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I fell for the meme and ordered a German flecktarn parka. I know there was a big thread on this a while back, but i have some questions about dyeing.

What kind, and how much dye should i use to get it to look like pic related?

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>What kind, and how much dye should i use to get it to look like pic related?
look in the archive fag.

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2 dylon packs of machine wash. although i would maybe go with 1 and a half packs because mine turned out a little darker than OP by using 2 packs

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Ctrl+f doesnt work on mobile and im too lazy to scroll.
Thanks m8

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Could I pull this off using rit dye?

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i'll see you mine if you're stateside. running out of room in my closet and i don't wear it enough. it's dyed

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Different anon here, I'm also waiting for a meme parka in the mail, were the packs you used the 350g ones?

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What size?

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Fell for the même too and only used one pack of dye, might have to do a second run or maybe keep it that way I dunno

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heard that shit jus turns it blue

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Still unsure how I should dye mine, or if I even will.

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ask yourself
is the trend worth it?

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We shall see

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can confirm this, used about 1 3/4 packs and it turned out just like the pic

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>>12019173 here
I used the 350g ones

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can you give a link where you bought the parka

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depends on the % of cotton and how black do you want it. I dyed my 65% cotton one as in OP pic with 2 packs of simplicol back to black.

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Would be willing to sell dyed parka if anyone wants to buy. Can't remember exact bw size but I am 5'8 and it fits me a little baggy, basically how OP's pic is
If anyone is interested shoot me some offers, I can take some pictures later as it's at my other place

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What is your chest size

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german army clothes aren't about higth, but also how wide the chest is. The should be a number between 6 and 15 (?) inside.

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where to buy parka

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I used one dye pack too. I kinda like it this way desu

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not same guy, but bumping for interest. I used rit dye on a camo balaclava and it turned out similarily, but that was a fleece type material and much less of it. Just ordered a memetarn last night.

>anyone have experience with rit dye for this project?

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I think someone in one of the recent archived threads used it and advised against it. Dylon looks like the simplest way to do it.

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>Dyeing the flag

If you fags are going to steal my epic /k/ meme jacket at least have some god damn respect.

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i believe i'm 95cm but as I say, it fits pretty big and the sleeves are wide so it's no where near sitting close

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It's supposed to be that way. The german army hands out another padded jacket with the parka, that goes under the parka. The parka itself isn't that warm and isn't padded, so this jacket has to fit under it. Maybe even a bulletproof vest in addition to that. So your parka is probably exactly your size.

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You are like 6 types of fucking idiot

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Not sure if can pull it off of with that color, might post some shitty fit tomorrow for some advice

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shoes id fag

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Anyone have any more inspo? This is all I have
Also will Rit get this color?

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Anyone dye any other camo jackets? I was thinking of buying a woodland M65 and dying that black.

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check the the archive, iirc some had trouble with rit. dylon is better.

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I wanna dye some milsurp lavender, if I tried a fleck bdu with Dylon would it actually come out lavender or be a muddy ugly color

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wat archive

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How'd I do?

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we had two good threads last month (thanks for everybody keeping them alive / topical

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can confirm; rit is a pain in the ass, go with dylon

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Nice place my dude.
Also nice jacket.

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where sweater get

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more interested in your house
looks /comfy/, post pics

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the archive only goes back 7 days. Is there a separate one like /mu/ has? excuse me, im an idiot

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Not sure but id love to see it if you try it out

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does anyone have a sizing chart for these

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i did this shit a couple years ago pls don't make it a meme

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are yall just getting these are military surplus stores or what? like whats the best quality buy

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What jeans?

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I fell for the meme too but my coat is oversized. Ia it still acceptable if it almost touches your knees?

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I bought a parka for the first time? Any tips one wearing it? It's not a fish tail though.

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>Ctrl+f doesnt work

You don't need a keyboard Y.o.u f.u.c.k.i.n.g n.e.w.f.a.g

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what's the point of wanting to dye this completely?
IMO the meme was getting some subtle camo pattern after dying.

