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What happened to Normcore? i really like this style. any inspo?

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i think it died or tumblr absorbed it

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>What happened to Normcore?
Have you checked the WAYWT threads, boy?!

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yeah, they're real cringy

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its literally what everybody on this board strives towards
it stopped being anti-fashion and cool and just got absorbed by trendhoppers and the like and has now morphed into marc-demarco-core garbage
basically if your fit is garbage or boring or uninteresting you can slap the big ol label "norm-core" and voila you are now impervious to any criticism

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good response. i went to a show a few months ago and everybody was dressed like a mac demarco normcore hybrid it didnt look good and everybody was like 15 smoking and it just looked so pretentious.

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tf you talkin about op, literally every human being in los angeles is normcore right now

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they turned into '90s/jap-core' and was suddenly not seen as awfully postironic

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This qt has the most immaculate fit on the entire board, you dimwits.

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look like a wax statue

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high and mighty fashion grandmaster please do bestow on me what is cool now, i beg of you

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He's right though. Normcore was doomed from the start imo because it's stated goals were to dress in a way that is unpretentious and "normal", yet every normcore fit looked like Seinfeld cosplay. If people actually want to dress "normal" they'd do all their shopping at Kohl's and Walmart. They'd try to look like average people now, not average people from 20 years ago.
Normcore just ended up splintering into mac demarco copycats and a few 90's retro trends like light wash denim and high waisted pants becoming popular.

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I know some hardcore skaters that use shoe lace belts so whenever I see someone just wearing one as a fashion statement I just hate it. It makes you look like a try-hard poser x1000

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i use a shoelace because i dont own any actual belts, am i a poser?

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i just made op's pic into a design i want to throw onto a t shirt?

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ummm because it's problematic?

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How do you do that?

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i photoshopped it with a threshold. had to do some tweaking to get more outlines to appear. then i just made the white parts transparent and added an outline

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are you asking us or telling us

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>They'd try to look like average people now, not average people from 20 years ago.
That's the point though.

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ummm they're clothes?
Shut the fuck up, faggot.

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i like them because they don't dig into my waist when i'm hunched over. but i have also started thrifting thin belts out of the women's section

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>muh cultural appropriation
Fuck off

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Oh, okay, thanks for the excuse.

Wear a fucking belt, this isn't fucking middle school.

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isn't this a hi fi fnk photo? lol

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Any have good norm inspo?

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it doesnt have stated goals theres no normcore manifesto its just a dumb name

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do it mane

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ok kurt

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I tried to push normcore to an extreme. Now i just look like a literal poor person.

+ I don't live in a trendy city so no one noticed I dressed boring and out of date.

Then I realized I was a literal poor person. Now my identity is messed up and I'm in confusion.

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normcore heaven

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There actually is a norm core manifesto though, it was started by k-hole

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>dress like a basic Urban Outfitters fag it's cool

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this is best inspo i've ever seen on this shitty gay board

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The dude who wrote that asap carell / goosie post should roast Obama so that we can have two of them lol

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>any of this
please look up to your actual dad fashion choices instead of the internet thx

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Bruh that's bretty damn sweet. You got a website, tumble or instagram?

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how doesat make me a poser though? im not claiming to be a skater and its not like skaters have a monopoly over wearing rope/shoelace belts. ive been doing it on and off somce i was like 12 years old kys fag

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>there is no normcore manifesto
senpai please


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>Seinfeld cosplay


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i like how you did that, anon, it came out cool

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All part of God's mysterious plan, anon, all part of God's mysterious plan.

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Post normcore music fags


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are you making a statement or asking a question?

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You should browse /r/teenfa, they love that shit.

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Everyone dresses like this in Taipei...

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Normcore is ridiculously forced to me. The whole appeal of it is dressing "normal" but still appearing to be fashionable, which I feel is something that should be done without effort instead of just copying outfits from the 90s.

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the whole notion behind it is this pseudo ethos of "anti-fashion" and "not trying" but its just internet-savvy meta ironic meme kids emulating 90's fits awkwardly

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yeah wtf, as a fellow grown man i cant wait to wear my sick fits in the fucking pit

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i personally don't like the 'im so uncool in an ironic way, so im cool' thing. I just dig the 90s fits

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id on second or third jacket

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/fa/ af

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id sweater

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I agree. I love late 80s-early 90s fashion, but call it that and not "normcore". Dressing normally isn't something you should strive for.

