now blaming me for my weight loss. boy, i want to emigrate.

>> No.12107517

Blaming you?

>> No.12107534
File: 27 KB, 329x357, CbfyH2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw lost 3 pounds during the course of navigating family bullshit and counting nothing

>> No.12107576

how fat are you

>> No.12107638

Hey thinspo.

Don't forget to drink water. You can keep drinking as much as you want and you won't get sick.

You can drink whenever you want, whenever you feel like and there is a sense of freedom in that! :)

>> No.12107652
File: 17 KB, 313x286, 1480920804979.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a sense of freedom in that!

>> No.12107654
File: 21 KB, 404x404, 0a9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>delicious holiday food in the fridge
>trying to resist
>slam 3 glasses of water
>start feeling really fucking cold and dizzy, hands and feet are freezing
>felt like I was dying
>had to take a hot shower to get warm again

and I still binged later on. fml

>> No.12107670

>and I still binged later on
Just look at really obese individuals, like 600 lbs+ you won't want to binge after that, at least it works for me.

>> No.12107744
File: 1.75 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_6704.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In 2016 I lost 30 lbs then I spiraled into binging and now I'm 150 lbs again
Goal is 110 lbs, what are your /thinspo/ and non/thinspo/ goals for 2017?

>> No.12107749

Usually is water weight but stick to it and it'll be actual fat
Good luck

>> No.12107756

to stop calories from ruining every waking minute of every day
and lose 11 more lbs

>> No.12107761

I'm trying to maintain but I'm scared to eat more than I should and it ends up in me losing more weight.
My TDEE is supposed to be a bit more than 1500 kcal a day, but I'm scared that by eating 1500 kcal of whatever I want (in opposition to perfectly calculated macros) will make me gain weight...What do you think ?

>> No.12107762

He's certainly right a lot. He's a great debater and orator. My main gripe with him is the attention whoring, but I guess that comes with the territory.

>> No.12107766

Just maintain my 145-lbs. I'm a tad higher now, 146-lbs or so, after the holidays. I might dip a bit lower. It's very hard for me to go below and maintain anything below 145-lbs it seems though.

>> No.12107769

that body is perfect. so cute

>> No.12107783

>Where do you get fish suitable for sushi/sashimi?
Im not sure about sushi, but when you cold smoke fish, you freeze the fish down for at least 24 hours. That kills whatever bacteria/parasites that could be in the meat. If you do that, I think it's safe to make sushi of almost any fish.

>> No.12107842

To lose 2 lbs a week until I weigh 130. CW: 191. Gonna end my day on 600 calories. Feels good :)

>> No.12107843

It's better to lose than to gain.

>> No.12107848

That's wrong. If you're just freezing supermarket fish you're definitely eating live parasites/eggs. http://www.sushifaq.com/sushi-sashimi-info/additional-sushi-information/

>Can I freeze supermarket fish to make it safe?

>Most fish that is served in restaurants has been ‘flash frozen’ (which can freeze a fish in seconds to extremely cold temperatures) within hours of being harvested, primarily to preserve freshness, but with the added benefit of killing any parasites that the fish may harbor. Unfortunately, your home freezer is not able to freeze a piece of fish as quickly or to as cold a temperature as ‘flash freezing’ and therefore may not kill all parasites. Home freezing also does not deal with other pathogens that might be introduced in the handling process (e.g. bacteria on your counter) and can also have a negative effect the texture and flavor of the fish for for the previously mentioned reasons. It is therefore not an accepted practice to freeze fish from the regular supermarket at home to make it safe for consumption while raw.

>> No.12107860

When did calories start to dictate your life?
How tall are you?
How long do you predict it will take you to lose weight?

>> No.12107878

Well at 2 lbs a week, with 61 lbs to lose that's 30.5 weeks. 4 weeks a month so 7 1/2 months. Mid july.