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Think it's owned by a guy on k

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Here's a picture of what it looks like

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Find in page, fuccboi

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Gr 8 which I think, which is like a medium in chest and length. I'll put it on grailed if anyone is interested, I'm moving into a smaller place soon and I won't be able to store a dozen jackets like I am now.

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interested, hit us up with that link once you do anon

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Holy shit, you're a fag

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>no parkas below gr6

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Can confirm. Bought from Ivan a few times. ALWAYS get IVAN'S nuts when you checkout.

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Mine turned out pitchblack with only one package of dylon.
Luckily I have a shop in walking distance that sells them dirt cheap.
I want to patch mine up, tho, and shipping to germany is insanely expensive - anybody know any good german shops for patches?

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>respecting a flag
Heh. I replaced mine, actually. And I am german, myself.

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Is this a fashion thing? I'm a kissless virgin robot and have been rocking one of these for years, guess I'm ahead of the curve :^)

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>And I am german, myself.

Ahmed please go.

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Someone rec me some reasonably priced boots to go with this jacket

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I´m literally as aryan as it gets.
At least in Hitlers definition of an aryan.

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iirc they're austrian paratrooper boots

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USGI Jungleboot. $30 you can't go wrong mfer.
get lace in zips
g e t g o o d

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Forgive my ignorance but what are the sizes like for these things. I'm about 5'10", 140lbs so pretty thin.

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> 5'10", 140lbs

I'm 5'11 and 130lb and GR12 fits me perfectly, although I have very broad shoulders and a very narrow waist

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I'm 184cm/85 kilos, broad shoulders (i'm /fit/). Would a gr.12 do the trick mate?

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if you buy them for 30 theyl fall apart within a month

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what did you replace it with? if put another flag on where did you find flags in the right size?

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Sorry kommandostore but i was looking to buy from amazon, this seller/jacket look fine?


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how do you not dye the flag? how did you keep it intact?

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They were big on /fa/ about 4 years ago

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not him but I would imagine putting some duct tape/other waterproof tape over the flag would keep if from getting dyed.

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2 expensive i got it for like 20 bucks

You unsew it, then sew it back on.

Same here op fell for the meme. it came out pretty good but i'm too small can can't pull it off. i'll post pics later

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Plenty of them for a decent price here

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Tried to dye mine twice using some cheap brand and only got a dark brownish taint but with is fine but I'd prefer going full black
If I use pic related will I archive it or am I stuck with a dark camo?

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Also there are other blacks and quantities which one would be the best?

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Stop posting without your name on Ivan.

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Hey Ivan are your nuts any good? I might actually get some even if Chernobyl left them with a funny aftertaste.

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Post a fit, Ahmed.

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That patch over the whole shoulder and the flag of Rohan replacing the flag on the other site. it´s too big, sadly, but looks fine nontheless.

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I don´t post fits, I just get some inspo on here.
Also not Ahmed. Fucked a syrian girl for a while, tho, so there´s that. Not a refugee, because that would tick you autists off.

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Can the parka be effay without dying it black?

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I saw a guy wearing one at an ATM two days ago
Didn't look good

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It can,but it´s hard to pull off. Before I dyed mine, I wore it over a suit from time to time when I had to wear one and didn´t want to look like a banker - it worked due to the contrast, but I was never really happy with it.

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tfw i bought a flecktarn from our guy ivan to dye black but it actually looks great irl and i'm not sure if i even want to dye it anymore

might buy a second desu but i'm not sure i'll ever actually wear it (camo pattern is a lot bolder than the usual boring minimal desaturated black/white/gray/blue/khaki palette i usually use)

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I have the same problem
I have one and i wear it every now and then so i feel like im getting my moneys worth but im never thrilled with how i look. Thankfully it was 20 bucks but just be careful

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same it looks so good...

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Where can I buy one? Is there a significant difference between Amazon ones and others?

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amazon is just more expensive than these, there isn't any difference in the product as far as I know

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ah nice.