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Facebook is more problematic

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if you're going to make it into a t-shirt, please go over it with the pen tool

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>Boooo hooo pleez don't look at my sad littuwl face, I'm so depressed sitting in the corner, plz leave me alone boo hoo

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oh. i mean, you corrected me, but that manifesto is still dumb as hell. stand by my point

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I'd buy

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My campus bookstore has posters advertising pastel "dad hats." That's what happened to normcore. It's been absorbed into the ever growing clothing arsenal of basic white girls. It's happening to every trend that's at all accessible. And faster and faster these days. I blame Instagram. But I'm sure it's more complex than that.

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Yeah it's annoying. The best solution is just dress in shit that basic white girls will probably never wear. So really weird high fashion stuff basically. Or just move to an area with a lot of old people that's not fashion oriented.

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high fashion is literally what white girls will eventually wear, maybe not after a few years though, when rich white girls get tired of it after a few years
. wear extremely traditional clothing from african/ indigenous people or aboriginal. not asian cuz theyre "cool" to white people. other stuff white girls wont wear that shit.

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dude you cropped out the only /effay/ fit in that photo

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>I feel is something that should be done without effort

it will always take effort to look effortlessly cool

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it's literally a book

>What's your favorite typeface? The default one in Word? That's Normcore. Where d'you get that shirt? Gap? That's hardcore Normcore. Last gig you saw? Coldplay? Damn, you are the embodiment of Normcore... are you an accountant? In the past, if your stand-out feature was the ability to blend in, you would be considered by hipsters and fashionistas to be criminally uncool. However, hipsters have once again turned convention on its head, embraced the mundane and christened it Normcore. So where previously you were sneered at for your slacks and baggy sweaters, you're now exalted as a shining light of the non-descript. If all this ordinariness feels a little confusing and overwhelming, don't panic because help is at hand. "This is Normcore" offers advice for aspiring Norms, explaining how to be normal and the icons and idols of an average Normcore aficionado. Soon you'll be joining the rest of the Norms in rocking a sweater vest with aplomb, reading Dan Brown novels and pumping out the latest Michael Bublé track on a regular basis.

THIS is what killed normcore

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w2c green jacket? very fa

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Wow, you sure showed him.

>> No.12027498

Nowhere, there's his name written on it

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>dressing like an american sitcom character from 1993 is asian-core
I want r/asianmasculinity to leave.

>> No.12027724

you can get it from the white house gift shop online

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I don't care abour masculinity i don't care about women, i don't even pursue women anymore.

But JP core is JP core, some in this thread are JP core. I mean, almost every good style is white core, what more do you need ?

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It's JP core because asian people are wearing the clothes? Fuck off.

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No it's JP core because they invented the style. Vaporwave wouldn't even exist if japanese culture didn't, you fucktard, not everything has to be yours. You don't even like JP core, why do you have to claim it to be white ?

>> No.12028130

>they invented the style
how in god's name would you ever be able to know that. furthermore why should anyone care. kys.

>> No.12028144

Can I get your email? I would pay for your services.

>> No.12028153

Why should anyone care about 'style that only whites can pull off' then ? All my favourite styles are in there, now i have to stop liking it...

>> No.12028165

>Why should anyone care about 'style that only whites can pull off' then
you shouldn't, that's just some lone /pol/tard that keeps spamming the same thread

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normalcore has a lot of layers.

on the surface, it's whites/asians responding to black people dressing crazy.

Deeper than that, we have people standing out by dressing average. It's crazy that it works so well.

Even deeper than that: it's cheap fashion. 20 bucks at a goodwill is all you need to rock this look. Your mom probably has a closet full of fanny packs and dad hats. Cheap fashion always blows up and then richfags spend hundreds of dollars trying to imitate it.

We will probably see normalcore ramp up in springtime, lots of chicks will be trying to hide their muffintops in april and high waisted denim is a founding tenet of normalcore.

This style isn't going to go anywhere, but we are about to hit the event horizon of fashion. Anything will be stylish as long as it's put together. Loud. quiet. DIY or designer.

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Vaporwave has nothing to do with Japanese culture. You can remove all the Japanese text and Jpop samples and it'd fundamentally be the same.

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So you'd instead focus on clothes only Asian people can wear? I can't like something that features my favourite styles because I'm not Asian?

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every fashion trend in 2016 is internet-savvy meta ironic meme kids emulating 90's fits awkwardly

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Yeah but it got the whole aesthetics from japanese culture. Japanese 80s video game culture ? Playstation ? Nintendo 64 ?

You can. But wouldn't it felt like you're sucking other races' dicks ?

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someone should edit the girl out of this photo. the empty space to the left, especially given the framing, would make this a really nice picture of the two of them.

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