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Lift shoes for summer

any ideas? I have insoles that lift me up 2 inches and it really boosts my confidence but I can only fit them in boots for winter

now that summer is here, I don't know what to squeeze them in without it being fucking hot.
I was thinking of some high ankle shoe, maybe air force 1 type since I'll be heading to Bali as well

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I'm 6'1 should I use lifts to fuck with manlets using lifts?

Will we get into a lifts arms race?

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>now that summer is here
>14th december

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Straya ya poofta cunt

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>5'11" guy wears 2 inch lifts to match you
>next day youre wearing 2 inch lifts so youre 2 inches taller than him
>he wears 4 inch lifts the day after that
>by the end of the month youre both wearing 10 foot stilts

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damn, this is the future.....

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How short are you that you feel the need to wear insoles like that?

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you're just going to look like this clown wearing some stupid high top to help conceal your massive manlet lifts

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If you get a pair of Nike Air Max that'll give you ~2" without the insoles. Those shoes are huge. Otherwise you could probably fit lifts inside a pair of chuck taylors.

No, this guy wears stupid shoes that don't hide the lifts and he wears them to events where everybody else is wearing formal shoes. You're supposed to hide lifts in a pair of chelseas or boots.

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Where do you even buy lifts?

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Maybe try growing a ridiculously high Little Richard pompadour. Find a bunk bed or tabletop to lay on, let your head hang upside down, put a whole bunch of product into your wet hair, and then blowdry it straight downward until you look like the guy from Eraserhead.

Also, Japanese clogs (Geta) would be an interesting look.

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>mfw 5'6" and have a 7.5/10 sugar momma
>mw brother is 5'6" with a qt 5'8" blonde blue eyed gf

Grow a pair you cunt

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This is the post that actually has helpful, good info per OP's request.

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This is the only post that actually has helpful, good info per OP's request.

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Jesus christ seeing RDJ looking like that has suddenly given me so much self-confidence I can't. Like BOI he fuckin shoes too big for he got damn FEET and his dress pants are just crumpled like a poor 14 year olds' hand-me-down jeans

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I'm not even short and the concept of lifts existing is so pathetic I want to kill myself
Just get into skating so people see you standing on a board a lot and ollieing shit

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New Zealand is where the hobbits are.

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have you tried not being a manlet?

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>use lifts for a while cause sensitive about height
>get over it but still find them comfy
>don't want to stop using
>also people will wonder why i have shrunk

Are there any lifts that are about an inch/half an inch? Could I get away with this? They are genuinely comfortable.

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You should cuck your brother

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My mom is like 4' 7" so I got fucked in the height department (5'5") and I've thought about lifts before but I don't want to go through with it
I'm scared to get caught with them

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just go for like an inch or less. there's no point going for more, you'll be scared to take your shoes off anywhere

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Chinese foam lifts on ebay usually start at 2.5cm, i.e. an inch

Best bet is to get shoes with a naturally thick heel and sole. Avoid cuban heels, they are confirmed manletcore
You can add about an inch to these without it looking suspicious. But just e aware that your trouser legs will appear shorter after you add the lift.

Better to coordinate shoe, lift, and trouser purchases; if you want long but slim trousers, you might need to get them taken in at the sides by a tailor.

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Also, avoid shoes or boots that have a stripe in their sole, such as a pale layer of wood. You want solid colours.

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Manlet Tips™

When bringing a date back to your place, say "no shoes in the house."
Then change into your chunky slippers.


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paint your timberlands black

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Your brother's girl has a 6'2 side dude who fucks her on the reg. The same will happen to you, cuck.

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Why are his arms so long?

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Don't give up little buddy in a few years you can ascend. The recovery time on limb lengthening will drastically reduce with this