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ty anon

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which size do i have to buy to have it fit like OP pic
i'm 6,1 and 154 pounds

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looks good with black skinnies and docs. my asian friend has it and rocks it, being skinny and tallish helps ofc

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The kommandostore page on >>12029911 has a table to show the the measurements of each size if you scroll down

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thank you

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can anybody tell me how much a flecktarn parka weighs? I don't own a scale

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I wear mine every day and have a few fits. Can dump more if you want

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pls do ^^. thx mate

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Here's me bunning 5 zoots in it

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how's life as a 15 y/o?

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the one i bought was too big. any way i can shrink it down?

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when it comes to dyeing it black, does it matter whether it's the pre- or post-2005 model?

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you literally look like a school shooter

>> No.12033448

They fit perfect mate dw about it

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I'm honestly toying with the idea of getting a flecktarn parka to try out dyeing.

I've seen people suggest taking off the German arm flags prior to dyeing, Which I was thinking of doing but then replacing them with patches because I'm not too keen on being associated with Germany any more.

Tell me if pic related or the imperial German flags maybe would be a good Idea to patch on or not?

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>/fa/ does diy
>multiple 100+ reply threads for the same damn thing
This is why knoch left us

>> No.12034039

knoch left because he's got a life. he doesn't give a shit about /fa/

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id on boots?

>> No.12034266

W2c boots?

>> No.12034270

its a shame they look bad while wearing a backpack

>> No.12034347

Everybody will say gr12, but i would go a little shorter. I have the same measurments and gr12 hangs almost to my knees.

>> No.12034416

Nah, they're military surplus, meaning they might not be the best quality, or the most comfortable, or even comfortable period, but they're going to be rugged as fuck and last forever.

>> No.12034510

tbf who needs a backpack when you have that many pockets

>> No.12034654

Similar topic, are old ike jackets taboo to wear with rankings in public in America? I thrifted an old WWII jacket with lance corporal chevrons on the deltoids and I wasn't sure if I'd be bitched out by some old veterans for wearing it?

>> No.12034656

>can dump more if you want
no ty

>> No.12034818

Are you near a military base or a military town? Search youtube for stolen valor videos and decide. Ask yourself, is the trend worth it?

>> No.12035089

just cut off all the shit you didnt earn

>> No.12035110

don't put imperial german flags on it. you'll look like the edgiest faggot on earth

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>Be britbong
>Cost of shipping is more than twice the price of the parka

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here's mine

Dyed with 2 packs of Dylon. I'm wearing it with this+austrian paratrooper boots/german army trainers depending on my mood. Also various jumpers, but in this fit it's red. I think it may be one size too big, but nevermind

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File: 125 KB, 900x1200, ^3E3D556DE32AB2681E07847FBBD08FD387DC6719E1B9C8E475^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Second pic w/ GATs

>> No.12035913

I assume stolen valor only really applies if you claim to have earned any of it; not to mention i'd be a 20-something wearing a 60 year old jacket.
That's what I'll likely plan on doing. It only has two lance corporal patches on each arm and a few USMC buttons and shit, I put some new patches on it in place of them or something.

>> No.12036292

Alright i'm gonna order one from Kommandostore soon, i just have a few questions. So first i'm 71" height and 36" chest and slim/skinny whatever you wanna call it, would a gr7 be best to have it fit like OP's pic, also how do I go about dying the thing without blacking out the flags?

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Only black people wear stuff like that with the ranks still in. Go to a tailor and get them removed.

>> No.12036613

Yes but the unstable military faggots that actually give a shit dont care if you claim to earn it or not. Just the act of wearing it is a crime. Youll have depressed ptsd ridden time bombs confronting you with "muh dead brothers". Maybe i just have a disdain for loser govt welfare military people. I was harrased once buy a shabby homeless dude in mcdonalds. You know the kind. Hes there everyday on a laptop using the wifi claiming its his office. Anyways he followed me to my car once and yelled about me wearing camo, asked if i had ever served and started pontificating about his time in nam said I didnt deserve to wear his colors.

>> No.12036951 [DELETED] 

Yea, Military member here it would be best just to go to a shop to remove the stripes to be safe or you may be approached about it either positively or negatively while just walking around.

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These objectively look like shit when they're dyed.

>> No.12037276

just find an old sewing kit in your house and use a seam ripper

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a sharp knife works too. lol paying money to have someone take it off