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What brands of inexpensive (Not "cheap") brands do you recommend to stay /fa/ in a budget? I think a lot of us don't have $500+ for a single piece of clothing, not even $200 for just a pair of sneakers that are gonna go into the shit the next year because they're not fashionable anymore

I'm an engineer student so you might guess I don't have a lot to spend into and it would be cool to hear your opinions and advice

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hanes T shirts,some uniqlo and gap, thrift, grailed, thrift

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I thrift everything
My most expensive clothes are from H&M

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you can find gems in the clothing section at supermarkets. be thrifty

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bad post

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I'd suggest trying to new things when it comes to shoes. Saucony has good sales every now and then on their stuff. There was even a period where their shoes were drastically reduced from 80 bucks to around 30-50 dollars on Amazon.

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I am a former H&M employee.

If you're a poorfag and have to purchase clothes from H&M, be really careful with the quality of construction of garments.

Most of the production quality is garbage. There usually are a few well-made garments available, but you really have to dig and look.

For example, last year when I was working there they had a pair of 16oz raws available under their L.O.G.G. label, and those were pretty dope actually. They haven't fallen apart on me yet.

H&M is also fucking trash as a company to work on too, so it's up to you if you want to support shitty a shitty corporation who abuses overseas workers.

tl;dr look at the garments and make sure that shit won't fall apart 6 months after purchase. Goodluck poorfags.

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Cherry pick at H&M if you're actually capable of telling the bad stuff from the ok stuff

Uniqlo for most basics

Thrift shops / Grailed / Ebay to get more interesting pieces without paying too much

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Club Monaco when they have sales is incredibly underrated. Great quality for the price (when they have their 30-50% off sales) and they have some pretty unique pieces.

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>Club Monaco
>quality for price

They are GAP tier quality for insaaane price. Their best sale is still about $150 overpriced. An just the name alone gives off a mfa niggerish vibe.

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opinion discarded, you literally have no clue what you're talking about.

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Just go thrifting, you can find some really high quality stuff for 20 bucks.

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Igor is one of the most well respected and knowledgeable trips on this board.

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Tommy and polo from TJ Maxx
UNIQLO for basics
Reebok adidas puma for shoes
Milsurp for boots and parkas
Levi's for denim
Champion for hoodies
I usually go on grailed for some interesting pieces

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not even him but put your trip back on. jesus christ you're embarrassing.

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CM's bretty gud, reminds me if allsaints and jcrew had a baby.

fuck off igor

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What is it that has the most shitty products ? Like is it t shirts, chinos, underwear, or what ?

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>buy 2nd hand on ebay
>join private sale websites and check them daily
>don't even go near places like TKMaxx unless it's for perfume and cosmetics
>be picky
>have patience
I used to buy cheap but 'passable' shit all the time and was always angry with myself for not being able to put together a decent wardrobe.

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Just go thrifting. People like you are the ones destroying the earth - it's not the rich wearing their handmade tailored to the bone rich people clothes, it's poorfags like you supporting mass slave labour produced garbage that will fall apart on you in stores like the ones in your pic, fast fashion brands, you who are so eager to buy horrendously overpriced 20$ sweaters, throw them away half a year later, rinse and repeat. You are the cancer that kills not only fashion but all life on earth. Fools.

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>Levi's for denim
You mean thrifted Levi's, right? Levi's is overpriced as shit, living off the name.

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>throwing away clothes
Nigger what?

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Do you even know how stupid you sound?
Here's your (you)

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I was thinking Levi's on sale

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you're literally raging at nothing, fast-fashion will always be a staple whether you like it or not.

I agree with the sentiment though.

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just focus on only buying things you really want and then filling your wardrobe will get easier. i would rather have one pair of $200 shoes that I really like instead of 4 pairs of $50 shoes that I kinda like.

thrifting and fast fashion are great ways to get clothes cheaply but it's easy to fall into habit of buying shit you only kind of want because it only costs x amount of money or it's on sale.

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You can cry all you want, if you wear H&M you might as well shop at target. People irl who have an interest in fashion do not shop at H&M. Teenagers who like to blow their 20€ savings on horridly woven sweaters like >>11925722 and so called "jeans" do. Poor people too lazy to thrift do. Shopping at H&M and similar fashion discounters is the ultimate signal that reads: I am not interested in fashion, I just like to buy whatever, I care neither about quality nor design and I certainly don't care for putting actual work into my outfits.