>> No.12107913

Fair enough. I only smoke the fish I catch myself, and I freeze them at -18 celsius beforehand (isn't that enough you think?). If your fish comes from fishfarms (most supermarket salmon/trout do), making sushi out of them is ill-advised, because if one of their fish is infected, they all get infected.

>> No.12107927

5' 11" (age 31)

>> No.12107948

So I've been overeating at night. I think what happens is I get to the dinner table starving and then go crazy.

Should I move some calories to an earlier time so I'm not as hungry at dinner? Like have a 4:30pm 200 calorie snack (oatmeal)?

>> No.12107968

i just want my thighs to be small and stop touching, whatever weight gets me there is what ill maintain

i just want nice legs.

>> No.12107992

cute body

>> No.12108002

Try fasting in the morning early afternoon and take in your calories in the evening

>> No.12108008

I have been trying that. I eat lunch early but that gap between lunch and dinner kills me.

>> No.12108010


It's worse eating at night, it fucks you up.

I would recommend having a 1500cals breakfast in the morning an not eating for the rest of the day.

>> No.12108011

What's a good weight for a 5'8" male? I've gotten caught up in female inspiration but I don't actually know what I should go for as a dude.

>> No.12108024

That doesn't work for me. I know eating later is bad, but, if I'm hungry before bed I can't sleep, so it's better for me to by my fullest at bedtime.

>> No.12108026

Go to like 135 and see how you look and feel. Then you can go lower. I recommend setting a pretty reasonable first goal though.

>> No.12108033


>That doesn't work for me.

Of course it does, your body just has to get used to it.

Your body processes food better when you're awake

>> No.12108056

I literally binge eat today, and vomited all of it out.
Is this the start?
Am I getting Anorexix?

>> No.12108064


Also STAY HYDRATED and look at your mom for aging genetics (unless shes an ultra druggie, its usually an accurate indicator). My mom is 54 and has no wrinkles and has imparted the importance of skin care, hydration, and sun block onto me since I was a young girl. I'm excited to be carded until I'm 30 2bh.

Also women age fine if you take care of yourself. I think anon is saying 19 because a lot of girls hit their party age at college after this and get fat off of booze. I'm 23 and watching a lot of my peers balloon up but the ones that dont look great still.

>> No.12108065

I posted earlier, was obese at 210, weighed in today at 162.5, 135 sounds good, should be attainable by summer easily

>> No.12108083

/thinspo/ goal is to get in the 150s by Valentine's Day. I was 165 before the holidays but I refuse to check until tomorrow because I wanna have a few days of damage control first and get back on the IF wagon. I dont want to see anything past 170 and get discouraged.

Non /thinspo/ goals is to read more and learn to watercolor paint.

>> No.12108088

Congratulations on the progress. Yep, 135 is obtainable by mid summer I'd say. Remember things slow down as you get lower in weight, each pound is a bigger percentage of your total. There is no rush really, only do restriction that is sustainable and keeps you healthy that way you can be /thinspo4lyfe/

>> No.12108093

Thats bulimia, dumbass.

Its not worth it, it fucks up your teeth and digestion starts in the mouth so youre absorbing calories anyway.

>> No.12108139

your body is a lot better at metabolizing and maintanence than you think.

>> No.12108152


>digestion starts in the mouth so youre absorbing calories anyway

That's a myth

Calorie absorption starts in the small intestine

>> No.12108181

help me, /thinspo/
I'm only 110lbs but I have a super fat face
I wanna lose more weight or do something but idk what to do other than just a whole buncha pushups and situps every morning which only marginally helps
what do I do

>> No.12108185
File: 197 KB, 1080x720, Photo on 11-27-16 at 21.47.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pic related is me

>> No.12108203

that may be true but carbs are still broken down into simple sugars in the mouth and some are still going to be absorbed

