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What can I wear to look lame? Please don't troll me for entertainment, I'm seriously asking. The pic is recognized all over USA as an "homely" / lame shoe. I want to give off this vibe.

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Slightly baggy jeans and loose fitting collared shirts pair well with those for a proper fashionably unfashionable look

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You must mean that you want to have the lame-core aesthetic.

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Wear lame shit from the thrift store. Wolf sweaters are pretty lame, pair that with some deep blue jeans and nb then you're good to got give a fuck. It's a wonder why this style is easier to feel comfortable in rather than avant-garde fashion.

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Those Polo shirts Americans wear, where the sleeves go right down to the elbow tucked into Levi's 550 light stonewash

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Classic inspo

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Cargo shorts are the bomb

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