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OP Here
That's the reason I'm asking for advice and also the reason of this post man, no need to rage

What kind of places besides thrifting do you recomend then? (Inexpensive, not cheap shit like you say that's gonna fall apart in less than a year)

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nice trips!

thrift & milsurp is the way of the honurable poorfag, my man

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Lmao sum1 is butthurt

Look faggo, until I can afford $500 slim fit cargos I'm gonna buy the $50 slim fit cargos from H&M

I've owned those fucks for two years now, no problems

They had sick looking wool trousers last time I went too. Was too much of a pussy to get them

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are you just mad
i can find basics which provide a good silhouette at joe fresh for under 20$ while you fell for the overpriced meme garments?

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Macys has some decent stuff from time to time.

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here's a relevant pasta i got from some anon yesterday. hope it helps/is more than just the infromation this thread has. anyway.


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No he isn't.

He's only slightly more respected than Sieg the Fatass Spic, but only marginally.

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Replace H&M with Gap. H&M have shit clothing while Gap is quite good quality and is fairly cheap.
For people in the UK also add department stores like Debenhams. There are a lot of cheap brands available there.

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mens fashion doesn't change that fast, a good pair of kicks can last quite a while

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lmoa stop it igor everyone knows you have shit taste

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I unironically like a lot of Topman stuff. Bought this jacket for ~120$, and the value for money is bretty good.

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Honestly save your money for end of season sales where discounts are absolutely ridiculous. You won't be able to cop 3 shirts like you would at H&M but you will be able to cop one really high quality one that won't look like scrotum after one wash.

Also if you live in a big city look up sample sales which literally happen all the time you just need to be in the know, which is really simple with a google search.

In my personal opinion the longer you can hold out on copping the better because you're more likely to get a discount. Also sign up to websites that have things you like because you'll get secret sales invites and does which are awesome

T. Poorfagwhogotoverzealouswithhisfirstcheckandhadtolearnthehardway

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this whole fucking board is poor/fa/g central
the threads with the most traffic are almost always h&m and uniqlo threads
just save up and buy one thing nice instead of 5 things that arent too nice
just because you're poor doesnt mean you cant afford nice things
>$200 for just a pair of sneakers that are gonna go into the shit the next year because they're not fashionable anymore
buy things because you actually like the thing not because everybody else does you fucking sperg
assuming that you're over 18 (probably not desu) you arent going to grow jack shit so dont be afraid to shell out a decent amount for things that will last

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Depends on how poorfag you are. I'm pretty poorfag but patience is your best friend. Thrift when you can. It's pretty much a grind unless you live in a trendy city. If you're too lazy to thrift, check out eBay. You can find some nice shit for cheap. But not thrift shop cheap. H&M is tricky. $5 for a basic tee sounds nice but it will disintegrate after 5 or so washes. They're pants are hit or miss as well. I bought a pair of olive/brown chinos that have lasted 3 years and are a cool conversation topic since depending on the light, they're either brown or olive. On the other hand. I went in during a sale last winter, picked up a pair of denim jeans and some tan trousers and both fell apart last month almost within a week of each other. They use a lot of chambray when making button down shirts and usually if it's sewn well, it'll last a while. Milsurp is cool too. You can catch some really interesting pieces for cheap. I picked up a German basic ass olive parka and it's pretty good, survived 2 seasons. Picked it up for $30 but I was impatient definitely could have picked it up for cheaper. Hope this helps.

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I was going to type up a big long response to this but then i realized it's way easier to just call you a fucking idiot

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How is the quality on uniqlo's salvage jeans? I saw a youtube video and he copped a pair for like $50, for "salvage" denim that sounds too good to be true.

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selvedge as in self edging denim, part of the way it is produced on the looms.

uniqlo is pretty good for the money i have heard. selvedge is pretty over these days unless you're still dressing like a lumberjack. i would focus on the cut of the pants more.

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>thrifting mentioned
Whenever I go to a thrift store the clothing is almost exclusively for women.
From your guys' experience, is this also the case.

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yeah either that or the mens section is 20% of the store total.