>> No.12108204


>I have a super fat face

Looks alright to me, m8

Chew falim gum to give you a better jawline

>> No.12108210

gotchu thx

>> No.12108218


>All what happens in the mouth and stomach is breaking down the food into more easily digestible parts. (macro-nutrients to micro-nutrients). I.e. in the mouth there is an enzyme called amylase, this breaks down complex carbs into simple carbs. In the stomach there are enzymes such as pepsinogen that breaks down proteins. Then once in the duodenum of the small intestine is where pancreatic juices, bile, and other digestive enzymes come in to break down food further. ONCE these nutrients are broken down to their simplest parts can they be absorbed into the body via the small intestine. These nutrients are what contains calories, and this is WHERE the absorption in your body begins so this is when your body absorbs the calories. NOT in you mouth, not in you esophagus, not in your stomach. Only in you small intestine. And in your large intestine water and electrolytes are absorbed.

>> No.12108243

im well aware of how digestion works.. if its breaking down into simple sugars some of it is making it to your intestines dumbass

>> No.12108245

what's mid adulthood

>> No.12108248

Yeah, sorry. When you purge, you cause water retention and some of it goes to your cheeks. They also get pretty swollen.
That was one of the main reasons why I stopped purging (I miss it tho)

>> No.12108254


>> No.12108260

he's ugly so no

>> No.12108263

To weigh 125 pounds by march, and end the year with a thigh gap. I've always had thunder thighs and it's the thing I hate the most about me

>> No.12108268

more spacing plox

>> No.12108269

is 5'11" (male) and 129 lbs 2 skelli?

>> No.12108270

How long after you stopped purging did your cheeks go back to normal?

>> No.12108274

do you purge?

>> No.12108281


>> No.12108285

Last time I purged was on Christmas, but I stopped purging everyday of the week in october-november. I've seen some change desu, I think my cheeks are the thinnest they've been for as long I can remember (but they're still fairly fat, I've had fat cheeks since I was a kid)
The consensus says that it takes them at least 1 month to go back to normal, and you have to drink lots of water

>> No.12108304

<3 stay safe and thanks anon, love you
crazy how the thing thats gna help me stop purging is not to gain weight, but to get thin cheeks :^)
fr tho thanks for the advice <3

>> No.12108310

>Chew falim gum to give you a better jawline

keep spreading the bluepill boyo

>"just smile more :)"

>> No.12108392
File: 48 KB, 500x500, questionss.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does purging make your cheeks fat?

>> No.12108403

When you purge, your body loses water which causes retention. The glands in your face overcompensate the loss of fluids in other parts of the body.

>> No.12108420


>>"just smile more :)"

Go be a conformist somewhere else

>> No.12108431

This is self destructive advice, be warned! If you truley want to get skelly teir then amphetamines is the tool to utilize. BUT!! there is a difference then skelly chic /FA/ and emaciated skelly fat. You can strave yourself, and remain stagnant and motionless or you can use. Controlled doses of amphetamines 8 hours before night! If you cannot sleep you cannot lose fat and your skin will suffer. Besides morning amphetamines, exercise daily but dont run!! Lunging, hip hinging, squatting, push up planks, dumbell raises, and inverted rowing will divert your nutrients into skin firmmess and muscle tone but not fat. Tuna, Raw Spinach with lemon, Whey Protien Drinks, and most vegetables will keep you satieted and skin healthy. This is dangerous advice but when utilized correctly quality amphetamines can stimulate nueral pathways, but must be used in a controlled manner.

>> No.12108441

What comes up, must come down. I think it's a short term fix that is unsustainable.

>> No.12108442

That's crazy, thanks. The more I read about purging here the less I understand why anyone would want to bother.

>> No.12108455

It's addictive. Sometimes you start saying "I'll just b/p once a week/month" but next thing you know you're purging 3 times a day. It's addictive because it's easy, but it ain't worth it. My teeth were white and bright a couple of years ago, now they look kinda yellow. I'm glad I stopped before I lost them, some experienced bulimics had their teeth fall off while purging

>> No.12108456
File: 197 KB, 462x326, 1444779602148.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>This is self destructive advice, be warned! If you truley want to get skelly teir then amphetamines is the tool to utilize.