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its decent but its not anything special its just visually up a tier than regular jeans

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I don't know mane, I usually try to avoid bringing it up until they ask directly what I studied at Uni or something. People usually assume I am an artist or some shit because I don't dress like a ritard.

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Save up, staybwith parents if possible, eat less. I study and work and have like 200-300€ left for cops with general income after taxes of 750€.
>tfw no richfag yet still afford full Rick

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ffs, everyone in my program will spit it in your face that they have it *so* hard being in engineering;
>want to go to this thing tomorrow?
>yo bro like i cant man im in ENG

>> No.12072259

Well sorry I'm not intelligent enough :( engineering is hard as fuck for me...
Maybe be thankful instead of a judgmental fuck

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>Poor people too lazy to thrift do.
Thrifting doesn't really exist here. For poor people that is.
Second hand stores usually look up prices online and only take about 25% off. Fleamarkets do the same. I fell for the thrifting meme when I first started browsing this board as well, but stopped because it does nothing for me. Actual steals are very, very rare and if you wear an average size you can forgot about it all together.

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whats the outline of your rhetoric
i'm arguing on the basis of having a holistic interest in fashion
you can spend small amounts of money and still look decent to other people but if thats your primary interest you'd literally fit better at r/mfa
no insult intended but if you see fashion as a way of improving how people perceive you and nothing else then i'm not referring to your demographic
im just going to give OP the benefit of the doubt and assume that hes actually interested in fashion, and my advice is that you should save some money up instead of just buying fast fashion

>> No.12072352

>everyone else is the problem
>not me
>this board should be about what I want, not everyone else

>> No.12072356

nah intern's the best

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Trash for anything that isn't a basic
>Old Navy
Decent, Gap is better
Too expensive for what it is, although If you can find an outlet mall with some sales it's worth it. Full price? Hell no.
Pretty decent quality, basics are good. All the Tees and sweaters I've bought from there have held up well.
Can get expensive for what it is. I personally don't have a problem with Zara, it's a place where using your general senses will do you well, does it feel cheap? Materials? Stitching? Not everything in Zara is bad, but almost all of it is gaudy and derivative as hell. Stay the fuck away from their "Luxury but not luxury" items at 150+, you can do better with the money, trust me.

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the board is /fa/ for fashion not /cl/ for clothes
i see nothing wrong with my statement of just because youre a poorfag doesnt mean you cant afford nice things

>> No.12072438

you can spend small amounts of money and still be interested in fashion and dress for yourself
there is no way to draw a line between "fashion" and "clothes"

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holy fuck youre a fucking pathetic faggot
who the fuck talks like this lmao
>whats the outline of your rhetoric
>i'm arguing on the basis of having a holistic interest in fashion
>no insult intended

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thrift shop!!!! buy select pieces like shoes from regular places

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>image name is pasta-in-wallet-2
>obviously hot pockets

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buy new, wait for sales
get something that lasts, leather sneakers/derbies/boots
obviously buy new
I buy mine at HEMA
thrift or stores like H&M
preferably thrift stores, as you can find good quality stuff for cheaper than shit quality stuff from H&M
thrift or milsurp

It can be hard to find what you need in thrift stores. For instance, after going almost weekly, I never found a coat that wasn't size XL or bigger. So I bought a women's coat. I own two women's coats now. It helps if you don't care about shit like that.

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>hot pockets

>> No.12072856

People who evolved past 21.

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I love RW&CO for business wear. Couldn't find a good blazer on their website now but they usually have some good stuff in the spring and fall.

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Cheapest place to get Nike Sfbs? I really want them but I rarely pay full retail for anything.

>> No.12073225

>Tommy and polo from TJ Maxx


>> No.12073295

to add to this, you can find tons of good shit at M&S outlet or marked as ex-M&S on ebay, no lie.

You'll find no other wool trousers even remotely in their league at the prices you can find on ebay. Recent cops include (all BNWT)

- Autograph Line - Grey Worsted Wool Trousers (woven in England) - £9.98
- Savile Row Inspired Line - Navy Worsted Wool Trousers (woven in Italy) - £20.19
- Collezione Line - Charcoal Flannel 95% Wool/5% Cashmere Blend Trousers - £11.15 (insanely nice fabric)

Only downside is that their fits sometimes need a bit of tailoring but you're still getting a ridiculous quality (as well as ideally fitting) for the price.

Definitely regret dropping £50 on uniqlo ones when you can get better for a fair bit less

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i hate you igor

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get the rotcho ones

>> No.12073451

Should poorfag General be one for deals on stuff or should I make a separate thread?

>> No.12073456

just get mil-tec desert combat boots or something which is as durable, looks pretty much the same and costs half the price from a milsurp website. I have a pair of mil-tec/cordura boots that I've worn basically every day for the last 6 months and they're fine

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Really? Those zippers? And that pocket?

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I've been wearing most of my h&m shit for 5+ years. Pants usually get thorn after 2-3 years but the shirts are like forever. I picked stuff back then that can still be pulled off easily, you couldn't tell it's been 3 fashion trends since it came out. I prefer to thrift tho.

>> No.12073822

Local shit. Like the place in the old town centre your mom'd go to. But only for vintage pieces or basics. The way of the poorfag is sewing your own clothes too

>> No.12074042

Actually if you're on a budget I recommend you buy 1-2 items from good reputable brands instead of risking Zara / H&M shitters that sometimes fall apart after wearing them twice. Some of their stuff lasts for years, but you just can't know beforehand. You're better off having 1-2 high quality pairs of shoes, pants, sweatshirts, etc. and get socks / underwear / undershirts from tesco or whatever.

>> No.12074076

TK Maxx - I've got some genuinely good things here over the years. Not just /fa/ related, a Goldwin ski jacket and Schoeffel gear saving hundreds. PeakPerformance, other good sports clothing. Loads of "designer" underwear, which isn't the best but it's better than what you get elsewhere and it's usually cheap. Duchamp, Emporio Armani etc. Shoes are okay, too, but if you have a normal sized foot (8-11 UK) you're out of luck a lot of the time. There's a lot of shit, but if you take time to look round you can get some good deals. I also got a load of Le Creuset things, too.

M&S if you're in the UK/Ireland. Not as good as it used to be, but it's better than a lot of things at its price.

>> No.12074099

H&M is shit

here's your basic agenda:
thrift things like coats, nicer sweaters, shoes if you're in a big city(invest here if not in a city that has a large turnover of nice shoes in thrift stores)

uniqlo, banana republic on sale(they have super deep sales like 40%-50% off regularly), and occasionally brands like lands end and eddie bauer that focus on utility over style should be how you fill in the gaps. Buy quality clothing and use your fashion sense to make them work for you.

If you are fashionable you can understand what is and isn't acceptable for your look from companies like eddie bauer, banana republic, etc. that tend to be in the ~100-150 range for each piece. If you get them at 40-50% off they are good resources for "cheap"///affordable clothes.

I would avoid H&M, J. Crew, Zara, etc. where they are simply imitating better quality clothes instead of having their own niche. Eddie Bauer is a good place to buy certain pieces because Eddie Bauer are making good clothes within their own niche, that just happens to be a niche where $500 garments don't exist.

Orvis, LL. Bean, etc. never have sales. That's why I specifically choose Lands End and Eddie Bauer as my examples -- they have 40-50% sales.

>> No.12074109

Also never be afraid of ebay for older/timeless pieces(i.e. if you want a flannel shirt, ebay for made in USA LL bean flannels or whatever to maximize quality:cost)

Your basic wardrobe should be built on a foundation of high quality clothes so you can mix and match with pieces you pick up new. This way you minimize how much you spend each season.

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Guys, what do I do if I live in a shitty Latin American country where we don't have Uniqlo, Thrift shopping at ALL and all that kind of stores that you can almost just find on Canada & US, just stores like OP's picture that are fast fashion

>> No.12074319

>be in shape
>buy stuff you like that isn't trying

Solid color Hanes shirts, nice pair of shoes, maybe some nice frames... win.
>dress to the occasion

/fa/ has not fucking clue of style senpai, they're all meme faggots.

>> No.12074346

outlet and department stores sell them for like $30-40

>> No.12074401

>it will disintegrate after 5 or so washes
Absolute bollocks.

>> No.12074408

LL bean I get great deals because I live near the outlet in CT and I get really good deals. I got a sweater for $7.50 polo for $5 bean boot lows for $25 and plain white canvas sneakers for $7.50 that look pretty nice.