>mfw my Doctor won't prescribe me Adderall

>> No.12108459

You get good results? Are you really thin?

>> No.12108476

No. I lost a lot of weight the last summer by eating 600-800 calories a day, and doing keto for three weeks.
I spent the rest of the year with b/p, and I haven't seen any changes. I ate like 600-1000 calories outside of my binges, and I'm sure I didn't purge all of it most of the time. Besides, I felt immensely guilty not only for all the food I ate but for all the money I wasted. I've heard of other bulimics who managed to be underweight, but most of us are average at best and overweight at worst.
In the long run, it's just not worth it

>> No.12108493

Deffinately a short term fix! But it fixed my body composition none thee less. At my unconscious heaviest I reached 230 at 6'1. With the amphetamine tool I would dose at 7-8 am akin to that of a morning cup of coffee. Followed a high frequency, moderate intensity, moderate volume bodybuilding programming. Worked a constantly standing moving job.. And within 7 months my metabolic system shifted and I discontinued tactical amphetamine doses. I currently sit at 193, jawline, vascularity and happy.

>> No.12108511

ok guys, this holiday break has been a failure for me (family gatherings, no self-control), but i'm excited to get back on my diet as soon as i get back to school. just to prevent this in the future, how do i get out of eating at family functions or even when i go out with friends?

>> No.12108513

im bulemic and anorexic, so you can be underweight and bulemic at the same time

>> No.12108516

You don't if you really have friends. I have no friends so just have to do the family stuff. Eventually if you say no to your friends enough they stop calling and you become alone. Probably better to find a balance instead

>> No.12108523

when you go out with friends eat little, problem solved

>> No.12108529

That's anorexia b/p subtype, bulimics are bulimics because they aren't underweight, to get the anorexia b/p diagnose you must be underweight

>> No.12108533

What are your stats now?

>> No.12108554

yeah I just didnt know what its called in english

>> No.12108562

I don't know. I hate weighing myself, and I don't have a scale. Last time I did it was in march 2016, and I weighed 143 lbs. I weighed like 210 lbs in march 2015. I'm 5'7 btw
That's alright, don't worry. I hope you're doing better

>> No.12108573

Thanks anon. Still early in recovery, but I'll get there :)

>> No.12108591

Does anyone else have insane weight fluctuations? Somehow I'm able to gain and lose 15 pounds in about a week. I always weigh myself in my underwear so it's not my clothes effecting it. Is it all water weight and shit or something? I've managed to lose 25 pounds in about 3 weeks without even trying that hard but then I can gain like 15 in around 4 days. Even my day to day weight often fluctuates by 5 pounds.

I'm not really concerned about it or anything, it just seems weird.

Also my weight changing barely effects the way I look unless I lose like 35 pounds. I went from 165 to 140 in less than a month and could tell the difference with my shirt off, but literally nobody else noticed. I only really start looking different if I get below 130.

>> No.12108594

How do tell your progress without weighing yourself? I can't tell my weight changes at all by eye, and waist it takes quite a bit of a change to feel. Boobs and face even harder.

>> No.12108597

Yea water poop

>> No.12108628

Well, last year after summer people began to make comments about my appearance and about how thin I was, so I went by that. I also rely mostly on my clothes, and sometimes on my face, but then again, it must look thinner because I stopped purging everyday

>> No.12108673
File: 69 KB, 480x720, 1474864410093.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I work in a kitchen.

1.) Have a structured mealtime, this goes best with your break or whatever other extended predictable downtime you have.
2.) Soup, salad, or sandwich. Lots of water. Coffee. Serving of fruit if you're not sated.
3.) Stay busy. Even if you eat your TDEE while you work you will likely burn a bit because kitchen work.