>> No.12074423

how good is Urban Sapes ? Is it chinese trash or is it decent at a Zara/H&M level ?

>> No.12074471

Uniqlo denim is the best you can get as a poorfag

But it's worth it not to cop there and to invest $30 more in order to get a pair of unbrandedbrand jeans instead

>> No.12074478

Probably the same kind of people who can tell the difference between your and you're

>> No.12074487


COS is nice for basics

The quality is really decent and you can easily find most items on sale

I would 100% cop most of my inexpensive shit there if they hadn't forgotten manlets in their sizing

>> No.12074492

Muji is nice but they're getting too expensive, and also making more and more shit in China and other sweatshop centers instead of Japan like it used to be.

>> No.12074509

Fast fashion is never worth it dude. Zara, h &m and topshop suck

>> No.12074575

>go to a thrift store
>it's all nigger clothing
>and I dont mean kanye nigger, I mean "leather jackets designed to look like tuxedos but the bottom part is cut like a bomber and there's gold studs on the cuff and the tag reads Bajuanza" nigger
>go to five other thrift stores over about a 50 mile radius
>it's exactly like this
>even in the rich white area

H&M is fine, you like men

>> No.12074585

Buy your basics from fast fashion places (not h&m tho) and order everything else online.

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>"hurr it disintegrates in the wash"

If any of your clothes do this it's because you use harsh conditioner and make every wash permanent press, or use a poorfag machine

>> No.12074688

Cheapest place to cop a pair of either? (Or most reasonably priced for what I get)

>> No.12074757

If you are a poor fag:
>find your measurements for a decent jacket.
>Go to a thrift store and find one that isnt repulsive.
>No one cares about pants.
>Get some real leather shoes(leather upper,no sythetic ever lasts)name really determines how much you will pay you can get decent at discount dept stores.milsurp for boots
>Get some plain non swag shirts
Buy silk from fabric store,tell granny to sew u draws.

>> No.12074760

>I would 100% cop most of my inexpensive shit there if they hadn't forgotten manlets in their sizing

they have the opposite problem with shoes. I would cop some of their shoes as cheap hole-fillers if they made them above fucking size 11.5

That's way too low to cut off.

>> No.12074772

Also rope soled espadrilles in the summer[no boats or toms eww]

>> No.12074779

Leather soled mocs are also acceptable.

>> No.12074784

Cant forget real cowboy boots from usa if in a dry region.

>> No.12074830

I just pick uniqlo for strange shirt prints

>> No.12074836

what's the point in trying if you're poor as fuck?

its the winter; stay warm.

you can't flex on a dime, go utilitarian; /fa is out of your faggot ass budget

>> No.12074839

This isn't something most people want to hear, but if you're poor exercising and getting fit is free and will do more for your appearance than spending your spare time trying to stretch your money to buy good looking cheap clothes.

>> No.12074851

maintaining a healthy and balanced (aka. not fucking gomad memeing) diet that allows for muscle growth is not cheap at all

>> No.12074863

COS is H&M, same shit quality.

>> No.12074872

You're delusional.

You don't need to be maximizing gains to be in good enough shape to look better in jeans than a nerd buying uniqlo and thrifting trying to look fashionable.

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File: 89 KB, 634x634, 1478187856565.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when you give an article of clothing to your bae and she never give it back

>> No.12074911 [DELETED] 

nice excuses, faggot.

>> No.12074914

it's better than spending on clothes that you'll never look good wearing.

>> No.12074916

Come on now. Just eat stir fry often and it's easy.

>> No.12075276

If you are clueless about a topic don't give your opinion on it

COS is owned by the same group as H&M but is meant to be higher end

The quality of COS has nothing to do with the quality of H&M. It is so obvious that I shouldn't even have to say it, just go outside and check for yourself

>> No.12075318

not true at all, just stfu

>> No.12075329

There's still small difference tho
not to mention the cutting is shit and the design is like an 1st year fashions student's clunky, gauche attempt at minimalism

>> No.12075363

Uniqlo U is pretty nice

>> No.12075379

why don't they restock though? fuck I really wanted that work jacket

>> No.12076766

>who the fuck talks like this lmao
Lol, look at the way you talk.
>holy fuck youre a fucking pathetic faggot
Is ad hominem all you're capable of?

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