>> No.12108684

What's a good thinspo / ottermode hybrid weight for a 6'1 male at 18 years old?

>> No.12108710
File: 82 KB, 600x600, jjPvoZ0n5pE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Takes Drugs
>Still 25.3 BMI

Excuse me while I don't take your advice.

>> No.12108744

Yeah anon but im a tall male with an actuall muscular skeletal system so BMI is only relevant IRL

>> No.12108770

Muscles is the factor that separates skinny fat lanklets with wide pelvic bones to leg circumference to true /fa/

>> No.12108797


193 at only 6'1 is a 34 waist.

I've seen /fit/ people that lean down to 170s at 6'1 and look fantastic. You on the other hand are just a chubby weightlifter.

>> No.12108815

hot pic

>> No.12108919

Y-yeah anon, b-but my shoulders and latisimus dorsi..

>> No.12108946


>> No.12109005

tips pls anon

>> No.12109019


I used to coach/motivate girls there too

Some of them were not dedicated enough. I don't know if I wanna do it again

>> No.12109046

just give some tips senpai

>> No.12109108

I'd love some anorexia tips. :3

>> No.12109233

Hoping to get to 140 by June, that's my thinspo goal

Non /thinspo/ to have started my webcomic or atleast to have started making a small career out of doing art by the end of the year and to have travelled. I've never been on a plane so that's my big goal if I can possibly save up for a trip

>> No.12109289

Hello family, I was “doing fine" today until I read that honey is bad, I had a cinnamon tea with a teaspoon of honey in the afternoon (morning to me, I wake up after lunch) but now I regret it lol. Now I'm hungry and it's almost night so idk if I should eat, I can have a green apple or a cup of melon but I fear they have a lot of sugar and may not be good for me.

>> No.12109291

If you want tips, go to myproana and lurk the anorexia board. But whatever you do, DO NOT ask directly for tips, those hangry bitches hate giving them away if you use the word "tips" "advice" or "tricks", but if you're smart enough you can get something out of them (or just lurk for a while)

>> No.12109326
File: 64 KB, 387x550, Vlada-Roslyakova-models-10479192-387-550.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Go to MPA
>Getting tips from Fat Ana LARPers.

No thnx.

>> No.12109380


>> No.12109402

Nice. Where do you live/fish? Wanting2See your set up/fish spot. I've been interested in fishing for food for a while now. Maybe post it on an out thread and link it to prevent thread slide?

>> No.12109411

Maybe you just need to take it slower. Most of us hardcore restrictors are only able to because we don't got shit demanding us to really move or focus. There's no shame in listening to your body and working with it.

>> No.12109414

u mean the "atypical anorexics"? yeah, they're full of shit

>> No.12109457
File: 82 KB, 536x800, 1471672556132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been counting calories in my head for awhile and I think that was a mistake. I feel much more accountable and prone to good decisions when I know I have to write it down in my note app before I eat it. That's my tip for 2day.

>> No.12109461

I'm restricting that hard today because yesterday I ate like a pig, but tomorrow I'll eat around 700 calories so I down fuck my metabolism up :)

>> No.12109526

I've eaten quite a lot today (about 1000 calories) but I'm finding it hard to get to sleep because of a weird pain in my chest. Not entirely sure what's causing that but I don't want to eat any more since it's pretty late and it might not even help.

>> No.12109533
File: 56 KB, 640x640, 13724465_270677383312560_541585159_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.12109545

If i take dinner at 7:00 pm and eat again till lunch the next day counts as IF? I repeat this everyday.

>> No.12109625

Sounds like heartburn
Google heartburn triggers and if you find any that apply to you just avoid them

You mean you eat the whole time during the night?

>> No.12109733
File: 82 KB, 540x720, 1482461542452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My IF is about to go into super overtime because I have next to nothing to eat in my house. Thinspo is easy when you're broke af

>> No.12109749

>tfwnoqt3.14thinspogf to be a sugar daddy for

>> No.12109775

The wonky way he describes his diet as if its the only way to lose weight ("spinach with lemon will keep you satiated") should have been your first clue, desu.

>> No.12109783

You cannot be thinspo and ottermode. Otters have musle. >>>/fit/

>> No.12109793
File: 261 KB, 1067x1600, 1482533556550.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hey papi, take me out shopping tonight pleeeeaaase

>> No.12109802


>> No.12109804

Get your head checked, mate. Your attitude toward food is retarded. If its in tea with caffiene, then honey/sugar is a-okay because its likely a net minus in calories because most people who drink caffienated drinks tend to skip meals and eat less. Also fruit is good for you. It's got vitamins and minerals and compounds science doesn't even know about yet that do all kinds of awesome beneficial stuff like improve memory, reduce inflamation, fight literal cancer, make it easier to breath, etc etc. Fruit is good. If it fits you calorie goals, eat it.

>> No.12109815

I fucking hate journaling. It's fucking useless and tedious. I just use my handy dandy food scale so i know my calculations are on point and then only eat every 6 hours.

>> No.12109822
File: 83 KB, 320x214, Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 8.34.06 am.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can tell by the shoulders

>> No.12109829

okay but after we have to snuggle and watch comfy movies pls

>> No.12109842
File: 115 KB, 500x500, tumblr_oix67oDNa81vgqy9to1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What would you describe as a "comfy" movie? Let's just watch Blade Runner again

>> No.12109847
File: 358 KB, 2500x1723, 1424822342347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Blade Runner is perfect. That's maximum comfy.

>> No.12109853
File: 4 KB, 250x187, 1478638788043s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12109871
File: 31 KB, 480x640, g1481349419058.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw have money
>tfw have no thinspogf to spend it on

>> No.12109886

I work at Panera but I just end up going outside to sit on a bench and smoke instead of being tempted

>> No.12109907

Panera sucks anyways. Their sandwiches taste like bullshit.

>> No.12109919
File: 113 KB, 500x484, tumblr_oix0t6Xi1G1vgqy9to1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had to stop smoking six months ago because it could interfere with a medication that I need and I still crave it all the time. Especially now that I'm doing thinspo I just really really want a cigarette all the time and it's driving me absolutely insane.

>> No.12109921

I agree and it is way overpriced
That sucks
Try drinking lots of water and chewing gum

>> No.12109931

I eat lunch at 12:30 pm (noon) and then i take dinner at 7:00 pm in the night , somedays i take a fruit in the evening, and thats all

>> No.12109932

Better off not smoking. Smokers look good until they are like 18, then they start looking sicker and sicker, and if you see a smoker in their late 20s holy fuck disgusting.

>> No.12109937
File: 186 KB, 1126x962, food day.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know if this counts as IF or not, but I've discovered this "Appetite controlling" drink powder. It has helped me not eat all day. I did, however, put way too much in my drink this morning though (on accident).

It's not a low calorie drink, but I think it does much better of keeping me satiated than a protein drink.

>> No.12109938

Oh you probably forgot to type "don't" I guess
Yeah that's a form of intermittent fasting

>> No.12109939

Sounds like fart hell

>> No.12109940
File: 30 KB, 300x300, thinspo7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, I mean, you guys like Blade Runner?

>> No.12109946
File: 21 KB, 355x355, 819tz3kohuL._SY355_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know if I'm backed up or what, but I hardly passed gas all day at work. It made my stomach rumble a bit but nothing crazy.

>> No.12109948

I meant the pic with that post, for some reason I thought you just make vegetable smoothies

>> No.12109962
File: 650 KB, 240x431, 1451963965258.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.12109965
File: 16 KB, 500x333, 1452721560909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.12109966
File: 69 KB, 540x749, 1452701200066.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.12109970
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>> No.12109975
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that face aesthetic, she's a qt

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Yeah, very beautiful.

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New thread:

Bump limit reached.

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alpha bay my man